This Is London Is Now Closed

This Is London

364 Richmond St. West, Toronto, ON

This Is London Nightclub Info

Reminiscent of a lush, sexy chalet, This is London Nightclub boasts two-and-a-half upscale floors with a long list of amenities that includes a show-stopping ladies' room fit for a princess. Revel in the luxe VIP area like a celebrity or party all night on the dance floor to the hottest DJ in town. Met with a working fireplace, slate floors and a built-in library in the foyer alone, This is London ...

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Venue Type
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
1200 person capacity, 2 floors

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This is Christmas

This is Christmas

Saturdays @ This Is London Nightclub

This Is London Nightclub Reviews

TIL Used to be Good

Maybe it's because I'm out of the club scene lately but I remember, about 5 years ago, This is London used to be nice. I loved the decor and liked the fact they had an outside smoking room as well as a more sophisticated, older crowd.
I have to admit ,the last time I was there, in the summer of 2012, the experience was lacking. The staff didn't seem as friendly.
I found out about the Farewell party only a few days before hand and couldn't make it because I was out of town. I'm kind of sad I missed it. Would have been nice to say goodbye to a club from where I still had some nice memories.
Does anyone know why it closed? Did the owners sell? Were they forced to close?
Can anyone suggest another club that has the same European style decor and atmosphere that TIL patrons can start going to?


This is London is now closed for good!
Finally! They have not lived up to there "high class" club with all 18 year old kids walking around in there... Was only good when it first opened and it was actually 25+

Not worth it at all

I definitely should've read the reviews before I went to this club.

I could write a novel on how rude the bouncers and staff were but I will leave it at this-->

People that work in bars need to realize that they are working a CUSTOMER SERVICE JOB . It SHOULD be a requirement in the job description to have both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as well as a friendly, out going POSITIVE attitude. I find it very unfortunate how stuck up / egotistical and generally disrespectful the staff here were. Their attitudes and lack of common courtesy literally left me amazed.

I've since read these past few reviews, and unfortunately, agree with all the negative ones. My best friend has bartender all over the world and the bartender at TIL ripped her off for $15.00. My best friend might I add, is currently a bartender STILL AND student that tips generously. It is absolutely despicable that the bartenders at TIL do this AT ALL, let alone any bartenders anywhere. If you were to go and steal a shirt from a clothing store - you would be charged and punished. Why is it any different when you are thieving people's money and think you are a status above the patrons you are SERVING ( KEY WORD - " SERVING" )

My friend then confronted the bartender and the bartender gave an Oscar worthy " WTF are you talking about" look, laughed smugly, and said something to one of the bouncers who proceeded to approach my friend. Needless to say, my friend did not get her $15.00 back and I was livid for the rest of the night.

Everyone should be treated with respect no matter. I am a student, living on my own since 17 , working and volunteering, money is tight for me. I do not by any means think it's mandatory to tip ANYONE anywhere, that being said - You give me a smile and are polite, you will be tipped generously. We as patrons do not fucking OWE you anything. Do your job or get a REAL job. PERIOD. Not everyone that attends a club is there to be a stuck up , problem starting s*hit head so do yourself a favor and do not treat everyone as such!

I will close this with some wise words


This Is London this Saturday

this is london oct 6 presents LADIES IN LONDON ladies free before 12am on guestlist this sat oct 6. guestlist and bottle service call.text 416-655-0997 BBM 28ED9C77.

Tipping isn't required, buy it is expected!

It's not like working as a bartender or waitress is a fake job. A lot of times its hard work and late hours. I used to work in Wisconsin (U.S.A.) and if you had a job where you made tips your hourly wage was about $2.33 an hour and the rest would be tips! The harder a person work and the friendlier they are to customers, the better the tips they deserve. If a server is rude they get a bad tip. It directly affects that server. It keeps the customer service better, because if they just got hourly, they could be as rude as they want and still get the same amount of money. Although tipping its not legally required, it is EXPECTED. It is a part of our society. It's common knowledge that if you want to go out to a nice place downtown its not going to be cheap. If you can't afford going to a club, go to a small bar or save your money and stay home.

Wonderful Birthday Celebration!

