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82 Peter St., Toronto, ON

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Part parlour...part garden...part labyrinth under the stars - Tryst Nightclub is a multi-sensory experience that beguiles and enchants. Catering only to a discerning clientele, Tryst Nightclub features three distinct salons that pay tribute to the themes of opulence, extravagance and unspoken sensuality. From the wickedly indulgent to the secretly intimate, an evening at Tryst Nightclub is a ...

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Venue Type
Friday - Sunday (10pm-2am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
1200 person capacity, 2 levels + patio

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Tryst Reviews

best club downtown

We went to Tryst saturday night and it was awesome.
It is the best club downtown in my books.
There was a big line up when we got there, but since we were a group of girls, the doorman let us in right away.
The music was great, the crowd looked good.
We will be back next week

Tryst % Year

Great night last night at tryst. me and my girls had a blast. crowd was great. music was good, cant wait to go back. Downside was it took a while to get in for my booth ,but well worth the wait.

Victoria Secret!

I went to tryst on Sat and they had a Victoria Secret Party! I love Victoria Secret! They had giveaways and everything! Was such a fun party. Music, staf crowd etc was good too so overall great night! I would for sure go back!

Nicest Bartenders

Went to tryst on the weekend all the bartenders and staff were soo nice and friendly.

Amazing Glow Night

I can not wait for the next glow night at tryst! They are always so fun!

Best Birthday

I love tryst! I just did my birthday party there and had a great time! Bottle service was a great deal and we loved our booth! Music was good!

Rude staff at Thryst Night Club.

I have never written a bad review for a night club. But this time i think thryst night club really deserve this review. I had a very disappointing experience at thryst night club last night (24/jan/2015). I went there in a group of 15 people. I gave my jacket and my hat to the girl at the coat check and i paid 3$ for it.
I went back to the coat check girl to get my jacket and my hat when i was about to leave. The girl at the coat check said she has only my jacket and she doesn't know where she put my hat. Then i said "i really need my hat could you please look for it one more time. It probably is on the floor under the jackets." (they were my exact words. I was more polite than a knight). She refused to look for it. Then again i repeatedly but politely requested her to look for it one more time.

She started swearing at me ( f*** you. I'm not gonna look for your f***ing hat again) and she gave me her finger. I was confused and i asked her why are you swearing at me and giving me your finger. I just need my hat.

Then the manager arrived and i explained the situation to him. He found my hat and asked if he can offer me a drink or a free pass for next time. I politely said 'no' to him since i had no interest going back there or drinking alcohol for free from them.

The manager was a polite gentleman. The coat check girl was a rude, unprofessional girl who has no customer serving skills. Our whole group was disappointed and annoyed by the way she treated us.

I hope this would help other people in toronto to decide where to spend your money and to have a good time.


I don't plan on returning to tryst because they made a big fuss over my friend's leather jogger pants....Like get real apparently not "stylish" enough & the pre dj kept playing old songs e.G. Rihanna disturbia so lame it didn't get entertaining till the raptor's dj came but then i spotted a cockroach on the floor & the space is really cramped prefer gravity !

Favorite club!

This club is always a good time! Regardless if you go on a friday, saturday or sunday! Very friendly staff & management. Always an amazing party!

Best club in toronto!

Always a good time when i go to tryst. The music, atmosphere, and staff are amazing. Definitely will be returning!!


Been to tryst many times this year and i have to say i absolutely love the place. Always a blast, managers always make sure you're taken care of. Bar staff always friendly, servers are really sweet, we have btl service and never really asked her to bring us anything cuz we already had it. Love the music, all relevant. Got drink tickets for free at the front. Over all great time.

Great Music

Great music! Fun party! Already, got tickets for halloween heard from my friends who went last year they throw a fun halloween party!


Tryst is an amazing time!

Food is so good!

Went to tryst on sunday and they had the best food on the patio. Enjoyed my chili dog!

Great party

My friends and i reached tryst on saturday night and really enjoyed the party. Good vibe and enjoyed dancing

Lost my Phone-Tryst Got it Back to Me!

I went to tryst this weekend and lost my iphone5. I was so upset that i thought it would be gone. I told the bouncers and called the next day and they actually found it for me! They were so helpful. Called me right away and i picked it up the next day! Thank you tryst!

Amazing Glow Night

I went to tryst for their glow event and it was really great. I loved the hula hoop performers and they gave away tons of free glow sticks. The music was awesome and my friends and i had a great time!

Amazing Club

Tryst is just overall a sick club. Great music, fun crowd, happening party. I especially enjoy when they have glow parties. They always have tons of huge awesome glow sticks for the crowd and cool lighting effects.

tryst saturday

Bot normally one to post comments but me and the boys went to tryst last saturday night for the first time in like 2 years, had a sick night!! We had bottle service and at about midnight the vip girls brought us 3 cans of pringles lol tons of hot chicks and the music was a pretty good mix of everything..We will be going back forsure!!!

Hot Chocolate

I went to tryst this weekend. My friends and i were a little worried about going out on such a cold night but they brought us hot chocolate while we were waiting in line! It was such a delicious warm treat! It made the time in line go by so fast. Once inside, we had a great time. Music was awesome and everyone was having a fun time. They gave us cool glow sticks and had black lights and everything so the club looked really sick. Will for sure go back.

My Weekend at Tryst

I went to tryst this weekend for mine and my sisters birthday. i recommended this club because everytime i go i have an amazing time. this time not so great. we had a booth and bottle service however my booth was not what i expected it to look like, upon agreement with a member of the tryst team. this was my sister's first time clubbing and she and i were both very disappointed. our booth was on the second level and by the end of the night i couldn't go up and get my stuff and i had to cause a scene.

However dispite the stressful evening i had, the music and environment were great.
I just wish my 21st and my sister's 19th birthday were a bit more memorable, in a good way.

love this place

Love this place , been going here for a while now , love the crowd and the music. always treated with respect by the staff, the bouncers r great as well. Adria is my favorite, i always come back just because the way she treats me and my ppl.

Tryst great club

Tryst is a great club, only been there once was last weekend but i wanna go back every weekend now. There door staff is very nice

Amazing as always

Tryst is my favourite club ever! My friends and i go there almost every weekend. We went for new years and had such a great time! I t was such a happening party!


Tryst is a terrible club with a horribly rude and unprofessional staff. Before i even got to tryst i had to deal with their incompetent staff via email, text message, and over the phone to book our bottle service. The staff made what is usually an easy transaction, a long and drawn out ordeal. After getting my credit card information they never even responded to my email to let me know if my transaction went through! I had to call the promoter multiple times and text and email him only to be ignored- i honestly thought it was some kind of scam. Then i called the club's manager and he just told me to try contacting the promoter again. It wasn't until two days before i was going to tryst that they finally confirmed that my transaction had gone through but then they gave me absolutely no proof of payment in spite of my repeated requests for one.
When my group of friends and i got to tryst we had to wait in line two hours outside in the freezing cold even though we already had and paid for a booth and our tickets. The staff kept seating people at the wrong booths and while we waited outside we had to deal with the rude and belligerent bouncers. When we finally got inside, our “booth” turned out to be nothing more than a corner of the bar. To top it all off the service was terrible. The bartender forgot to give us our chasers and we had to repeatedly ask for glasses. I definitely wouldn't recommend tryst to anyone. It was a horrible waste of time and money and a terrible experience overall. I've never been treated so rudely by customer service in my life.

Bad experience on NYE.

I know it's expected for the club to be packed on new years eve but the fact that we booked a booth & bought our tickets online.. It shouldn't of taken as long as it did to get instead. On top of that, one of the promoters was extremely rude to my friends and told us there was a cover of "$100" just to get in (online it's only $60 so that couldn't of been true). he was very disrespectful and even yelled at my friend and told the other bouncer not to let her in. What kind of customer service is that? Then when we finally got in the coat check was full .. And there were no booths left even though my girl booked it prior to this occasion. When we finally got in we were stuck with a booth right by the side of the bar ..

If i were you , i'd think twice if you want to do your birthday here !


They were very rude, unprofessional and disorganized at this club! Even though we prepaid for a booth and bottle service we had to wait in line for a long time in the cold! There was also a lot of confusion with the booths so we had to sit there while they yelled with the people in front of us and each other. Also, they people organizing the line outside were extremely rude and we have never been treated that way whether it is a club or not! We were yelled and many disrespectful things were said.
Also, they're bottle service and booth was misleading because it was not a booth were standing up at a bar holding our coasts because coat check was full!
This is the worst experience i have ever had at a club and they are unprofessional and rude. When we got in my mood was completely ruined. It was my friend's birthday and it was ruined and so was my new years! I would never go back there!!

NYE 2014

My group had to wait in line almost 30 min even though we had a table booked, the coat check ran out of space, our "table" was a section of the bar counter, and some of their staff was had absolutely no customer service skills. I've never been to a place where i paid money and got this kind of treatment and service. It's pretty obvious their staff and management can't handle big events with professionalism and class.

Great Bottle service

I had my birthday party at tryst and it was great! I loved our booth! We got treated so well by the staff too! And they even gave us a bottle of champagne! All my friends loved too for sure all doing their bdays there! And already bought our nye tickets!

