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XS Nightclub Reviews

Weak ass club and weak ass staff to match...

"It disappoints me how stupid people are these days, do you people not understand how much bullshit we bouncers take doing our job? We have drunk guys trying to fight us, we have drunk girls hitting on us and annoying us, we have the police trying to arrest us, all while trying to protect YOU while you're in OUR club..."

It's this fuckin entitled ass attitude that's the reason why bouncers feel they can do whatever the fuck they want. Let's be real, the job ain't that difficult, you CHOSE to be a bouncer, so what sympathy should I have for your ass?? Do your job right and maybe you wouldn't have all these negative ass comments on this page. Bouncers for this stupid ass club ain't SHIT, so don't go get offended when 99% of yall are grumpy ass fuckers that have no patience or tolerance for drunk people. You work at a nightclub, grow the fuck up or quit... That's right, you're 5 baby mommas are depending on your pathetic excuse of a pay cheque (plus tips if you lucky....)

XS needs alot of work and new staff

I have worked in the nightclub business in Toronto a long time. I remember when Republik first opened back in 2004 when Lucid used to be opened.

Republik was a hot club, years later its name gets changed to XS and Aurum.

Now again soon its changing names to 261 under new management and ownership.

I worked at this club for a short time and all I have to say is wow, this place has gone down hill, from equipment that does not work to the lack of cleanliness.

The staff needs to change from bussers/barbacks, bartenders to management.

I saw some really stupid things happen that just made me shake my head.

Lets just say, the health board and liquor inspectors need to do a surprise inspection on this place.


The staff at xs are rude for big events such as halloween they didnt have enough space for coat check noone can anything because there clueless the dj sucks in the reggae room and its completely a waste of time and money!


Promotional manager at this club is the same douchebag who likes to throw plates at women and have pointless fights to compensate for his small penis at Pho restaurants.


Promotional manager at this club is the same douchebag who likes to throw plates at women and have pointless fights to compensate for his small penis at Pho restaurants.

This site is why i won't bother to visit XS Nightclub

I am so glad I did most of my club crawl nights in the 90"s and before 2008, because this is truly getting disgusting to see staff telling off customers on this site. Msg to the staff: You're in the bar biz, you have to take it as it comes, you're not God, you need to get off this high-horse. I HAVEN"T even visited this club and i will be sure to tell all of my friends not to bother to go to abusive XS Nightclub. I too have bartended, and if you were taught properly, telling off customers, even if they are drunk, is adding fuel to the fire. You chose to be in the bartending/nightclub business so I suggest you accept what tips you receive gracefully, not instantly expect people to know its part of the the bill. Or may I suggest to the owner that the bartending staff demeaning patrons and causing violence in our city by typing rudeness on this site be dismissed. Many of us reading this are also trained in smart serve & bartending, I've run private parties and never in a million years could you pay me jump online and start telling off drunken customers. You have NOT been trained properly, you have no clue how to handle people who are under the influence and should not be bartending. Should I find out names of staff who are abusing people, sitting on a high-horse typing paragraphs trying to hide behind racism as an excuse to condone your bullying, I will be sure to write the Bartending School of Ontario, and every other establishment responsible for the safety of patrons. It's not about your empowerment, the night is NOT about you, it IS about the customers, people having a good time & you are making the place seem unapproachable by using this site to tell us all to get lost...on one hand you're concerned about revenue to the venue, on the other hand you're telling people they are assholes. I find the staff of XS is typing disempowering, discriminatory statements towards patrons. If the club is that poor that it has to add in its own tips, then I don't blame the man who was a customer for not immediatley understanding what you were doing, tipping yourself...we're not all born with the knowledge of your policies. Ii suggest you take it up your skinny salary with the owner, not everyone on the 'net. STOP creating violence for the bouncers and others!!

New Security now

i went last Saturday to re visit one of my favorite clubs downtown XS Nightclub all the staff is new now and don't know anything i need to find where is my favorite staff went the very big security guy where is working now i was always happy to see him working everytime i went there.

