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Just a short drive from north of downtown Toronto, Luxy nightclub is northern GTA’s go-to for trap, afrobeats, reggae and soca music in Vaughn. The dazzling décor and dramatic multi-dimensional lighting effects set the stage for an extraordinary sensory experience. Students from across the GTA choose Luxy nightclub each weekend for the that exhilarates and titillates. Nightly, spectacular ...

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Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Hip Hop, Trap, Reggae, Soca

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HONEY 🍯    at LUXY-


Fridays @ LUXY Nightclub

LUXY Nightclub Reviews

Stupid security

This is my first time in luxy after 2 years given covid ; the security company think of individuals as a nuisance especially after you have paid for the night : prior to paying for the night you are considered a saint. After paying , you’re going to be kicked out even if you did nothing wrong.

They are a money grabbing enterprise independent of the customer having a good time or not

Best Night Club in Bangkok


Safety concerns

I attended my sister-in-law's bacheloratte party may 14th 2016. In which i was the deaignated driver. Therefore, i was not at all intoxicated. Mentioning this, just to ensure you that this is not a drunken altercation. We reserved a booth that night (3 bottles). Four of us females were making our way to the washroom. When a man grabbed off my sister-in-law's veil from the top of her hair. Holding the veil in her hand. She approached one of the security guards. Who asked us to show him that man. We made our way through, and he spoke to the guy, who stated her veil got stuck in his necklace. In no way possible did this happen because she was inbetween two of us girls. The security guard did not do anything about this incident. He told us he would not remove the guy. These are "things we can expect from coming to a croweded club." and that we should "let it go!" myself as well as the rest of our 14 woman party were very upset at the unprofessional manner the securiry dealt with the man. Pulling her viel from her head is an assult! He should have been removed from the premises. We were very much enjoying ourself in the club before this. it is upsetting when you know the "security" does not care about your safety or well-being. It should be addressed to all employees. So incidence like this don't occur again or become out of hand. Many of us are mothers and wifes, who heared this club was one of the best and wanted to join in a special night for our friend. Not be in an altercation which undoubtedly could have been handled far much better. Only after reading that a lot of people mention that the security guards are racist. I realized that he (also black) took the side of a black male instead of 2 spanish, 1 indian and 1 asian women.

Was once a pretty good club to straight trashy

Don't know what it is with this night club, but it has been straight trash lately for the past couple of years with a whole lot of antics that's not supposed to be taking place, smh. The last time i have been there, one of the bartenders in room 1 was very rude to me on saturday, february 6th, 2016. All i simply asked was for another round of the same drink that she has provided me with earlier. She provided me the drink and after when i payed my money or believe when she was giving me back my change? She told me to not return to her bar? With no explanation as to why? Plus she did it with a smile on her face? Anyways the condescending customer service did not sit well with me at all. From a paying customer i would only recommend for them to talk to their bartender about proper respect in terms of serving others at the bar. I did try to message them on facebook to tell them about what happened and....., they did not answer back about this issue. Just shows to me where their loyalty lies and it's not towards the average customer that pays their hard earned money for entrance fees to come in, coat checks or even drinks/vip bottle services. I could go on and on but i'm just going to close by saying it's going to be awhile before i even consider going to this place again.

Luxys saturday night

I went and had alot of fun. Had no problem with racism im not sure why people are complaining maybe you are the one with the problem. The security doesnt care if you are white or not... They played really good music one room was hip hop and the other dancehall and it was awesome. Lots of dancing

I did not enjoy " A night dedicated to the ladies"

I recently went to luxys for the event "girls in action". To start off with only one room was open which made this club extremely over packed. The girls working there had to literally push people aside in order to bring the bottle service out, which i dont blame them there management of people was really overdone and made there job much harder. Also my sister got a severe allergic reaction due to the fact that people were smoking cigarettes not shisha actual cigarettes at this club which presented a great risk to her health that night.The dj and some other guy on the stage kept cutting off the music to literally yell stuff in the microphone every 10 seconds which got really annoying. I have been to this club before and did enjoy it while both the rooms were open and had a really great time unfortunately this night is pushing me towards checking out some other closer clubs.

