Dirty Martini Oakville

2075 Winston Park Dr., Oakville, ON

Dirty Martini Oakville Info

Dirty Martini Oakville offers a relaxed atmosphere from 6pm to 3am Friday and Saturday nights.

It serves dinner from 6-10pm and after 10pm choose one of the twenty private booths with bottle service and get ready to party with the best Top 40 resident DJ's.

Catering to a mature audience over 25 years. Finally, Dirty Martini Oakville, a place where adults can wine, dine and play!

Venue Type
Friday-Saturday 6PM-3AM
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40
800 person capacity, 1 floor + patio

Dirty Martini Oakville Events

There is currently no events posted for Dirty Martini Oakville.

Dirty Martini Oakville Reviews

Nothing but a nightmare!!

My night at the nightclub turned into a nightmare the moment i stepped through the door. Instead of a warm welcome, i was met with a tirade of yelling from the manager/owner, creating an incredibly hostile and embarrassing situation. Their aggressive tone and demeaning words made me feel humiliated and unwelcome. All because i requested for a booth not a hightop table due to the fact one of our seven gas had the surgery his response was do i look like i’m a doctor take this or you can leave. it was shocking to be treated so poorly right from the start, and it completely ruined the mood for the entire evening. This experience not only marred my night but also left a lasting negative impression, making me vow never to return to such a place where customers are treated with such disrespect. I didn’t end at the front door. He also came back to our table, accusing us of telling my group that someone told him where to go, and that he has the authority to kick us all out as it was swearing using foul language, until he finally walked away!! Never again!!!!!!!!!

Craptastic Cagey Waitress Carrie Ruined My Birthday

I went there for my birthday august 11 . Was sitting there with 4 pals, with the balloons at the table and everything - not even a nod or acknowledgement from our snooty server, carrie, who right from the bat, was stiff and perfunctory, at best. Fine, whatever, we proceeded to order our meals and drinks (to be fair food was fine - but could not outshine the deplorable service i'm about to get into). When the bill came, she told it was all to be on one bill. Annoying and inconvenient, but whatever. So my friends all calculated their share, including a 15% tip (the service was standard not exemplary – she didn’t even bring us water or refill our glasses). However, she then decided that she was going to include an eighteen percent (18%) gratuity into the price (not mentioned or written anywhere on the menu, in the restaurant, or to me when i made the reservations, and also, is usually standard for parties of 6 or more – we were 5) and decided my one friend was going to cover almost half the meal because she claimed my other friends “hadn’t tipped enough.”
My gf originally tipped her 5 bucks but the greedy, entitled server tacked on whatever extra tip and she thought she wasn't getting from everyone else onto her!
My friend did i did the math and carrie said she was slightly short. Technically she was only short $1.78... That's not including the $5 tip she gave her but then she proceeded to tack on $17 extra dollars – so she got roughly a 20 dollar tip from my one gf alone!
So what happened was she said my gf paid her total but didn’t pay the tax, so when she added the tax it was around $6 for her to pay more. But she added an additional 17 % to her receipt for her “correct” tip (knowing in all likelihood my pal wasn’t going to make a scene on a birthday). The server did not disclose she was doing it, or factor in that my friend already paid $5 tip. Also, she refused to give separate bills / separate subtotals/ or to calculate each total and proceeded to curtly inform us that she would not be tallying anything for us, that it was our responsibility.
When my pal confronted her - she explained it as no one else tipped her so she added it to her bill – then offered to give her back the “$5 if she wanted.”
Management – pay your staff more money or hire more personable/bamboozling staff.
Being the classy lady she is, my pal told the aging former beauty queen wannabe she could keep the money. Obviously, carrie needs the money more than my girl does – perhaps she can use it to buy more “age appropriate” attire – along with a new attitude because she has no damn business being a waitress.

Before tax, my pal's bill was only $51... Yet with the $5 she already gave carrie - she got a total of $22 from her alone?! On top of the rest of my pals' tips - for subpar service? Fark this noise! Will never return here again.