We saw a couple bad reviews online, but after talking to people in Toronto and hearing good things we decided to go to TIS on Saturday night for my birthday. The cab dropped us off in front of a different club down the street, so we figured we would check it. It was horrible, and we decided to leave shortly after and go find This Is London and I'm glad we did!! It was after midnight by then, so there was no line to get inside. Upon entering, the setup and atmosphere were everything I had hoped for and expected for my birthday celebration. The style was very elegant, the music was great to dance to and there were a ton of people. Drinks may seem expensive, but not really more than any other club in the area. It's downtown nightlife, its not going to be cheap and that's expected when going out. Most of the people seemed to be in their early to mid twenties and practically everyone wad dancing. I would recommend this club to anyone who asks and I hope to be able to go again myself!! Only 4 stars because there was a rude bartender who tried to rip me off, but it was only one, not all of them.

below average club

This club always stood out between all the other richmond street clubs, having a much better reputation and a classier crowd/employees. Unfortunately it does not stand out anymore, it has become as low class and shitty as any other richmond street nightclub, from the service to the atmosphere. Good bye TIL you will not be missed


If you were in the service world as a regular patron or employee you would understand> ask anyone you know who is. 20 % is what you should always tip- even cabs- its customary- its karma and though its not legal its like saying high. its just expected and nice and it sets the tone nicely and makes everything run smoothly> if your at a restaurant or anywhere you tip and you take care of the service staff (even in a hotel for ex) - trust me youll b ok.


I'm a customer who want to have a wonderful party night at april 5 night. The security said I bring drug on my body when I am peeing at the men toilet. ok, thats fine. he said he want to check my id and body. he closed the washroom door and check.  i gave my wallet to him. there was $200 in it and he let me to turn around face the wall. when he gave me back my wallet, those 200 cash is missing. he is a strong white man with tatoo on his arm and around 165 - 170cm high. im not caring those 200 dollar. i just want to say please hire some high quality security those who do not steal money from his customer. the reputation cost of this is london is higher than this 200 dollar in the long term. i will not let my friends to go to this club anymore. This is the first time that i got robbed from security in a club.

Fridays at This is London

For Fridays at This is London - $150 Bottles and Ladies free before 11pm - contact Sean at 416 725 2959

Best night ever!

Went to TIL march 9 for my birthday. We got a booth of 3 bottles for 540. It was a great night and there werent any problems that i encountered. For the large group i had i wished i had more seating space but thats ok. The music was amazing, it was all house music. If you're looking for top 40 and hip hop this isnt the place for you on a friday night. Didnt really like the fact that there was only one heater that was working on the patio cause it was a cold night! The djs were amazing, crowd was young, but i kinda wished it was more mature. since i had a booth i was away from the crowds which was a huge plus!! I would definitely recommend this place if you love house music.. Dont expect any vocal house either, its all deep house, tech house, and progressive. Love love loveeeeeeee!!!




IF you bitch about not getting enough tips and not enough cash get a real job. We dont have to tip you if u ask for a tip and act like a total cunt.

Tipping should be expected.

To MS and Kevin Stray...

I guess you two don't realize that the industry wage is less than minimum wage. So yes. We DO expect something extra. If you have a problem with this, take it up with the government, who puts policies in place that reinforces the notion that tips are not optional, but expected.


Went for a friends bday we didnt have a booth but had glist. After getting put into 3 different lines seems noone working even knew where the glist line is. When we reatch the door 3 people are not let in bc they didn't have collar shirts. They were pushed to the side and told by a bounce 40$ each and ill let you in. A good club overall great music overpriced drinks though and gets real crowded by the end.

best house music

i went to this is london on a friday night and i must say, $20 for cover and $4 for coat check was a bit pricey to me, but since i dont go out often i was cool with it. this was my second time to this is london and the first time i went i was upstairs and it was on a saturday night (i guess thats called the red square?) and they were playing top 40, mash ups, ect. this was my first time at the lower level and they played THE BEST house music. no top 40s or mash up, hip hop and rnb. strictly house, techno and a bit of trance. it was a bit refreshing because usually i'd have to go to guv or after hours clubs for that kind of stuff.

yes, drinks are pricey. i had a vodka lime and bought a coors light (in a can, and NOT a bad boy beer) and it came up to $15.50 before tip! i was blown out of the water considering the vodka lime was bar rail, it wasnt even anything special! i will admit, i never realized how pricey this club was but at the end of the night i didnt care because the music was amazing. the crowd is roughly 19-25 and a good mix of everything. the security is fairly nice, considering what they have to put up with every night and the patio was nice too, however there was only 1 heater working though. overall, im definitely coming back again on a friday night. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE the music (how could you go wrong with manzone & strong?!?!), good party, and no problems in the club.