@craig jones

As one of the bartenders in question, you forgot to mention in your scathing and wildly exaggerated complaint how we tried to explain to you multiple times that it was the policy at the time (the club is now under new management) to add gratuity to bar tabs over $50. Which your tab was, because you drank far more than 5 beers. You probably didn't hear us, because you were too busy calling my co worker and I "classless, tacky, and greedy". I find your claim of racism on the part of my associate and I absolutely appalling. We said you were rude, and being an asshole, comments that were then repeated to your face when you asked us what we said because you were just that: rude, and an asshole. We waived the gratuity charge as per your request and gave you an opportunity to speak to our manager, which you declined. You also failed to mention that you are a repeat customer, and the first time we served you we added a gratuity to your bar tab, so I don't understand your shock and awe at having a gratuity added yet again.
I understand your desire to defame and condemn both the bartenders and the venue itself, but your libelous claims of racial slurs being uttered are petty, ridiculous and unnecessary.

silly patrons...

I find it amazing how many people come on here and talk shit about the bouncers and bartenders at XS.

The bouncers and bartenders are working, getting paid to protect you and only working commission on the tips YOU give them..

So tell me WHY bouncers would for "no reason" get hostile with you? Do you kids really think they are there to PICK a fight with you? Perhaps you need to look in the mirror because the one figer you're pointing at the bouncers and bartenders is out weighed by the other 3 pointing back at you.

I've worked in the industry at a different club for some time now, not ONCE have I encountered a bouncer that goes LOOKING for a fight.. They are there to protect you patrons, and you all act as if you're innocent and you didn't do anything at all..

You're right, they must've just RANDOMLY picked you out of every other person at the club to fight with.. *rolls eyes* sounds extremely credible. Of course you're going to stand up for your friends, drunk idiots stick together.

Let's see, who is more believable... a drunk patron with liquid courage or a sober bouncer paid to PROTECT people?.... Hmmm hard choice there kids....

It disappoints me how stupid people are these days, do you people not understand how much bullshit we bouncers take doing our job? We have drunk guys trying to fight us, we have drunk girls hitting on us and annoying us, we have the police trying to arrest us, all while trying to protect YOU while you're in OUR club...

Sucks and Ghetto

This club is one of the worst clubs in Toronto. We went there on August 18th for my friends Birthday, and even though we were on the guestlist, they charged us to get in. When we protested, they gave us a free shot. After we got into the club, it was empty, since we did come in some what early, yet the bathrooms were gross and needed some serious cleaning.

There's not really enough room to dance, and the security guards there think they are the shit, but clearly not. Especially the girl security, they suck! None of them seem to have a sense of humor, and act like they are cops..NO sweety you aren't!

Within the 30 minutes we were there, some random girl started a fight and we ended up fighting the girl. Seriously?

Great spot if you're an immature loser, otherwise hit up Faces or something

one of the worst in toronto

shame to see what this club turned into from its replubik days.


I attended this club for a King of the Dot event on a Friday. I was having a great time the entire evening and went to pay my bar tab. Here is where things went wrong:

There was no itemized bill given to me by the bartenders. I was simply given a single number. I could tell that I had been overcharged so I asked for an itemized bill, and was met with protests from the bartenders. Upon further inquiry, the bartenders revealed that they took the liberty of charging me an 18% tip.......18% for 5 beers over the course of 4 hours.

I proceeded to ask for the actual total, and made it clear that it was very unethical for them to charge a tip onto my bill, especially since it was without my consent and wasn't indicated on the bill. I was given attitude, and when the bartenders went to run my credit card, I could hear them calling me racial slurs.

Upon receiving my real total, I pointed out that calling me names wasn't professional. The bartenders continued to give me attitude; I left them no tip.

Within 10 minutes, a bouncer came up to me and asked me to accompany him towards the door. Upon exiting from the view of my friends, I was surrounded by 3 bouncers and threatened repeatedly for, and I quote, "talking shit to the girls." I played it cool and explained my side of the situation, only to get shoved against the wall and have one bouncer swear at me repeatedly and continue to threaten me verbally. After a couple of minutes of me repeatedly stating exactly what went down, I was shoved out of the club.

I wasn't drunk. I'm educated with a degree. I was simply at this venue to watch a couple of my friends compete in the hip hop battles.

I will not be going here ever again. I would advise the same of you.

sold out

All those bleak comments are truth, guys... Club was killed by stupid greedy inept amateurs within last two years... Amazing place for 2000 crowd was just silly drain out by stuff and supine management.
But I have a great news for you! Club is changing management and ownership right now. So during next couple of months get yourself ready for big changes and excess of new emotions!

