Wetbar & Suite 106 is now Aria Entertainment Complex.

Wetbar & Suite 106

106 Peter St., Toronto, ON

Wetbar & Suite 106 Nightclub Info

Suite 106. The perfect balance is exceeded with class. What happens when you match boutique hotel chic with nightlife sensibilities? Suite106. In addition to Suite 106...Welcome to the hottest patio in the city. WetBar, atop of Suite 106. Let us transform your expectations of what a patio should be. The poolside theme with a rippling waterfall bar makes you feel you're in another hemisphere. ...

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Venue Type
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop
1400 person capacity, 2 floors + rooftop patio

Wetbar & Suite 106 Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Wetbar & Suite 106 Nightclub.

Wetbar & Suite 106 Nightclub Reviews

To much black people

Wayyyy to much ghetto black people hood rat club if ur from the ghetto ull love this club

Good club

Well what I have been reading on the previous comments is just stupid every club has its ups and downs sure there things that that the club has to work on but it's alright. First off to those talking shit about bouncer it's not there to tell u where ur booth is there job is to assist u when ur drunk like every other club and of course there gonna stand and watch and talk about girls cuz it gets pretty boring. Second from my experience from wetbar it's been a solid club good music good crowd I guess it just depends on the day Saturday to me is good. Another some places like this is London has expensive bottles for booths 180 bucks for Smirnoff 26 ridiculous and over at wetbar it's 115 I would go wit the cheaper one if u ask me. Also I'm not a person who works for this club I just stating the obvious that some clubs has its days with different situations exp people. Ever since I been there no fights have been brought up which was good not like citynight club at the end. Furthermore I'm just saying clubs hav there ups and downs but this club works for me I got no problems wit it anyways take it folks no hard feelings to some people but it is wat it is deal with it

Good club

Well what I have been reading on the previous comments is just stupid every club has its ups and downs sure there things that that the club has to work on but it's alright. First off to those talking shit about bouncer it's not there to tell u where ur booth is there job is to assist u when ur drunk like every other club and of course there gonna stand and watch and talk about girls cuz it gets pretty boring. Second from my experience from wetbar it's been a solid club good music good crowd I guess it just depends on the day Saturday to me is good. Another some places like this is London has expensive bottles for booths 180 bucks for Smirnoff 26 ridiculous and over at wetbar it's 115 I would go wit the cheaper one if u ask me. Also I'm not a person who works for this club I just stating the obvious that some clubs has its days with different situations exp people. Ever since I been there no fights have been brought up which was good not like citynight club at the end. Furthermore I'm just saying clubs hav there ups and downs but this club works for me I got no problems wit it anyways take it folks no hard feelings to some people but it is wat it is deal with it

Worst Birthday!

By far the worst club ive ever been to. The bouncers are so rude and dont know anything. You ask them nicely where to go for your bottle service and they scream at you to figure it out yourself. I think i ran up and down those stairs about 5-10 times last night because noone cared to tell me where to go. I will never go back here nor will anyone I know. Waste of my hard earned money.

Never again

So disorganized! NYE was absolute bullshit. Waited outside for an hour with prepaid tickets and people paying at the door were being let in first priority. Ill never waste my time with the club again.

really bad

this place is really bad i mean really bad dont waste your time


If anyone knows the bouncer "souls" number post it or text me!!! 416 710 5393

So so time

I went there this past weekend for my birthday and it wasn't bad it was kinda dead inside and the dj was playing a lot of old music is the begin but it got better the hostess was amazing if your looking to have a fun classy night it's the place to go if you want crazy crowds and long lines it's not the place for you

Not fun

went this past weekend and it was a terrible time!
not to mention the fact that it was very dead inside!

will never be back


I would NOT recommend this club, had a very terrible time and staff was sooooo rude! The place smells like puke and so does downstairs in mansion. I would rate this club 1/10 in my opinion.

i was also there on halloween friday

So the building had HUNDREDS of people in and outside of it and we also waited 15 minutes for bottle service which we thought was great considering a party with probably 2000 people in the place. How can you bypass everyone lol. Also come on, on a hectic night ... really ... you expect your everything to be spotless. We had a blast. Nicest bottle service girls ever and they really tried getting us in fast. Thanks Wetbar

Don't go here

Went here for Halloween party on Friday night. Took 15 min to get in when they promised a LINE BYPASS. When we got to the booth it was used, dirty and they said they'll clean it up. Had to ask 3 times for the free sisha and champagne or else they wouldn't have given it. It was NOT worth the money. I swear you can get raped in Suite 106. Sketchy people, sketchy place. Music was pretty good though. The crowd... Not so much. Horrible bottle service. Might as well go to Rockwood or This is London.

what a whack club bro!!

