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An innovative bridge between nightclub and lounge, ZU Bar(Nightclub) is the newest venture from Uniq Lifestyle. Inspired by the natural contrasts of life with over 20,000 sq feet of nightlife vitality and featured fully licensed outdoor terrace complete with VIP Cabanas. Already notorious in nightlife media, Zu Bar and Nightclub is the place to be for amazing music and beautiful people, ZU Bar ...

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Venue Type
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
15 000 sq ft, 1 room + patio

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Saturdays @ Zu Bar Nightclub

Zu Bar Nightclub Reviews

and LOL to all the fake posts

Doesnt take a english or rhetoric major to see all the fake 5 star posts below (they even make the mistake by writing things like 'our club'), most likely submitted by the dumbasses that ran this dump. Made me laugh.


About time this hell hole of a club closed down. One less place for the bro douches to congregate and act like they know how to dance.

Missin the club

I miss the club.. I love this place.. To all those ppl bashing this plcs, u dont know what cha talkin.. I have been comin here seen it open, i have nothin bad to say about this plc.. The ppl are nice service in amazin and the music is aleays pumpin.. Hope it re-opens soon so i can start partin it up wit my homies!!!

good riddance

so glad you're closed down. karma is a bitch isnt it?

Wonderful night!

I am 27 years old and I attended Zu Bar for the first time this past weekend. I must say my overall experience was amazing. I was doubtful in the beginning of going to the club do to all these negative reviews but I am sure glad that i went now. I will for sure be returning to the club and recommending it to all my friends. The music was amazing and everyone looked like they were having an amazing time. I have been to nightclubs all over the world and I must say Zu Bar was on the list for my favourtie clubs to go to

- Andrea A


THIS CLUB IS HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!! I went there last night to celebrate my boyfriends birthday, tell me how they told us we were NOT on guest-list (we called a week or two in advance and set this up with someone over the phone so wtf was that) but my major complaint involves the fact that I tried to go out for a cigarette and they had their whole entire patio closed off !!! My dress was getting burnt by being so close to other people cigarettes, people were literally humping me because there was NO room! So disappointing because apparently it has something to do with the liquor license? I was so upset since I was having a bad time and asked to talk to someone who cared, out of 4 bouncers or managers or whoever they were, only ONE guy had the decency to actually hear me out and try to convince me to go back to that club. The others literally told me to shut up, they didn't care, and one just walked away mid sentence... mind you I was not intoxicated at this point since all the disappointments caused me to sober up. One bouncer at the door even told me to leave !! Such a horrible night, horrible club. I will never everrrr go to Zubar and I'll be sure to pass the message along to all my friends. Worst night ever. Don't go here if you want to have a good time.


I'm 25 years old and I've been clubbing for at least 8 years nonstop, Zubar by far is the worst night club I've ever been to.
Extremely unprofessional & uneducated staff. Shame on the upper management for having bunch of thugs run the place.

Will Never Go Again

Bouncers are very aggressive, they will pick on anyone for no reason. They also stole my blackberry torch from my jacket at the coat check, dare say something! Please save yourself a hassle go else where. If you really wanna have fun DO NOT GO TO ZUBAR. This place is dump.

I second that last post!!!!

LOL Mellissa everyone knows your boyfriend wrote that last review (he put his name as the poster LOL)
So I too used to work at Zubar, and even though Mellissa told me to write this review she is telling the truth, we both quit around the same time, we have both contacted the better business bureau about EVERYTHING that is wrong with that nasty bar.

all 5star reviews are fake lol!

I worked there in September and October 2011, and please listen to what I have to say about this disgusting club.
Notice how all comments where ONE STAR until October 3 2011; that is because the staff (including myself) was instructed to write phony reviews with 5 STARS on October 5th 2011, this was only one of the reasons I quit.
So please discard any reviews after October 5 2011, because I can assure you they are FAKE.
I could go on and complain and tell you why most people don’t like this bar, but the honest comments (before October 5, 2011) are very accurate.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I strongly advise all of you to contact the better business bureau, they are the only ones that can do anything.
Oh by the way, this is Mellissa, so feel free to contact me Zubar staff , you have my number and address, there is nothing you can do to remove this review because we both know it’s true!