Club run by amateurs!

So I booked a booth for a group of 4 this past Saturday June 9th, with the Flavoured Grey Goose special, for $350 all-in. There was a special event with the Sugar models promotion company in the Republik room. When we get there at 11:30pm, the floor was sparse. First thing they tell me is that they ran out of the Flavoured Grey Goose special. So we'd have to order the regular Grey Goose, for the regular price. What club runs out of alchohol before the night starts??? A club run by amateurs! This just seemed so under-handed, I had to give the promoter and manager a piece of my mind. We had two girls in our booth, and you wouldn't believe how many random ghetto guys walked into our booth to try to raid the nest. I've never seen this behavior in any other clubs in Toronto. I know the ratio of girls to guys in all clubs in Toronto is pathetic, but have some respect guys. Suffice to say, never again in this club. Especially do not believe in any promotion they run. It's a ruse.

Club for Theives

1. I went with some friends and got a booth...
These random ghetto people started coming INTO our booth and sit down?! Excuse me? Did you pay for this booth? There were people coming in and out of our booth the entire night through, while we were still sitting in there... A couple came to our booth, sat down and had a brief full out make out session until we shooed them away, why do the staff allow this?

2. Two of my friends and I had our wristlets stolen! Yes, 3 stolen in the same night (not at the same time). No, we did not leave them unattended, my friend was sitting down, she put her phone into her wristlet and put her wristlet beside her. Then a couple seconds later, she reached for her wristlet and it was GONE... my other friend had this happen as well; I did not lose my phone as I kept my phone on me the whole time that night)
I have heard many stories of people getting their stuff stolen at this club...

3. The bathrooms... the worst bathrooms ever! they stink, they are completely dirty and by midnight, half the stalls had no toilet paper in them while the other half had all the toilet paper scattered on the floor and toilet bowl

4. The seating for the booths are absolutely horrendous... The booth I was in was falling apart, sticky, dirty and parts of it were duct taped back together

5. Guys are grabbing, touching and eye raping like this was a strip club, not a night club. XS is not upscale in any sense, nor is it as sophisticated as the image it tries to advertise.

Complaints against club

@complains - how do I get in touch with you / lawyer?

This club is not worth going.

Immature crowd & waste of a night

We payed extra so we didn't have to wait in line cuz it was already around 12:30am. There was a huge line up and the tv screen by the window presented that there was a lot of ppl in there.. We went in and it was practically empty (why would they not let ppl in when the inside was empty.. maybe to fool people that this club was so popular ppl had to wait in line to get in?) Ridiculous! The crowd was ghetto and immature, punks who wore their pants below their ass. I would never go back.

club smells

I was at club this weekend and it smelled so bad. To make it worse water was falling from ceiling by bathrooms and made floors a hell to walk. This owner should invest some money into this club. People that work there are very nice and treated me and my party very nice.

complains against club

there is a lawyer who is setting up a complain line against this club. If you want to complain against this club ill be getting email and you can send your complains and info to this lawyer,
so far he has 45 ppl filing against this club


well if ur a girl and looking for a guy dont go here mostly the small room on a saturday night. tham ghetto ass punks grab you when your walking by like you belong to them. friday nights its great if you like asain people


How would you describe the boy/girl ratio on an average saturday might?



Hate it

XS nightclub is one of my least favourite clubs i've ever been to in Toronto or anywhere. I wore two rings that they told me to take off and i wasn't allowed to put them in my jacket pocket or anywhere i was forced to put them in some sketchy box and told i could 'get them when i leave' i got no ticket or something to prove they were mine and of course when i left someone else stole them. They were both really nice looking, so obviously some other person went through it and took them. They obviously weren't holding themselves responsible but putting it in a cardboard box with no proof did shit al for myself. I've been to multiple clubs with the same rings on and never once was told to take them off. I won't be coming back to XS

@ party guy and @leesha

the R&B/Hip Hop/Reggae room is called Aurum and is not done, it hits capacity every week.
The main room plays top 40 house electro mash up. If anyone has any doubts about how hot the saturday night party is call us at 647.985.2958 for a free look, if you dont like it no worries, if you like it make sure you write a positive review.