More fun than expected

Ok so like others said, this place is kinda rachet and not the best djs most of the time. I've been 3 or 4 times and i've always had a decent time. It's a great place to go with some friends. The actual club is nice enough on the inside. The club attracts a weird clientele but it's one of the closest clubs to me and it definitely beats square one's &company!


This club is soo racist..I have never wrote a review about any club. I tried to throw my birthday here and they wouldnt let half my guest in because they were not white. They pretty much took my money for bottles service and then later kicked me out. If you dont believe me there are tons of people on there facebook page calling them racist. The owner is an idoit and the bouncers are even bigger idoits. I dont know how the black bouncers could work for a racist boss. Oh yeah btw the bartenders are rude and just after your money.. I make a good living being an accountant but these gold digger provide horrible service.... I always tip too but not this time... Screw luxy.. Save yourself headache


Their free before midnight events are bogus. You have to be there before 11:30. Any time after that is when they hold the line and everyone who has arrived before midnight can't actually enter before midnight and they've gotta pay a $20 cover. Ridiculous! It seems like the bouncers outside, the security patting ppl down and the person at the window are all in on it. When you find out the $20 cover the bouncers tell you that you can pay them $10 a head to get inside before 12. Umm... No thanks. Ppl don't wanna pay $20 for a dj who mixes like it's his first day, rude staff and a smokey club.


Worst club management.
This was my first time attending the club and have to say the worst experience of life.
Expensive cover for a shitty experience.
Not the bang for your buck.

I was inside the facility i'd say for 1.5 hours before this incident occurred. I went to the bathroom to pee i walk out and the bouncer literally grabs my arm and says i have to leave now.. I'm so disappointed that they made the assumption i was puking in the bathroom when literally i just went to pee.. The bouncer squeezed the shit out of my arm and literally tossed me out saying "my boss wants you out" ... i was not even intoxicated enough to puke. I could walk straight, i didn't even smell like puke!!! Because i didnt puke... I don't know what was up managements ass but i would like to send a big fuck you to you. I hope your business rots because of the shit club that you operate. Learn to run your club. This club deserves not even a star.. Not worthy of even just 1 star. (i had to click the star because it's a requirement for me to post this review)

Music was pretty bad too..
The crowd sucked as well.

I never write reviews, so when i say avoid this place... I seriously mean it.

Horrible! Rachet!

This place is horrible!!! People smoking weed in the club! Bouncers are rude! Bartenders are rude!
It is a beautiful place but don't go!
I felt like i was in an afterhours dancehall party not a club


I don't usually write reviews from the clubs i go to, but this one definitely deserved one. We were celebrating a friend's birthday on sat. Sept 14th, 2013 and ordered bottle service. First impression - the fake leather couches need to be replaces because they are all ripped up with the stuffing exposed.

We got a shisha for our table, which was a nice novelty. It was fine for the first 20 puffs, then it was intolerable and tasted like burning fumes. We asked the designated person to change it and she said no, there was nothing wrong with it, she personally checks all of them and our options is for us to keep it as is, or she can take it away. I personally know how to make a shisha and in this case the tobacco was burnt. Either they filled it with not enough shisha tobacco, or they are reusing them. If you can't do it properly, then don't do it at all. The bottle service guys were great though. Very nice and helpful.

The music was the highlight of the night (except for danny fernandez's performance), lots of great songs. I only wished they would play each one a little longer instead of changing it so frequently, more towards the end f the night.

The guys there were ridiculously persistent that i threatened to call security on them. If a girl says no 2... 3... 4.. Even 5 times, then you need to stop trying to grind up on them from behind when they aren't looking. How pathetic and disgusting.

Overall, i wouldn't go back. I'd rather go to the more upscale and adult clubs in toronto, like everleigh - places with a more mature crowd, atmosphere and classier service... That also don't require you to be patted down at the front.

worst place to be

I reserved bottle service with 10 of my friends for my birthday party... they wouldn't even let us in because we're all guys. WASTED our time going there from Scarborough and ended up going to another place in Mississauga... They should just shut down the place and stay home....

Should be shut down

They would not let my bf in, (he wasn't even drunk) we asked to speak to the manager, he was didn't care, I think asked the bouncers (all of them including the females) the information of the owner, (his contact) info. THEY ALL laughed in my face and said they started working there and don't know who the owner is and wouldn't tell me even if they did. I then sent an e-mail to email address on the luxy website which bounced back. This place shouldn't even be open.