All I got to say is this is by far the worst club in the city bro. like wtf bro everything about it is garbage. we left this club went to guvernment had a fucking amazing time. the tickets were expensive but worth it bro. you know what everyone should just go to clubs like Guvernment or Sound Academy. dont waste your hard earned money on this place bro.

what a whack club bro!!

All I got to say is this is by far the worst club in the city bro. like wtf bro everything about it is garbage. we left this club went to guvernment had a fucking amazing time. the tickets were expensive but worth it bro. you know what everyone should just go to clubs like Guvernment or Sound Academy. dont waste your hard earned money on this place bro.

Last night at wetbar ... loved it

went there last night being friday and it was insane! great music and the rooftop is so different than other clubs atmosphere and the promoters and managers were hosting properly giving us invited drinks and super friendly while our bottle service ran to a t right beside the dancefloor ... great night


I couldn't stand this club. it was horrible. Thank god I got me and my 3 friends on the guest-list so we didn't have pay for such a garbage club. The bouncers are absolutely useless. People were smoking cigarettes all over the damn place and they didn't do shit. They just stood there. HELLO, that shit is against the damn law. Earn your damn paycheck and tell those that want to satisfy their nicotine monkey to go outside!!! The DJ was terrible, spinning either really old music or trap music. His attempts to get the club hype were a waste. If you want to dance and have a good time do not come to this club. Wetbar thursday's are nothing but hype. STAY AWAY


Just went with a group of my girls last night to Wetbar and it was amazing!! .. The only part i did not like was waiting in line .. took us about 10 minutes before we got in and it was raining !! The guy who promotes the club was really nice !!He gave me and my girls all free drinks and shots!! The music was great and the crowd was good ..you guys will see me there next friday again for sure!

who this club is for

If you are broke and you shop at zellers clearance isle this club is for you..
If you don't have a job and no eduxation this club is for you
If you like hanging out with the bummiest crowd in the city this club is for you...

Please people this club is just so awefull don't enable them to keep open don't be enablers...
There are so many better clubs ie ( easy on the fifth , Muzik , Sound Academy , Guvernment Night Club and Koolhaus ....trust me you'll spend the same amount of money but you'll be more entertained...

Wetbar seems to attract the welfare crowd...this club seems to be busy only on the last week of every month I wonder why? Lol

You guys who leave nice comments must be employed by the club because any normal person in their right mind would not have good things to say about wetber...

So to conclude please Torontonians Do Not Be Enablers to this clubs ego...

Yours Truly


I remember the good ol days when this club use to be off the hook, but now this club is by far the worst in the city. My friends and I got bottle service which by the way took for ever, then were treated with the utmost disrepect from power tripping security who do nothing but act like some gangster wanna be's. Never going back wetbar is awful. And our bottle tasted alittle funny so we asked one of the workers why it tastes so bad and he told us that the club puts cheap vodka in epty goose bottles and sells it as goose....wow

Beyond Disgusting!!

I went to Wet Bar this past Thrusaday and I was SO angry to have wasted my time and even worse, my money. This place was so dirty, the line moved so slow, and you could talk in a normal tone and hear the people around you.. The music was SOO QUITE! I HATE this place and if you want to have a good time, DO NOT go to Wet Bar (on a thursday at least).


Went to wetbar last night. It was sickk. Haven't gone there in a couple years now, but it was sick. Guestlist line was longer then the general line but once i got in there, fuckin had a great time. Anyone know how the other nights are. I have only gone on saturdays.

Do Not Go.

Bad DJS, Bad speakers. Ridiculous cover prices.
They keep everyone outside and build the line-up.
Girls and guys SHARE a bathroom.
Everyone just stands around; waste of time.

Good time

we went with a group and had no problem getting into the bar like some people said here.. The service for bottles was a bit slow at first but picked up. Young crowd, good music!

Can I get guestlist tonight?

Paul M. +7

Worst club ! Need to b shut down!