@ party guy and @leesha

the R&B/Hip Hop/Reggae room is called Aurum and is not done, it hits capacity every week.
The main room plays top 40 house electro mash up. If anyone has any doubts about how hot the saturday night party is call us at 647.985.2958 for a free look, if you dont like it no worries, if you like it make sure you write a positive review.


saturdays is a good time to go there but i heard the RnB room is done now. call the club before you book anything and find out what they doing with small room now. if you like top 40's then book for big room. take your own security a lot of pakis that like grabbing single women but if you tell security they remove them fast


Planning on going here for my 20th birthday, on a Saturday.....just wondering how it is???


Your starter club for young idiots. Really more for cheap Asians and ghetto blacks.


this club needs work done








I Went to XS CLUB this saturday and the bouncer at the front door named AL i thought he was all sexy so i grabbed his dick and was very dissappointed that there was nothing there at all just a little 3 incher.

Jan 4

4D all ages going to be nuts on Jan 4 going to start the year with a bang........... last all ages last week was soft compare to what going to happen this day


What is XS like on a thursday night?

Prettyy good :)

Yeah, don't go on asian nights! And I guess they're no longer open on fridays?? I usually went on saturdays which were awesomeee.


How are fridays at this club??

response to Ariel

Ariel you went on asian nite so what did you expect. friday nites are asain nites everywhere downtown lol

I like this club...its AWESOME

well im not to sure about all the negative shit... but i looove XS night club!!
i think that te music is poppin on both sides!! oh man and the bouncers... their all super great!! especially the girl on the Aurum side!! shes always smiling every time u walk passed her and wen u come in she greets each and every person that comes to her door!! (Y)(Y)
all the others are amazing aswell.. they jus make u wanna come back each time... unless u do something thats well deserving of an ass beating!. in that case, it would probably be better to take a break from the club.. jus until they forget ur face!
Other than that, XS night club is the best! and will always be the best!

They're everywhere



This Saturday i decided to go out with my friends to Xs nightclub. Nice big club lots of lasers ,lights ,awesome sound system fair price on drinks.I met a ( VERY BIG ) bouncer named Nick or Nicky i give him a 10 out 10 for customer service he made my night go awesome keep up the good work thanks we will meet again soon!




I went to XS to celebrate me and my friends 20th birthday and it was popping music was good vibe was cool I didn't really buy drinks so I can't say anything about that .

The only thing I didn't like was the space for the side where they played all the dancehall and hiphop it was soooooo small and the area where they played house music was pretty spacious . Other than that it was very good and I will go there again .


i was there last weekend and i must say after reading all the reviews about the bouncers its not all true, i must say there is one guy there everyone was call sean kingston he is a joke thinks all women want him. i spoke to him and asked him his age and he said he was 20 i started to laugh in his face and called him a virgin and when he becomes a man to talk to me.
other wise xs is wicked and i recommend it and its not true what you see about the bouncers they were all nice at the doors and met some inside

I feel - no, WAS - violated

If you have any desire to have your personal space respected, this isn't the place. The men here seem to think they don't need a girl's consent to touch, grab, and grope her. I can't even count how many men I had to push off my friend as she was screaming for them to get off her. Someone reached up my friend's skirt and grabbed her vulva as she was trying to leave. This is NOT okay.

I realize this is about the people and not the club, but the people make the club and it's totally unacceptable that this is allowed to go on. I hope any woman who wants to be treated like a human being listens to this and avoids this place.

Hot Club

Last Good Club in Toronto
Went Last Saturday, hopefuly go again soon

Pretty good club

We went on a Thursday night... I heard this club is very popular with Asians but literally every single person in the club was Korean and spoke Korean. what?? I'm not even trying to be racist as I'm Asian myself but when I go clubbing I like to go with different kinds of people!!

So me and my friends left, and we ended up going to this other part of xs i don't know how to explain it but it has "aureum" written beside it. THAT room was sooo fun! the dj played a lot of different kinds of songs, good looking people, and it was just a better vibe than the bigger room that was xs. I had an amazing night! And for 4 dollar drinks you can't go wrong. Bartenders were really sweet

I would definitely go again

bouncers in general

yes, bouncers beat up clientele at XS because often the people who start the fight are too busy fighting, and when bouncers come and break it up, the friends start breaking bottles on their heads from behind. so if you had a bottle broken on your head, you're going to get this s@# beat out of you. i dont care if you're black or white, but most of the black people have chips on their shoulders and dont have any respect for anyone in authority. so they get what they deserve


