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this is an amazing club

if you're going to go to uniun, please educate yourself before going.

this club plays EDM (electronic dance music for all you who dont know). if you are looking for top40 and hip hop, DONT come here.

this club is a great club with AMAZING music. manzone & strong have been around for years, longer than some of these clubs have even been around.

besides, this club is owned by INK and they run the top clubs in the city. they know how to run a club and keep it going forever.

EDUCATE yourself before coming to a club. this club is amazing.


Love Uniun! been a few times now on saturday nights, and it just keeps getting better. staff is super friendly, good looking crowd, great music. its the only club i know that has a completely different crowd and night on fridays and sats. Fris are big name djs casual dress, younger crowd. sats are 25+, and very classy. Well done UNIUN!!

Worst night of my life

Uniun definitely lived up to all of the negative reviews it has received. I reluctantly had to rate this place 1star when it barely deserves that much praise.

This past saturday, my friends and i were celebrating a friends birthday at uniun and had a horrific experience. As the dance floor was overcrowded, my friend group was not able to get much further onto the dance floor then to the rented booths. A group of girls had rented the booth for the night that we were dancing by. One of the girls was very hostile and proceeded to grab a few of my friends and pushing them saying that we were in her space. Initially we ignored her behaviour as it's unfortunately typical to expect nowadays. She then escalated to coming up behind me and shoving her hand down my pants, grabbed my genitalia, and then started screaming that i had grabbed her. One of uniuns security members immediately came over to intervene by pushing me around, resulting in him removing myself and my friends from the club.

I am absolutely disgusted that not only was their security completely unprofessional, but they would allow sexual assault to happen and not take a proper course of action.


Show: cosmic gate - march 3rd, 2017

I had seen pictures of the club and was excited, given that they typically pull in big headliners to play at their venue, whoever it was an awful experience.

I arrived around 11:40, with my ticket ready and was waiting in line for about 45 minutes. Waiting isn't the problem here, i get it, a lot of people come to this club to have fun and see a good show. The problem is the security. There were two uniun security guards walking up and down the line literally asking "wanna cut the line? 50 bucks". The security at uniun nightclub actually is promoting taking cash to cut in the line. Swarms of people forked up their money to the staff, while the line stayed at a stand-still. There was dozens of people paying to cut past the line, while the club continued to over-fill the place past capacity.

By the time we got in, the entire place was cramped shoulder-to-shoulder, in a hazy, sweaty, poorly ventilated club. The sting led lights were a nice touch, however the place just isn't built to support a large-scale dj performance (lights/screens etc). I love cosmic gate, but i will not be returning to uniun night club ever again.


My friends always told me not to go here, however my long time best friend said he knows someone who could hook us up nicely for my birthday, which was 3 weeks ago, so we decided to go to uniun. We got in touch with him and everything was very smooth from the second we arrived till we left, no problems or bs!
Would definitely recommend you get in touch with him if you're going to uniun! His number is 4167701962, you will not regret it :)

Be careful with this club

I had to cancel my credit card because of this club. be very careful if you are booking vip/bottle service.
Firstly, we had booked a booth a couple of months in advance. we were told the day of the booking that there was no booth available but they could give us a high table with no chairs. far from acceptable, but on the day of the booking, there was no choice but to go through with it. the club state that they don't allow customers to run tabs, which makes good sense. sadly this isn't true. when they came to charge for the bottle service and asked for almost double the agreed price, that was a problem. this happened as there were 2 tabs somehow opened against my card.

In summary, you can not trust this place to keep your booking, and you can not trust them with the credit card you use to secure the aforementioned booking.


