Proof Vodka Bar

220 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON

Proof Vodka Bar Lounge Info

Proof Vodka Bar at the InterContinental Toronto Yorkville features a vast selection of vodkas from around the world and an excellent collection of bespoke cocktails. Proof Bar's elegant, sleek interior and windows open onto hip Bloor Street West make for an exciting addition to Yorkville's lively entertainment scene. Proof Vodka Bar is a great meeting place for after work to enjoy cocktails and a ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Friday & Saturday (4pm-2am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
135 person capacity, 1 room

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There is currently no events posted for Proof Vodka Bar Lounge.

Proof Vodka Bar Lounge Reviews

I should have went somewhere else

I will give this place 2 stars each reason not earned are below:

I came here on saturday to host my best friends bachelorette party. I arrived with 9 people in hand and advised we will be expecting 2 more. One waiter brought over an extra seat that blocked the way of the waiters coming from the back of the house. We were seated in the section that seated only 8-9 people. 1 couch, 2 single seats and 3 ottomans. I asked one of the waiters there if we could be seated in the other booth which had more seats. He advised the booth was already reserved and that we could not move.

We said "ok" that was fine, especially if that group came with more people than we did.

The other group arrived, there were only 5 people in the group that were there. This was ridiculous! We were squishing 11 people to fit in one spot while others had a full couch or two person per couch that seated approx 4 people maximum. But we had to squeeze 5 people on the couch in our area. This was minus one star.

Than the service was horrible. We were there from approx 9:15 to around 11:30 - 12. when we first got there the waiter was barely around. We had to wait a long time to order our food and we did not all order at the same time. It was very staggered. Usually the waiter/waitress writes everything down and knows who had which item. This was not done. We were told if we were going to pay separate bills we had to write what we had on a piece of paper and provide it to the waiter/ waitress when it was time to pay. Isn't this the whole job as a waiter / waitress??? I might as well have got up to get my own food, if that was the case. Also, one of my guests asked for ketchup. So we thought it would be served in a little bowl/dish like it is served on the plate. No! She brought over the whole bottle of ketchup which by the way did not look all that clean. At least if she put the ketchup in a bowl like it is supposed to be served it would have been a little bit more appreciated. Minus 1 star.

We had to wait forever for our food. Like 30 minutes each time ordering. The plate portions are super small, i do understand if the restaurant is "small plate" style. But if its a small plate and taking 30 minutes to come out of the kitchen than it has to taste incredible. Nope! It did not. I would give the food a 3.8 out of 5, if i were to rate it. Minus 1 star.

Also, when asked about a mistake on the bills the waiter gave us an attitude. I do not know if she was having a bad day or what? But it was uncalled for. Minus 1 star.

And to top it off, the restaurant was not busy what so ever. There were people coming in and out but no one stayed as long as we did. We had 11 people in our party and each person did order quite a few of items. Also, gratuity was added to our bills. Personally i do not feel it was deserved by the wait staff that served us. There was one waiter with dreads that actually helped us out a little bit who was really nice. But he wasn't our assigned waiter. I think our tip should have been given to him. Minus 1 star.

On the bright side, the place is absolutely beautiful!!! I will give them a thumbs up for that. Absolutely amazing, the chairs were comfy, and the space was very calming. The music was pretty good, but the songs were rotated quite frequently. For a 3 hour time, we heard the same songs maybe 3 times. So rotation may have been every hour. Wish it was a little more variety though :) but that is ok. Plus 1 star.

Also, at the end of our night they provided us with complimentary truffles and brownie which was really nice. I commend them for that. That is plus 1 star.


I can't believe that you folks haven't discovered this place yet! no reviews? unthinkable! this is the most alternately relaxing/happening lounge i've ever had the privilege to visit when in downtown toronto. right on bloor, part of the yorkville scene, and almost like sitting on a patio in trastevere during the cool evenings of summer, proof is a perfect ending to a stressful day, and my go-to spot for an evening of great food and exotic cocktails. if you arrive early in the evening, order another glass and stick around. it starts to effervesce around 8:30, and casual conversations around, what can only be described as "laid back, leather, lounging corners, a la romanesque", spring up spontaneously between groups. By evening's close, you'll all be sharing food stories, and when you last had a meal so creatively executed. chef andrew arrived in july from the trump and is flying in exotic ingredients from europe daily. the servers anticipate every need, so don't expect a lag beween the last sip and a re-freshed glass offering. do expect the best from this place...You'll get it!

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