The Fifth Social Club

225 Richmond St. West, Suite 100, Toronto, ON

The Fifth Social Club Nightclub Info

The Fifth Social Club has become a landmark for nightlife in Toronto's Entertainment District. Known for its legendary theme parties, this luxury bar continues to attract a mixed group of visiting celebs and locals alike. The bottle service, voted top 10 in Toronto by BlogTO, features spacious private booths perfect for large groups, birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Venue Type
Bar/ Pub, Nightclub
Mature, Young Professionals
Friday 9pm – 2:30am Saturday 10pm – 2:30am
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, Deep House, Rock/Alternative
1500 person capacity, 2 rooms

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There is currently no events posted for The Fifth Social Club Nightclub.

The Fifth Social Club Nightclub Reviews


I've heard many people say that security like to use their authority to start fights with innocent people. My friends and i fell victim to this last night. They forced my friend to pay for an absurdly overpriced, almost empty bottle even though we had not ordered or drunken from it. We were confused and had not been involved with the bottle but security continuously threatened to call the police without listening to reason. On top of that, the staff pressed their own amount for tips to try and scam my friends into paying them more for the bottle. Seriously corrupt business with unprofessional staff. You leave feeling like a victim


Love this bar especially on saturday nights. Going here is like partying at your friend's loft. They've got lots of comfy couches and arm chairs, clean white walls, chandelier. The crowd is a good mixed ranging from mid 20s to late 30s and early 40s. Mature and fun vibe. The dance floor picks up after 11:30 and they always have amazing live music performances. Good spot for groups and girl's nights.

Rude ppl

So first off when i looked on the site, it said you had to fill in a guest form by 8pm of the date ur going to be allowed to enter.
Next it also claimed that guys were $10 before 10pm and ladies were free before 11pm.

When i arrived with my buddies, not only did they not check for the name or guest list w.E they straight up just asked for $20..From boy guys and girls.. uhh wtf?? I know niggas run this place but dayum stealing money like that even when it says free for ladies on its page.

Next is the guys inside the club. Me and friends are tryna get through the crowd to the counter to order drinks and the guys just take their hands and shove u across the floor like you're some heavy luggage that needs to be transported.. If i wasnt afraid of getting kicked out and ruining my night. I woulda beat the shit outta that fking chink.

racial profiling.

Friday night,waited for two hours in a line, and then right before entrance the bouncer told us that the manger flagged us!... So he told us to wait and the manger will come and talk to us. We waited for almost 2hrs but the manger kept us stalled. Suddenly one of police came and told us to leave. We explained that we just needed the reason why we were flagged? The police man's response completely shocked.. He told told us to "shut up" grabbed by our jacket and he pushed us away. The manger simply watched the police even though he knows the reason why we were waiting.

Terrible place

Bouncers are always out looking for a bribe. It's horrible.


Good night! Why did i let you go sasha....Come back!


Celebrated my friend's birthday tonight. unfortunatly the lady at coat check( by the entrance) didn't give me right change ( smooth talker) and the ladies toilets flooded causing wet shoes/ pantyhose and for some reason my jacket was also wet from coat check. Gross.

Customer Focused

I have been to many Toronto clubs and everytime I go to the Fifth I am always impressed by there customer service. What other clubs in Toronto gives you treats and snacks at the front door and water or hot cider at the end of the night? They always say goodbye and thank you. Also I have never once seen a fight at the Fifth and I have been there more than 10 times. There is a reason they have been around for 16 years, other than all the others. The Fifth is not for everyone but if you want a good time with no drama and beautiful classy women then the Fifth is your place!!

to the comment below

what race are you may I ask?

because if you're asian, that's the majority of the club
if you're caucasian, then calling people racist just because things didn't go your way wouldn't work. caucasian group represent the "upscale" "higher class" group, harsh but true.

if you're south asian, there's no room for racism here because the manager is south asian.



It was a fun night, before the Fifth club's manager/ bouncer kicked us out. My friend was tired of high heels and tried to sit there for a while, the manager just pointed at us and said "get out of here". I mean, serious?! It was before midnight, we were not drunk at all. Even you want us to leave for some other reasons(who knows, racist?), can you be polite??? Does the manager know any manners? Worst experience ever.