Agree with MS

Spot on, MS. A tip, to my understanding is supposed to be voluntary, to start with. If someone has paid the official entry fee, and the official price of drinks, then it is totally improper to demand a tip as of right. Whatever the financial situation of the bartenders, is not the concern of the customers. The bartenders already receive their salary/wages as payment for services rendered, and if legally a customer was OBLIGED to give for a tip, I'm sure they would be either 'bounced' or detained and handed over to police if they didn't pay. Any attitude that presumes a customer is bound to pay a tip if he chooses not to, is fundamentally misunderstanding the voluntary nature of a tip. And with the amount of money one pays to get into This is London, AND the already expensive drinks, I can certainly understand why someone would choose not to tip or tip minimally, especially if he has limited resources. I also think it is improper to suggest that just because someone is going into This is London, that person consents to spending excessive amounts of money on tipping, especially to bartenders with an entitlement complex.


Well if Bartenders do get paid.and if they are getting paid less than its their problem.They need to speak with their Manager or the ownwer.I mean its ridiculous to be dependant on Tip.Less Tip cannot be a reason to not to serve custormer.Customers have paid entry Fee and its their right to ask or get a drink if they pay for it.This is bloody fukin mentality of yours who says without paying Tip you shouldn't be served.Bloody BEGGARR KINDA MAENTALLITY...

Response to earlier review by CS

This is a response to an earlier review entitled "Waste of time and money, plus rude bartenders to top it all off!" by CS. I have never been to This Is London, but seeing your review pissed me off, and I'll tell you why:

Firstly, clubs have VIP clientele. All of them do. Friends of managers, friends of owners, friends of bartenders, whatever. These people can get in irrespective of what they are wearing, so the fact that you saw people in the club that seemed under-dressed compared to your friends does NOT mean that the bouncers were trying to harass them for no reason. (I'm not saying that he wasn't, but there are other outlooks that you need to consider before you complain about having to comply to a dress code.)

Next: yeah, that first bartender was a b*tch. I agree. She tried to rip you off and gave you attitude. Next time, if you can tell that the bartender is ripping you off, confront her about it. Then when you DO give her a bad tip, she can't really say anything without looking stupid, because there's an obvious reason for your being dissatisfied with her.

However, is $7 a good tip on a $56 order? No. Who gives a sh*t if that's what the price of another drink would have been? That's not what determines a good tip. You seem to be proud of your math skills, so tell me, what's 15% of 56? And because you're in a club, and a "good" tip is actually 20%, you are NOT being particularly generous. (And the friend of yours who gave four bucks on the same type of bill? If I were his bartender, I wouldn't serve him again unless I had no other customers standing.)

And by the way, NEVER try to justify a bad tip by saying you're a student. The vast majority of bartenders are or were students at one point, and so either have to pay tuition, or, like you, are paying off a loan. If you've got money issues, why the hell are you going out somewhere so expensive to begin with? Or going out at all? (Especially if, as you say, your debt is six figures. Either you're lying, or you're stupid.) You've got money to blow on drinks, but not on a tip? Hm...very interesting. (Do you perhaps see why that might seem a bit contradictory?) Your presence in this kind of club automatically means that you are aware that you are going to have to put down a lot of dough in order to drink. If you don't have that kind of money, go elsewhere, and come back when you do.

Bartenders hate customers like you, who want to have a good time, but as long as they're doing it as cheaply as possible. Here's what people like you seem consistently to forget: for many bartenders, the couple shifts they get per week is their entire salary. They need the money, and most of them are not even getting paid minimum wage per hour because owners and managers are expecting them to earn money off tips. When people like you come along and deprive them of this one benefit, why on earth would you expect star treatment and grateful smiles?

You are the one who will make or break your night. It's up to you if you are going to have a good time in a place like this. No one is going to be bending over backwards for you, because 1) you haven't done anything to deserve it, and 2) you aren't doing the same in return, so why waste the time? Besides, welcome to today's economy and society. It's cutthroat everywhere you go, and it's about time you got used to it.

reason for harsh comments.

Personally it is a sick club. Expensive, but great nonetheless. I think most of the people rating this club one stars out of five are the people that do not show up in time (by 11 30) because you will most likely not get in if you show up after 11 30. Also being on guestlist prevents this inconvenience. Another factor people might want to consider is getting a bunch of people together and getting a booth/bottles. The experience is that much better and I can almost guarantee a better experience if one might take these options into consideration. It is expensive therefore I do not go often , but when i do i have a blast !!