Must I say anymore?

Not Bad

November 12 was the first time I have ever went to Zu-Bar. Overall my experience there was fun, I loved the interior, there was a good space for dancing, crowd was great. I do not work at the club I am just posting this as a visitor.
My only issue was the DJ, because as soon as he'd play a good song he would remix it with something stupid like PUT YOUR HANDS UP!! every 5 minutes it got very annoying. Also, i thought it was a ripoff paying $10 cover for just a regular night. Other than that, club has great interior, staff was friendly, people were dressed nice, I would definitely come back again.


everyone of these comments below are from staff members at Zu.The positive reviews are the product of the management forcing employees to right these. Trust me my bf works there. HAte this club and hate his work. Dont be fooled


Wow Friday was unreal! I cant wait to go back again this friday, DJ Danny D was amzaing.


I'm Rarely Ever on this site as I've Been clubbing long enough to know which clubs appeal to Me & for what reasons. However It's sad to see people Bashing & Badmouthing an Establishment in a Pathetic (in my opinion) effort to cause a false impression.
ZUBAR Has Been successfully Running for a long time maintaining that success by entertaining crowds downtown clubs would only dream of Having. It's a Big club where you never feel claustrophobic (rare occasion in most cases) & I always have a good time either on a Friday or a Saturday night!
Most complaints about Management or Bouncers in my occurrence have been by people that either had an issue showing up intoxicated (A legit reason to be Tagged as a "Bad patron" worldwide) or Got involved in some sort of a fight (Also a reason to be asked to leave a club everywhere)
Clubbing is much less complicated in most cases... Everytime I partied there I got greeted at the door with a smile.. I felt welcomed and I got served in the bar in a courteous & friendly way! I Go out to have a good time.. Dance, enjoy the music, socialize, meet people and have fun with my friends..
ZUBAR succeeded to cover all my needs as a Clubber. I never get involved in fights and eventhough i witnessed some in the past I think that crowd moved along elsewhere... If you're not looking for trouble you'll never get harassed. And if you're intoxicated have the class to go Home Before you make a fool out of yourself. If you're sloppy don't wonder the next day why you were asked to leave a club.. Ask the person who you stepped on or poured your drink all over..
Beautiful place, fun atmosphere. Plan on Going next Saturday... Again!

This place rocks

I was just there this past Friday and I must say I had so much fun, The front door staff were really friendly they greeted us as we were walking up, from there the rest of the was great the staff inside were courteous and polite, I asked one of the security where the bank machines were and he was more than happy to show me where it was. The service inside was top notch the bartenders really now there stuff and are quick to please and the D.J that night was a crowd pleaser he got the place pumping overall I will be spending a lot more weekends here

Awsome party

I've read some review here, and can tell you that a) either people did something really bad to be asked to leave the bar, or b) some competitors writing bad reviews. We (4 of us) went there on october 22- saturday night, bouncers greeted us and quickly allowed to come into the place. We went around and decided to get a first round, landed on the square bar behind the dj booth. The guys on that bar are the champs, served us in no time with a round of shots and drinks, they talk while they work and a lot of fun to watch while bottles and glasses are flying back and fourth. Atmosphere was amazing, great tunes and music selection, staff is very friendly and starve to serve fast and a lot of fun to watch. I have not seen any fights or rude bouncers, when I asked one of them where was the washroom he took his time and showed me the way, was very friendly as well. We had amazing night there, and coming back soon for sure. Don't believe bad reviews below - not true from my own experience.

thumbs up

Went right through the line as I was on vip list, bartenders served drinks quickly, our waitress was prompt with serving our bottles, our glasses and juices were quickly restocked when they ran out, staff was also very friendly, and at the end of the day it was an excellent experience and I look forward to partying there again!


I check in at ZU couple times a month and can't say have ever left disappointed. The music is awesome both friday's or saturday's, crowd always seem to be chill and everyone working at ZU are very professional and well mannered for club standard. Keep it up and rep Burlington hard !


I went to zu this past weekend and it was amazing. I have been there before and I must admit there was a lot of rude bouncers and the club was empty but seems like in the past they hired all new staff and everyone was a lot more respectful and nice. There was a lot of good looking women and the music was amazing! Cant wait to go back again :)

Great Bachelor Party

I hosted a Bachelor party at ZuBar and had a great time! Staff members provided professional service and the nicely mixed clientele and nice vibe made an already great party even better! The DJ was very good too. All in all a great party experience.