The Little Black Dress Of Clubs

The Fifth Social Club has been around for a VERY long time and it may not be where the (douche bag) cool kids hang out but it's where the fun, great looking people go to dance, drink and be social.
It's truly the "Little Black Dress" of clubs; not the trendiest but NEVER disappoints and you can always count on it for a good time!!
Just read the bad reviews below and honestly, if you are dressed properly and ready for a fun night, you'll get in. Also, don't be cheap (if you don't want to spend a little money, stay home!) If you have a large group, tweet at TheFifthPRGirl and she'll make sure you are very well taken care of (this is a tip). You can't please everyone but this place is provides a great time, strong drinks and sandwiches at the end of the night! Not bad at all!!

To the bachelorette group below

Just read the previous comment of the bachelorette group.

Sometimes the club have problems because of rude security/servers, and that's management's problem.

But when you have been told that you Will be charged for a group more than 10 people, no matter if its 13 or 15, you are going to be charged.

It doesn't matter if you're drinking or not, if you only have 13 people drinking= spending less, they have the right to give you a smaller booth. I am not trying to make assumptions that you could be trying to get a bigger booth so you choose to hide the information.

You were told that you would water & sandwich. You got what you were told, regardless the amount. If you're so picky about the exact number, you should have asked beforehand.

I don't even work in this industry and I can feel the pain of having customers like you- Wanting to pay the least amount and expecting the best service.


Just read the previous comment and I was also part of the bachelorette that took place here on the weekend. Very disappointed! :( I think i enjoyed the music for about 10 minutes out of the whole night. The situation with bottle service was just a venue being completely money hungry. I give this place a rating of 1, and the 1 is for the nice seats we had. They obviously do not know what they are doing. Their main objective should be to make people happy when coming to their establishment and they didn't come close to doing that. That's most likely why the place didn't get busy at all during the night because most people have caught on and do not like it here! I'm going back to ROCKWOOD next time I go downtown. There was nothing "Easy" about Easy&The Fifth! :(

Waste of money

We took my friend to this club for her bachelorette. Prior to going we had emailed and was told for 10 people you would need two bottles for bottle service and that if the number reached 15 another bottle who be required. When we arrived we had 13 people. 4 of which were not drinking. We were told we had to pay for an additional bottle which was an extra 150. We were also told we would get sandwiches and water. We had to ask for these and we only got 3 bottles of water and a small amount of sandwiches. The music was crap. They do not take requests and when we asked to speak to 'Dave'. The person we were speaking to via email he was not available. The service was very lousy and the club was not even that busy. Very disappointing to put all that money out for nothing.

Close this place down

Really bad service. Bad bouncers that think they can touch girls the way they want cause they are "bouncers" i' ve seen it everytime i e gone there they are too touchy touchy with the girls.if the girls wanna get grope then yall bouncers might as well call yourself sexual predators. Atmosphere of place is nice but again bouncers arent great.girls slap them bouncers!

Amazing Night!!

I ended up going to The Fifth Social Club by chance. I was going to Cabin Five (the bar connected to The Fifth) but it was so busy and they said they had reached capacity. The doorman was super nice and told us that we could get line bypass into the Fifth if we wanted so we decided to check it out. It was a good idea that we did! We had such an amazing time. The music was great and it was such a fun environment. I recommend it to anyone that wants to have fun in a nice place.

love it on saturdays

love this place on saturdays. the music is awesome (top 40s and house), it's not overly crowded, you have room to dance, and the people are sexy. it's my fav club!

<3 love it

On Friday's, it's Asian night. The place is pretty live, love the classy crowd and the music was just amazing. My go to place after university clubbing days! Saturday wasn't as good, it was more dead than Friday's.... On Friday's, drinks are $3 (I think) before midnight. CHECK IT OUT


The pictures look good and everything. But I don't know what the hell was that about: Six of us stood in line and the bouncer didn't seem to like us very much and asked for our ages. We are pretty much all 20, and he said the night is 25+.

Terrible Security/Workers at the door

The security at the front door were EXTREMELY rude!!!