I came here because i did a research and based on that this place would play top 40's.... That's so not true.... I didn't hear at least one top 40's :( it was techno the whole night :( i came alone, planning to dance and have fun, but, didn't happen :(

worst club ever been to

I have never been disrespected like this before and especially at a club. I only wanted to go to uniun to see if it's worth the hype but clearly not , not even close. I was very disappointed and humiliated. It was my friend's birthday and we got a booth for her , not to mention that it took them so long to come look after us. We go to the dancefloor as we are making our back to our booth to have more drinks , my friends sit down at this booth and i try to pull them to go to ours thinking that they have sat at a booth that belongs to someone else because they were people i don't know sitting there , and these random people don't even say anything until i take a better look at the booth to realize this is our booth and these people are sitting on our jackets not to mention some of the jackets were on the floor and drinking our drinks when i checked our bottle they were half way empty. And when we complained to the people in charge they were very lost and didn't do nothing about it and we had to scream to get these people out from our booth without any apology of course. And no we were not compensated with a new bottle not even one drink. And yes it did get worse. My friend felt a little bit sick she was not drunk she was just a bit tipsy so i go with her to the washroom while she was given a napkin to wipe her lipstick i was fixing my hair as i see someone grabbing my arm aggressively so i turn to see a security lady pulling and telling me to get my jacket and my friends when i asked why she said u guys are leaving so i told her i will go to my booth and check if the birthday girl wants to leave she is like no u don't get to move anymore , i was very confused i asked why she said you are too drunk but we weren't and we weren't causing any problems either , she wouldn't let me go get my boyfriend for help she grabbed us both so hard as if we were getting arrested and pushed us out of the main door in front of everyone not to mention that we did not have any jackets on in this cold at 2 am and she pushed down the stairs, was she willing to pay for nose surgeries if we fell on our face? My friends and bf came running after us after they saw this humiliation , the bouncer and another security lady were shocked for what she did for absolutely no reason. She embarrassed us treated us so bad , put us in tears , we were shaking from cold and anger i couldn't go to work the next day from my fever not to mention the bruises and the scratch marks she left on us from grabbing us like criminals and throwing us down the stairs and two of my nails were broken from trying to hold on to the wall. She ruined my friends birthday and our night, the money we paid went to waste. I will never go back ever. We always go clubbing different clubs every time and we always get a booth and get treated like royalty. No costumer service whatsoever, first and last time at uniun, never again. I apologize for the long review i had to mention every detail that will save u from being treated like we had. P.S doesn't deserve even one star..Had to do it to be able to submit


This is one club that i will never go to again! The bouncers are so rude. I truly feel like at this specific night club they abuse their power and the only reason this is happening is clearly because the management sucks!!!!! One of the bouncers there was kind enough to tell me to "shut the fuck up," large white bouncer with shoulder length hair. Know him? I was completely sober and i was being disrespected because a friend and i got confused to where the coat check was.Once we tried to go in the bouncer denied are entree and started screaming at my friend, when i tried to cut in that's when he told me to shut the fuck up. I asked to speak to the manager and when i was trying to explain to him now what had happened, his reply to me was that he can not go against his guys.....? So i replied i respect that, but not trying to be rude but maybe you should hire new or better staff. Immediately after his demeanor changed and he started screaming at me saying well you are being rude, u can leave we don't want you here. So that's what i did, i left. My friend stayed a little longer trying to convince them but it was clear they had made up there mind a while ago. This was the first time for both my friend and i attending this club, but instead of simple helping us, they decided to bully us. We were treated so poorly over nothing. We were just trying to attend a friends birthday he was having there. We wasted about 80$ just getting there and going back. Never will i ever go back there.

Worse experience

This is one of the worse clubs that i have ever been to. The bouncer is completely disrespectful and has zero undrstanding for customer service. The manager was no better! At the end of the night a friend of mine who was completely sober ended her night crying because they were incredible rude and disrespectful. Every thing that happened that night was blown out of paportion. This is one club i will never go back to.

Loved it!

Went with a small group of 4 and we were all vibing the club by the end of the night; we even hit last call without knowing it! The atmosphere and the energy was great and we loved the floor space. Shoutout to our bartender remdell for only adding to the fantastic experience! Only downside is the booths seem to be in the middle of the dance floor but would still recommend going!


