Junction Oshawa

104 King St., Oshawa, ON

Junction Oshawa Nightclub Info

As a part of the Riley's Complex, Junction Nightclub brings the downtown experience to Oshawa. It is a great place for enjoying the latest music tracks and mixes. The Junction Nightclub allows you access to the entire building. Upstairs of the Junction is Riley's Pub is where they serve great food and pints; they have the finest billiards tables as well as a piano lounge. The Junction Nightclub ...

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Venue Type
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, R&B, Country
1000 person capacity, 1 floor

Junction Oshawa Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Junction Oshawa Nightclub.

Junction Oshawa Nightclub Reviews

Do not go there ! security will ruin your night!

Recently moved to the area and invited my friend from city to try this club. Security was very rude, asked people many questions like how much they had for drink or where they have been and where they go after. Asked people to walk on straight line to see how drunk they are! Very scary like police stop you at the drinking driving act!! Been through people’s wallet and pockets after passing the security gate. Did not let my friend to the club saying “ i have done an assessment and he is too drunk to enter”. All of our group had to get back to go to another club since our friend could not get in. Dear manager: you won’t prevent crime, you are losing your business! they are bunch of students not criminal and they are not deserve this behavior from your security…. Why bother going there when there is only 50% chance of entrance??


Very ‌ raisist security. Did not let me in with no reason since i was not white.Pushed me through the door that my arm got bruised.

Guards are racist

Guards are so racist and they just want to fight for no reason . Please change the guards

Worst club ever

The worst club i have ever been and it's a so racist club . I don't recommend this club to anyone

Uneducated security thinks American IDs are fakes!

I went with a group of friends for new year's..Pre-purchased tickets and all. They would not let me in because they could not recognize a pennsylvania id from the us. I don't think the bouncers in front of the club were educated enough to go inside and check my id against the book of ids from other countries. I was carded at the lcbo earlier that week and they had no problem looking up what a us drivers license looks like. Luckily the security in front of riley's checked and said it was legit but once i tried to get in again through the club (to scan our tickets) i was told the head of security said it was fake! I'm extremely offended that they did not except my state issued id. And only because they were not educated enough to know it was real!! Someone should have taken it inside the first time there was any doubt, instead of letting me wait outside and freeze for half an hour. It completely ruined my night and new years eve. All my friends were inside except for my boyfriend and i. We won't ever be returning here. Maybe they should hire some professionals that can actually distinguish a real versus a fake id!


The girl standing at the entrance taking people's id is amazing she watched my drunk sister when i had to go back in the place to get our friend and stopped her from getting in a car with the dude she meet that night!

Security is horrible, DO YOUR JOB

Security is fucking shit. All i can say, is do your fucking job

Not L.G.B.T Friendly - Hate Crime By Owner

Anyone who is in the l.G.B.T community; i suggest you do not support this bar. The owners wife who serves at the upstairs bar in rileys (oshawa) is an immature pathetic excuse of a woman; who likes to call very' good paying patrons names. She witnessed two guys kiss then provoked a disgusting verbal attack towards others & myself while off of their property!!. She followed them outside like a predator and put her two cents in about how she felt about it & tried to get her bouncer to beat them up!!. #pathetic #absurd riley's pub oshawa #boycott #goingtothepress praise is given to the bouncer who told the woman ( his bosses wife) that he would not punch them out or attack as she directed.

Not Disability Friendly

I was entering riley's side and i was asking them about the door entry closing time. They said they close after 1:30am and i also told them that i do not drink alcohol at all. they didn't not explain to me why do they close after this time and they want to leave without explanation. one co-owner and some of his security staff were very nasty to me because they were asking me to leave in a loud nasty voice tone instead of a gentle voice tone. i told them i will leave if you nice to me and let my anxiety calm down but they were not so nice to me they force me out the door by physically assaulting me by grabbing my shoulders & back then dragging me out the door by my shoulders and legs i try to get them off by biting one on the arm them another one on the arm to get them off of me. the two bouncers were sent to the hospital to be treated on the wounds from my self defense biting and i got bruises on my one shoulder and one on my left side of my crotch from their hand grabs. after the incident, the very nasty insensitive co-owner & the general manager gave me a lifetime ban from entering riley's pub/junction event centre property instead of the two year ban that he suggested earlier. i felt that this eating establishment & banquet facility is not complying with the accessibility with ontarians act by committing attitudinal barriers at this business and physically assaulting a customer with mild autism plus also using very nasty attitude voice tones at customers with invisible impairments because they want to keep their business safe & peaceful from violence and prevent underage people from entering the club. they do not have the time & training to deal with customers that have invisible special needs such as autism spectrum disorders, epilepsy, dementia and ptsd.


Sorry ment to put drunk dumb fucks


The security there are absolutely amazing for all the crap they gotta put up with. All the drunk dumb assessment they gotta put up with

Worst "club/bar"

Junction is fucked up.Security guards are even more fucked. If you want a good bang for your buck go somewhere downtown toronto, not to some shit hole in the shaw.

Verbally abusive security

Quite possibly the worst experience i have ever had at a bar. The door staff and security were extremely rude, even verbally abusive comes to mind. They are on complete power trips. My group and i were visiting from out of town and weren't aware that hats were against dress codes. When informed we calmly suggested that we could check the hat with our coats and assured the security we would not wear it in the club. They insisted that coat checking a hat was not allowed and we must throw it in the garbage to enter. I am completely disgusted with the disrespectful treatment we received, as 30 year olds we were not there to cause a scene. As a business owner myself i would highly advise the management to take all the comments below into consideration. Although i never plan on visiting this bar again due to my first experience and highly advise anyone to not waste you time and subject yourself to such treatment.


