Traffik Nightclub & Palms patio Is Now Closed

Traffik Nightclub & Palms patio Nightclub Reviews


A few friends and I went to this club on a saturday night, it was horrible, the bouncers are rude, it barely had people in it, and the music was mediocre. The bartenders and other staff were ok, but the rude bouncers got to me-- a friend of mine wasnt even drunk and they threatened to throw her out of the club- the bouncer a 250 lb male- staring down a 100 lb woman and threatening her. It was plain rude and pathetic. We had a few drinks and just left it was not worth it at all. Lounges are more fun than this place. And i thought clubs wanted to attract women, not kick them out.


I went with a group of my friends for new year..worst time!
We paid for a booth, which we did not receive and the club overall just looks really dirty. The crowd was also not the best and overall just a horrible club.


I watched the bouncers attack an innocent fellow whom a drunken patron had spilled a drink on... really! He was head locked and dragged by about 10 bouncers i saw it all and left at a club or a bouncer its a twofold , two sides to every story but assaulting one is different i will never support this club or recommend it!


They Give Girls FREE drinks! by far the best party on a saturday night!


Had my friends bachelorette there and everything was perfect


Visited Traffik on Nov. 27. Great place, cozy atmosphere, the light show is one of a kind, and the DJ feels the crowd like no tomorrow. Amazing experience.

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