April 28 2012 !! This club turned out to be the worst and horrible I hope the Owners read all there guest comment . Thought this was a good club until this one stupid bouncer short spanish upstairs who stands by the coat check stairs or door starts a big problem. Like you fuking work there so why the fuk would you start a big problem thinking you own the club and your cool . Seriously you should not treat you guest like that no matter what .. If you were smart you would no how to treat ur guest n to not talk to much thinking you no everything and threaten people if you smart keep ur mouth shut for good buisness!! Horrible bouncers or security ....

Peter kash is the best dj

Liiiiiiiive live liive party last night!! Music was crazy! THanks Peter Kash for the bday shout out!!! Def going back!


k first off i went to this club last night (thursday) it was the grimey, and just gross... The place is shadey and everyone that works there acts like you owe them something RELAX! your a bartender making a $100.00 if your lucky casue the place was dead. Staff is rude, people are ugly would have rather saved the cash and stayed home.... ladies if your into good music, hot guys, nice attmospheres DO NOT GO TO WETBAR!! i wish i could have given this club a ZERO. And i wouldnt belive the posts underneath!! must be managment or staff writting them especially if their promoting bottle prices!! this club is a deff NO NO

Had a good time

I've gone here a few times. Never really had a bad time. Just once, but I went on the wrong crowd if you can figure out what i mean. Other then that, I like the bartenders they got, pretty hot. Just hate the stairs, but it's worth it, cool theme they got. Nice to actually see a club then pitch black.

I'll prob go back this Saturday. $100 grey goose is hard to pass up.


I went two weeks ago for the first time. I had a great time. The first DJ was okay, but when the second DJ came on, he was fucking awesome. Played some good house remixes, and didn't play old shit.

Security was pretty moody, but what club's security isn't. but the rest of the staff was nice. My waitress and her busboy were fairly good at keeping my table clean. Definitley going back again after schools done or to see this so called roof open up.


Any postive or negative feedback regarding Penthouse Fridays at Wetbar is appreciated. You are welcome to email us (the promoters) at info@themarqueemedia.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Note: We only host events at Wetbar on Fridays. Feedback for other nights can be directed towards the venue.

no class

this place doesnt stand out in any way and lacks in every single way, strange rules and policies that the self-claimed owner can't even explain with some proper logic, bad music, slow service, even the alcohol tastes washed out .... never chose this venue voluntarily and never will

Shisha Friday nights at Wetbar!!!

I've been to Wetbar before on a Friday and it was fun so we made a return for my birthday. Apparently now they have shisha booths so for $250 all taxes in, we got 2 bottles, 1 champagne and a shisha to smoke all night! Had a great time with a good looking crowd and awesome music! We'll be coming back before my birthday comes around for sure, especcially with the nice weather we are getting

Love the patio

Me and my friends absolutely love the patio! It's my favorite summer club. And the club wasn't too crowded either. Enough room to dance and no creeps like some places.

Most horrible place ever

if you do not like your money then go to wetbar.. the service is bad and the music is bad

honestly worst night

when i was reading some of these reviews i thought to myself it wont be like that but honestly it was just how you guys said. awful service, rude and slow staff and power tripping bouncers who said my friend couldnt come in cus he was "drunk" and we was not. so after my friend left me and my friend go in the birthday girl btw and they bring us to are booth beside the dance floor... bad spot cus people where coming and sitting down trying to drink are shit then they said were getting a bottle of champange but they bring a 10 doller bottle of BAMBINO. that stuff is so nasty and is basically sugar water with added bubbles..then they never even brought out the cupcakes we where promised then after all that we decide to leave. i so should of went to muzik and got some REAL champange because i really do enjoy a good bottle. i would only go back if drinks, cover and a booth was free other then that i will never go back such awful service.


I honestly read these comments and thought to myself it would be different because it depends on the night. NOPE, I had such bad service ! I paid $250 for my bottle service and booth... My money went down the drain!
I walked in and saw people in my booth making a mess. Later on my booth was wet because of the rain! I understand that its a rooftop patio but they should of designed the place to accommodate the weather. Then they moved my friends and I into a smaller booth closer to the dance floor which means more people came into our booth. I complained to the my server that only came around to check on us twice! The only thing that the manager could do was bring us 1 bottle of champagne.

