1355 St. Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON, M6E1C5

EPIC Lounge Info

Epic Lounge is Toronto's #1 venue and the home of Salsa music. Join us for an evening of dancing, as we play the best Latin music in the city.

Epic Lounge is the biggest and most luxurious lounge on the Corso Italia area. Located in the heart of St. Clair West.

Venue Type
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, Reggae, Latin, Live Music

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EPIC Lounge Reviews

Cuban nights

this club plays the best cuban music ever. I really felt like I was back in cuba. I look forward to going back super big club for casino rueda is perfect. Nice wood floors

Salsa lessons

Had so much fun learning some stylish moves on the dance floor. Great teacher!


oh my God I can't believe Mika Mendes will be performing live at this venue. I'm so excited to see Mika in person and to dance with my kizombeiros.

tattoo party

we got our freak on with lots of people with sexy piercings n tats. last dj was good the rest need better music but great spot good service.

Afro Latino Student

I participated in the event put together by Afro Latino Dance Company and I must say it was the best Salsa party I've been to. Yumaniche is a very talented dj and the venue was fantastic. The floors are a compliment to any dancer. Very good job putting this event together. Looking forward to the next Salsa party.


I love salsa dancing and this place had the best music and floor to dance.


wowwwwwwwwwwwww 10dj's and 3 singers all at the same night. A really Epic night. had so much fun

Delightful night

Salsa after salsa and the dj kept us dancing all night. Very good club.

Had fun dancing all night

nice spot will be back fo sho!

My 2 cents

Was off the hook. Cocktails were in full force. DJ was spinning some wicked tunes. Bottle service was on point. Server always made sure we were good to go and replenished our beverages. Just a fun Ladies night out celebrating my girls bday and yes we will be returning to this cool upscale venue next month for my bf surprise party.

Ella Bella party

omg, we had so much fun and the dance competition was so cool. Celebrating a few more birthdays this weekend. Can't wait :)

My friend's new job.

My best friend is working security every now and then for this spot nd I came with him to check out the spot and I had a great time. Everyone was friendly and the girl's were not stuck up nd snobby like in other clubs. Nice spot I'm going back whenever my boy works another shift there.



birthday celebration

Invited and recomended by a friend of ours we went to celebrate my friend's birthday. We had a really good time except the music was dominated by the latin genre and not enough top 40 but once drunk we dance to latin music non stop. The birthday girl got really drunk so I think she had a great time also. We will be back and we hope they have some Iranian music and more top 40 as we did recomend it to the owner and dj. Very nice and good looking crowd. We wil b back to see if they took our suggestion seriously.

masquerade ball

we had a great time for the masquerade ball celebratin dj flowmaster birday. Can't wait to come by again. Kenya and all Africans love Epic.

Nice party

I met new friends and danced all night. I'm happy my sister told me to celebrate halloween here. Good times :D

anni bash

was off the hook. looking to drop by again for the annual hallo bash. time to fist pump :P


had a good time. nice girls!

“thriving atmosphere”

We haven't been regularly here since we moved away from the area, but stop back every so often when we are on St Clair.
It's nothing fancy or out of the ordinary, just another lounge but has great music and great service every time we go and we have been going for at least 2 years!

Caribbean xperience

Passed by Epic to dance some salsa on a sunday night but they were hosting a soca jam it was really nice all the people and the dj. for my first time in a soca jam I had fun but im looking to going back for my salsa fix.

dont go

Worst club in Toronto hands down. So ghetto, if ur thinking of going find another place. youll be glad you did.

halloween party?

are you guys having a nyc dj this year like previous years? please let me know I love your venue.

thank you my friend

I came to eat mexican food downstairs and owner suggested upstairs for a drink and live band. both owners of lounge and restaurant were very nice and polite. thanks to both for great evening.

salsa on st clair party

just fantastic, thanks for allowing us in for free(vip) to such an eventful night.

spanish songs

love this music and place from an african client. I go back for sure thanx to my amiga for taking me here.


;) I loved this club. I'm celebrating my 20th birthday here for sure. I couldn't believe they have $100 greygose vodka bottles. So AWESOME! :)


had a blast. PERIOD!

Cinco de Mayo Party

$3 tequilas for Cinco de Mayo was definately a reason to go here and I enjoyed every minute of it. Great music!

music heaven

I love Spanish tunes and this place was rocking with great vibes and great people. My partner has decided to host her birthday at this awesome lounge. Viva Mexico!

Place is a DUMP

This place is a dump. There are no young professionals here, just young professional gangstas. music is okay, very young and immature crowd. This place will not be around for very long.

Monchy capricho concert

this site wont let me post the videos i found
anyways check youtube under epic lounge toronto

Monchy capricho concert

I cant wait for this event. I checked this club out for a dominican baseball league award party and is the BOMB!
Here are some videos of this club!

thinking of checking out this place?! PART 2

Ok so we checked it out this past weekend and I must say we had the best time of our lifes. 5 STARS WITHOUT HESITATION!
-live music
-$3 drinks before midnight
-friendly people
-no fights or ghettoness
-great service/ thanks to the owner who found my camera and returned it to me by announcing it on the mic.

thinking of checking out this place?!

I have checked the pictures and videos of this club on youtube and facebook and I decided to check it out. I live in Hamilton but from time to time we drive down to Toronto to party. If the rest of the comments are accurate with the pics n videos then I'm sure we will have a blast. I will keep everyone posted and for now I will give it 5 stars based on what I've seen and read.