A Pleasant Surprise

Atmosphere is exceptional. Went there last night for our anniversary wanting to try a new place to let loose. Finally a place that gets that adults just wanna have fun too. I'm 26 and was saddly begining to feel as though the club seen was no longer suitable for me. Turns out, not at all just needed a bar that can actually make a mixed cocktail properly n a place that gets that everyone should be dressing up with actual good music not just that terrible stuff others push that i had to have shots too in order to tolerate the mediocrity. Definitely will be going back!!


We at dirty martini take every review very seriously.
To those who gave us great reviews i thank you for you honesty.
To those who gave us bad reviews please be honest as it's very easy for our competitors to put false bad reviews on this site.
I just hope reasonable customers can see the difference and make their own decision on weather to try dm or not.
We have an exciting line up starting next week with our annual mardi grad event to stevie b live to a fantastic new re-built patio! Can't wait
Looking forward to seeing all at dm
Come say hi to me, john and see for yourself what kind of host i really am.

worst experience Ive ever had

Im making this very brief, because after this i never want to think about my horrible experience ever again at this place.
First i had a grey goose dble shot on top of a bar table, and a waiter picked it up prob thinking it was melted ice, or idk and took my $20 gone. I told security and he said it must have been empty. Wow, i was shocked. The manager was shouting at my girlfriend accusing her of being rude to an employee, which never happened, and we decided it wasn't worth having this belligerent disrespectful manager abuse us. So as were leaving he yells calling us " fucking bitches, and never come back'' 3 , 50's yr old women, 2 women drove, so they didn't drink. Im shocked and disgusted. Totally unfounded. He hides behind the many security guards being abusive to his customers.

EEC by Fantaseas Masquerade V.I.P New Year's Eve Party 

We only considered one place for our nye 2016 party; dirty martini! Always a safe, friendly, enjoyable atmosphere!

Ticket sales -$70 per person

Eec by fantaseas   masquerade v.I.P new year's eve party 

Ticket sales 
1 ticket $70.00 cad 
2 tickets $140.00 cad 
3 tickets $200.00 cad  

Celebrate masquerade style and come ring in the new year at dirty martini oakville with our team!  

Thurs. Dec 31, 2015 - 10:30 pm - 2:00 a.M. (or until you dance your shoes off)

It's our re-launch party and we are inviting 30 special guests to join us in our special designed v.I.P booths.

Tickets on sale now - only $70 via our website "buy now" or call 647-269-4332

(includes seating in v.I.P, taxes, gratuities, drinks, unlimited mixers, entrance fee, 4 selection meat platter per booth, desserts and your choice of masquerade mask).

*package value $156

Dress to impress formal/semi-formal wear 
(black & white/gold/silver theme)

Don't miss out tickets are limited and going fast!!

Come & countdown to 2016 with eec by fantaseas!!!

Dj bruno falvo in the house!

finance analyst

Very bad management, rude and abusive security, i will never go to that place again and will not recommend for people to go,

Fun guy

Went this passed saturday to celebrate my 30ith b-day friends , i had the best time, food was good for the price. We had bottle service after right on the dance floor! It was so much fun, the people are great, the girls are hot, well not all of them, but most of the crowd is good looking. Strangers buying me drinks for my b-day! What a great night. I'll be back for sure.
You have to check out this place.


I'm an out of tower and my friends that live in toronto took me to dirty martini. It was the best night . everyone from the staff to the people were very friendly and great to me. Dinner was good, i had pasta and it was tastey. i recommend this place to everyone in their late 20s. Thanks for the great hospitality .


A group of us went last saturday to celebrate st. Patrick's day. I made reservations for dinner with john (the owner or manager) and he took excellent care of us. My dinner (steak) was delicious and the staff was amazing! We even got a vip booth for the entire night even though we didn't order bottle service. I don't know where all the comments about people being old and ugly came from... When we were there, it was a pretty young crowd (mostly late 20's to mid-30's and there were a lot of beautiful people there... Very happy and friendly. we had an amazing time dancing the night away (even with me bumping into an ex-boyfriend! Lol). A little too much house/techno but we will definitely come back again!!! :)

Great night

We had a stag party here this january 2014 and i have to say we had a great night. We booked bottle service, so no line up and no cover charge, it was all included. Service was prompt and the food that came with the bottle service was great and they allowed us to decide when it came.