I completely understand they had to throw my friend out because she was drunk but none of the bouncers or my server told us. It was later on my friend had to go see where my other friend was and they wouldnt let my sober friend back in and get her belongings ! BY THE WAY they have mandatory coat check which is 3 dollars....
all the way downstairs in suit 106 not even in wetbar.
They will never get another dime out of me.


Only the patio was open so we had to dance on concrete which sucked because people were smoking and there were butts on the ground and sticky drinks. The music got better as the night went on but so did the pot smoking. It was gross. The whole place smelt like weed. The kicker was the bathrooms. I would have enjoyed pissing in the ally outside better than use the bathroom. Half the toilets didn't work or the stalls didn't close. And to top it off the bathroom bitch was holding the toilet paper for ransom!! giving you 3 shit tickets at a time. I finally started to rob the bar for napkins to take a piss. I will never go back!

Wetbar fridays

Best part about wetbar is the $5 jager bomb special!! me and my buddies bought like 20 of em! i don't remember what happened after that. lol!!!

Good times!!!!!!

I had my birthday w bottle service at wetbar last friday and i had alot of fun! they had a shisha promotion that night w bottle service which was a fun bonus (it was my first time having shisha). The only thing that was a problem was the shisha came a little too late... And the bottle service girls could've been faster in refilling our juices and sodas....other then that everyone was friendly and the actual party was AMAZING!! Good mix of music throughout the night. Peter kash the radio host from z103 was the dj. Ill probably be back in the summer or sooner!

penthouse fridays

copying photoshoot fridays @ mansion nightclub

Worst Club!

Went for new years with some friend, and it turned out to be the worse night!
We waited for over 2.5 hrs, and didn't get in until 11:30, then waited for a line for (mandatory) coat check for about 10 mins b4 it was closed (too full). We didn't get to our VIP booth until 11:40, didn't get our bottles until 11:50.. pored one shot and it was "Happy New Years!"
On top of all that, we were expecting 8 in our party, ended up with 4 and couldn't down grade our bottle service! Since we didn't want to waste a 100$ bottle, couldn't take it home and could upgrade for rum or w/e... we ended up drinking all the bottles (4 including champaign), and my friend almost for food poisoning. -
Our booth was right on the dance floor, with no security, so we had to literally dance guarding the table. People kept using our table and chairs even with my boyfriend yelling at them. One girl danced on our table twice and another sat and smoked.
Our waitresses stopped by every so often but it would always take 10-15 mins for her to come back, it was quicker and easier for my boyfriend to get the refills. The club is ridiculous, it's disgusting and poorly laid out.. It was a horrendous night and I will never go back.



Epic Night

I recently went to Wetbar to check it our for the first time, the saturday before New Years because I was interested in purchasing new years tickets there. I had an awesome time, the music was good, it was new, and they played a lot of new house mixed with some stuff you hear on the radio. Better then the same old annoying songs you hear.

My friends and I got bottle service and everyone was pretty helpful. The girls served us fast, seated us, and not only were the girls helping us serve our table, but some of there guy bussers or barbacks or whoever they had made sure we had enough chase. They were fast when we asked them for other stuff too. I was happy they gave us water too, not many clubs do that. I don't go clubbing a lot, but it seems like the other clubs try to get us hammered and kick us out.

Thanks Wetbar for a good night. I plan to come back soon!

Such A Good Time For My Birthday, Thank You!

Where to start? Well Recently I went to Wetbar for my birthday on Dec 17, 2011 which was a Satuday night. I wasnt sure on where to go untill my friend recommended me a promotion company called NRG who previously took care of her birthday at LIVE nightclub. Anyways just wanted to say that the guy I spoke with from NRG took extreme good care of me and my friends, they walked us by a huge line while it was cold outside, their was a confusion with everyone getting in for free but they gave me as many free tickets I needed. They even walked me and my group of friends straight upstairs to my Booth told me to hold on a sec while they braught me the Bottle Service girl so I could order my bottles and to not forget the music was exceptionaly great! Even though it could get a little cold in some parts of the club the heaters were doing their part and kept the place fairly warm since it is a roof top patio. I just want to say thank you for such a great night and if anyone would like to attend this club for their birthday or party I recommend contacting NRG they should be able to accomodate you as well as I was. here's a representatives number 647 - 407 - 3787. Thank you!!!

worst club ever

DO NOT GO TO THIS CLUB...the rudest bouncers, they had the freaking heating on, and waste of money on the whole

Read This and you'll know

it may look like a fun time, it might be a fun time. It probably WONT though. cause the manager hits on all his female bartenders, i saw. the bouncers are rude and only turn nice if theyre trying to get it in.. yes big one with braces.. the people are just trying to have a good time so dont hate on the fact theyre ugly or need some. but if you know people there, it could be a fun time. you decide


I went there for a friend's birthday and i will never go again complete waste of time and money!!! Workers were rude and did not help at ALLLLLL. if the 5+4 addition problem is to prove im sober.... then yes i am, and YES YOU HAVE A PROBLEM IF I HATE YOURCLUBBBB.