My buddies and i arrived to the nightclub, as we were standing in line one of the bouncer refused to let us in cause one of us was wearing adidas original shoes, clearly they're not athletic. I dont get the big deal the people behind us wore converse shoes, pathetic. Uniun is such a big hype, hope it gets shut down to poor management, lost 80 bucks that night.


After a gunshot at citizen i am scared


On saturday april 18th i got married and went down to uniun nightclub with my friends because we thought it was going to be the perfect place to have a little fun, but i never expected what was to occur later in the night. I spent over $1000 in limos and bottle service only to wake up feeling like i was a victim of a physical assault and a hate crime. Around 1:40am my friend was removed from the nightclub and i stepped outside to see what was going on because i had no idea what the situation was. I was walking ahead of friend jessica carrying her purse and she said to me "michel, do you have my purse?" i told her yes and the first thing the security guard did when i saw him he yelled "man give her back the fucking purse" i told him sir she's my friend and i am holding it for her and that there was no problem. Then the security insisted that i was not allowed back into the club and gave me no reason. I advised him that i didn't do anything wrong and i have spent so much money and my husband and all my friends were inside.

Knowing i didn't do anything wrong, i tried to go back in and i said "i am just grabbing my husband and i attempted to walk inside. The security guard then grabbed me smashed my face against the cement and started calling me a 'fag' using offensive language and punched me in the right side of the face. This is discrimination prohibited by the human rights code of ontario. My friends were screaming because i didn't do anything wrong and i'm not a fighter, i am a gentle, sensitive person and i don't start fights with anyone. My friend witnessed everything and we even have footage on her cellphone.

I have contacted management regarding the complaint and no one has tried to resolve the situation.

He did what?

I bought tickets for the dzeko and torres show last night at uniun from ticketweb and the tickets were fine. Ive ordered from ticketweb often and have had 0 issues. Upon waiting in line for 40 mins for entry to the club i was waiting finally to have my ticket checked, when a guy ran past me and grabbed my ticket from my hand. I was upset thinking he had just stole my ticket and when i asked for my ticket back he said "fine, i wont check your ticket then". At this point i realized he was staff and what he called himself a "ticket checker'. He was upset that i demanded for my ticket back and literally crumpled my ticket in his hands. From then on it all escalated to the point where my ticket was not scannable and i was being denied entry to the event. I had purchased 4 tickets and my ticket was the only one that was not valid as he said it was already used. when i tried to rectify the situation i was passed along from bouncer to bouncer with them just saying "if it doesn't scan then we cant do anything". the 'ticket checker' guy had initially scanned my ticket but before crumpling my paper ticket therefore it would show up as already used. I was able to show them the 4 tickets on my phone directly from ticketweb as proof of purchase and they still denied me entry and further asked security to escort me out after 3 of my friends were allowed into the event. To top it all off, the 'ticket guy' had no identification or id badge and when i asked specifically who he was or how i could id him he said he didn't need any id because he wasn't a bouncer and just a 'ticket checker'. suffice to say uniun is usually a good time but the staff/bouncers/ticket checkers are a club goers worst nightmare.

New doormen

Everyone use to love uniun, but as of late, the door staff are not the best. there is this one bouncer or doorman, named earl, who is extremely rude, and upon trying to have clarification, he goes out on a tyrant. i was lucky enough to hear to other bouncers address him by his name. this has been the case on two separate occasions. A bad door staff sets the mood up for the night.


Need to book a booth or get on the guestlist? Contact me at: vscoremarketing@gmail.Com / 647.461.5177

Bouncers/Doormen need to learn their place

I was in line up and i saw a group of guys and girls come towards the bypass line. the bouncers let the girls in and told the guys to wait in line. now i've seen this before and in the old days this sort of behavior led to a shooting but i guess the bouncers still haven't learned their fucking place.

more bull shit

I rate it -1. Union night club was a piece of crap. Bartender did not fully filll a tequila shot after charging 8.50 a shot might as well go to another club for cheaper. i back up the negative comments. Bartender had major issues jealous issues. 6 bouncers surrounding us wether to kick us out. Avoid union its terrible.