ZU bar Halloween Friday was off the hook. Good jobs with costumes by all. Going back again tonight for round 2 !!!

Great Vibe, Friendly and Approachable People and Staff, Good Prices, HOT CHICKS!!!

The club has a good feel to it. The staff is very professional, the place is clean and the people are hot in there!!

Good bar

Would recommend Zu as the place to go for the Burlington/Hamilton area. Great music especially on Fridays!

So many girls

Had a great time and there is a lot of hot girls that just don't know any better.

Zu Bar Luv

Loved it, will always go back. They have decent people working there. Sweet tunes, great atmosphere, drinks are normally priced. Bashers are haters, dont be a hater. You only feel love at Zu....


This place is a joke. Do not go to this bar.

Loved ZU bar

Went last weekend with the ladies and we had a great time, all we wanted to do was dance and that's what we did all night long!


If you want to enjoy a night out with your friends, NEVER GO TO ZU BAR!
-horrible service
-clueless staff
-power tripping bouncers
-rude management
-money hungry owner
-kick you out for no reason
-looking to start fights
-club is dying down because it sucks!

Bar from hell!

Zu bar is hands down the worst club I have EVER been to in my life, and believe me I've been to a variety all over the world. The main reason why I say this is because the staff/management and owner are ALL nasty, rude and money hungry. They treat everyone like criminals and are eager to kick people out for the littlest things that make no sense. I don't know where these people come from and why they all ended up working at Zu bar. But I just have to say DO NOT waste your time, money, or patients on these fools! No matter how much you spend or how many people you bring they will still find numerous reasons to make your time horrifying and get you fuming with anger! We spent over 2000 between 25 ppl and one by one got kicked out for reasons that don't make sense. The bouncers all have roid rage and hit girls. This club needs to be shut down.

One star is over rated!!!!!

I will start off by saying this club is by far THE WORST club in history!! I planned my birthday party at Zu bar and it turned into a major disaster. I don't even know where to start. First of all when I was booking with them they weren't going to let my entire party of 25 ppl get in for free even though we booked a limo bus and 3 bottles with them and spent well over $1000. I had to argue with the staff and management for over a half hour, not to mention they were screaming in my ear saying they aren't making any profit from my booking...enough said there because we all know they are clearly making profit. We arranged to have a limo bus pick us up so we could all arrive together, but on the day of the event their bus just so happened to break down so they sent 2- SUV limos instead (huge disappointment). One of the drivers was cool, but the other one was on a power trip. He called my phone numerous times rushing us to get to the club saying he had another party to pick up at 10:45 (even though we arranged to be at Zu for 11:00) He was extremely rude and treated me and everyone in my party with major disrespect. They didn't mention in advance that we were not allowed to drink in the limos...which doesn't make sense to me because I've been in many limos before and never has this been an issue. According to the limo drivers, it is Zu bars rule that nobody is allowed to consume any alcohol before reaching the club. When we reached the club, I wasn't even able to step out the limo before I got hounded by the steroid using bouncers. They treated me like a child and were extremely rude to everyone in my party. Sorry you hate your job/life thats not my problem. Then, they didn't give us enough tickets for all of us to get in. So they weren't going to let me "the birthday girl" (the one paying for the entire party and booth) in to the club. My boyfriend had to negotiate and convince them to let me in for free, Even though they had my i.d. in their hand for the booking of the booth. WOW!!! They took an hour to bring me my i.d. back and bring the bottles to our booth. People in my party all started buying drinks at the bar because it took so long. They placed in a booth right by the door so they could keep very close watch of us, which is exactly what they did. They were so eager to kick us out. The first to be kicked out for being apparently "intoxicated" were 3 of my girlfriends about a half an hour after the bottles were sent over. A couple more got kicked out shortly after. We got followed around the club by what seemed to be an entire posse of bouncers. They even came right into the girls bathroom to see if we were throwing up, which we weren't at all!! They were looking under the stalls, HUGE INVASION OF PRIVACY! The manager was incredibly barbaric and would not leave us alone. My boyfriend poured vodka from the bottle into my mouth and he was going to kick us out. Anyways, I could go on forever but I think you get the idea of why this is the worst bar in the world!!!