OKAY SO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. this is the worst club everr rude ppl working there total waste of time and money. DO NOT GO.


Terrible, Don't Waste your time.
I could sit here and write all the things wrong with the club, but I am not wasting MY time after the worst night I had there and such a crap venue.
If you go, you will see what I mean, and just remember that I TOLD YOU SO!!


amazing time

went to wetbar for halloween on the saturday, had an amazing time. great party enviornment, great people, and the music was good. will be doing my 21st birthday there in a few months.

not as good as before

Throughout 2009, the club was at its prime. The music, the crowd and everything about it was just AMAZING but for some reason it went down from there... The crowd seem to have more younger crowds... the patio is nice in the summer but suite 106 can get really really hot and really crowded to dance.


wetbar has been so bad recently. like it was really good last year but ths year wow is it ever bad... the security staff do nothng but stare at girls the bartenders are soooo slow and most of them dont serve you fast enough. i wonder why theyre so slow considering there are no customers to serve. its like a ghost town at wetbar. lke i came recently and wow was i surprised how many poor ppl come here like ppl look like crack heads like that bummy wow....dont go

dont go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

worst club ever the worst in the city......trust me just the worst club in the world

Wrost CLUB Experience!!

Seriously the bouncers were afraid of any encounters with people in the club! They were just watching girls be "cattie" with one another!! Not doing $h!T for the people that were in bottle service! Never ever again!!! One star is way to much for the club! don't waste your money and time!!!


F"uck wetbar, bad music the worst servers bartenders are senior citizens....Dont go to wetbar waste of cash and time trust me


talk about ugly bartenders. me and the guys left at 12 because there was no one there and ugly girls. if you like the a sausage fest and ugly bartenders go to wetbar

Wetbar Junk

my friends and haven't been to this club since last year. seems alot worse than last year service is crappy, hard to find a bottle service girl even though the place wasn't that busy. and when we did order bottles we were given bad service. the music is ok if you like listening to the radio at home. the other customers look really poor when we went. like ppl walk around in flip flops and wal mart shirts. really a huge difference than last year when we came to wetbar. we would def not come back...


where do i start? we had ordered bottle service which ended up taking an hour for any service. we dont know why it took so long considering it was empty inside. after we ordered bottles the bouncer ended up stealing one of our bottles saying that we were too drunk. the servers were very mean and rude. the music in the club was horrible as hell so out dated and the djs dont even put their own spin on the music. by far the worst service the servers are rude the security are a bunch of thieves stealing ppls liqour. really horrible djs and club seems full from outside but once you get upstairs its dead. the only good part about this night was that the buss boys were keeping the lime and juice chase coming all night. if you like bad music, bummy crowd and thieving bouncers go to wetbar.


nice venue but the dance floor can get pretty crowed. good looking crowd. the bouncers are surpisingly nice ! one of my friends was kicked out because he was drunk, they did no use force but asked him to leave politely and walked him out. the bouncer at the door offered to let him back in after half an hour or so to get something to eat, fresh air and sober up. Nicest bouncers ive ever seen !

Great Night

I went to Wetbar about 2 weeks ago and had a really great time. Awesome, uplifting crowd, nice bartenders, and great music... nice mix of everything was played. For sure recommend checking this place out.


the rudeass bouncers decided to kick two of my friends out because they were "too drunk" apparently, and my bottles were randomly taken away even though they were half full?
never getting bottle service there again

Terrible Crowd

Me and my friends used to love this place but from the last 2 visits, our opinions have changed. There was no special event yesterday but the cover to get in was more than what we usually pay. If you weren't on the guestlist, cover was $20. I thought $20 wouldn't matter because I expected a good night...I was wrong. It looked like the place was crowded from the lineup but when you get inside...there weren't a lot of people. The crowd wasn't as good looking and pleasant as usual...a guy even tried to pick a fight with me! The music was decent but wasn't good as before. I don't know why Wetbar went downhill but me and my friends are definitely not returning.