Awesome Club

Tryst plays such sick music! Always a great night full of drinking and dancing! Can't wait to go tomorrow and have a picture with santa!

Can’t get a drink!!! WORSE BATENDERS

We have heard so much about tryst, we decided to check it out.
I really like the layout and the 2 rooms 2 sounds concept is great. It is a popular place, very busy and lots of hotties.
But i don’t know how this nightclub is making any money. It is very hard to get a drink from the bartenders. Their money maker must be their bottle service because i don’t see them making much off the bars.
We asked for 2 vodka cranberry from a bartender that looked like she had to much to drink. She served us rum and coke, so when i told her we asked for vodka cranberry, she mumbled something and i figure out that it was a lot more than drinks she had; the girl is on drugs, super high at work serving people. i had a laugh about it and we left her bar.
Next bar, the bartender had her back at us for 2 full minutes, she was texting. She didn’t even acknowledge neither us nor any other clients waiting to be served.
Another bar didn’t have a bartender !!! There was a barback serving people. We didn’t even bother.
We went to the dance floor where we picked up some girls and invited them for some drinks. The bartender looked like she hated her job, not a smile, not a your welcome, poor girl looked miserable. I actually felt sorry for her.
Needless to say i will never go back to this nightclub, and if i am dragged cause of a birthday or something, i will make sure to predrink at a bar before heading there.

Good Bottle service

My friend had her birthday party at tryst. We had a really fun night. We booked bottle service. Our booth was good and the staff treated us really well. I am planning to have my birthday there too

Really Good DJ

I went to tryst friday night! They had anthem kingz djing which my friends and i really enjoyed. Vibe was great overall fun club will go back!


The bouncers absolutely kill the patrons moods. I think it is unjust to make up fake reasons why people cant enter (not wearing a shirt with a colar)... And then ask for a $20 tip to get in. The clubs cool, but the doormen (i think the name is al) kills it. I wont be returning because of your doormen. I was wearing jeans with a rip design, and then the bouncer charged me $20 because of it. All my girls were in and paid, so i had to pay.

Great Vibe

I went to tryst this weekend and really liked the vibe. Great staff, amazing music and just chill vibe. Crowd seemed to be having a good time.


Hi michelle,

I'm a representative of tryst. We are as shocked as you are that the incident happened. we take our service very seriously. please send me an email at elle@trysttoronto.Com so we can discuss what happened and hopefully show you a great time at the club in the future

Good bottle service

Got a booth with my girls on friday. Really nice booth and the service was great

Amazing time

Went to tryst on the weekend. Had such a great time. Sick music. Love the photobooth. Nice staff. Will for sure go back

BAD SECURITY - I will never go back

Last saturday night, i was with a group of 5 girls, minding our business and having a great time. Some guy who obviously couldn't handle his alcohol, grabbed my ass. As soon as i started yelling at him, he called his security buddy and they had me kicked out of the club!!!
Outside the door, i tried explaining to one of the security what actually happened, he didnt want to hear anything!!!
Then another security guy took me aside, and told me that the guy is friend with the security and also with management, and there is no way they will let me back in the club or kick their buddy out.
I found it disgusting to threat regular patron like this, specially girls.
We will never ever come back to this club and i will all my friends about our experience at tryst.
Shame on you tryst, it is nightclubs like you that are giving the entertainment district a bad name.

Hip Hop

I went on saturday and i loved the hip hop they were playing upstairs. Really sick party overall

Great Prices

I love that whenever i go to tryst the drink price are always really reasonable. This weekend they had $5 coronas which was really sweet!

worse security ever - DONT GO TO TRYST

I was looking to a good night cause i know shit gets crazy when i go out with my boyz. We booked a booth saturday night for 4 people and 2 bottles.
We get there nice and early, we are greeted by a waiter at the front who is about to get us in when an asshole doorman says, we have to pay an extra $20 per person for "penalties". Penalties, wtf is that???
He says they have a dress code and our shoes aren't part of it...So the greedy motherffucker wants $80 to put in his pocket for the 4 of us.
I said "fuck that", took my boys and went to aria a club just down the street, we poped bottles there and had a good time.
I hope the owners and managers read this so they see they lost 4 good bottle buying clients, and deal with this preak.


I went to tryst friday and saw snoop lion. It was one of the best nights of my life. So beyond exciting. I went because i am a huge snoop fan and i saw it on facebook but now i really liked the club overall and have already booked my birthday in a couple weeks.


went there last night for snoop dogg and didnt even get to meet him.. Security wouldnt let guys go near him at all and evn some ladies had some troubles tryna get a pic. He played top 40 and nobody danced instead everyone just took pics and videos

The staff looked stressed out inside especially security and i was waiting forever to get a drink so i went upstairs to get a drink where it was actually dead.. The only good thing about upstairs was the good looking bartender outside who was dancing behind her bar xd

I give it a 3 i will probably go back but not anytime soon lol


I went to opium on sat and it was soooooo awesome! So different from all the other clubs in toronto. I loved the hip hop music. The crowd was really nice...Seemed mature and well dressed. Full of hotties. For sure going to be the new hot spot!


I went to tryst last weekend. Had a fun time! I really liked the music upstairs!

Best Patio I have been to

I went to tryst on saturday. Had a great time. My friends and i really liked the patio. The staff was so nice and had these amazing nurse outfits i want one for halloween!

Bottle Service

I went to tryst a little while ago and we had gotten bottle service. I don't know if it was the bartender or what but our bottles were definately watered down. We have some lightweights in our group and many were just drinking straight shots and it was like nothing. And yes this was with no ice. Definately not going back. This is the third time we have gotten bottle service there and this has never happened before. I was very disappointed.

bad times at tryst

Tryst has been advertising about a new room called opium and that plays hiphop on saturdays.
My boys and i went to check it out, and what a disappointment it was!
We go there pretty early to avoid the lines. At the door, no one greeted us, no one smiled, no one was pleasant. The doorman said “id” and that is all he said.
The cashier that looks like she lost her dog said “twenty bucks”. She didn’t even look at us.
Inside, we go to a bar and a fat short busser looking guy come to order our drinks, we look at each other we are like “oh we have some drinks a little later”
What happened to some eye candy serving drinks ? If i go downtown to drink over priced drinks, i want to be served by a hot ass bartender, and not by a guy that looks like he has been eating to many burgers.
We try to enter the opium room, but the doorman is telling us that there is a wristband policy! We tried explaining to him that we came here for that room, but he wasn’t really interested in listening to what we have to say.
I told my boys to try to enter the room from the other side, but same thing on the other side.
Wtf is that ! Advertising a hip-hop room and not letting anyone in it.
As we left the club, a flyer guy approaches us and gave us some passes for time, which is right across the street from tryst, we went in and had a great time. Later we heard that many people from tryst left to came to time.
We aren’t going back to tryst.

Ass on tap!!

This club is crayy! Way better than chili's. They've got ass on tap! If you like white bitches with the tig ol' bitties, tryst is where you want to be.

Roaring 20's!!!!!

I went to tryst on sat. They had a tiffany giveaway and a great gatsby theme. Was amazing. Loved the décor. The bartenders outfits were so awesome! Great party. Amazing music. Staff is so nice!

So fun

Went on sat and was a blast. Guys dressed in sesame street characters came out pouring drinks in people's mouths and stuff. What a cool party! I took so many great pictures.

great club, bad staff and horrible doormen

As we enter the club, we were saluted by some fat, sloppy, casually dressed and very impolite doormen. One of them was eating while answering our questions. Lmao. What a bad image for a nightclub.
Another one was having a casual conversation on his cel while standing at the front door.
I even overheard one doormen extremely rude language to another staff member.
The first thing that came to my mind was "omg we are way over dressed" and i thought this place was to ghetto for us.
But we were pleasantly surprised and put at ease when we entered and were greeted by a group of good looking and very friendly hosts and hostesses.
Some bartenders were friendly and fast, some of them were responding to text messages while customers were waiting to get their orders taken. I dont get it!!!! Dont they want to get tipped ? I personally refuse to buy from such unprofessional people, so i would go to another part of the club and order my drink from the next bartender.
The music was great and the club is really nice. They also have a big patio which is a plus for the summer.
We had a great time, and met some wonderful people. Too bad their staff is so unprofessional.

It was alright

Went there last night and it was okay. The guy at the entrance who collects the ticket was super rude and not helpful. We asked him a question and he literally told us that he had no f***ing time to deal with us… the drinks are super expensive: 2 jagger bomb for $25, crazy! For some reason the dj just loved playing house (not my personal favourite), but did play some more r&b for the rest of the night which is nice. But overall, i was still able to enjoy the night with my friends. Just as a side note, get there early, maybe before 11 even. Otherwise, you will wait for at least 30 minutes outside and not be able to get your coat checked…super busy club.