I was tackled by the bouncers brutally for being tipsy. I am a female professional, 5 foot nothing, with zero history of breaking the law, or ever being kicked out of anywhere. I was there just to have a good time. The force they used was unnecessary and they wouldn't let my friends help to let me leave after crying and screaming for them to stop with the physical force.

I left with 16 bruises and a concussion. I now have poor physical coordination because of how brutally physical they got.... For what, kicking out a tipsy person? Think about how unnecessary that is in the grand scheme of things.

Here's what you need to know about a bouncers rights:

In 99% of the nightclubs out there, bouncers are simply normal employees, not actual "security personnel" (who require special training and permits). this means that the authority of a bouncer is the same as any ordinary citizen. Bouncers have no special right to physically eject a customer who becomes drunk or obnoxious, any more than a waiter at a cafe does.

You might be surprised that, as far as the law is concerned, a bouncer can only ask you to leave, and if you refuse, to then call the police and have you removed. this is not to say that if he puts his hand on your back, "guiding" you to the door, he has committed a crime, but a bouncer has no more right to physically assault you than anyone else does.


If anyone has the phone number or email of the management for this piece of crap club please email me it at marlenedasilva90@hotmail.Com. And as for my review it's just too disgusting to post online.

want to thank the staff

On saturday i organised my bestfriends bacherlotte party to be at uniun nightclub. We had never been there before and had only heard great things.
The staff were really accommodating and made the organization of the party very easy so that everything went quickly at the door and the bride didnt have to wait in the cold!

We were satisfied with our booth, it was a raised off the floor which gave us a bit more privacy and seperated us from the dancefloor.

The only negative was that one overly intoxicated guy fell into our booth and broke some off the glasses and a bottle. The staff acted quickly, security kicked him out and our area was cleaned quickly and everything was replenished. I was very impressed with how they handled it.

We all had a great time dancing, over all it was a great success.

Terrible service, poor quality, neat lights.

As someone that's been around the toronto club scene for a number of years, i've seen it all and don't get surprised by much. unfortunately, when an overly-hyped club like uniun under-delivers on almost every level, i'm reminded that some things never change. If uniun is considered to be a high-quality club, the bar has been set far too low. here you go:

Service: we arrived at midnight (relatively early for club standards) with a 5 female/6 male crew for bottle service on the dance floor. it took over 15 minutes for our bottles to arrive; unacceptable anywhere. on top of it, we never saw our server again and had to go to the bar to refill mix.

Crowd: while subjective, the overall crowd was full of "6/10's" according to my single buddies. i was with my gf, but once i took a good look, it was clear the crowd was just not up to the standards of a club that claims to be high-quality. according to the ladies with us, the men were nothing to speak of either. now i know why uniun overloads you with led and smoke everywhere.

Led screen: impressive, though i think we were being sent subliminal messages to forget how bad everything else is. the music/dj was adequate.

Bouncers: i have buddies that have run door and floor crews at a number of large clubs (>2000 capacity) in the gta. first, the best bouncers are observers first and muscle second. check out the crowd, take mental notes on the friendlies, the rowdies (but not troublemakers), and the potential loose cannons. chat with a few people, meet the decision makers at a few bottle service tables, learn the room. second, use brain, assuming it hasn't turned into a red bull. like i said, i wasn't surprised when i saw these clowns grabbing and tossing without any incident. perhaps they preferred to punch first and ask questions later, but if that's your mode of operation, you're not a professional - you're a safety hazard. and that's exactly why uniun should be avoided.

Avoid this place, the hype will be out soon.


