Seventy Seven

77 King William St., Hamilton, ON

Seventy Seven Nightclub Info

Seventy Seven is your Nightclub of choice! Seventy Seven Nightclub, Hamilton's Premiere Nightclub and Entertainment Complex provides an upscale atmosphere and ambiance. Hamilton's largest nightclub provides our patrons with tons of intelligent lighting, plasma TV's, 2 DJ booths with mega wats of sound and a fully functional stage outfitted for any performance. Seventy Seven Nightclub offers full ...

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Venue Type
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
1000 person capacity, 1 floor

Seventy Seven Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Seventy Seven Nightclub.

Seventy Seven Nightclub Reviews


Great bouncers that make sure people who drink to much make it home


Good service


Went to the underground with a group for a birthday, we ordered bottle service. The manager refused to give us the second bottle (which was paid for) because someone in the group yelled at the manager.

The manager discribed a member of the group, the member he discribed was already gone at that point. The member happened to come back 45 minutes later and they were asked about it. This member had no part or knowledge in/about yelling at this manager.

I am certian to say i am the member the manager was discribing and i had no part in yelling at him/her. I believe he/she seen me leave and used me as a way to keep the bottle.

My comment is no different than previous comments on here. I hope no one buys bottle service at this establishment. You have a chance at being takin advantage of by the manager.


Terrible management, owner sold our booth while we were out for a smoke!
Drinks are overpriced and if you look noticeably drunk the bartenders do not return the proper amount of change for drinks (assuming you're not coherent enough to count it).
Bouncers intimidate you and try to extort money from you, (not all, some are very friendly).
Inexperienced establishment with rude management, cleanliness is an issue some % of the time but most of the time the place is decently maintained.
3/10, nothing special, poorly managed.

bad mamagement

The owner is a fat and lazy drunk, they are very rude!! Wont be spending my money their ever again.


Correction to review by me previously - 5 star only to compensate previous 1 star to a 3 star average
The one gentleman in this conflict turned out to not be the owner or a real decision-maker for the club. The owner and other decision-makers got in touch with em and were more than accommodating and interested in resolving the conflict/making amends for the inconveniences.
The review below does not speak to club 77 main management. They are actually very good, accommodating and punctual on service & support.
After speaking with them, i am convinced this was a one-off occurrence and hopefully will be something no one else has to deal with assuming the employee responsible is dealt with accordingly or improves his conflict resolution abilities.
I should also clarify that the club itself is very nice, majority of staff are pleasant and helpful and great djs & events.
Word of advice if you face a similar situation, it is normal protocol for them to provide a business card for the real owner and you can discuss the issue with him directly day-of or on a later date. Ask for the card if you are conflicted!
Correction (original review of experience below)


Do not get bottle service here ever.
The owner/co-owner is an egotistical, arrogant, money hungry, hot-head, immovable twat.

Owner: "i have 19 years experience. When a group leaves their booth for 10-15 minutes, they never come back"

Me: "but.... I'm still here."

Owner: (pauses a moment...His temper starts to rise ... Changes topic to how much money he spends on the club and how he needs to pay for all the people and staff and djs, etc. --- ie: irrelevant to the conversation)

... After lengthy discussion (me trying to remain civil and not get punched in the face) about how he mistreats his clients and is revoking promises to us and still is unwilling to accommodate in the slightest. I eventually walked away getting nowhere in the argument. ... 5 minutes alter he hunts me down again and kick me out of the club.

Clam, sober and simply standing up for service promised to us. I was removed from the club and forced into a cab. 10/10 would never recommend supporting such arrogant meat-head owners.


Terrible managment. Sold our booth while we were still in the club. Kicked me out for complaining about it.

Rude, pathetic staff.

Pathetic management. Rude and arrogant staff. Do not go to this club.

why go to Toronto

I have been to many toronto clubs and i have stopped going. Club 77 has it all great sound lights and great staff. The bring all the big name dj's to the hammer. Its always busy and no fights. I recommend this club to anyone that wants a great might out.


I wish i could give club 77 a zero star rating. This is truly a sad excuse for a nightclub - the staff are power tripping and the club is over priced for what it is. I did not feel safe or have fun here. I agree with the person who wrote that they take advantage of people being drunk 100% which is ridiculous considering its a club. If you know what is best for you do not go there (unless you wanted to be treated like shit and meet tons of under age girls).


