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140 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON

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Prive Yorkville is Toronto's premier nightlife destination. We cater to a mature crowd with higher sensibilities. Status and prestige awaits guests that cross the velvet rope at Prive Yorkville. A lavish escape from traditional nightlife, Prive Yorkville stands apart from the lounges and nightclubs that cater to the masses. The luxurious venue is perfect for entertaining both clients and friends ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Friday-Saturday 10pm -3am
Toronto, Yorkville
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae

Privé Yorkville Lounge Events

There is currently no events posted for Privé Yorkville Lounge.

Privé Yorkville Lounge Reviews


Being older, I grew tired of the club scene. The long lines, the obnoxious immature crowd that can not handle their alcohol. It all makes my night out feel more like "work" lol

Prive lounge is far from just another club. Lined with a black and gold decor you can not help but feel elegant walking in. The great service and mature crowd, keeps the party going all night long. The owner even introduced himself! Party in style at Prive....

VIP treatment

I dig the VIP treatment I'm coming back good times


Nice party this past Saturday, impressive

Low key is best thing

This is a cool lounge and low key venue and I don't mind having the privacy and less crowding so me and my friends can have room to dance and chill.


Place is nice, but needs better ownership.
Poor management, it pretty bad when the bar owner is always drunk.

Simplicity at its finest hour

This place is really in the heart of a busy street. I used to love going to Four Seasons before it moved a few blocks down and I always passed by Babaloos. I finally dropped by Prive last Saturday I was curious, and I gave to say me and my friends were impressed with the look and service. We were offered martinis which we enjoyed. Really nice first hand treatment definitely going back, on top of that the guys are cute and dressy? Overall a 9 out of w10

Booth in style

What a night, pure fun, nice layout. Me and my husband always party in style, we reserved a booth at Prive with our friends and family this Saturday. It was exciting, loved the music, vodka and the Champagne. Was a surprise I saw some good friends from the past. We had room to dance and the ambiance was good! It was not too crowded and I love that in Lounges. The Patio was a nice touch. Thanks to the staff there for making our night fun.

I like

Nice drinks

Lounge the night away

If you like to lounge and listen to music with friends and drink in a calm atmosphere, this is the place to do it! If you like to dance and enjoy a private booth inside or patio..there's room to dance and mingle. Once the music becomes an amazing ambiance.

Intimate and glitzy

If you enjoy small intimate clubs that are not too crowded, Prive will be worth a visit. It will be easy to get noticed, and strike up conversations. But personally I love this club. It is a subjective thing, but I tend to favor uncrowded establishments. And it is a short walk from all the major icons of downtown Toronto. And best of all, all my girlfriends approved this place.

what a place

wow wow wow crazy beautiful place, amazing ppl, thanks to the boys Serge and Fran, u da best! prive-the place to be

Packed House Saturday Night

Long time since I saw a full packed house on Saturday! Happy Birthday Bro Mr. DeFer amazing night full house, pulled an all nighter thanks for Invite had a blast! Hot girls, drinks pouring, champagne, hype music all night

Champagne and Goose

Love LOVE Prive me and my Brazilian gf's loved it!

NYE' 2013 Ice sculptures shots

What a mission, accomplished. Let it pour shots shots shots. Oysters and Champagne were amazing thanks Francesco and Phil. Best treatment VIP style.



★Toronto's Most Exclusive & Prestigious Venue★





Had our annual Christmas Raise the Roof Drive for Cancer Research . Thanks to all the staff for your support and providing us with your beautiful venue. The platters were a hit! All the best and looking forward to doing our next party event with you.

Shots and Sex on the Beach

If you like shots and martinis at the bar this is the hot spot

Saturdays are okay to chill


Cool Halloween Party

Nice turn out on Saturday night sexy angel costumes in the house watch out

Bless this Prive

I chill here it's all that matters

Models and bottles

Yup. The place to be. Me and my boys dig this place.



Beautifulll hidden venue

5 star private and secluded place. Like it

1 am Prive'

First time, got there are 1 am with buddies, we club hopped from club V, nice place Prive, was kicking, lots of single chicks, music good, had few drinks, ended night here, will come back again.

Molto chic

Alla Moda
Io sono di Milano e mi piace questo Prive
Brava Prive

Time to drink and party liked jazz

Me and my husband reserved a booth with a few of our closest friends last night. It was awesome, our hostess was welcoming. The vibe was hype it picked up a little late, but we had enough space to twirl around. Nice lounge, the nice jazz band in patio area is a nice twist. The price seemed right The owner bought us few shots
very friendly and nice guy.


OK lets start dancing... this comment is reply to dat chick who was talkin shit bout ppl well sweetheart @ nina first of you are in da freakin CLUB... not in da CHURCH!! and da guy u were talkin bout wid da glasses...i saw him in da club n his actions well i think he'z man'z man n for ur information like u said he was touchin n all crap well sweety gettin laid in canada its not hard at all cuz here ppl can get laid startin from free to maximum 500 dollars with hottest chick in toronto so if da guy is owner of a club n lookin at facts i think he can afford changing girls every hour in 24 freakin hours ..all day everyday anyways enough said... well one last thing i gotta i dont know if u been to school or not but i use to old fox story when a fox tryin to snatch grapes from lil higher branch but fox couldnt reach der n left n said grapes r sour n bad... i think that should explains it all!!! guess wat ?? i gotta quarter for u so u can buy a LIFE.


Ok well I have gone to this club (If thats what you want to call it) a couple of times hoping that each time it would be a better or diffrent experience! But it was NOT, all I have to say is OLD PERVERT MEN and an owner who where's glasses at all times because he is all COKED UP and just wants to touch and sleep with EVERY girl in there. Absolutely disgusting and not pleased at all! Service at the bar is slow and it takes forever to get a drink not only that but the bartenders dont even look in ur direction unless you're throwing money there way and if not you aren't getting served. I hope who ever goes there has a better time than I did being that I have given the place a try more than once to really make up my mind and take the time to write this NEVER have I not enjoyed a place as much as this and had to write a review such as this one. I suggest if you are a good looking woman... Stay away or atleast be prepared to be harrassed.

Nice crowd!

Music was kicking dancing all night with my girls. Plenty of good looking guys...Love the patio and powder room washroom. Ask for the platter it's so yum yum the cheeses

Hot spot Saturdays

Hot chicks

Nice place

Love the vibe

Nice spot in Yorkville

Had a nice time with the girls Saturday night!!!!!

Love this place!

Beautiful 5 star

Prive' Is elegant lounge

This lounge is Luxe, as soon as you walk in it's Gold Gold Gold Truly decadent! Simply the best hospitality...Champagne and Ace of Spades! Beautiful crowd. The DJ is smokin, top hits, bottle servers are gorgeous! Patio is warm and inviting, love the fruit platers.

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