Its easy to comment about situation you know nothing about. My bf works in a club, and its a business. If you want to be douce bags, well thats the treatment you are going to get. Bouncers get punched, spit on, puked on, and yelled at. All while trying to make sure that the one douce bag and his friends, try not to wreck everyone elses night, who are in the club. And the minute that ppl get outside, and bouncers have thrown them out with force, the cops get involved. And the bouncers have to prove them selves innocent to the cops. So why do we do this job them? They can walk into any club in the city without waiting in line. Because that doorman has to put up with the same crap that they do. And that bouncer who you say did that to a girl, let her try and get in between two guys fighting to get out. Cause as we know, her reasoning would have made the bouncer stop. YEAH RIGHT IN WOULD. LET THEM DO THEIR JOB(BOUNCERS). Have you ever noticed that people who post comments usually only tell a quarter of the story. Get your facts straight first.


Ok so i understand bouncer roughing up people when they deserve it and for everyone's security including their own. What I dont understand or support is bouncers roughing up girls for no reason. On the 2 times I've been to XS i've seen this white bouncer guy rough girls that were simply bystanders i.e the gfs of the guys being roughed up, they were just looking sometimes saying omg dont hurt them. First time this guy threw the girl to the floor and once she tried to get up he pushed her again and roughed her up, second time he twisted the girl's arm really hard and kicked her out of the club while calling her cunt and other names. I have no problem with the other bouncers they usually just react when they are provoked but this guy has a thing for roughing up women, never seen him roughing up a guy.

last sat

took the limo and bottle service package. pretty good night. liked the two rooms

Bottle Service

Went last week for my birthday. Coming back this Saturday for the hell of it.

Seriously Right??!!

We were on the fence whether or not we should do our Birthdays at XS. It was amazing. There was a huge line up then we found out vip has a different line, waited about 2 mins outside. Good Music and best light fx ever!! Got sooo DrunK!!!

I dont know why people complain

By far the best party on saturday... no club comes close right now... every other club looks like a basement...

Great Club

Nice club. Gets overcrowded.


I just spoke to the owner of clubcrawlers and he kinda laughed at me cause in 4 years of knowing him (in which time ive probably booked over 900 booths no exaggeration) he's never heard a complaint about me... My customers have been great, occasionally you'll get the customer that cannot be pleased no matter what you deliver. I once worked as a server at Pizza Hut when i was 17 and i'll never forget the customer who ate 3/4 of their pizza then complained they got half of the pepperoni they normally do (pizza hut pepperoni is counted for QA). I wonder where Dunia Dishoo was eating that day?


Wow,.For the first time in 3 years I came late after going to my friends wedding and had to help move some presents. Not sure about my false claim, when I texted whats wrong, i didnt get a straight response, so im not sure what i personally let the group down on. I offered 15 free passes (instead of the advertised 10), and delivered. The only forseeable problem is that the booth couldnt sit 15 people. Sorry if I mislead you in this way.. Please note, no booth in XS can seat 15 people at the same time. I've worked in 14 clubs downtown over the years and XS had adequate seating. Clubs are for dancing, when I go to a club with 30 people or more and order bottle service, seldom are there more than 5 or 6 people sitting down at any given time. As you mentioned, its gets pretty packed up, and if we had seating for 15 for every 2 bottles we sold, the whole club would be just couches.

I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment "Birthday's are personal, people will always remember the event" which is why we spoke prior to the event over a dozen times. The claim above is that "The promoter should've been there to make these arrangements" what arrangements did I not communicate properly and what promises did I not come though on? Please let the clubcrawlers world know.

Worst service pt 2

Also everyone, the comments about the bouncers is ABSOLUTELY true. Theyre a bunch of douchebags who have an attitude problem for no reason. The bouncer who let us in tried to flirt with me outside, then inside he tried to trip me. Ummm ok?

The seating manager was another disgrace, even when seeing me and the other bday girl teary eyed he felt no remorse to give us attitude and yell at us when we complained about the booth that held more than 6 people (which they claimed was a 10 people booth LMAO) Even though our list was for 15 either way it made no sense.

The promoter should've been there to make these arrangements.

The club had pretty good music, however the hiphop room eventually gets way too crowded to move.

So the only thing this club has going for it is the music, and even then that can be found in another club.