I wanted to comment on the post below... Which night were you referring to? Was it the same night the owner was on the floor drinking and fondling a women in front of everyone including his own employees to see? Is that the night you are referring to?

This club has 2 problems.... The owner and the immature, inexperienced promoters on friday nights...If you've ever been there you know who they are... One of them looks like mario's younger, short, uglier ,fatter dumber brother... He's immature, drinks on the job, and has no professionalism whatsoever....

Club 77 will always be known as the club who got a 150 pound kid in the hospital and ended up with sever head damage because he was man handled by a security guard (david sa, the owners brother) and actually got acquitted of the charges which baffles my mind considering i was one of the witnesses and saw what actually take place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This place needs to be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Went to 77 for new years. The music was awful and the dj was extremely rude and disrespectful. The "vegas" set-up was pathetic and almost all the machines were broken. The club was cold for the first 2 1/2 hrs of the night until it was crowded. Drinks were so small. No "buffet" at midnight. I could go on and on. The most disappointing was the rudeness of the staff and management. Very disappointing after talking with anthony about expectations for the night i was clearly misled and the managers on site didn't seem to care that i was unhappy. They did not take my complaints seriously. Terrible venue, even worse staff!!! I would not recommend this place to anyone!!! Don't bother wasting your time or money!!


I have been to club 77 many times. i love this place tons of hot women and the vibe is crazy. Great light show and sound all the staff is super friendly and the security is the best in hamilton. I recommend this bar to anyone in hamilton or visiting it is the closest thing to a toronto club in the city. love this place.


Wow! I thought I was the only person who has experienced this stuff at club 77. Its clear this club is absolute CRAP! CLOSE THIS SHIT HOLE DOWN ALREADY! Downtown Hamilton doesn't need anymore dirty clubs!!


I completely agree with all these negative comments. Something needs to be done about this shit hole and the bad people that work there.


This club is shit. The bouncers are arrogant pricks. After bouncers caused a man to have permanent brain damage this is what they had to say “Basically we are the rule and authority in the club.” Clearly no remorse for their actions. One of the bouncers accused was the owners brother David Sa. The Owner Anthony Sa, sold the buisness however is still the current manager and on top of this they water down their alcohol. So do yourself a favor and dont waste your money supporting a negative and dirty environment.


This club is shit!!! The bouncers are complete assholes on a power trip. Horrible experience - NEVER going back to that dirty hole in a wall. SAD EXCUSE FOR A "NIGHTCLUB"

Horrible Club & Bouncers

This club is disgusting. Its not well kept at all by the management and has declined over the years in both customer service and monitoring of their bouncers. Just last year a man was given permanent brain damage by 3 bouncers while OUTSIDE of the club. I have witnessed bouncers use unnecessary force at this club multiple times. Former owner "Anthony Sa" claims to have sold the club due to incidents however his brother David Sa was one of the 3 bouncers charges in the case. Anthony Sa is currently manager of the club - clearly the club has no intention on changing their policies in regards to the use of extreme force by their bouncers. This club is a joke and it is run and managed by people who are clearly incompetant and have no regard for the customers who keep their club going. I would recommend to stay away from this club if youre looking for a fun time and a club that controls the actions of their bouncers instead of promoting violence

FK This Club

Last year 3 bouncers were accused of unneccesary aggression which resulted in a man with a child having permanent and severe brain damage. You would think that after this incident the club would learn to better train their bouncers to follow their job description and use minimal force only when necessary to keep the peace. This however is not the case. In November a bouncer grabbed a SOBER girl and dragged her out of the bar after her friend was kicked out and already outside of the bar. When her boyfriend saw this he approached the bouncer which led to a physical altercation where a male was hit so many times that he was knocked out and even had seizures. Just last weekend I was at this bar and as I was getting my coat to leave the bar I made a rude comment toward the bouncer and was grabbed by the neck so forceably that I have bruising on both my neck and arms. Sure I shouldnt have said a rude comment but we were leaving the bar so physically removing myself was completely unnescessary and not to mention illegal. AS male saw this happen, made a comment about it and was jumped by three bouncers. The bouncers at this club abuse their power and take advantage of the fact that people are drunk. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUISNESS!!

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