Fridays are so fun

Went to tryst on friday. Had the best time. Really good music.

rude waitress

I went to Tryst on saturday for the first time.
The service was horrible, there was a tall skinny asian girl at the front desk and a white girl that gave us nothing but attitude.
too bad because the club was a very nice club with a cool patio and a crazy main room.
the music was great, everyone was friendly.
the club should hire more professional staff
i still give it a 3 stars

best club downtown

We went to Tryst saturday night and it was awesome.
It is the best club downtown in my books.
There was a big line up when we got there, but since we were a group of girls, the doorman let us in right away.
The music was great, the crowd looked good.
We will be back next week

Tryst % Year

Great night last night at tryst. me and my girls had a blast. crowd was great. music was good, cant wait to go back. Downside was it took a while to get in for my booth ,but well worth the wait.

Favorite Club

I am so excited for Tryst's anniversary this weekend! My favorite club is turning 5! I have been going there since it opened and it is always amazing!

Nice staff

I had my birthday at tryst and I found the bar tenders and bottle service girls really friendly. Our booth was nice and the music was good. Had a fun birthday!

Victoria Secret!

I went to tryst on Sat and they had a Victoria Secret Party! I love Victoria Secret! They had giveaways and everything! Was such a fun party. Music, staf crowd etc was good too so overall great night! I would for sure go back!

Wheel of Prizes!

Tryst had a deal or no deal party fri! It was so cool. They had a big wheel you could spin for cool prizes!!! I love when clubs do little extras like that

nice club rude staff

Club was kinda small pretty nice and a good vibe... I've been to a lot of clubs downtown, not the really upscale ones but a lot. This was top 5

However, the staff are so rude! Ie. bartender tells me my total for drinks and I couldn't hear her probably I gave her the wrong money and she was so mad there was no tip. it was a genuine mistake. A simple clarification would have sufficed. I always tip at bars, most of the time I over tip! They should reel in their staff.


As the owner/operator of Tyst nightclub, i'd like to thank everyone for supporting us the last 10yrs and making us Toronto"s #1 party destination.
A few of our customers have voiced negative comments, some in this forum
Let me assure you i take complaints very seriously and will take the appropriate steps to rectify the situation.
Be it a doorman that has become aggressive,
A server/bartender that is rude or delivers less than 5* service , and mosrt importantly
a manager who uses his position or authority for anything other than serving the guest.. Or one who has overstepped his bounds w the female clientele
In the interest of your continued patronage i urge you to contact me directly @ 416 294 0844 should the need arise

Great Night

Was home from Uni this weekend and went to tryst. Had a great time. Can not wait to be back in the city this summer and go every weekend

Best Bottle Service

We had bottles at tryst! So fabulous! We all got in free. Our booth was nice. Club was fun!

Fun Dance Floor

I really like tryst. My friends and I always have a great time and love the dance floor.


Barbie Party on Sat was the best!

Free before 12

I am not sure what people are talking about my girls and I shpowed up after 11:30 and got in free no problem

Miss Palmer was so good

I am really into DJ's. Went to alot of shows. Miss Palmer at tryst was really awesome.

Nicest Bartenders

Went to tryst on the weekend all the bartenders and staff were soo nice and friendly.

all bs

I went to tryst last weekend, paid $20 cover while i was promised free cover!!!
They mentioned they had Afrojack. LIES.
There was no Afrojack in the building. Just a stupid performance by a girl I never heard of.

False advertising !!!

Tryst has been going down lately with all their fake advertising.
I was promised ladies free. We refused to pay and left
We saw a huge line up at a club down the street, it was Aria. We never knew about it.
The doormen got us in, and this is our new saturday spot.

Worse doormen

Tryst is a nice club and I like to hang out there once in a while, but their doormen are the worse ever.
I booked a booth and came with a group of 6 guys.
As we are about to enter, a doorman comes to us and say you are not getting in, you are drunk!!!
We had dinner earlier and we did have a few drinks at dinner, but none of us was drunk.
He was rude and insulting. I offered him $40 to look the other way and let us in. He said he wants $20 per person. I was disgusted to pay that guy $120 but I had no choice.
The booth next to me said they had a similar type of issue but they refused to pay off the doormen so they lost a few people from their group.

Fun club

Tryst is a super fun club. Chill. Good music. Fun crowd. Nice staff. If you want a fun night out I would say go to tryst


I went to tryst after the Swedish House Mafia concert on Friday. Had a great time. Good to keep the partying rolling.


I was there last night and I basically saw one of the bouncers choke a guy who was defending himself from someone else. He continued to choke the guy as he dragged him out of the club even though he was not resisting. My friends and I followed outside to see what was going on.. to my shock the bouncer punched the guy in the face and knocked him on the cement! Are you kiddinggg me?????


My friend had her birthday at tryst last weekend. Was really impressed. We had a great booth and loved the music! For sure doing my next party there!

Great time

Went to tryst this weekend! Had a blast! Great music! Danced all night

Reading Week Means Tryst!!!

I am sooo excited to be going home to Toronto for reading week because I get to party at tryst!! Best club. Miss it so much when I am at school.

Great Night Out

Went to tryst with me friends on Saturday. Had a fabulous time! Love love love loved the music! Crowd was great. Fun party!

Nice club

Tryst is really nice. Staff is cool. Music is good. Crowd is there for a fun time

Best Birthday

Had my birthday at tryst and it was perfect! Really glad I went with bottle service there

Look at the report

Sign the Form

Terrible Service

The servers for bottle service was terrible

Did not give us a booth until after 2 hours we were there even though we booked this 2 weeks in advance.

I will never do another birthday here again.

Changed my Mind

I usually only like lounges but I went to tryst for the first time this weekend for my friends bday. It was super awesome! I will for sure go back! Very fun, great music, fun to dance but still chill

Super Superbowl

The Superbowl party at tryst was so much fun! My boyfriend really liked too so it was awesome to have a theme night we both enjoyed so much!!!

Not as good as it used to be.

When I used to go here in the summer, it was great! I always had a good time. Now, it seems like it's flare.

First the crowd. It's PACKED with Asians who only dance with their friend/Asian guys and lightskin girls who are very stuck up. Just a very uptight crowd who even look weird at guys like me who just dance to get pumped, not even trying to grind.

The bouncers always give people a hard time. It's struggle to get inside the club and once you're in, they try to kick people out the first chance they get. You slip from someone else's spilled drink, you're obviously drunk and need to leave!

The downstairs dance floor is super narrow and is just awkward spacing. Good luck actually dancing between 12-1:30am.

Unless you have bottle service, don't waste your money on this place and it's high priced cover. Hopefully it will turn around by May for the Summer.

So fun

Tryst is totally fun! Great music! Fun crowd. The staff is always super nice to me and my friends!

Amazing service

Was really impressed was how nice and attentive the staff at tryst is!!

Music sucks

great club, too bad the music sucks.
I went for a birthday party on saturday and had bottle service in the small room near the patio. I liked everything about the club but music sucked in our room, so we had to leave our booth and we spend most of our night in the big room.


Went to Tryst for my 22nd bday this weekend and had an absolute blast. I suggest hitting up the Main room, it has literally the best music I've seen from any club in Toronto I've been to if you're into the Top 40 scene. Crowd was great (early 20s), and the place was awesome. Only downside was that our booth was a bit too small and we had to upgrade when we got there, but even that was done right away for us with little to no hassle.

Definitly coming back for more soon. Tryst is now my favorite club in town

Good DJ

Tryst plays really good music

Super Fun Times

I went to tryst this weekend. Really liked it! Sick tunes!

So excited to go back

I went to tryst for the first time last weekend after switchng schools to U of T. I loved it! Really fun! Super chill! Can't wait to go again Sat!

Wow I love tryst

Tryst is actually so fun. Great music! Fun times! Such nice staff! Always have cool nights! I go at least once a month and it never gets boring! Never!!!

Done- finished

This is what you get when non club guys run clubs!! Stick to your own indusrty!! You rely on promoters who dont know SQUAT other than spending your money and bringing the d list crowd!! Its gross......

Great Bottle Service

Had bottle service for my friends bday at tryst. Was very impressed. The prices were really good which was a nice start! The staff was super nice. Hot fun crowd. Great music!

Coolest Tight and Bright

Went to the tight and bright party at tryst this weekend! Was sooo fun! I love dressing up! Great club!

The end is coming

Tryst is now feeling the heat of the new hot clubs opening.
It isn't as busy as it used to be, and the doormen pockets must be empty now.
Glad this happened, they deserve everything coming to them.
I saw Tryst's owner at Aria, looks like he was begging promotors and staff to come work at Tryst.
Tryst must have been dead if the owner is snooping around.


I love tryst! Just fun

Amazing club

Tryst is really awesome! I always have a good time. Staff is so nice. They always have little things to show they go the extra mile for the customers. Whether it is a great guest, theme, hot chocolate in line when it is cold. Great club!

great nye

I have done so many different things for NYE. Never been that memorable. Until this year at Tryst. We had bottle service and got a great booth. It was busy of course bc NYE but really fun! I am for sure doing that again next year

Did NOTget what I PAID for!!!!

NYE was horrrrrrrrrrible. I am never going to this club again. I paid for a booth, and they gave me a stand up booth. I asked them what this was about and they said I could either take it or leave. I booked this 2 weeks in advance. Call your credit card company about this and create an investigation about this so it doesn't happen to anyone else.


