The Vue

195 Galaxy BLVD, Toronto, Toronto, ON, M9W 6R7

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The Vue Nightclub is a state of the art venue located by the airport. Geographically placed in the middle of the most highest traffic flow of people in the GTA, both with locals and visitors. With prime location and easy access from major highways The Vue Nightclub is exactly what the GTA has been waiting for. The Vue is determined to deliver the highest level of hospitality and sophistication. ...

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Venue Type
10pm - 3am
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop

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There is currently no events posted for The Vue.

The Vue Reviews

WTF Security?!

My friends and i go here all the time and we come all the way from durham. The place has a great crowd, wicked music, no lines to get in or use the washroom. The only problem is the tall security guard that is on serious power trip! He is rude, disrespectful and make no effort to properly communicate with people. Instance one: my sister had to take my cousin out because got very intoxicated (which was no problem to do) but when my sister had asked to go back to inform myself and friends, the security guard argued with my sister and didn't listen to her reason as to why she had to come back into the club. She even suggested that the security escort her in again to show him she wasn't trying to stay longer. He continued to rudely yell at her and gave her no chance to speak. Instance two: my friends and i were trying to get into the club, myself and two more of my friends got in except for one. The same security told my friend she couldn't get in and had to wait 30 minutes, fine, no problem. We stood outside for 3 minutes (while i tried to get a hold of my other friends for the car keys) and the security guard came back and said we weren't allowed to stand by the curb beside the parking lot (might as well be on top a car) and because we were standing there he wouldn't let neither of us in. I went up to him and politely asked if can grab my friend to get her car keys. He said "no", yet you want us to wait in -10c for 30 minutes. After going back and forth with him, i spoke to another security guard who graciously let me him to grab the keys and still let me back in. This security dude needs to realize people are still humans, your heart may be cold but us ladies don't need our legs to be. Note to security: not everyone you talk to is drunk. I understand ya'll have a job to do, but there is no reason it cannot be done respectfully.

Security is in some power trip, bunch of tools

Went to the vue for a birthday party of a group of around 25-30 people and also requested bottle service and booth... Upon arriving the showed my id to the security guard and he asked how much drinks did you have. I said 2 (this is before even stepping in the club) so in all fairness he said to wait aside for 20mins (in the cold) then come back... I'm like "are you serious?" so i went on my way to wait... I was not drunk at all, yes my eyes were red but after a 40hr work week all you want to do is enjoy the weekend. After sometime 1hr or more things escalated, i was upset.. i gave a lot of attitude due to the stupidity of the situation. Were they keeping me out cus i was "drunk" or mouthing off? Or if i hurt the feelings of the security guards? (a bunch or bitches.. Really your feelings?) apparently my "attitude" is what kept me out.. But don't deny for a fact that your security were telling people to pay $50 to get me in if you were trying to keep me out!? Such none sense. What kind of fucken service is that.. I would never be so desperate to pay or ask for money in this situation... Your security sucks ass and they prolly remember me, fucken stupid as losers on a power trip.

Bad Service & Security

The security team seems to be on a serious power trip. They will check your outfit and let you into the event then the same man that checked your outfit at the door will come around and tell you to leave. Apparently between the start of the night and that point security decided to change the dress code....

They literally have 2 bartenders that can't seem to get anything right. Worst service.

bad security

Thank you all for the updates on the bad security at the club. From what I have read the owner is to blame as he std the town for the security as the establishment. Clubs like these are a dime a dozen. The owner has to realize that he does not speak to or change the security co. The club will have a limited life span. Rest assured any event that I will be promoting will not be held there. My clientele is 25 and over at all of my events

attack by security

It is exactly what happened to us cuffs and all we have contacted the police as well I would love to contact you we can surely be of help to eachother maybe you should call back the police station and mention that you know of the the other situation and ask for the detective in charge.


I wish there was some way I can talk to you. I really hope Justice takes its place and lock these criminals up and really take away their badge. They are not permitted to have cuffs and the security with the power trip, is probably the same one who threw that guy out (which i witnessed) and attacked you and your family and attacked the girl ( the victim from previous note). The name of the security co. Is fortress security. And the attacker is the brother of Malik. Request surveillance! Good luck my dear. As I said I wish we can talk some way.