Abysmal is all that comes to mind when thinking about my time here. The security is a huge issue, in that they are rude, and seem to enjoy shoving people around. I saw one individual shove no few then 10 people on his round, and while he might have being doing it to make a path to where he needed to be he also shoved people that where standing at the bar/high tables. The rest of the staff seem equally disinterested in their jobs and are not that great at it. I feel for the bartenders because they seem understaffed. The security seems overly staffed with 20-25 year old meat-heads/ wanna-be cops that enjoy being rude and disrespectful. When i was "escorted" out after my drink got split after being bumped, i felt like they where about to beat the sh*t out of me rafter then ensure i left. So if you have money and are looking for a club to spend it at, they clearly don't want any part in that.


This is the wort bar in oshawa . My brother and i went sat night . My brother is 50 yrs old we both work and wanted to play pool . So we waited half an hour for a table had one drink eatch . finally got a table . He paid for the table 40 deposit. i racked the balls . He got us another drink . He broke . Then security came swarmed us. and told him he had to leave . We asked calmly to finish our drinks . Thay were rude . My bro asked for his deposit back thay did not respond . It was a fn joke . my brother and i our both black belts . And could have easily caused damage to the children asking us to leave . it was totally byest to my brother cause he is old . I would not recommend it to any adult . Thay only serve underage kids there . do not go if you are a working adult . you will be treated unfairly. totally uncalled for and unprofessional.


Junction/rylees is a nice looking place, thats all i have positive to say about it. Over the years i have noticed their is a different crowd that comes out. The club has its fare share of wanna be gangsters that come out. The security is absolute pathetic and very unprofessional. It seems like security is run by the owners kids.... I have seen them beat people up. I have witnessed them taking beer bottles from people (that they are kicking out) and tossing on the ground, shattering. Which is incredibly unsafe. They hold grudges against people, i have had sober friends drive to the bar and have been kicked out. (they drove away, got pulled over, and blew under the legal limit.) i do not think all security at the bar, are unprofessional but i believe the head security are responsible. I have had friends who work security here and they rip on how pathetic and unprofessional they are at this place....Oh and also if you want to have a reunion with the people you babysat who are still in high school, this is the perfect place!!! I gave them a 2 star because it is a nice looking bar.


I would give it a zero but i guess that is not an option.. Seen a man get severely beaten by about a dozen security guards tonight it was an excessive use of forces on all grounds as he was restrained yet they grabbed his hair and smashed his head against the ground several times for absolutely no reason.. In fact the man in question was leaving the club without a problem until he pushed and shoved by security who instigated a fight... Isn't the objective of security to prevent incidents not create them?


This establishment has displayed a serious cases of unprofessional conduct as the security guards at this establishment just gang banged someone today in the middle of the floor. They beat him up severely, to the point where there was blood coming out of his mouth. In the process of kicking out 3 individuals...Who were calmly leaving, the security forced 2 of them out and ganged up on the one that they isolated....Bitch move...A man could have died tonight. Given this, i am not motivated to give this review so much as even half a star...Because they are scumm. ...The star that you see is for the purpose of posting this review.


This bar is not a safe place for anybody to drink at..I went there one saturday night drunk. Wich is against the law they served me more inside so over served me wich is against the law. Kicked me out for being too loud. 5 bouncers jumped on me grabbed me by my neck dragged me to the back door not the front picked up off the ground and threw me on my back were i hit my head and ended up in a ambulance then the hosipital...Bouncers are not alloweed to put there hands on you at any time..I am taking legal action right now

Don't Whine

One of the best run clubs in oshawa. security are always professional and objective. if you have a problem with security, it's probably because you are the problem. hundreds of people go there every weekend and don't have any incidents at all. it's supposed to be a bar for adults to enjoy responsibly, if you want to act like a cry baby go to chuckie cheese down the street.


I was at the nightclub for the first time I got to the front of the nightclub and the door man was not letting a student in because the I'd didn't look like him . When the door man ask for a 2nd piece he said he didn't have one so he got the student to wright the name on a paper the door man look at it and said you spelt your name wrong so he ask the student go home . The door man handle it like a pro . When I got in the club have a good vibe . At around 12:30 the staff were asking the drunk people to have a good night I was watching the the two stuff talk to him for 5 mins they ask him the go and he said no the two staff said you are on private grounds you need the go he said no. so they help the man out if was to funny . I like the security staff there I feel safe at that club. So for all the kids out there that are not drunk you are lol .

Do not go here!

I have been to the junction at least five times and have always had a hard time with the security for no reason. They have always questioned my valid ID, did not believe me when I provided them with second and third sources of ID or when I had an employee vouch for me. When I have been able to get in, the security followed myself and my friends around for no reason, and questioned me to see inside my purse before entering the bathroom although I was already searched at the door. I have also been kicked out for "drinking too much" although I had only purchased one drink that evening. The security are not friendly and very rude when communicating with customers.

I am a straight A student at university that dresses modestly, and do not understand why I am treated this way by the security at this location.


After being ID'd upon entering I was again ambushed outside the washroom where I was asked for more than one peice of varification because they clearly didnt believe government issued identification. Later on in the night after only 2 bottles of beer I was forced to leave because "I had a little too much to drink" I was sober and reasonable but the security abuses it's powers to keep a higher ratio of females to male and I would recommend avoiding this club if you don't wish to be descriminated based on age or gender.

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