I love, love, LOVE Tryst. Every time I've gone, the music was amazing (good mix of genres), bar service is pretty quick, bouncers were really nice and overall good vibe. Ppl shouldn't complain about fellow clubbers getting too drunk and being sick, or guys being too aggressive... that's in every club. Tryst doesn't have control of how ppl conduct themselves, especially when under the influence of alcohol. I love this place and can't wait to take my friend for her birthday because she's never been!


I normally really enjoy this club, but last night was a disaster. They over-booked the entire club, they even ran out of room at coat check. Tell me how you are supposed to dance holding a winter jacket? Then security came outside and said a manager said that those who couldn't get in would get a refund. That had to be a blatant lie. There was no manager present and no way to indicate who was still outside. This was the epidomy of all terrible nightclub stereotypes.

TRYST stole my money

I was promised a sit down booth, and was given a stand up booth. Then when I said this wasn't what I paid for, they offered to give me back my money and not give me the bottles, but still charged my credit card. This was for NYE 2013. Never again!!!!

Fun club

Tryst is really fun. They always have cool nights and little things like hot chocolate or popcorn or cotton candy. Sweet!!

My pick for NYE

NYE is like the biggest going out night so it is important to pick a good venue. Judging by the wonderful time I always have at tryst I know it will be great for NYE

First of Many

I went to tryst for the first time this weekend. I will for sure be going back. Loved it! Really great music. Fun dance floor with lots of people dancing and having a great time! Best club I have been to so far in Toronto

I really enjoy tryst

I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I have been to tryst a few times and always have a really great time. The staff is super nice. Everyone always seems happy to be there whether woking there or partying there. I would say worth checking out

nasty.........thats about it.

Other than the bartenders being relatively friendly and the photographers doing their job efficiently, that place was without a doubt the most disturbing place to have spent my night last night. I know I'm just 20 so I shouldn't expect for a much of a mature crowd and all....but me and my girlfriend couldn't pass by anywhere for a second without some random hormonal nasty-ass guy trying to grab us. Our guy friends were on edge all night because of that and it just annoyed the crap out of us. Forgetting the fact that the crowd was trash, the floors had drinks all over them and a little while after there was I don't know toilet paper or something EVERYWHERE on the ground. Not only did i trip like countless times but the freaking toilet paper or whatever that shit was kept sticking to my heels. It was hard walking a minute without some crap being stuck under my shoe. And I'd spend another minute just trying to take it off...
All in all.....
Whoever said this club was good is probably getting paid to do it or their on crack. Tryst is dirty and fyi the one star that i did give was for the people who actually put up an effort to do their job....(plus i can't give anything less than a one star)


Most fun Ive had in a while & I go club hopping every other week! Love Tryst!!

Chills and fun

I love tryst! So much fun! Really chill. Fun crowd! Good music


Another club gone ghetto! Gross!!!

Great time

I went to tryst this Friday. Had a wonderful time. Would for sure go back!!!

Tryst is the best

I love tryst! I go all the time! Amazing theme nights. Cool contests.....they gave away Jimmy Choos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice staff! Decent drink prices! Awesome booths and bottle service! Cool music. Fun crowd

Great Birthday

Had my last bday at tryst! Really loved it! Were treated amazing. Nice booth. Music was unreal


Tryst is the best club I have been to in a long time. Tried for the first time this weekend and loved!


Place smells like vomit and urine, I know they let any clientele in but why is the place so dirty? Dont clubs monitor clientele anymore? I needed to bath after sunday nite.

Not likely again

15 of us went this past weekend for my buddys birthday. We arrived at 11:27 (knowing we had to be in by 11:30 and with the traffic, made it later than intended) and the doorman tried to charge us for entry even though we had bottle service. We were able to get in anyway.
Do they have liquor control here? Possibly the drunkest people I've ever seen wandering around this place by the end of the night. Kylie was not exaggerating as I saw the exact same thing.
I was driving so I was only drinking water, I asked for a glass at the bar and the bartender started pouring vodka and water; I stopped him and said I just want water because I'm driving. He waved me off and said he doesn't serve just water and to get out of here. I said ok, give me a bottle then, he said "$8". I told him to f*** off and went to the other bar where they gave me a glass of water without the dick head attitude.
Likely won't be going back.


was forced to go this weekend because we were offered the "best deal" for our group of 17 people. we were supposed to get 3 bottles and 17 people in for $400
I even told the birtday girl it sounded to good to be true but she said she spoke to some guy "domenic" who is the owner supposedly and he guaranteed it
needless to say we arrive there and get told that we are crazy to expect that deal
guy with the clipboard is a complete dick instead of listening tries to make us sound like we are lying
we end up having to pay over $100 more than we were told and go in for the sake of not ruining the bday girls night
they make us give the money to the host outside like so ghetto
once inside we realize why
the club is full of underage little punks humping and grabbing at us
we got the privilege of seeing not just one BUT TWO kids projectile VOMIT in the club. some girl was putting napkins over the puke and making sarcastic comments that were really quite true
Desperate clubs letting in any trash this is what you can expect

i came here 2 years ago and it was sooo much better

needless to say WE WILL NOT BE GOING BACK


Tryst is pretty chill. Lots of hot girls. Actually met my girlfriend there. We still go alot. Always have bottle service for our birthdays which they do a great job of.

I like tryst

I like tryst. It is a fun time. Cool crowd. They have lots of theme nights. They often have cool special guests. Amazing patio. Nice staff!

worse bouncers

I like Tryst and go used to go there every few weeks.
Music is great, lots of hot girls, and usually a fun night out.
But what the fuck is wrong with their bouncers??? over aggressive juice heads.
I was in line with 4 of my buddies and one bouncer comes to me and said "get the fuck out of the line", I was like "what", he said this to me word by word "get the fuck out of the line before I rip your face, you piece of shit"
and then came to my face like he wanted to fight me.
as we were about to leave and his bouncer buddy comes to me and said " dont mind him , he is having a bad night, and he can't let you in because of your shoes"
I was like " he is having a bad night and that give him the right to insult and threaten me???"
then he told us that if we give him $20 each, he would get us in.
i gave the guy $100 and we were right in.
we were all shocked by the aggressiveness of the bouncers so needless to say we couldn't have a good time.
I am never going back to Tryst.
too bad cause i liked it there, but can't deal with security acting like this.

BEWARE: this club is AWFUL and the positive reviews posted are a SCAM

its funny how their staff is still posting pretending to be patrons right after they saw my previous post uncovering their bogus online marketing schemes

deny it all you want the staff themselves admit to it
they hate having their jobs threatened to have to promote the club


Tryst is actually my favorite place. So fun. I have been there at least twice a month every month since I turned 19 two years ago and have actually never had a bad time there!

I don't work at tryst and I love it

It's really annoying that when someone doesn't like something they asume that anyone who does must by lying. This review is legit and I can tell you I love tryst. The music is amazing. The crowd is fun. The staff is sooo nice. My friends and I go there alot and we always love it!

BEWARE: this club is AWFUL and the positive reviews posted are a SCAM

all these "amazing reviews" are a SCAM
my friend worked at tryst and so I decided to have my birthday there a couple months ago. we came pretty early and were sitting in the big room while they had a staff meeting before they opened. the owner was yelling at the staff about reviews online and how he DEAMANDED THAT EACH STAFF MEMBER GO ONLINE AND POST A POSITIVE REVIEW or they would lose their job.

any intelligent person can read through the crap and see how many of these positive posts are FAKE

once the party started it got busy but with sweaty young brown punk kids who were trying to grab and grind our girls
they would not leave us alone and when asked to stop they knocked over our drinks and started a fight with a guy there that tried to tell them to relax

another friend had bottle service that night got fed up and left because their booth was over run by kids grinding and falling all over their booth

one thing music was good

over all there are many better places DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

I love tryst

Last Friday was my 19th birthday and I went to tryst for my first time! BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!! Going back again this week!!!

Favorite Club

I go out clubbing every weekend sometimes two nights a week. Yet no matter where I go I always love tryst the best. It is such a fun club. Staff is great. Music is fab.


Some of the reviews that are listed perfect are lies.
This club was alright inside but when my friends and i had a bottle service booked. I told the guy i was on list and he said i was in for free because of the bottle service. After that another worker whisper to the guy telling him to charge me $5. Then he said nvm make it $25. What the hell?


went here last night bouncers were the biggest assholes I've ever experianced in my life... I've never been treated like such shit in my life It was my 21st birthday an they absolutely ruined it.. I will NEVER return or reccomend this place ever as long as I live

Awesome time!

Went here last night for my sisters bachelorette party. People at the door were nice and let us right in, no issues!... Bar tenders were nice, friendly and quick. Security is good, on the ball and quick to respond if someone is annoying you lol... If you aren't a drunk out of control idiot you'll have a good time! :)

What a Night!

Such a great night for my girlfriend's b day! Definitely will go back, staff was so friendly especially that flamboyant Bartender Cory! I love him!


I went to tryst for Halloween had a blast. I will go again!

Best Halloween Of Life

Went to tryst on Sat to celebrate Halloween! Was so busy with a great crowd. So may wicked costumes. Everyone was having a great time. I loved the music. The staff was still so nice even though they must have been going out of their minds it was so busy!