I go clubbing every weekend and i could say by far this club is great!!! the service i got at the bar was very fast and profesional, and that i got served by this hot male bartender who was damn hot. we were on guest list and got in no problem, the music was good keep us on the dance floor all night. The bathrooms were well keep clean. the only little problem me and my girls had was that we waited in line for coat check a little to long. But i would definitely recommend this club to everyone, the bottles are cheaper then other clubs downtown and if your looking for a good looking crowd, you MUST GO!!!

great time

Awesome nightclub! Bottle service top notch
Am going back every weekend :) A must go and see club!!!!


Went to wetbar on saturday and had a great time. Didnt feel like other clubs all hot and hummid and crowded. Can't wait for the summer at this club. Amazing price's and fast service. Look into going here!!!!

oh well.

I guess in summer this club is better, but in general the whole idea of smoking on a dance floor is ridiculous, because the dance floor is packed, and it's small, so what happens? Some drunk person decides to smoke and dance, next thing you know it's already burned someone. People don't really think about others, when they enjoy themselves.
Music is ok in the beginning, by the end of the night the music they have becomes impossible to dance to, because those are just un-remixed songs.
Photographers are alright, although not nice at all. Question: why work at the club, if you don't know how to smile, enjoy your work, and after be nice when you post the pictures in the galleries? Although, pictures turn out nice, it doesn't exclude politeness.
Bouncers are alright too, but when in front of me was a guy wearing skate shoes and a hoody and he got in, you guys don't get enough people or what?
I wouldn't go to this club once again. You go, you want to have fun, you want to relax, you drink, you expect service to be nice, if you take pictures - you expect them to be up. Wetbar lacks some of the above, therefore, I wouldn't recommend going there, as long as you don't rent the whole place for special occasions.


bottle stealin bouncers, who think they're too tough, they grabbed my friend and i asked where they were taking him and grabbed me busted my face and threw me out...wtf after we spend like 2 grand on bottles... really know how to treat their customers.. also tried to charge me twice for the first bottle..and to top it off they stole two bottles which were half full

lol, wack ass club.

this is by far,the worst spot to party in Toronto. For one they WILL steal ur money thinkin ur too drunk to notice, bouncers will watch you all night,once ur out of money they will kick you out for no reason, immediately. Bottles service is far to expensive for what you get, which is ur bottles, some chase n cups.( your table will be cluttered and dirty ALL night). Every other club I have been to has, appetizers, unlimited chase, lime and lemon, and a respectable customer service representative. WETBAR IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND A SPOT FOR BUMMY PEOPLE.


wetbar bar was horrible during my last visit....the girl who did the bottles came out telling us she already gave us a bottle when clearly she didnt...i hope that bottle did u guys good...CHEAP SKATES !! p.s club is dirty and full of creepers..would not recommend it..and they like taking advantage of new customers!


what kind of club has it bouncers rush a party after they jus spent 1600$ @ the fukin bar???u guys make ur choice jus a heads up WETBAR IS DIRTY AND ALL YOU DO IS GET HARRASED..




Largely disappointed. We put our name on the guest list for reduced cover ($10 from $15) and for line bypass, which where we booked said would happen and that guest list was open till 11.30pm.
When we arrived we were sent to a line thus no line bypass, at the door the girl said guest list closes at 11pm and cover is $20, not the $15 advertised.

Younger crowd, played popular crowd pleasing music which is very tired. Not a bad place if you're not looking to be impressed.

Used to love it

Used to love this place until I went on Sat January 22nd. Bought bottle service and counted the money THREE times in front of the hostess, chick comes back and demands we put up another $100.
Thanks Wetbar for pocketing that money because your hostess couldn't count when we fully counted in front of her THREE times.
I also would like to add that my friend and I WERE NOT drinking until AFTER we got our bottles.
If anyone decides to buy bottle service, make sure you're recording the payment on video so they won't come back asking for more money to pocket as tip.

Great Club

I went to this club over the summer time and it was great. i had no problems, staff was great, bartender was awesome but only thing was that the patio had a funky smell...maybe it was just that one night, but mannn it did stink!

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