Romis bday

I was there this past weekend for my good friends bday. I loved the lounge just didnt like top 40 music. Im into pure spanish music not a mix of both. Nice crowd and friendly staff but music was ok for my taste.


I celebrated my birthday yesterday and I have to confess it was the best party ever. Pack to capacity and the Dj and the midnight performance was out of this world. Ièm going back there for the anniversary they are promoting. My new favourite club in gta.

Amarfis Pre-party

went to lounge to get a free ticket for the concert and got to meet the artist in person but also got the free ticket they promised. Congrats for the great event and for keeping your word and giving away free tickets unlike most clubs and promoters always lying to get a crowd.

Worst Place Ever

Not only is the place of this venue sketchy but it is also crap. The club is empty when I get there and the music .. let's not even talk about it. If you have this place in mind for a friday night do not waste your time nor your money. Worst place I've been to in my entire life !!! Im gibing it one start because you cant leave the stars in blank !!

Live Music

went to this club for a live band Re-miss I think thats how you spell the bands name. the place was packed and the band was talented. I agree with all the great reviews although some people might not agree like the previous one I think he has mistaken the place. The place is super chilling and the staff was polite. I don't see how the floors are sticky since they are wood and my shoes were slidding thru the floor. No cops were there and the place had a mature clientelle and friendly. Actually other clubs have ghetto people but this place seemed cleaned to me. Must have been a routine check to ensure all their papers are up to date. I will strongly reccomend it. 2 thumbs up from my wife and I Hope to catch the live band soon enough.

horrible place

Don't let yourselves be fooled by Previous good comments , the Place was empty when we arrived at 10pm, the floor is so sticky that not even dancing shoes worked on that floor, rude staff , and bouncer guy wanted to racketeer me or something , even the cops showed up there to look for weapons, I don't know what's wrong with that place

party central

good people, good club, good drink prices, good music and good times. This means I had a super duper good time.


heard many things about Epic and for the first time i went last saturday and i loved it. They had an amazing crowd packed night plus the music was insane and the Mc Kept everyone hyped up. I loved how sexy it looks and all the sexy guys,think my girl left with a hot latino too lol. But for anyone who loves spanish music or just general top 40 and want to have a great time without any BS or drama biches from downtown this is the spot to party. thanks for the Vip treatment guys!

God bless!

I'm Jamaican in my late 50's and after working at Td Bank I passed by this lounge and the music sounded good so my curiosity took me inside. Beautiful Latin ladies oh how i wish I was young again. This humble and flirtatious bartender serve my cold heineken with a nice smile that it made me feel in heaven. God Bless the youth their energy and this lovely little spot. I sure hope I get to audit the that branch again to pass by the lounge since I live too far to come down.

Viva los latinos

I love this lounge. Best time ever :)
Dj, I'm in love with you! lol

A piece of heaven

After visiting Cuba for the last 5 consecutive years I could not even imagine that I will find a place in Toronto that will remind me of my good times in Cuba. I love Cuban guys and spanish studs in general and this club is a little piece of heaven right on St. Clair ave. I strongly reccomend to visit this club if you love or miss Cuba or Dominican. The music, the drinks and the people are sure a great reminder that my vacation to tropical latin countries are a must. Great job guys!

Epic nightss...

You can expect it to be an epic night here....Iv gone a couple of times with different crowds of friends and always have a great time. It always end a memoable epic night. The owner and management in general is very friendly and complimentary drinks never hurt ! This club is still being known and gorwing,..I can see it being the hottest spot of all st clair soon. Definately recommend others to go with groups of friends..music is great ! !

Cool spot

My wife and I were leaving Big Ragu Restaurant and we walked by this lounge which at first you don't expect much from the outside till you take your first steps up the stairs and automatically you feel you're entering a posh lounge in Miami. The music & service was fantastic. Just a perfect way to end our romantic evening. We didn't stay longer than an hour but we will definately plan out an outing with all our friends. Highly recommend this little hidden diamond on the St. Clair strip. 2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cuban salsa

I worked the door for a Cuban Salsa party. I was Hired by the promoters and I must say it was the best time of my life. After working the door till 1am I finally got a chance to join my friends and we danced till they kicked us out. lol Must say the owner was a great dancer and an amazing host. Check it out every month they host the Cuban parties twice a month.


This club was originally owned by my boy and now is owned by another dude that continues the legenday saturday parties with sexy people. I'm supporting the club not because of my connection to the previous owner but simply because is Elegant and a great place to chill on the St. Clair strip.


My first time at the club, and it was literally EPIC. It was so amazinggg, Spanish dance battle between the chicks, and one crazyy audience. The crazy DJ and his really great at the mixes he was hitting out. AMAZING owner as well!!

I had a blast, I'm definitely going back!!

Sexy spanish girls

My friend took me to this club because he knows the owner and I love it many sexy girls and the owner is a crazy latino that drinks and parties. Good crowd nice place. I'm going back anaytime!

My b-day jam!

I was surprised to have been brought down to this place by my close friends for a surprise party. At first from the outside you don"t think much of this place till the door opens and luxury and elegance strikes you in the face. I had the best time of my life. I found out the dj is the original dj from Mana Bar which is my favourite spot but lately I noticed the music sucks and now I know where to find the dj that had Mana rocking. I had a blast and I'm definately going back to Epic Lounge.

Good atmosphere!

I'm an ex promoter and I must say one of the best clubs right now in the area of St. Clair. Keep up the great work!


this place was horrendous....the crowd is very ghetto, the service is ok @ best.....and the place looks like an old warehouse with some sofas

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