Absolutely horrible

The decor is beautiful and all, but the service? Couldn't have been any more disgusted.

Bouncers were assholes and the females patting down my girls made it feel very uncomfortable since they were being so damn ROUGH.

On top of that, we got bottle service. We were told by the promoter that it was a two bottle minimum but our bottle server told us it was a 3 bottle minimum because it was a "Saturday night". To TOP THAT, when I asked for my change back, the bottle service girl didn't even return my change back.

Never going back! This is the worst clubbing experience I have ever had to go through.

Don't waste your money on bottle service.


i went to this place on a friday for the firs time should have knnown that urban night with black singgrs meant of gross and ghetto blacks the place was a sausage fest and this place is crawling with dirty smelly women the blonde coat check girl is rude this girls ticket was wet from having a drink spilt on it and she touched it like he carried a disease then threw her coat on the counter and it landed on the dirty floor the bouncers are juice heads who take their crap jobs too seriously the jack ass who takes ur ticket sticks his hand out like ur suppose to no what he wants from u then gets rude the people in vip were smoking and no one said shit to them but when my friend walked around with out shoes this little white security guy attacked her like an animal the only good thing i could have said about this place is that the last time i went on a sat the bartenders were sexy the blonde and the one that looks asian are smokin an even the girl security were hot there was 2 asians an a white girl with pink hair at the door but now they have these ugly bartenders who charge more then they should and tip themselves and butch man looking security girls who are rude as shit and take away shit like key hooks with the excuse that they are weapons. NEVER AGAIN ON A FRIDAY. DIRTY AND GROSS

terrible mannerisms

My girlfriend and I party often around the gta. We actually hadbher birthday there thisvyr and had a blast. We attempted to party there tonight- Nov 2. There was no line up, and only the bouncers standing waiting for guests. The chain that blocks off the stairs I stepped over rather than walking around the long emptiness, apparently it offended the bouncer who was so surprised and couldnt stop maki g smart remarks. I handed my I.D to the bouncer standing at the doorway who took orders from other bouncer saying "they can wait" . I was not accepting this so I suggested that he not let us wait, as there r 2 other clubs that r walking distance away. He willingly opened the same chain I stepped over and suggested we do that. Never again will we go back there.

IDA (International DJ Association) Canada DJ Battle at Luxy

This event is on 3rd of Nov and will be awsome since LUXY is a great Venue for it!

Make sure to be there at 9pm

Special performance by Scratch from the LEGENDARY ROOTS Crew and DJ I-DEE from USA


Watch out for Gypsy's

This must be where all the gypsy's hang out because they know that the upscale crowd are coming here... Watch out people!!!! Had my beautiful swarovski watch stolen right off my wrist at this club!!!
All my years of going to clubs, I have never lost or had anything stolen from me. I won't be coming back to this place.


I celebrated my 20th birthday here last year, purchasing a booth along with 5 bottles... We were treated well until the bouncers noticed my Boyfriend falling asleep (due to feeling sick) IN my booth. They right away wanted to kick him out, I kept telling them I spent OVER $600, he isn't bothering anyone in my booth, Limo wouldn't come until 3AM ...they wouldn't leave us alone, Kicked him out and he was stranded outside for almost 2 hours, being sick, Basically spent half of my night outside meanwhile I spent OVER $600 there and they had NO simpathy...

Once I seen my Boyfriend was feeling better, I tried to get back inside to call his friend to stay with him so I could try to enjoy the rest of my night INSIDE, the bouncer at the front door..assumed I got kicked OUT with my Boyfriend and wouldn't let me back in... Wouldn't attempt to look at his Guestlist/V.I.P told me I was just drunk talking when I didn't even get more than 2 drinks in me that night

Horrible experience, I would never ever ever ever buy a booth here again, Bouncers need to do their job properly and the Manager was extremely rude and UN-understanding....