The promoter was an inconsiderate idiot, the seating manger was an old miserable asshole suffering from hemorrhoids, and the bouncers were a bunch of arrogant retards who were clearly insecure little bitches in disguise because they felt the need to pick on 19/20 year olds for self validation.

The owner of this club clearly has no respect nor appreciation for you if he/she allows such disgraceful, disrespectful people to work there.

Again do NOT call the above # and speak to Hamdi. Honestly, it's worth putting down an extra $100-$200 on bottle service for a more positive outcome. Biggest regret so far.

Worst service

First off, do NOT contact the above # and speak to promoter Hamdi. He's a joke of a promoter and obnoxiously immature. He completely ruined a bday party event for TWO girls. Birthday's are personal, people will always remember the event. And this dumbass didn't even communicate the plans with the club staff, we had to fight managers and waitresses to convince them we werent lying about what he promised us.

What the hell kind of promoter comes to the club he promotes at 1:30 am? I was texting him all night figuring out where the hell he is, so he can fix this mistake. By the time he got there it was too late because everyone had already split up due to the uncertainty of the seating situation. I (being one of the bday girls) had enough by then as well and just ended up leaving. I spent the whole night pretty much crying because I was so disappointed at the outcome. And In the end he didn't even apologize nor had the decency to show his face.

spelling and facts

Attention people,
Learn to spell and read correctly. It say, "by the wasroom" not in it. I believe that dindra may need to go back to school for grammar and sentence structure. And its I'm not a racist, just a realist. It's my opinion, and if you don't like it. TOO BAD SUCKER. HAHAHA

Christina perelli ur a effin square

k 1st of all christina ur a effin idiot if i saw u r sum1 like ur racist ass talkin ish dat u dont even no i wud break ur face i hate racist ppl like u ppl like u in general dat talk but dont no nun u deserve u effin slap it was 2 guys and dey were by the booth in the lil hallway no1 wasnt in no washroom u mape 2nd dey wasnt starting no trouble it was a birthday celebration 3rd if i catch u ima slap u xs night club have a bunch of racist security guards dat wanna b cops..throwin ppl out for no reason pickin on black guys so Christina perelli b4 u say anythin u shuda bein dere u loser if u werent busy smokin ur effin life away u wuda no wat happen untill den sit down and shut ur rass up

real talks


real talks

what a waste of a night 2 birthdays went wrong because of some old men or bouncers as they call themselves i don't comprehend why its like they feel they have something to prove like get a real job and stop starting fights with young guys just so you can feel better about your pathetic lives real talks go back to school get an education get a real life discus-ting make me sick DO NOT GO TO XS DON'T HOLD ANY EVENTS AT THAT CLUB DON'T EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO THE HAND FULL OF GOOD REVIEWS I DON'T BELIEVE ANYONE SHOULD TAKE THE CHANCE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY THIS IS JUST A WARNING

real talks

my bad spelling mistakes to effin angry to give an eff

real talks

Christina perelli dont talk ish you dont know i hope this club gets shut down you need to learn that the world is no longer black and white how dare you bout black guys piled up inna washroom together keep it 100 or shut the eff up and keep it movin u racish pric*

racist people

Christina perelli is a racist effin person i dont know who or what gave her the right to comment about ish she dont know i was at xs on the 25 clearly u need to go back to school or hang put with some real people because i dont know what type of male you know but i do not noe any man who would go to the washroom with a next dude clearly you got ish twisted this club sucks the bouncers are crazy and stupid they clearly only see black and white they enjoy causing harm and gang up on males that cant fight back on there own

June 25

On Saturday, I was at xs with some friends. We were standing by the bathroom, and this bouncer asked us to move from the hall way. We did, but then he asked this other group of guys, and they ignored him. He asked them to move so people could walk by, and this group of 6 black guys got in the face of this bouncer and started pushing him. I saw him call for help, then one of the black guys punched him in the face, and then they all joined in on pushing security guy. The other bouncers then came and dragged the 5 black guys out. All because the group wanted to look tough. I work as a bartender(at a chain type restaurant) and ppl who write these reviews should try doing there job, before they post their views. Guess they don't have those kind of problems at the mall do they Adam? Its hard to be innocent when your doing the fighting eh Adam. I went out and had a smoke and saw that the cops let them go, cause the bouncers didn't press charges, even though they were punched(bouncers).