There is ample parking but we got there early with no issues and were glad to have a coat check with it being so cold so thanks for that.

There has been lots of renovations done and there is a new dj booth in the second room rocks. 2 types of music.

Great place for a bachelor party

Had my buddys bachelor party at dirtys last night. The guys had a blast. Our server was great, the music was awsome. Great night.


Best night ever!! Amazing food, sexy people, great service!!

Worst establishment ever

Worst customer service ever. stayed at the hotel across the way with my fiancée for a business and decided to check it out. They let me walk right up to the doorman and while i was presenting my id, my fiancé was accosted by the rudest a**hole doorman ever - i don't think i would be wrong in saying he might have been the manager. first he said my fiancé was too young, to which he presented his id which clearly states he's 26, then he told him his dress was inappropriate - really? Designer denim, a collared dress shirt and sport coat are inappropriate for martinis in the suburbs? Then when we mentioned the gentleman infront of us was wearing the same thing, he accused us of already over consuming alcohol to which we explained we each had one glass of wine at the lovely italian restaurant across the pathway. Needless to say we never made it inside, but from the crowds comming and going, this is a place for 35-65 year olds looking for a place to meet others to cheat on there wives and husbands with. dirty, disrespectful, pompous.


Bad, bad, bad!
Parking is a pain. We went around the huge lot several times hoping someone would leave, so we could park our cars. 15 minutes later, we finally found a spot, but it was so far away we had to walk quite the distance to the club, which is not very pleasant in minus 15 degrees weather.
Then comes the lineup, huge and very slow moving. Another 20-25 minutes down the drain, in the freezing cold.
$10 entrance fee, even for the ladies. Really? Then another lineup at the coat check. Great.
The drinks are expensive, and the waitresses are serving and chatting up the men first, i had to wait about 10 minutes for one of them to finally take my order.
The crowd is terrible. The place is overcrowded with the rudest, most obnoxious people, who will step all over you, push you around and elbow you. I got quite a few bruises by the time i was finally out of there.
Going to the washroom is an adventure in itself, especially if you happen to be at the other end of the club. You have to shimmy your way among people who would rather punch you in the face than move a step aside to let you pass. Then when you finally make it to the washroom, surprize! At least one of the sinks is full of vomit.
Halfway through the night, mostly everybody is drunk out of their minds, and the place becomes a low class pickup joint where guys bother you, touch you and won't take no for an answer. More so than in a regular more upscale club.
Horrid experience, i don't see why anybody would go there, when there are so many other nicer (and cheaper) clubs in the area.


Unless your ugly and over 40 don't go here!!! I've never seen so many hurting, ugly ppl in all my life! Gross nasty, bad music, super expensive, bad sound system... Can't say enough bad things about this place!!!

Don't waste your money!

Overpriced full of posers and ugly people. Avoid!

Great night

Went to Dirty Martini this weekend for the St. Patricks night party with some friends. We reserved a booth and got excellent service and loads of food for the price of the booth plus the bottle of vodka. Music was banging, great mix of a crowd.

perfect for over 30

impressive from the time you walk in. The door staff actually greet you, the bartenders are friendly and the prices are very reasonable. The DJ mixes well and the variety is an assortment of 80,90 and current. I don't know what it is but the crowd parties hard at this dirty 30 establishment.

get there early!

great food, great prices, great music,great crowd....if you don't like to line up, go to the Markham location, it's bigger both inside and out on the patio.


Wow. OOOOOLLLLDDDDD!!!! isn't the word. they make you wait in line even when it's empty inside. Never mind the fact that I was partying with my grandparents. Nice club inside, bad attitude outside.
Save your $$$ and time. Go elsewhere

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