Ciao Wine Bar

133 Yorkville Ave., Toronto, ON

Ciao Wine Bar Lounge Info

Ciao Wine Bar offers a truly authentic Italian experience in a contemporary yet soulful environment in the heart of Toronto's Yorkville district. This new Italian eatery and wine bar, created by the Liberty Entertainment Group, offers traditional Italian fare in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. While Ciao Wine Bar encompasses over 8000 sq ft over three different levels and seats 250, the space ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Friday & Saturday (10pm-2am)
Toronto, Yorkville
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
8,000 sq ft, 250+ person capacity, 3 floors

Ciao Wine Bar Lounge Events

There is currently no events posted for Ciao Wine Bar Lounge.

Ciao Wine Bar Lounge Reviews


Ah, pressed submit by accident.
So yes, the food was extremely appetizing in appearance and in taste..and the place is very trendy. Very enjoyable.

I'm hungry but it's just good

I was famished going to Ciao and worried that I wouldn't be full since it was fine dining. Going with just my fiance was not the best idea after all because there was just two of us and I wanted to try almost everything on the menu. We ended up ordering a soup and the polenta fries to share and a main for each of us + dessert with some red wine for the meal. Didn't go crazy with the food but anymore would've been embarassing in my standards. Saw people just having a drink at the bar..will remember this place for some happy hour after work someday...

very "Yorkville"

I went here for dinner on a Friday night with my fiance. The place was very busy, but we got a table for 2 without waiting. Great, very "Yorkville" (aka trendy) atmosphere. We had 1 appetizer (something involved deep friend vegetables), 2 pizzas (one made vegan, the other with chicken), and gelato for dessert. Our server recommended a nice wine based on my description of what I generally like, and also checked with the chef to determine what dishes could be modified to accomodate my veganism.

The price was also very reasonable for what it was (we expected it to be double the price based on location).

All in all, a very pleasant evening and a place I would definitely go back to on a date or with a small group of friends.


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Watch your change...

I ate at Ciao Wine Bar during Summerlious on Thursday, July 22. I must admit, it was a very disturbing experience. Our waiter was not very kind. First off, we asked for separate bills and he proceeded to inform us that he couldn’t do that because it was too difficult for him and he didn’t want to have to do that. He then proceeded to inform us that he would have to ask his manager. Really? How absurd. In the end we did receive separate bills, however, this waiter, whose name is Alex was not very kind to us all night. He spilled water all over the table when poring it, and really didn’t wait on us as his fellow colleagues brought over our main courses and dessert. To top it all off, when we proceeded to pay, I paid cash. I provided $80 in 20’s to him for a bill of $64. He asked me if I wanted change back…you bet, what does he think that he deserved $16 tip? To my surprise, when he returned my change, he only provided $1 dollar. I informed him I gave him $80 dollars. He proceeded to tell me that I was lying and could not have possibly provided him with that. In fact, he had the audacity to say I only gave him $65. Please, I just came back from the ATM which only spits out 20’s therefore I could not believe that he would try to steal from me. He proceeded to get the manager (Salvatore), who did not adequately deal with the situation. Sure, I got my correct change back in the end however a better way to have proceeded was to assure me this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again and that he would deal with this waiter. He also mentioned that he was sure I would never return, however, good customer service should have made him clue in to take care of my groups’ bill in order for us to return and to not offer a very disappointing review of the restaurant. I have never had such poor service in my life? Despite the other waiters servicing our table (more specifically Jonathan who was really good to us even though we were not his table), I am severely disappointed in this restaurant.

It is too bad as the food was really tasty so my hats off to the chefs, sous chefs, bus boys and other waiters as they did a good job that night.

In ending, if you choose to go to Ciao Wine Bar, make sure to not get Alex the waiter and also check your change and credit card to make sure to were billed the correct amount and receive the proper change.

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