Worst club ever

We ordered a booth and 4 bottles for my boyfriends birthday, costing us over $500 only to be treated horribly. The booth was way too small for the number of people we had, the dj was soooo bad, not a single song we could dance and sing to, and the worst part was the bouncers. At around 2:30 we wanted to leave, and our booth was near a back exit we saw others leave from, after trying to get out the bouncers told us we had to use the main exit. My boyfriend asked where it was and they just kept pushing him over again, they couldn't hear what he was saying over the terrible music. Suddenly my boyfriend is escorted out by bouncers IN A HEADLOCK! So ridiculous and unnecessary, the used an excessive amount of force. He couldn't breathe and his leg was all cut up. Bouncers are on a power trip here.. Never going back again.. Wouldn't recommend this club to anyone. Plus they've changed the name of the club like 4 times over the past couple years because of all the violence. Way too crowded, which leads to unnecessary confrontations, bouncers were ridiculously obnoxious as well after they slapped both mine an my friends ass. Oh and they didn't even check our ID's


Although I suppose each experience is individual, I will say that my own was that the music was far from being any good. It was a Friday night, and instead of popular beats, it was old songs from the late 90s and the few newer songs were so badly mixed that it was nothing but noise. If I were to rate the DJ, I would say, nothing personal, but don't quit your day job.
The club itself is nicely designed, but again, the crowd was very young and amateur. People mostly acted like they were there to simulate poor sex on the dance floor rather than dance and have a good time.
Wouldn't go back. There are plenty of others which I intend to checkout. But hey, maybe you wanna check it out for yourself. Hope this helps.

Security girls are the worse

me and my husband love to go there, but not anymore as the black lady that check us in when checking in our pokcets took my eye dropps... excuse me but i am wearing contacts and i need it and my husband as well... no she did not care and took it... how childish is that...??? never seen that before and i heard that she stole some money from other ppl before,.... so sad to hear

not bad

Got in quickly,BUiLT bouncers(cute), but younger italian crowd, a creepy older guy in white:s. A really euro club.wasn't that bad though


i went to see nicki minaj on aug 13 and it was amazing and now i cant waittt till divaa fridaay on august 26th is goign to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE REACHHH its going to be huge FRIDAY AUG 26th :D =)

My Fave Club

I've been to Luxy about 4-5 times now and every time I go I have been impressed. The crowd is pretty good compared to downtown and the music is great all night long. Everytime I've been there I never have to wait in line and if there was a line, the line moved pretty fast. I will be back this weekend!

Amazing experience

Went write through the line as I was on vip list, bartenders served drink quickly, our waitress was prompt with serving our bottles, are glasses and juices were quickly restocked when they ran out, there were 2 rooms with 2 different types of music so variety was an option, staff was also very friendly, overall it was an excellent experience and I look forward to partying there again!

So Sick

What a club nothing like it. Atmosphere, crowd, staff, music. Such a good experience would highly recommend it to all :)


sick club dude! lots of girls here!

totallyyy agree!!

haha soo truee toronto has the same faces! luxys was an amazing change! it was so much funn!! biggest club ive ever seen! and so much fun!me and my girls will be going there so much more often!! <3

Finalllyy sexxy girls!

So tired of dowtown girls, same faces all the timee!! they all live down my street haha toronto! went to check out luxy with my boy cuz our friend told us to check it out,.. AMAZING!! its so nice in the inside and we got in no problem, we wernt on guestlist tho, but everyone was getting taken care of quick not like any other club. Even the bartenders were so much fun! had a few laughs with them.. wish i got their number hahaha but ya very nice place, girls, guys, everyone looked good club was sick, everything was good. going there this weekend again for sure!


So I went to Luxy last weekend and I had so much fun on Friday that I went back on Sat!!!! and i had an even better time!!! Its definately my new fave club... I'll be there this weekend partying it up! Would def recommend it to anyone who wants to have an awesome time at a nice club!

Excellent Night!!!!

My first time to this venue was on Saturday and i was actually extremely impressed. We went with bottle service this time, our hostess was so friendly and super attentive. The bottle prices are great beats downtown by far! Amazing music, very good looking people i'm going back this week. This is definitely my new spot!

Crazy Nights

Visited Luxy for the first time a couple of years ago and have been going back ever since. A huge club with 2 rooms and fantastic decor. Always room to dance, bottle specials every weekend and always a good time. Did my birthday and my best friends birthday there and Luxy made both those nights to remember (well parts lol) . The staff is helpful and quick if you need something and the latin room on saturday night is key. I love it!