n i should say good job to those guys they really handled the bouncers well


on june 25th some ppl were having a good time celebrating a birthday and out of nowhere the bouncers come for no reason and started a big comotion they were minding their own business not doing anything wrong and they pulled one guy out atleast 4 bouncers on one guy and the guy was not fighting back or anything and they were punching him in his face n everything. n honestly the bouncer that started it all really deserved what happened to him and in the same incodent they were dragging someone else on the floor choking him n all he was tryna do was find out what was going on. never ever go to xs


f*ck xs the bouncers are pussies all they like to do is start problems for no possible reason just a bunch of haters cause they dont get any play everytime i go to that club its always the same problem atleast 5-6 times maybe more in one nite. NEVER GO TO XS not worth going to the hospital for a bunch of punk a** bouncers who think their hard


I went to XS this past saturday, there were some nice girls and we had a good time. The problem I had at the club had nothing to do with me. It had to do with the way the bouncers were kicking out people. I seen 1 bouncer chocking an individual while dragging him out, while 2 other bouncers are punching him in the face. I understand that some people need to get dragged out, but I seen the bouncers do this about 4 to 5 times on saturday., I know some people misbehave but there are better ways to throw people out. This is the first club I have been to that i have witnessed such brutality.


I've been to this club many times without a problem...although I've seen the douchbag p@#sy bouncers pick fights, attack people in hounds. One of those douchbags did it to me recently without provocation. These bouncers are complete p@#ssies...I've seen several of them take on one smaller guy..they throw kicks, punches etc...and the guy was still standing without a mark. On another occassion one of them got into a shoving match with a black, football player looking dude and his other bouncers buddies try to help but the black dude and his two buddies started taking on all 5-66 bouncers at which point the bouncers backed and the black guys just ended up leaving. These bouncers will get whats coming to them. Karma's a bitch


hey jenny i seen you at the club and you were atleast a 6 out of 10 guys would of spoke to you chubby


Went to XS on the weekend with some girlfriends. Felt empty for a Saturday night. Music was alright, not the greatest. If you're trying to scope out guys, do not come here. Not a single hot guy!

Bouncers Assault guests!

Stay away from this place, the bouncers are on huge power trips and assault people for no reason. They attack innocent victims half their size in gangs, bunch of racist wannabe ufc fighters. Now thats terrorism. DO NOT GO TO XS! YOU WILL GET BEAT UP AND KICKED OUT FOR NO REASON!


SO i went to Tryst for my friends birthday party down the street from XS and realized it was an extreme workout just walking up the friggin stairs...We then decided to go to XS and must I say it was an amazing experience...Yes no bouncers beat us up or anything because WE ARENT DRUNK DOUCHE BAGS WHO START FIGHTS FOR NO REASON...And im glad the bouncers got our back when we go to such parties with extremely dangerous animals..Thank you XS bouncers...Atleast I feel safe at this place...Bottle Service package was totally worth it, the VIP staff was extremely nice and I felt very welcome! DEFINATELY GOING BACK!! HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!!!


was in here past sat n saw some skinny dude get taken on by bouncers for trying to stop a cat fight. they messed him up real good then threw him out with his friends. i dunno what kind of place this is that does this. not cool at all.

back when it was the repoublik me and my boys always hung out but now the vibe is off. don't come here unless youre ok with getting messed up by bouncers

Bouncers Assault Patrons

I was there this past weekend and saw bouncers assault a non-violent patron, to top it off, his friend got choked out by a bouncer and one of the girls they were with was hit in the face. First time there to see what's up, and I gotta say I'm never coming back again. I hope the bouncers get charged, don't know what happened after.


i was there this weekend and i must say i had a great time till i seen the bouncers gang up on one guy.It was scary to watch guys looking above 220lbs hitting a guy that looked 120lbs.I must say music is great in both rooms,I would like to tell owners from this club they should fire some of their bouncers before they lose us people going there to have a good time



Horrible Bouncers

I was invited to celebrate a friends birthday not long ago. We got the bottle service and went in a limo and everything. I showed the bouncer my ID and he wouldnt believe it was me. So what if i look younger then my age. Its not fair that people judge me because I am short and look young. I like looking young and not old thank you very much! He then asked me to show him other types of ID. I showed him my health card and college ID and still he would not believe I was of age. He said if I didnt leave he would call the police on me. Can you say bad service? He then proceeded to shove me ONTO THE STREET! Are you trying to kill me?! Never going back.


out of all the clubs ive been too this one was the worst, first off you have to pay an arm and a leg to get in then even more to put your coat away. with all this money spent u think ud get a free bottle with the amount of money u spent at the door just getting in , when u cant even get a vodka water for 5 bucks. i will never come to this place again

I loved it!

