1108 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1X4

Bunda Lounge Info

Bunda Lounge is located in of Toronto’s hippest and trendiest new neighborhoods, Dundas & Ossington. Bunda Lounge will cater to expose the rhythms and culture of the French and Diaspora (ZOUK, SEMBA, KIZOMBA COMPA, and KUDURO) as well as the urban sounds that so much make the musical fabric of Multicultural Toronto, in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Bunda Lounge, will work to expose ...

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Venue Type
wednesday-saturday 7pm-2pm
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Latin

Bunda Lounge Events

There is currently no events posted for Bunda Lounge.

Bunda Lounge Reviews


Stinky monke

This place sucks. How it still runs, beats me..

This place is horrible. It’s a joke. It’s the size of a matchbox. It’s usually empty. The owner is a wannabe. I feel sorry for his wife/girlfriend. He tries to get into many women’s pants from what i have heard and seen. Not a way to run a business. If i could rate it a zero. I would.

Bunda Lounge sucks

This place sucks, the management sucks.
The owner of this place is angolan/african but wants to pretend that he's portuguese because of his skin complexion.
The place is always empty, the owner has a big head thinking that he's running muzik night club, drinks are so expensive and the place is very small like a shoes box.Smh

Zouk, R&B and a new experience at Bunda Lounge.

I've been going to bunda for events for the last year or so and have decided to put together a new night there. i've always had a great time and hope you will too. We've talked through the issues that other have brought up and are confident that the venue and staff are up to the job. please don't hesitate to speak with me if you have any issues with the club or service during our event.


I love this place! Other posts are ludacris!

Yes its true, sometimes it can be empty but it depends what time you go. I love starting my evenings or ending my evenings at bunda. The music is amazing, and the owner is a really great guy! I have no idea what these other posts are about?!? International dj's are brought in and those nights are packed and the vibe is great!

Bad Club

the postings with all caps are the owner pretending to be a costumer writing reviews, I live 15 minutes away and everytime I pass in front of it it is empty, this place sucks


These ppl need to learn how to run a business. The "security" is a joke, drinks are 10$ plus and every employee is drunk halfway through the night..including the "one" bouncer who's suppose to hold it down in case there's trouble. How safe can you possibly feel in that box they call a club. What an illusion. They're lucky if they stay in business 1 more year. They must be getting fined left right and center for all the incompetence. There are 10 other spots in the city that play Zouk that are a thousand times better than this place.


This place is not a club, it's a lounge and the place is a huge joke. The posts below are absolutely true the place is always dead and with a creepy manager/owner. The music is usually not great. If there is people this place is not equipped to deal with it I can assure you, a friend of mine told me he visited before and there was a huge fight with drunk bouncers who got their asses kicked.


I have been there a few times and had a blast, they have great nights and their CAIPIRINHAS are absolutely amazing.... and of course the place looks great... would recommend to anyone.


This place is absolutely amazing, they have great nights with amazing DJ's from all around the world, they have a great crowd and amazing atmosphere... I will definitly keep coming back !!! Keep up the good work :)


I love this club and the amazing Caipirinha.

This club is a joke!

Anytime I've been there it's been empty. Probably because of it's over priced drinks and the horrible DJ's. Don't waste your time!


The club looks good but the dude that owns it is a bit of a creep. He gave us free booze. That was cool but I think he was really just trying to get us drunk because dude was all touchy feely (gross). Then my purse went missing half way through the night. The busboy found it in the back which was pretty weird considering there was no one in the club to take it. The club was dead all night.
Needless to say I wont be going back again. That guys a weirdo!


Been to Bunda Lounge 6 times now on different nights and it has remained a consistent good time! Amaizing DJ and great place to hang with friends and even better place to meet new ones! This one's a keeper!

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