A great Halloween party

Easily the best Halloween Party I have enjoyed in the city. The club was packed, the DJ kept the party going and our bottle service staff fast and friendly. Thank you to our server Andrea for making sure our night was perfect!


Tryst is overall a good time...the staff works really hard to ensure you have a great experience, music is a mix of everything and everyone just parties! They always have fun themed nights and lots of celebraties and great bottle prices ..oh and the staff is pretty cute which doesnt hurt

Bad Review.. from someone who knows what a good club is

The first thing I thought of when I heard about Tryst.. sounds classy, upscale, mature crowd: WRONG

Terrible experience here. Got a booth with bottle service with 15 people. The booth was a joke, seated 4/5 people tops. It was situated right beside a door with the employees coming in and out of, I had to dodge them 3/4 times!

Diiiirty club.. floor was soo slippery from all the drinks spilled I could barely walk without slipping. There was broken glass that didn't get cleaned up for a good 20 minutes right in front of our booth.

Not one, not two, but three fights broke out (probably more) while I was there. One fight between a man and a WOMEN broke out on the main dance floor right beside me, had to duck and dodge to get out of the way. When the bouncers finally got them out, there was blood scattered over half the dance floor. It was disgusting. Didn't feel safe at all.

Club was full of sketchy people. Not a classy crowd

Went out to the smoking area, bought a screwdriver at the bar. $7 I took a sip, turned to the bartender and asked him if he forgot to put the liquor in? (he was unfriendly and looked like he hated his life.) don't blame him.

Overall, bad vibe, sketchy, dirty atmosphere. First and last visit.

Best club...ever

Tryst rocks! Really the end!

Great Place Great Time

I have been going to Tryst for years now and there are many reasons why..... the music is awesome its not always the same crap every week where the dj just turns on a cd and screws off... the atmosphere says party party party m which is what were all there to do :) the drinks and bottles arent crazy over priced.. and also if there is a special request and your nice about it they will mst likely cater to you :) i can definitely say that everytime ive gone there ive had a great time ...keep it up

Amazing Experience

What a great Venue and fun atmosphere


Great place, great music, wonderful patio!!!


I went to the circus circus event at tryst on the weekend! Such a great them night!!!

fun fun fun fun

My friends and I had a booth at tryst on friday. Great club! Unreal night! One of best parties we have had in a long time

Tryst Friday

My friends and I went to tryst friday for the first time.....I can see why there are so many great reviews on here it is an amazing club

Tryst Every Weekend

Me and my girls hit up tryst every weekend! Loves!!


So yeah tryst is not a sports bar. I never would have thought of going there to watch the fight. I went Saturday though because my girlfriend had a birthday party there so we just went early to watch the fight. Was pretty chill. And then after we could party. Would do again

Scott Disick

Went to tryst Friday and saw Scott Disick! So cool! I watch that show like all the time so it was pretty unreal being at the same party as Scott Disick! Tryst is always a fun party but this was the best night

My Name is Kay

My Name is Kay was awesome at tryst!!!!

Tryst is always fun

Alot of times I go to a club and have a fun time so I go back thinking it is a cool club and realize it is so not! With tryst I always have fun. They always have great tunes playing, a fun dance floor filled with a fun crowd and a wonderful staff

Love tryst

I love tryst! Best club ever sooo fun! Great music! Great Crowd! So excited that Scott Disick is coming tonight!!!!

good club

big al the doorman will always try to hustle u at the door for line cuts and impropper dress code. like $15 - $20

not sure if managements aware.

otherwise awesome club

bad doormen

I went to tryst for my boys birthday, he had hooked us up with a booth and bottles.
I was wearing cool puma shoes. The fat sloppy doorman who was wearing big white nike sneakers told me I can get in cause of my shoes !!! i was like "WTF you are wearing tennis shoes".
He took it the wring way and yelled at me "i do what the fuck i want", came to my face and tried to intimidate me. i was like " take it easy bro, i am here for a good time, didn't mean to start shit with you".
his doorman buddy took me aside and told me that if I tip him a $20 he will not look at my shoes and let me in. hahaa bullshit, so $60 later, we are best friends with those asshole doormen haha
Inside the club was banging, hotties everywhere, good crowd, nice hot waitress...enjoyed my night.
might go back if my boys are down even though the doormen killed the mood at the beginning of the night.
good club, i give it a 3 stars.

Tryst on Fri

Went to tryst on friday with my friends loved the music upstairs

not impress with club employee

went there on 8th september , poor music , upper level always paying boring black music, club was empty before 10 and got emptied again at 2 am . lots of creppy looking middle estern freaks in the club.

Great start to my Long Weekend

My friends had a booth at tryst on Friday. It was the best start to a fabulous long weekend. I really liked the club and was excited to hear they have Scott Disick coming in Sept. For sure going back

Really like tryst

I like alot of clubs in Toronto. I am big on going out but I honestly always pick tryst for like my birthday or Halloween or important nights. I just think it is always really fun

Great club in toronto

I live in Oakville so I love nights when my friends and I come downtown to go clubbing in Toronto. Tryst is my favorite spot. Always so awesome!!!

I love tryst

I feel like I only bother to write reviews about things I do not like but I seriousily go to tryst every weekend b/c it is that awesome so I wanted to tell everyone if you are looking for a good time this is where it is at

Would go back

My friends and I checked out tryst this weekend. Really liked it . Would for sure go back


I went to tryst on Friday and they had a Kiss Impersonator that you could take your picture with! Was really cool! I love having pictures from a night out that are unique and memorable!

Good Sundays

I went to tryst this Sunday. I was visiting Toronto from the States because of Caribana. They really put on a good party. Will be sure to go again next time I am in town.

Love Me Some Tryst

I really love tryst. It is one of the only clubs in Toronto I find worth going too. Always have a fun time and the staff is so nice


First time to TRYST, had alot of fun and the bouncers were great people, for sure going again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super good

I really love tryst. Everytime I go there I have a fun time.Whenever my friends visit me from out of town I always take them to tryst because it is my go to club in Toronto that I know always promises a great time. They always love it too and want to go everytime they are back in the city.

Great Club

I went to tryst this weekend and my friends and I had a terrific time. The staff is really nice. They have a really sweet patio too

Save your money!

Went to Tryst this past weekend and after the treatment my group received I will not be going back. This is a racist club which is sad because while the music is good you will not be able to enjoy it because their security will not let you. They need to be FIRED! This is Toronto! Security punched someone in my group in the back and threw a drink over their head as they were walking up the stairs all because security questioned whether they had a wristband and they showed him! Just because your assumptions were wrong does not give you a right to harass others! They also threatened and pushed and pulled many around for no reason or reasons such as the above! Having bottle service and a booth will not help your situation as I had this and this whole situation happened. Save your money and find another club, at least until they fire the sorry excuses for security at this place.

bad customer service

I have been to Tryst a few times, and when it is not busy, the doormen and the other workers are very nice and friendly, but when they are busy, no one cares about customer service.
My boyfriend paid $20 to the security because they didn't like his shoes!!!
We had a booth, and the waitress didn't come back to our table for half hour, and we needed juices. When she came back and we asked where she was, she told us, "if you would tip me more, I would be here more often"
WTF, we thought the 18% grats was included in the bottle price!!!
She told us that the busboys take a cut of that 18% and the owner take his cut as well, so they don't make that much.
We felt bad and gave her an extra $40. As soon as she took the money, she was nowhere to be found.
I have never seen this type of service at any clubs.
It is a shame because they do have a nice patio.

Good times

Went to tryst this weekend! Such a sick club! For sure doing my birthday there next month

Best Birthday

I had a birthday party at tryst and it was so great! Sick booth and really fun party. They also have an unreal patio

Kristina Maria

I went to tryst on Sat and Kristina Maria was singing! So cool I really like her and she plays on the radio like everyday. It was pretty wicked to get a free concert

Reply to Tony

Hi Tony,
I work for tryst nightclub. We value our regulars and are very sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I can assure you that the owners are not in on that scam. It was a private party that night and we had some different door staff. Please send me an email at so we can discuss what happened.

Love Tryst

I went to tryst this weekend! Had a fabulous time! The club is always hopping! The staff is soo nice!


I am a regular at Tryst, I go there at least once a week.
we heared they have this big canada day party on I call my hoop up at tryst, and he tells me it is $5 cover before 11:30.
we roll up at 11:10 and we are lining up. the line doesn't move, so at around 12, I go tell the doorman that I am a regular at tryst, he even knew me, but he wanted $20 for each of us just to line by pass. we paid the doormen $80 for the 4 of us, and the cashier wanted another $20 per person, I tell her that we are on guestlist and we were in line for an hour, she doesn't want to hear anything. So we paid another $80 and we went in.
The party was bumping as usual.
I meet some other regulars who were pissed they had to pay the doorman to get in, and I tell them I will email the club so the owner know what is going on, he tells me the owner is in with the doormen scam.
I always spend good money when I go to a club, and don't need this shit, I am never going back again. I am done with Tryst and their doormen with attitude.

What kind of music on Friday nights?

Recommend a table?