I went to XS this past Saturday.. I got the "Rev-olution" package. The flyer said 20 free passes, but when I contacted the promoter he said it was a mistake and it should be 10. Luckily, he still honored the 20 for me. We had a great booth and two cases of Rev, which was plenty. The service at the booth wasn't as good as some clubs, but it wasn't any problem. The only big issue I had was the flyer said $197 plus tax and gratuity.. and the final number was like $260! A lot more than I expected to pay, but it ended up being worth it! The music was great, the crowd was mixed. Me and my friends really had a great time.

Fun saturdays

Lots of room felt a little empty but it because the place is so big I am used to being to clubs where everyone is shoulder to shoulder, girls are good a little stoosh/shy but persistence will pay off , good booth packages and price, great music for everyone to have a fun night


Went to XS this past weekend and had a great time!! the club was pumpin' and the scene was lively. Will be back!

fun club

fun club cater to us all asian crowd. very fun we have good time dance all night


Talk about club violence, 8 violent fights in total yesterday including one in which a bouncer grabbed a GIRL by her hair threw her on the floor really hard, when she tried to get up he threw her into couch/floor/table twice again, all by pulling her hair and pushing, like seriously it's a girl. You dont throw a girl around like that.




I was at this club last night and i can second the fact that most of the bouncers at this club are douche bags. May i mention, that i do not drink, smoke or use any type of drugs. Engaging in such activity will cost me my job with the FEDS. I ended up with a laceration to my face and my accomplace with a broken ankle after spending close to a grand for a VIP package with very poor (i mean TERRIBLE) service! I officially filed a complaint with TPS and I intend to file a complaint with PSIS as well. To sum it all up,if you're looking for a good time for an event without ending up in ER, stay away from this place!!


THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST CLUB ALONG WITH FREQUENCY. They should ban these dirty club.this is like garbage dump!. Worst club ever.

Birthday Last Weekend

Had a great time celebrating my birthday!

Birthday Last Weekend

Had a great time celebrating my birthday!


I am from Miami, florida and have been to all the major cities of the world including toronto. I personally love this is london, maro and lobby. However, had 3 bottles at XS and have had the worst night in all the years ive been clubbing. Service is horrible, bouncers are ghetto, disgusting and rude. As soon as you get there you see the disorganization and the 14 year old kids promoting the clubb. UHHH not enough words in the english language to express how bad this club is. VERY GHETTOO!! gross u feel like your gonna walk out with a rare disease. DONT GO TO XS!


If you are 30 and still a bouncer, theres a problem? i already know bouncers are on a power trip because their daddy left them.. but do they have to take it out on the people spending a grand for bottle service? No. Had a really bad time. didnt like the people or the service. Very grungy and ghetto. not a fun place to be.

Bouncers did what?

Uhm, many bouncers don't just beat people are for no reason. If they do, then they can lose their security license. As a bouncer at several clubs with 10 plus years of experience, I can tell you that many people wonder why they're being ejected. It really isn't anything personal, a bar or club is a business. The business must follow laws. When going to clubs, pls leave douche bag friends at home. If you're asked to leave then simply leave, don't argue. Maybe have a sober friend ask the bouncer what's up. Be polite. If the bouncer is rude then simply leave. Who wants to be in a place where the staff are jerks?

Wicked Time!

Yea the booth packages are definitely the the best! SOOO glad me and my friends had our Birthdays there! they took care of everything. You had to wait a bit but it was so busy i didnt mind at all...

Had a good time

Just wanted to say thanks to XS. Had my Birthday there over the weekend. took advantage of bottle service and a limo ride there and had an amazing time! Huge club with crazy lights and bumping music...


This nightclub is one that patons should avoid if at all possible. Extremely dangerous. Bouncers gang up on patons and beat them up without reason. I know someone who was punched in the face and kicked in the face by the bouncers, and he could not believe it was happening because he didn't do anything wrong.

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