I love this place! Great music, great crowd. Bartenders are rude and try to rip you off (need to work on that) other than that highly recommend it especially if you're an electro house music fan!!

always a great time

The livest nights are on sundays. Good looking crowd and great music. I went there when shemar moore made an appearance ans honestly the best time ive ever had! I guess bc shemar was there but also uniun is never a dull time. The only down part there is a bartender tried to rip me off 6 buck with drinks thinkin i was too drunk to count my change dumb ugly bitch. I know its only 6 bucks but evry penny counts so always count your change! Lol


Ererer erer

Idiot doorman

We first went into the glist line and doorman refused to let me in staying I was not dressed appropriately with my $200 Calvin Klein shoes, fitted blazer, and fitted jeans. Meanwhile, he let in the Caucasian guys behind me who were wearing baseball caps, Air Force Ones and a bubble vest! Anyhow, his colleague just told me to go the the bottle service line because he knew that doorman was being an idiot and wanted a cash bribe. This is the unethical behaviour which irates ppl and potentially causes a violent aftermath. When will they learn to treat all alike??

One time go for me

Went to Uniun for the first time today. First impression was off to a terrible start from when we were outside. The bouncer let 6 of us go through and stopped the 7th for wearing a tee under his sports jacket just coz it had a logo. It was a black tee with absolutely nothing offensive. He actually sent all of us inside with attitude and outright asked for a 20 to let him pass. If he was wearing something inappropriate, I'd understand that. But this was bribery for the sake of bribery. Even though the music, crowd and lighting were good, the bouncer with attitude gave my night a sour taste. Never again.

One of Torontos Best!

When you enter, you're quickly mesmerized by gorgeous women, amazing music and the state of the art lighting! It's like being in Vegas without leaving the country! Its about time Toronto picked up their socks and increased higher standards for dress code. Def a place to be weather you go on a Friday, Saturday or even Sunday!


OK just a note to reviewers:
EVERY club you go to with have drunkards. Even the 'nice' 'upscale' 'trendy' clubs. They.will.all.have.drunk.people. Stop complaining about the drunks and deal with it. Jesus.

Lil' Guv

If you don't like house music, fashion, or dancing, this place is not for you!

The house music is fantastic and really like that they fly boys are welcome there too. Drink service is a little slow and some of the bartenders have unnecessary attitude.

this is an amazing club

if you're going to go to uniun, please educate yourself before going.

this club plays EDM (electronic dance music for all you who dont know). if you are looking for top40 and hip hop, DONT come here.

this club is a great club with AMAZING music. manzone & strong have been around for years, longer than some of these clubs have even been around.

besides, this club is owned by INK and they run the top clubs in the city. they know how to run a club and keep it going forever.

EDUCATE yourself before coming to a club. this club is amazing.


Wow what can I say first off its all techno and house music so if thats your scene this is the place for you, its 20 dollars cover and has a weird crowd. Mix of snobby people or as they call it sophisticated (ya right) and then creppy people.. its just odd.. I wish it was still devils martin ; ( .. I would never go back here..


Love Uniun! been a few times now on saturday nights, and it just keeps getting better. staff is super friendly, good looking crowd, great music. its the only club i know that has a completely different crowd and night on fridays and sats. Fris are big name djs casual dress, younger crowd. sats are 25+, and very classy. Well done UNIUN!!

Waste of time

Cost of cover is crazy, bartender was rude, strange older crowd. Headlamps outside we're off... And it took about 15 mins to find from the street. Save your 30 dollars and do not go!

It's OK

nice club (looks good, nice washrooms, clean, etc.) but terrible crowd (annoying and drunk) and the music sucks. I'd rather go to a place with good music and good DJs. their resident DJs (Manzone and Strong) are the worst. they can clear a dance floor in no time!


this place has the worst bouncers ever. dont waste ur time.

Uniun back

i use to work at uniun on richmond st !! is this gervinders new club?


Got to the nightclub by 11:15pm. Bouncer at the door and lady next to him was asking $30/person. If you were on the guest list you pay $25. After 12am you pay $40. For that kind of money I rather go to a concert ot better yet another nightclub that charges less and I can spend more $$$$ in drinks. Not worth the money.

been there done that

nothing like keeping it fresh and innovative guys!
"factory nites been done before many a times already"

Nov. 10

Definitely a visit..

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