How can this place exist

I've seen and experienced many clubs in Canada and the US (use to DJ at alot of different venues); I can honestly say, this bar must be the worst bar ever and I cannot believe people are still supporting it. It must say alot about the people that go there. Just constant fights, and bouncers that look lost.

Will not be going to this bar

Thanks to all the reviewers for posting their comments. I was planning on celebrating there this weekend, but reading all these negative comments I and my "huge" party will not be choosing this bar anymore. Lost profit for them.

no rating required

power trippin bouncers also saw them let a drunk girl go home wit two random guys, she didn even know her name . my party spent over1500 and they will not get another penny horrible managment aswell only good things to say about the barkeep though

Very disappointed

I've been in the restaurant and nightclub industry for many years now and rarely have a seen a place as poorly run as this.
The doormen have virtually no supervision as is supported by the numerous accounts of them beating people up, the staff seem under trained or simply lacking in any care what so ever, and generally the club looks unkept and dirty.
Do yourself a favour and go somewhere else. This place is ridiculous and I personally would never go back.

Big Change

There is something happing over at Zu bar there is all new door staff. They seem to be heading in the right direction they've made a lot of improvement and have finally listened to want people want.

Worst club running for 2+ years

this club has been running for 2 years and I hope it goes under soon. Been there about 10 times. Each time I have been you got over aggressive 'tough guy' bouncers, terrible service and fights..always fights.

stay away.

agresive bounces poor service

zubar is one of the worst clubs in history.. me and my 2 girl friends went on saturday the 19th and this is what we seen. messed up people go. people that start fights. and the bouncers will kick your ass for no reason. they never greed you.. i seen a guy get beat up by 3 bouncers for trying to defend him self against 4 guys attacking him. the bouncers did not do anything to the guys. but they beat up the other guy for defending him self and we seen him put in the back of a cop car. how stupid can the bouncers be? and those guys that attacked the other guy out of nowhere i hope you guys get what you deserve. nothing but stupid people. that is not the first time i see bouncers beat up smaller guys.

Stay away forever!

Worst club, bad music expensive drinks, stay home. We had my buddies birthday, it was a night to forget. If you like Hamilton girls xxl and up, this place is for you.

Worst Club Ever!!

Never again will i go to this club...im absolutely disgusted by each and every bouncer in this bar. my friend got beaten up by 4 bouncers for trying to stick up for me as we tried to explain a situation to one of them. every bouncer there cheered the other bouncers on while he was being attacked.. he never once tried to fight back, he also blacked out. he is much smaller than all these guys and is not the fighter type. it gives me chills writing this and i hope they will get shut down. all the stories i hear and what ive seen is horrifying! if we werent there to call the cops who knows how bad it could have got. please if anyone has more stories to be told about this club/workers pls add on this.

power hungry bouncers

we had my buddies birthday here. we had bottle service, tipped very well and between all of us spent well over 2 thousand dollars. some random drunk guy kept wandering into our section and trying to dance with us ladies. after my girlfriend asked him to leave her alone 5 + times, one of our male friends stepped in to ask him to leave. the jerk then swung at my friend then my friend gave him one shot and the guy hit the floor . The bouncers then rushed over knocking some of us girls to the ground, myself included, sprained my friends wrist, my boyfriends cell phone was broken ect... the bouncers acted with way to much force and should have only removed the drunken problem who ruined the night for everyone. they didnt even give us time to collect our belongings before leaving and had to come back the following day to get them.


I went to Zu-Bar last night for my birthday party, I spend close to 300 dollars for bottle service, and we get kicked out for asking to see a manager. And then the bouncers jumped my boyfriend. Tried to break his thumbs, and dislocated his shoulder. never going there again and discourageing all my friends. Worst club in the world.


ewwww never got to ZU Bar. This used to be one of my favorite bars until tonight. They served my self and two other friends USED bar lime for you tequila shots. This may have caued me to encounter numerous diseases. We didn't even conplain, only asked for new lime slices and then we were kicked out of the bar!

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