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The vibe here is amazing!!! The place is soo amazing!!! The dj who's name is George is amazing they play a good mix if both English house and some Greek house. I have come here on several occasions. And Greek men are delicious!!!


I have one word to describe my experience.. WOW! I was walking by and I saw a lot of people drinking some sort of Iced Coffee; nothing I have ever seen before, so I asked someone what is was and she responded "Fredo Cappuccino" (simply a cold cappuccino), I tried it and fell in love!! Later that night I walked by and the place was busy with a good vibe and really good music! Whenever I am in GreekTown I always stop for a coffee (I just can't get over that espresso they use!!) and the handful of times I have been there on a weekend I stop for a drink too :-) (gotta love the Greek free pours :-) ) Highly recommend for an afternoon coffee or late martini/drink!!

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