Security Team Attacks Guests

To the last person that commented-I feel your pain! Went to the Vue family day weekend with a bunch of my cousins ... about 15 of us...we were actually having a great time when security tried to kick my bf out because he was sitting on the couch with his eyes closed-he was NOT drunk nor was he sleeping and they realised that quickly when one of their security friends told them to back off these guys are ok. We weren't about to stick around since we saw what they did to this other guy about 20 minutes earlier. On our way out this one security (brown guy) rushed out of the club and drapped my cousin and my bf up in the lobby because they were making a complaint to someone-his fellow security guards came rushing out as well to help him....all I remeber was my cousins head getting smashed against the front glass doors multiple times. I couldn't believe what I was seeing--this was totally unprovoked, these guys were on a serious power trip. At one point I was screaming at the security to leave us alone we are leaving and he turned around, grabbed my arm and literally threw me to the floor, his partner nearby came out of no where and pushed me back to the ground so that I could not interrupt them beatting up on my family....about ten minutes later, after being man-handled, we made our way outside. I quickly called 911 to file a complaint. The same security guard now came outside OFF THEIR PREMESIS and grabbed my bf from the back-he pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and shouted in my face "you wanna see me fucking do my job? I'll show you how I can do my job" this guy was ANGRY for NOTHING. Thankfully the 911 operator was still on the line with me and heard everything. As soon as he saw my active call on my phone he quickly put his hand cuffs away and went back into the club. This is a total failure on the ownership of the club, how could you hire people to abuse your guests? I don't understand how they think they have the right to attack INNOCENT people. If we did something wrong I would understand, but we didn't. Like I said this was completely unprovoked, these guys were abusing the power they feel they have becuase they are wearing a vest with a phoney badge? Nonsense! I went to 23 division and filed a formal complaint on Monday, believe me, if the owner continues to employee these guys the Vue will not be around long. The police have a full description of the individuals that conducted this entire attack, we even managed to get some pictures with our phones....I just have a few more details to find out before charges are laid. Your club is being monitored thanks to our complaint to the police...worst case scenerio one of us could have EASILY been severely injured with a brain injury and paralized for the rest of our lives. I have no tolerence for this type of behaviour and will definitly make sure this is addressed leagally. I was greatful my cousins kept their cool because I am sure the security would have wanted to see us bleed. I hope ppl are reading these comments and reconsidering a night out at this place. The kill part is....their website is advertising for PROM events! If parents knew what was good for themselves they wouldn't trust their kid visiting this club.

Security attacks Lady

There is a few middle eastern security brothers that really do not know how to do their jobs nor do they belong in Canada. At the end of the night this one head of security just grabbed a woman's drink from her hand and the attacked her. acting all big and bad around this coworkers to prove himself as "head security" or trying hard to gain that title was not a good example at "all" charges will be laid as himself and his brother was indeed identified. (good) i do know a lot of promoters that have done a lot of parties there including the promoters that held the one on Family day weekend 2013. To the fat little porkey pig looking security and the rest of the girly boys that work there what the are you really doing there? you really couldn't really part children from fighting. carma is a B!t@h you will get yours.

Security hits women

Security thinks their big and bad but their really little punk ass kids that hit and attack women. They have been reported and will be sued. Security I hope your mom has money to bail you out. And tell that fat F**k security to stop sucking D*** at the club... It's all on tape! The Vue is a low class place. With low ass staff!

On & Off

I've been here multiple times, I've had the good nights, the great nights and the shit nights. I've been fortunate to meet some of the staff there and from the ones I have met they are great people. I actually know the owner and last time I have to say I was rather disappointed. Firstly for someone who is somewhat of a regular I got really pissed when the bartender tried to copp my change. I'm sorry since when does a beer cost $20. The place is the cleanest club/lounge i've ever been too, its great if you don't what the downtown drama but still yearn the experience. Very rarely do fights break out, which i enjoy especially when people drink, no line ups really for washroom use, to get in or for drinks. Overall it has its good nights and boring nights like any other club but if you want a good time with out the downtown drama then this is a good place to try.

Worst service I have ever received

I was just at the vue for the first time this sat April 14. Turned out to be a complete waste of money and time the bar was so empty a total buzz kill we were on VIP /guest list had orderd 2 bottles of goose at a booth for $360 we get there and are told they do not sell goose and bring us 2 bottles of belvedere for $420 I had to ask our waitress numerous times to refil our chase and cups and when I asked a bartender to refil he said you'll have to find your server and ask her (horrible service) but the best part was after coming back in from a smoke around 1 our booth is completely cleared including the bottles of vodka that were not even finished by far the worst service I have ever had at a club for $420 a complete scam I will never go again.