Really fun night

This club lived up to my expectations. It had great music, hot guys and good service. The only hiccup was that we emailed the club to get on the guestlist, and the bouncer couldn't find our name. However, we had arrived early enough that we got in without an issue anyway. The drinks are $7.50, and cover was $15, so a bit pricey, but it was worth it since it meant a more "refined" crowd! Loved it!

Really fun night

This club lived up to my expectations. It had great music, hot guys and good service. The only hiccup was that we emailed the club to get on the guestlist, and the bouncer couldn't find our name. However, we had arrived early enough that we got in without an issue anyway. The drinks are $7.50, and cover was $15, so a bit pricey, but it was worth it since it meant a more "refined" crowd! Loved it!

Security staffs are so rude!

My friend didnt feel well at the club and threw up in the garbage bin on July 15 and he wasn't drunk! The staffs ( an asian guy and a short Caucasian) immediately grabbed him and pushed him out to the club and not letting him go to toilet! My friend was sober and could even walked on his own so why the heck they treated their customer so unreasonably rude! Also they almost want to beat up my friend if he stayed inside the club for another minute!! Thumbs down to this place!!

Review Trend!

No need to say anything, the past reviews have said everything. Place sucks!

Go to The Fifth...if you want to waste your Saturday night

DO NOT fall victim to the hype of going to the Fifth, as you will only leave the place extremely disappointed. Expect to wait in an hour long line up that barely moves, arrogant bouncers who give you the run around and allow random people in instead of those waiting patiently in line, and a guestlist that means absolutely nothing. If all of that sounds like a good time, then this is the place for you...


WORST PLACE EVER! I waited almost two overs in line. I would have left if I wasn't going for someone's birthday. DO NOT get caught up with the hype of this place!

Find some OTHER place to party!

I came here with my friends and I was expecting to have a blast of a night! I was soooooo wrong! It took so long to get in....when we got in, there was hardly anyone in the club. After a while, it started to fill up and nearing 1am, I noticed that the bartenders started to cheat us by upping the price of the drinks...thinking we were trashed to know they were doing that. I gave them an earful and they acted like the prices were the same the whole entire the time. Rude bouncers, stupid bartenders, expensive drinks that seem to change in price per hour! (APPARENTLY) Easy on the Fifth or The FIfth Social....not what I expected. high hopes for a disappointing night.

Waste of Time

Over this place! I went here before and the bouncers were being strict on my guy friends that they could not even get into the club until an hour after I was inside. This time around, I had to wait so long and I was on guest list which I guess is pointless to have! For the same music and vibe, I might as well go somewhere else where I don't have to wait and the prices are A LOT cheaper!


I have been to many clubs. This was the first club that I have EVER been to that ruined my experience without even stepping INTO the club. I had planned the night well in advance and had communicated with the club promoter with promises that were not followed through. My guests/friends had to wait in the cold for MORE than half an hour only to find that they could not even enter the club. My whole group wasted cab fare going to the club and back to where we had come from. We had bottle service and more than half of my party were ladies and none of my party was able to get in. AND NOTE, not only my party was allowed in but neither was any one else in line because they were at full capacity already by 11:30!!!!! with police stopping them from letting any one in. WTF?! How is that in any way right? F-ING disorganized! The next time you try to find a place to party and have a good night and think of the fifth social, prepare yourself. You might not even get in!


I had bottle service set up and confirmed for about two weeks with 50 ppl in the party. When we got to the club, the manager gave away our booth. They couldn't even accommodate us to even get into the club. DO NOT TRUST THEM! They will screw you over. No apologies and no help. I would definitely not come back here, same with the 50 plus people who were with me.

Best place in town

The Fifth is one of the best establishments I've been to thus far. All their staff are polite, and helpful. The interior is well decorated, well maintained, and really gets you in the mood to have fun, dance and wind down for the night.

The music is awesome, the crowd is awesome and the drinks are awesome. I've been there for my fourth weekend in a row and going to my fifth. Yes, it's that good.

This here ladies and gents, is home away from home.

Worst experience to date

Just wanted to let ppl know the attitude from the bouncers on Saturday nite (May 29th) was appalling, not only were they rude when we asked to be let in sooner they were also disrespectful. I understand that the "main" crowd is in their early 20's but that is no reason to look disdainfully on other paying patrons. I will not visit the establishment again and I will tell all about my experience.

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