Fun Friday

I went to tryst Friday for my friends birthday and we had a great time! We got bottle service and our booth was really nice. The staff was super friendly. They had a cool glow theme so all our white clothes glowed! Really cool

I love tryst!

No matter how many clubs I try tryst always remains the best! It is so fun there, the staff is cool, the crowd is popping and the music rocks! I LOVE TRYST!!!

Mario Lopez

Went to tryst sat! Was unreal! Mario Lopez was there! Actually so exciting! Would have been enough to make it the best night but then to "sweeten" things they even have free yummy fluffy cotton candy on the patio!

Love this place

Had a great time at tryst friday great music and people. Promoter Carlos, security and our server Andrea really took care of my group and I and kept checking up on us throughout the night! This club knows how to take care of their guests (they even recounted my money when I gave it to them for bottle service and gave me back a 20 that I must have miscounted about honesty!) all my guests had a wonderful time. Would definetly recomend tryst!

Great time, but..

Honestly, this is my favorite spot on a saturday night. I went with a group of friends/coworkers from my company. Music is great, the crowd looked good and my friends and I had a great time. The host did an excellent job of getting us in and our bottle service was flawless The only issue I had was with security. This huge security guy grabbed me by the arm just because I slipped on someone's bodily fluids while wearing stilettos and forced me to walk a straight line...which I did and then told him I worked for a law firm (which is true), Another security guard kicked out my friend because she threw up (understandable, but he didn't have to threaten the rest of us). On my way out, a Hispanic security guard started hitting on me, and when I rejected his advances, he told me "hey, the exit's that way, go through it". Aside from the barnyard manners of the security, my colleagues and I had a great time. I'll be going back with my friends, but never going back there with my co-workers...who are LAWYERS, paralegals and assistants.

Such a nice treat:)

I went to tryst and they gave me super yummy popcorn on the way in! Was so good and such a nice touch! Then later in the night my friends and I hit the patio and they gave us cotton candy! I mean cotton candy! I have not had since I was a kid. Was as sweet and amazing as I remember! They said they do this every weekend.

$2 Shots

I went to tryst this long weekend too. Had a sick time. Don't know what people are talking about false advertising? There were a couple of shooter girls walking around the club with $2 shots. Was totally sweet!

Coors Ice Tea

I went to tryst and tried Coors Ice tea! So good. Such a fun club. Great music, nice staff, hot crowd.


Tryst is a really good looking nightclub and a bumping party, but they always do FALSE ADVERTISING.
They advertised $2 shots for long weekend, and there was no $2 shots.
Apparently the owner is known for scams like that to bring people to his club.
watch out with their fake advertising people.


Shaina we are thrilled you like tryst and we value your input about our promotors. We do not want anything to get in the way of you having a fun time at tryst. Please contact me at so I can discuss the matter further with you.

Best club in the Toronto

Tryst is my favorite club in Toronto. It is always busy with a good crowd. The people working there are all really friendly and everyone is having a blast.
Only bad thing that their promoters harass you to go to their shittier parties at Clounge and Century. I always say I go but never go, and they bother me every week.
Tryst is the best.


Fri May 18- Coors Light Iced T presents CRASHDEX $100 Bottles specials, Ladies FREE by 1130 on guestlist|Sat May 19- Size Matters featuring $260 Belvedere Magnums. GUESTLIST|BOTTLE SERVICE|LIMOS|PARTY BUSES- 4164779543 BBM 28241A7E

OMG Karl Wolf

I love tryst already but my friend just texted me that Karl Wolf is going to be there tongiht!!!!! Sooooo excited!

Such good food

I went to tryst this weekend. People kept coming by with super yummy free food!!! It was the first time I can ever remember not be starving and going for Pizza after clubbing! The food was actually sooo good too! Tryst really treats their customers well

Loved it

Went to tryst this weekend! So great they had stilt walkers and clowns! Free food! Cake! Champagne! It was one of the best theme nights I have ever seen!

Fun Fun

Went to tryst this weekend! SOOOOOOO Fun!!! Great times!

Best Party

My friends and I were all home from Uni this weekend and got bottles at tryst! Was unreal! Great booth and awesome service!


I had my birthday at tryst! So fun! We had the nest booth

Bottle service hosts should relax

So I got to Tryst on Saturday, and the doormen tells me I can't get in because of my shoes.
He was pretty nice about it, and told me to come next week, and he let me bypass the line.
UNTIL I see their BOTTLE SERVICE HOST wearing sneakers !!!!! I ask him why he is wearing sneakers?
The bottle service guy freaks at me, and the doorman take his side.
WTF do they have so much attitude for ?
All I said was why he is working there and wearing sneakers and I can't get in because of my shoes!

Loves it

Tryst is just the best club. Great crowd my friends and I go like every weekend!


I love tryst!!! I went there this weekend and it was such an unreal night!

Bartender was MEAN

The bartender who's outfit couldn't fit her oversized-breasts, and ring curls that didn't work for her that night couldn't serve the cranberry vodka I asked for. She was sooooo rude, took my drink and gave me back my money, which was odd because I paid for the drink. I thought maybe she couldn't hear me, but when I told her she made a mistake, she refused to give me my drink!!! CRAZY!!!

I recommend tryst

I think that Tryst is the best club in the cty. I would recommend it to anyone who is like me and takes these comments seriously. Tryst is actually great. I've never had a problem getting in, nor have I ever had a problem with the service inside. Staff is great, music is great, everything is just great! I go there often and thought I should write a nice review since that's what they deserve. You should definately check it out :)

Favorite Club

Several of my friends had parties at tryst recently and I realized how amazing this club is. It is my new favorite in the city! I love the crowd, music, everything. I would say if you need a fun night out hit up tryst!


I went to Tryst last weekend and had the most fabulous time ever. I just turned 19 so I didn't really know what drinks/shots I liked and the bartenders were so nice and really talked to me to ensure I would get drinks I enjoyed!


Everything about my experience at Tryst was horrible.
First of all, this place is expensive ($20 to get in, $3 to check a coat, as much as $9 for a Bud Lite!!!). This is way over-priced, even for this district as there were cheaper bars and clubs just a few blocks away. After paying so much, one would think that the staff would at least be polite and concerned with their guests having a good time.

Not so. The bouncers and the bar staff were incredibly rude. My friend got terrible service at the bar. The bouncers were rude, sarcastic, and condescending when asked any questions. They make people line up outside the club for longer than necessary so that it looks like the club is popular. Every other person got patted down and/or their purses searched before entering. A little overkill, if you ask me.

That being said, the club wasn't even that great inside. The dance floor was small and the VIP room was small.

In a nutshell, AVOID TRYST AT ALL COSTS. There are cheaper places right down the street that have bigger dance floors, better music, you can get in for as little as $5 and get a drink in your hand for as little as $3.

Love this Place

I did My bday there last week and it was flawless....going back march 10th for Sak Noel!!

Loved our Bottle Service

We went on Saturday night to celebrate my friends birthday! We had pre booked a booth and bottle service. As soon as we got there we got line bypass and a bunch of free covers. Then we got seated at our nice table and served our bottles. Our server was very attentive and kept coming to check on us. Really fun time

Aleesia was Amazing

I went with m friends to tryst on Friday. As soon as we got there we started having a great time! The staff was nice, drinks prices decent and fun, happy crowd who wanted to party. Aleesia was performing which was off the hook and made an already fun night amazing!!!

Guestlist scam

I went to Tryst sunday of Long weekend.
I Got on the guestlist from a promotor who promised me reduced cover. I was asked to show a text message at the door and to the cash. The doormen laughed at me and told me to go at the end of the line. After 20 mins of waiting and the line wasn't moving. We asked the doorman again, and he asked us for $20 per person to by pass line. I told him, why did I get on the guestlist if I have to bribe you, he laughed at me.
We left and went to another club. NEVER AGAIN. Tryst is OFF MY LIST.

Tryst What Happened

Went to tryst this past Friday. I haven't gone for at least 3 months. One of my favourite nightclubs went from classy to trashy. Crowd was OK and was pretty busy. The DJ was awful. Really let the song play. Please tell who ever is on the microphone not to talk so much. Every song he had something useless to say. Too trashy in my opinion. I thought I was at a one of those Hip Hop gangsters parties. I have lots to say but why bother. Will my opinion change anything. Probably not. Will I go back. Not likely. Its sad, I really enjoyed going to tryst. BTW. Why Promote LADIES FREE Before 11pm. If your going to promote something, honour it.

Uki Club Night

Arrived just after 1020pm and there was already a huge line (This being the guestlist line) Lucky spotted a friend close to the the frot so didn't have to wait to long. Security was friendly when we had a question and even allowed a person to go ask another security guy a question outa the line. Got in around 1045ish. They allow people with bottle service in right away with no line so that explained the hold up. 10$ on guest list with 4$ coat check was more than decent. A little packed on the main floor so decided to go outside for a smoke. An excellent heated patio (All the heaters worked!) Its a big patio and they were even selling hot cider and hot chocolate out there that was something unique. Went back inside and got drinks (IMO a little overpriced 7$ for a Budweiser) Music was alright. One negative aspect of the night was when my buddy only had 7$ left for a beer and the bartender asked him for a tip he said he had no cash left so she didn't serve him bc she stated she didn't work for free lol. IDK why people complain about waiting in a line to go smoke as the night goes on if u go back to the main entrance there's another door leading outside there with no line.At the end of my night a buddy lost his coatcheck ticket. The security let him remain and talk to the coat check lady after about 15 min he recived his jack back with no problems. Was highly impressed with this.