All Girls

I was at The Vue on Sat Jan 7th. OMG, girls to my right, girls to my left, girls all around......where are all the guys. Don't get me wrong I like dancing with my girls but I was in the mood to get picked up and it didn't happen. All the guys there were with girls and all of us single girls were like WTF. The music was good though and we drank and danced all night, it wasn't a total waste of time. I'll give it another shot next Saturday, their better be some BOYS there!

Mob Run

I went to The Vue on Christmas Day, what an amazing party. Gorgeous girls, amazing music, awesome atmosphere. Door staff was a little rude but the bartenders made up for it by being super nice and quick. There is however, one question to anyone who may know, is this place mob or biker run? I recognized one of the "UNOFFICIAL" security guys, totally decked out in biker garb. I've seen him in a few, shall we say, other clubs hanging with some shady characters, I've also seen him deal with a few situations that scared me a bit. I'm not saying for sure, but I think he is the protection guy. Nonetheless, I feel safer and more comfortable knowing that certain types hang out there.


Terrible experience. Music was pretty good but the DJ ruined it with screaming in the damn mic every 5 seconds. Crowd was extremely mixed which was fine but the turn out last night was filled with ghetto creepers who think its ok to run their hands all over girls when they're simply trying to walk. Leave your coat in the car unless you want to be pushed and cussed at the end of the night. Not worth my time really.


Oh Baby what a party on Halloween, never seen so many hot people in one place, the place was packed and still looked clean, the bathrooms were spotless all night. I can't wait till New Years Eve, had a blast.


worst experience ever. if i could have scored it below one star i would have. i will not return because the music sucks and so does the staff. the DJ played the full song to every track he played...the night dragged on...boring!


I think this place is the best if you want to avoid the downtown line ups and parking costs
The place is clean, fresh and the music is good
I would definetely recommend if you have a large group of friends celebrating an event or just want something other then the other dirty nasty clubs in the west end. The crowd is a mix of everyone and the night i was there the place was pretty packed. I will be back next saturday to see Candy Coated Killaz


I will never return. The smell of curry and B.O was beyond belief. Ew...


The place is nice as a lounge! We waited until 12 for a proper crowd to get in and it was still so skeleton!

The blonde bartender was nice and sweet and the entry people were nice too.

The floors were over sticky that we couldnt dance. the music was ok but the same song were played over a few times.

The main problem i found with this place was that it had so many east and west indian people (im east indian) and most of these people were single, drunk, and from brampton/malton/rexdale.

I fight broke out and it was so stupid and it took the security a long time to acctually get the "fighters" out!

there was this one 'heavy' older lady in black and white who was going around promoting and we were all like wtf is this!


So I was at the Vue Easter Sunday. I was minding my own business with my boys when this big ugly biker dude comes up to me and tells me to take off my hat and bring it to my car.
I was not given an option. I complied and when my boys rolled up on him and told him to mind his own business he took them outside and beat all three for no reason.
I am never going back there and I would tell anyone if you don't want bikers coming after you stay away these mother f'"ers will come to your house.

RUDE bartender

Ok all, if you're a child of the'll love the music at this club its awesome.... the place is very nice and spacious, clean as well.
The music that's played from the beginning of the night is stuff from 2000... but the good stuff....songs you havent heard in a while, rap hiphop, pop music ...etc.. after about 1130pm...the newer stuff comes on. So its good for everybody.
HOWEVER--> not all bartenders, but one rude burnette at the center bar....I dont drink at all...personal I usually take a glass of water (FREE) or pop... juice etc.... but this bartender saw me coming for my second drink and said ah sorry no you cant hav anymore water. You'll have to buy it. I was like are you joking? No I don't you dont have any drinking fountains (ok I know I know what club does) but thats not the point ... BITCH you cant deny your patrons water... So she wouldn't serve me...a bottled water is $5.00 Steep! but I had no choice. Managers of this spot: PLZ train your bartenders better so that they are not rude and YOU MUST MUST give ppl glasses of water I mean what if they had no more money or had to drive ????
NOT coming back here where I cant get a simple glass of water where 95% of ppl are buying alcohol anyway... gimme a break...

NYE 2011

The Vue venetian gala NYE 2011 promised a midnight buffet to all ticket holders, if you can call horderves served only to those who purchased sit down areas with bottle service a buffet. They did live up to their free midnight champagne, once you went and begged for it at the bar. And being a ticket holder did not guarantee you got in the door before non-ticket holders, unless you submit to extortion by the door security. Once you get in, don't expect the dance music to play; for at least 10 minutes there was no sound but a booing crowd. This would have been a good time to break out the free booze. Happy New Year!

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