10/10 by far

LUXY is bar far one of the nicest clubs ive been too. You dont have the problems of downtown toronto and not only is it free parking and no traffic.. but they move the line at the door so fast, the music is amazing and the crowd is such a good party. The bartending staff is really quick and all of them look like they are having a great time as well!!! If your on guestlist you get in with no cover or line up!! Im going again this weekend to see LUCENZO performing, can't waitttt!!!!


Went to Luxy a few weeks ago for the first time, What an AWESOME party!!!!!! The Vibe was amazing, bartenders hot as hell, and the ladies at the club were off the hook! No need to go downtown anymore. LUXY is the place to be on a Saturday Nite!


LOVE LOVE LOVED it!! It was soo much fun, service was amazing and music was perfect!! The club has a vegas feel to it, and it was bumping allll night till they turned the lights on! Definitely planning on going back there soon! It's just so convenient... dont have to go all the way downtown, parking is free, ladies in free, just hassle free!!


Went to Luxy a few times and got bottle service - front door and security staff were all very nice - our group didn't wait in line, we were shown to our seats promptly. Our waitress was quick, pretty and made sure our booth was taken care of. Juices were always filled and cups always present. Bottle prices were very affordable.

Great crowd and great music. They have a huge patio and 2rooms with 2 sounds.

Bartenders are awesome and fast! There wasn't too much wait for drinks

Definitely worth another visit!


Went to the club and it was really awesome inside. The people were cool and the girls are hot. Can't wait to go again.




Best time at Luxy

I had such a great time at Luxy last Saturday. The music was really great, the booths were really nice, our bottle server was really hot and bottles of alcohol were really affordable. We didn't wait in line too long and there was plenty of parking (not like downtown). Definitely going back this weekend!

Ok Nite

The club is a nice vibe. I liked the music that they played and how they mixed it up a bit. What bothered me was that the Asian girl bartender was very rude and how she took her sweet ass time. I have been their about 2 times before that incident and it was the same rudeness every time. Other than that loved it!! Great night.

Good Local Club

I've been to Luxy's a handful of time and it's pretty good for a local club. It's nice not having to go all the way downtown for a good night. Bouncers are friendly, music is decent, and the decor is great. The only cons is sometimes they go a little crazy with the fog machines and the line ups at the bar can be annoying. I recommend going to the smaller room where they play fun latin!

My Birthday

I visited this club last weekend for my birthday. I think this club is beautiful. I haven't seen this kind of club yet in the GTA. I was very impressed with the design and the experience. My group had btl service. The line was fast and the service was great. The music was top 40 but it was a good mix of everything. Top noth club. I would recommend to everyone...


I had a really great time there. It was an all ages event, so I guess that's really different. The female security guards were actually nice, but the male ones were assholes.

The DJ in the house/electro room was excellent; I never liked House until that day. In the smaller room, they played soca/hiphop, still pretty good but the DJ played rap in the beginning.

However, the bartender in the main room was kind of rude, she took all the time in the world, WITHOUT A SMILE, to pour water while all these teenagers were lined up panting against the bar. Oh, and another thing I didn't like was how they closed off the VIP sections, I'm sure everyone that night would have killed for a seat on the couches.


If you like a good night, nice music and dance, DO NOT go to this place.
We went there last night, the club by itself looks nice and fancy, but DJ and music were awful.
With no exaggeration, from 11:30 to 12:30 (the time we left out of frustration) Not a single "dancable" music was played. The music was an unprofessional mix of annoying noises that followed absolutely no rhythm or tempo. Even 7 shots of tequila did not make me stupid enough to be able to move with the noise. And there is this guy with a microphone who loves his own ugly voice that ruins any little bit of mode left in the music (if any) who keeps advertising websites and how "good" is luxy . The whole thing was more like the guy selling "Shamwow" on TV rather than someone singing rap.

And the final score to make us leave was bringing a soccer player playing tricks with a ball while another soccer player/rap singer (supposedly a rap star!!!) singing BS to his tricks.

Awful , awful awful night.

Go downtown for a club, at least if you see the place sucks, you can go to another place. We had to go back home.

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