Overall an excellent nightclub but i recommend getting bottles so you stay on the second floor thats less crowed.

Will be back again.

Good Times

I went last weekend and I had such a fun time we are for sure hitting it up again this weekend!


someone said something about unisex washrooms? uhh theres no unisex washrooms at tryst...unless there's one on the patio that i don't know about.

anyways tryst is pretty poppin on friday nights, definitely my go-to place on a friday if i'm in the entertainment district. walter vice kills it, gabe on the drums is a nice touch, security is pretty cool (friend lost a coat and a phone in one night and got them both back), crowd has definitely started to suck .. less whites, more browns, and asians (wtf)

overall not a bad time on a friday

Great Venue

Tryst is just always a great time. It has been around for years and is well established and always fun!!! The staff is cool. The music is awesome! The prices are decent! The crowd is hot! I would suggest Tryst for any clubbing night

sick time

definately one of the best venues in the richmond / peter area. classy fun crowd


I've been on a Friday and Saturday for my friends birthdays. Same shit just a different night. ugly people, boring music, dirty unisex washrooms, cheesy club decor, rude bouncers... I could go on but I'm not going to waste my time. don't waste yours!

Worst club

Way overpriced and the ppl here treat u like shit. The bouncers have no idea what they're doing and the dj mike toast is probably one of the worst djs I've ever heard.



I don't know what kind of club these ppl are trying to run but theyre fucking IDIOTS.
Last night i went to Tryst for a birthday with a party of 15 people. We were all dancing on the dancefloor and i was dancing with my bf. All of a sudden, some retard comes and decides to push my bf for absolutely NO REASON. Then the faggot bouncer comes and take my bf to the backdoor outside and my other friend went with them to talk to the security. Finally they let him back in and everything was fine. we were all dancing again and then after 10min, the stupid bouncer comes back and takes my bf to the front and tells him he has to leave. WHY? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHY. im pretty sure its because the faggot that pushed my bf knows the bouncer that took him out.
I screamed at every bouncer and told them theyre fucking idiots because they dont know wtf theyre doing.
These bouncers need to get fired because they cant go around kicking ppl out just because they invite theyre stupid faggot friends and encourage them to start fights with ppl. If they cant do their job properly, then they shouldnt be working there.
Because of this, I will never step foot in this club again and neither will anyone else that I came with. For the price you pay to get in and the price u pay for drinks and the terrible service u get, it's definately NOT worth it. I will warn anyone who decides to go to this club to not waste their time.

btw the two ugly faggot bouncers that dont know how to do their job had ponytails. watchout for these idiots. they'll get their friends to push ur guy friends just to show ppl theyre tough.


theres better

i've been to tryst about 3, 4 times. its not the worst club i've been to, but its not the best either. what i love about it is the big heated patio with heaters that actually WORK. thats a HUGE HUGE HUGE plus for me. what i didnt like is as the night grew later, there was a HUGE line to go upstairs (there is a small upper level that has another sound) and the patio is also up there. im not going to wait in line for 25mins just to grab a smoke. its stupid, especially since the patio wasnt even that busy anyways! another thing i didnt like was i was at the bar trying to grab a drink and some older guy (had to be in his late 30s, early 40s) came in and pushed me out of the way. there was nooo way i was going to stand for that so i pushed him back. just because im a small girl doesnt mean im going to let you push me around. anyways, he must have been a friend of the owner or something because the second i did that i had like 4 guys circle me (again, all in their late 30s, early 40s) and try to start a fight with me because i pushed their friend and that his "shirt cost more than i could imagine." HAHAHAHAHA trying to intimidate me with your fortunes? thats nice, too bad the guy was just wearing a GUESS? top lol. for sure i would have had my ass thrown out if my best friend wasnt the head bouncer here (which is why i come here, even though i wouldnt be my first choice place to come to). the music was pretty decent but the nights that i've gone, mike toast was playing and im not a big fan. he played some old hip hop (from the 2000s) which really got the crowd going but then he started playing hip hop/rap that you cant even dance to so i noticed a lot of people were just standing around..... ANYWAYS here is the final verdict:

crowd: teeny boppers, prodominantly asian/latino.... where did the white people go? lol

music: 6/10...... not a big fan of mike toast

patio: 9/10.. would get 10/10 if it wasnt for the line to get outside

prices: decent, cant complain at all. $6 for a standard bar rail drink.

other: parking lot across the street, hotel beside the club, and if you're not enjoying yourself, there are other clubs within walking distance.

overall, i'd go back if i had to for a bday or if i had nothing else better to do... other than that i'd rather go elsewhere for music. BUTTTT best patio in the city hands down.

Really Nice Staff

I start work at 1pm so I go out clubbing at least twice a week. I have been to almost every venue in Toronto and go to tryst quite often. I find their staff extra helpful and nice. They always seem to go the extra mile to ensure that all their patrons are having a good time. Everytime we have had bottle service the hostesses have been so sweet and the bartenders are always really friendly. Trust me that is not true at all clubs in Toronto. Tryst is overall really fun. Amazing music, good vibes. Loves it!

Great Theme Nights

I go to tryst alot. It is one of my favorite clubs in Toronto and it seems my friends and I always end up there even if we start somewhere else. I have noticed that tryst does a really great job with their theme nights. I think that is really cool because it keeps things interesting. My favorite was the 80's party because I love all tings retro.

nice club

i brought my friend there things were great we found a nice area to relax and have a drink then some guy comes to us and said im a promoter i bought this area where we were there all night until 130 in in the morning and my girl friend and i are professionals and he told her to move she told him he was rude and put hand in in motion move away with attitude she couldnt believe how rude he was now my friend cant be bother going out again to this club

Fun Friday

I took my girlfriend to tryst for her birthday last Friday. We had a really great time. She goes out alot so I wanted to pick a venue that she would like and this was a great choice. The music was really sick and since we both smoke we enjoyed the nice, heated patio.

Hot Chocolate

I had a VIP booth at tryst. I was nervous because I do not usually go out clubbing as much in the winter as I hate being outside in the cold especially in a short dress. However, tryst made me love it. They gave me warm and delicious hot chocolate while I waited to get in. It was such a nice extra touch. Put me in such a happy mood before I even entered the club. Once inside the good times continued! I loved our booth and had such a fun time!

Good Times

I went to tryst for New Years. It was pretty last minute we did not have a booth or anything but our tickets got us all in no problem. It was my first time going to tryst and I had a really good expereince. The music was really good and the place was happening.

Best New Years Eve

I had a booth and bottle service at tryst for New Years Eve and I had the best time! The staff was soo nice, the club was so much fun. Everyone seemed to be having such a wonderful time. It was such a good way to start the year!


Don't waste your time coming here. Terrible service and a HUGE ripoff. OVERSOLD tickets on NYE and couldn't let people in. If you wanted to get in, you had to pay ANOTHER 20 bucks on top of the ridiculously overpriced, oversold tickets. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

worst club of my life

Rude staff, horrible service. Never going back to this club again.

worst FUKING club ever

the worst new fukin years eve of my life. what a dissapointment. dont know what to say, it was way way too bad. staff, bouncers, all pieces of shit. was with 5 friends, had payed $600, 2 magnum belvedere, which nevermind was fukin an expired absolut but anyways. i ended up having nothing to drink, paid for 2 shots at the bar, and fukin left. i wish all the bad things to that place, and trust me, usually im a very relaxed guy. not tonight, on fukin january 1st, at 4 a.m home writing this fukin review

Amaxing Time

Amazing time at tryst! We had bottle service. It was for my best friend's 20th birthday! It was perfect. We got free champagne for her bday, the VIP host Peter was the coolest guy ever and the hostess was super helpful and nice! I am for sure having my birthday there too!


I was at tryst this past weekend and was very impressed with the service and the staff. I was there on saturday and I really liked the ladies night, and my free teddy bear! It was a great party! and I recommend all to go!

Thanks Tryst staff for making a great night for me and my friends

Great Club

I went there last Saturday with my girls, and it was packed. There was a huge line up, but the bouncer came to us and told us to by pass the line. The music was great, the crowd was friendly. We had an amazing time and we will be back for sure.

Much better the second time around!!! Ladies Night

I can't believe how much better I enjoyed this venue the second time back. This past Saturday they hosted a "Ladies Night" party and we were welcomed with no cover before 12. Once inside my girlfriend received a complimentary teddy bear for her birthday, and we all enjoyed a glass of complimentary champagne with strawberries!!!

I think my next visit with be to celebrate my birthday with my besties.

Kudos to the staff and management at Tryst for going the extra mile!

Sick Saturday Party

A great vibe, quite busy, with lots to look at and enjoy. Usual standard $20 cover and dress code. I am sure I'll check it out again.

Great night out!

We went to tryst last weekend for our first time. I was really impressed right from the second we walked in. The security at the front was very friendly, our bartender was really helpful in creating delicious shots and drinks all night. Even when she got really busy she still attended to us very fast (first long bar when you walk in). I loved the music in the main floor and in the upstairs loft, patio is gorgeous and I can't wait to see what it looks like in the summer! Looking forward to returning back very soon!

A Great Friday night!

Just celebrated my friends birthday at Tryst. I couldn't believe how busy it got for a Friday. Secuirty and staff seemed to have it under control being cordial whenever they could. Our bottle service girl was friendly and the prices fair. I will go back for sure, far sooner than my next birthday.

Best Theme Night

After my sister ranted and raved about how great tryst is I was thrilled when I finally turned 19 and could go too. I went for the first time this Sat and it was even more fun than she said. They had a movie theme with chocolate and everything! I love tryst!!!!!

For sure going back for NYE

My friends and I had such a fun night at tryst we are for sure going there again for NYE! I can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year!!!! If you are looking for a great night tryst is a MUST!!

Best Night!!

I have no idea what people are talking about when they say the staff was rude! I hosted my boyfriends 24th birthday there and it was perfect! The staff was amazing so nice and helpful! Our booth was sweet and they hooked us up with a great deal in advance! The music is hot and we had an incredible night!!

Rip Off

Whoever says Tryst is a good club clearly hasn't been to many different places in Toronto.

Not only is the venue itself pretty shitty, but they love to try and rip people off. As you've seen by the other reviews on this site, they always pop up some surprise charges. When we went, they said we wouldn't get the bottles until we paid another $60. I have never been to another club that pulls that kind of shit this place does.

Save yourself the time and money. There are way better places in Toronto.

The rumors are true.. dont go to tryst

This place sucks!!! I will never go back there again ... I just wish i actually saw this and all the bad reviews before going.
Honestly don't waste your night out on this place!!


Terrible, Don't Waste your time.
I could sit here and write all the things wrong with the club, but I am not wasting MY time after the worst night I had there and such a crap venue.
If you go, you will see what I mean, and just remember that I TOLD YOU SO!!


worst service-over rated

I just celebrated my 25th bday there with my best friend and let me tell you WOW what a disappointment! so it was Halloween and the prices were ridiculous but what ever now when we get there The pricing just kept changing and becoming way more expensive. i was told a rye and a vodka for 410 i pay at the door they don't give me my change back then when the bottle comes to our table the waitress says its $20 ...comes back with a bottle and wouldn't put it down if we didn't giver her and extra 25 ??? makes no sense?? ...also i told them at the door 4 people were showing up and when my friends came they didnt let anyone else in i felt so gets worst... so now around 12:30 why is it that they tell us we have to move and caused a huge stink that we need to move to a stand up booth. we fought with them it was stressful i mean moving us in the middle of the night so they can probably give our booth away and make more money. we didnt move but the stress of it and arguing mid night was so disappointing.... and around 1:45 they kicked us all out because my friend was sitting on the couch and his eyes were closed... no one even yacked how could u be so lame to throw us all out because someone in the party is partied out.. I will never return here ..ever what a nightmare!


This is the worst club ever!!
Staff are really rude!!
The hostess at the bar are completely bitches!!
Drinks are expensive and the music is not that good!!

Not bad

It had a good atmosphere and crowd, music was good too. Staff members were awesome, even the bouncers. Cover was a bit expensive and it took awhile before they start letting people in. Overall, it was good night for me.


This club SUCKS!!!!!

Awesome night!

I went to Tryst last night to celebrate my friend's birthday. We got a booth and 4 bottles for only about 8 of us. It was amazing. The music could have been better but I had a great time. The only issue the club needs to work on is the clientele; there were some freaky looking ugly people there and it creeped me out when a guy asked for my name. Other than that it was great, the birthday girl got kicked out because she threw up everywhere. And the photographers were super nice. Even made out with one of them haha. I would def. recommend Tryst to everyone!

Amzing Friday Night

I celebrated my 22nd birthday at tryst this past Friday. I have to say I was more than happy with the service I received. when we arrived at the club there was a huge line up down the street. I walked over to the VIP host Peter was very helpful. He asked our group to take out our ID. we quickly then went through the line and we brought to our table. The night was amazing. I spent most of my night on the patio which was packed but still comfortable. i'll be sure to suggest tryst for the next birthday!

BEST staff!!!

It's too bad so many people seemed to have a problem at Tryst, because my party last Friday was one of the best club nights we've ever been to, hands down. The host was over the top nice, our booth was fully loaded and ready to go when we got there, our server was friendly and always there when we needed, etc etc--and that was just the staff!! Overall, great DJ, trendy atmosphere, and an awesome party loving crowd!! Can't wait to go back!!

Best Night Ever!

The patio at tryst is totally unreal! Such a great way to enjoy the summer nights! The staff at tryst was so nice to me and the crowd was super hot! I loved the music and overall had such a wonderful night! It is my favorite club in Toronto I am for sure going back next weekend! Best party!

I will never say a good thing about this club.

You should only come to this club if you want to be treated badly and disrespected by the power-hungry VIP host and the security staff. I booked a booth for the Bruno Mars event for my baby sister's 19th birthday and gave my CC info to hold it. When we got there that night, he made me pay $500 for the 2 bottles BEFORE EVEN CHECKING ID. I WAS STILL STANDING ON PETER STREET!! He wasn't letting us in otherwise, and at this point I couldn't do anything about it because they had my CC info (which they would have charged if I left) and my sis would have had nowhere to go for her bday!

Then we had our ID's checked. The security said that one of my friends had a fake ID and wouldn't let her in AT ALL. He charged another $100 for that, but made sure to tell us to keep quiet about this. I've already contacted someone to complain about all this, let see where it goes.

I will NEVER come back here. And if this problem isn't rectified soon, I will make sure to create a bad buzz.


I booked my birthday at this club and it ended up being the worst club. The music was alright. I booked a booth and bottles, when I booked it the girl never told me to be their at a certain time. I got there at 11 and they said there were no booths left and the line was ridiculous. The girl also told me it was $200 for 2 bottles. We finally got in and they charged us $435 for two bottle of Smirnoff...complete rip off plus we had to pay like $20 for cover each and coat check. I will never go back again or recommend this couple to anyone!

First and Last Time At Tryst

The reason I'm giving Tryst 1 star, first off the line to get in took us 2 hours to get in. The drink selection is very limited, and the bouncers use excessive force. They removed an intoxicated person by choking her by the neck, even though she wasn't resisting at all. If you want to have a good time with your friends, anywhere is better then tryst.

Horrible Club

Went there during St.Patties club was half empty. Tons of dudes music was so so. Will definitely not go again.


This Club has to be one of the trashiest out there. On top of being full of teenage girls dressing like prostitutes, the service at this club was amazingly horrible. Not only did they bring the wrong drinks but they failed to bring most of our bottles(that we were supposed to get) for the whole night. They made us pay more then we had to, probably keeping it for themselves since it was never said we'd have to give a couple more hundred dollars to some random bouncer. And speaking of Bouncer, lets talk about trying to gain class with these losers. The bouncers at this club were hormonal pricks. Instead of protecting women from getting hit on by the many jerks that are to be found at tryst, they attack the men that protect the women while the losers go on untouched. What they end up doing is making Tryst look so much more nasty then it already is. I will never go to Tryst again, nor will I allow anyone I know to go to Tryst either.


**DO NOT GO TO TRYST** I only gave 1 star b/c I had to give a rating but they are in the negative
This is by far the WORST club ever. I cannot believe I chose this place over MARO (which is one of the top ten clubs). I went there hoping to celebrate my birthday and had bottle service. This is where it all went wrong:
1) The general manager Rob the Douche took forever to respond
2) I was asked for a random $200 deposit at the door (my "cover" I can only assume)
3) I has a booth and yet my party was forced to coat check - $3 for one coat and $5 for two - LAME
3) Our "hostess" - I use the term lightly was a dirty skank who was rude and brought us the worng bottles
4) Our boot was not for the 15 ppl I brought
5) Our incentives were not provided, such as champagne and rock star energy drinks
6) Three of my friends were kicked out - one was kicked in the back by their rent a cop security, one has bruises on HER arm - thats right HER and the other was taken down to the floor b/c some guy was harassing us - wouldn't you think they would take the other guy out ?!?
7) The general douche manger Rob wouldnt even entertain my complaint, he just had some lame ass grin on his face, like "yeah I don't care, I have your money" - LOSER and HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SVC
All in all, I should have known to go with a place that was in the TOP 10, because Tryst was the WORST CLUB EVER to go to!
The only good part of our night was the arrival and departure via AB LIMO Service - Eddie is da bomb :)

Great Club

I went to this club about three weeks ago on thursday and it was great. The music was good, the club was packed, and the staff was friendly, but they seem to hold up the line-outside for too long even though we got bottle service. I would definately come back to Tryst


Music is good and thats about it. It is extremely crowded and it is a very ugly club - has a poor look. Also, i dont think dresscode is enforced all that much because i saw people walking around in sweatshirts and runners. One bonus: no problem with VIP/guestlist.

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