My friends and myself went for an evening of dancing, we read up on the webiste before we booked the bottle service and found that the experience we had at the club and the website advertisment is extremely misleading. When they say mature, that was not the case, I felt like I was partying with my eldest child who is 18. The music was not what the website entailed, it was boom, boom, boom, all night long. No top 40 or 80's or 90's, very disappointing for the music to be honest it was not music.
I guess that is what the younger generation listen to today. We were commited for the bottle serivce so we had to make the best of it by joining the younger crowd. I am not saying that club is entirely bad, our waitress made the experience ok for what it was. It is a tippical nite club but I will warn you if you are in your late 30's and up, you will not enjoy yourself like the website makes you think you will. The younger generation has taken over Toronto and kicked the older crowd out to the burbs.

Extremely Rude Bouncers

This club is full of bouncers and staffs who are extremely rude. You will ask them something and they will say get back in line, get in your face and try to start a fight and than say were not respecting them.. We had to line up for about an hour.. people were coming out but, they wern't letting us in, when we asked why they said their not told yet to let people in.. but they let other people in who pays them extra 100$ which is ridiculous. I would never go back there, they don't treat you with respect.

Bad Times

Terrible, Don't Waste your time.
I could sit here and write all the things wrong with the club, but I am not wasting MY time after the worst night I had there and such a crap venue.
If you go, you will see what I mean, and just remember that I TOLD YOU SO!!



This place was way better a few years back when it was all house and mature crowd. ie girls 19+ guys 21+. Now it's all top 40 with all these riff raffs in the club. The place is different from other clubs but it isn't as classy as it used to be.


i heard from many people this club was poppin so i was really excited to go, especially for a $20 ridiculous cover charge i expected it to be the spot.

no doubt it's a beautiful club, but can i say... OVERRATED. 7 bucks for drinks that come in these TINYYY cups, mostly filled with ice. i am soft when it comes to alcohol and usually when i have 8-10 drinks im good.. i bought 8 and i was just getting a buzz, the only reason i stopped is because i realized what a waste of money it was.

the worst part about this place is the music. if you wear ed hardy, go tanning and are a generally a stereotypical jersey shore-looking douche, you will like this place and crowd. music has no variety... basically all house music. im in no way a wallflower so i tried to dance and have fun but i couldn't because the music was just.. un-danceable. how can i dance to a rap song? and when they do play a good song they have to mash it up into some techno nonsense. also, most of the people in the crowd dance like friggen robots. noone knows how to get down. bartenders were nice to me though.. no complaints about that

overhyped, overpriced, and i will never in my life go back there again unless you put a gun to my head


Really good DJs, really nice environment
EXTREMELY rude staff and bouncers. They made my birthday hell for me, they were rude to my guests and didnt let some of them in because they didnt know the name of the promotion company that put them on the list. well, DUH, they are guests, how are they supposed to know and why should they be bombarded with stupid questions? (I did try to get out and help my guests get in but the bouncers wouldnt let me out to talk to my guests; VERY INCONVENIENT). Dont recommend it to anyone.

Over Priced.. wtf are they thinking?

I went last Saturday and WOW talk about over priced bottle service. You can get 2 more bottles for the price you pay for 2 at ANY OTHER CLUB in the city. Don't know where they get off charging over $200 for a regular Smirnoff Vodka bottle. Overhyped, WAY over priced. Will NOT be returning again.

D da london boy

THIS IS LONDON???!!!!!! London (UK) clubs ish all over this venue... wack sound system, deejay was jokes and vibe wasnt great...
Come on man, if u lot gonna try to steal that ldn vide step up ya game! get me brraapppp

Waste of time and money, plus rude bartenders to top it all off!

Is it possible to give this place no stars instead of one? (I would if there was the option).

There were many things that I felt were wrong with this club this Saturday, but I will highlight the two major issues I feel that may one day drive this club out of business if they are not dealt with:

First of all, a few of the guys in my group were not allowed in at the door because they were wearing shirts that were not "dress shirts". They went all the way home to change and finally were let in. However, when we got into the club, I noticed that there were so many other guys in the club already wearing plain T-SHIRTS! In all honestly, the guys in my group were better dressed than many of these guys in t-shirts. I don't want to mention what nationalities we are or they were, or say that you guys are racist, but I do have to say that there is definitely some inequalities that make your club utterly unappealing to myself and my group.

The second issue is that there was a bartender that was completely unprofessional and rude (to say the least). I don't know her name, but she has long blonde hair, and was working in the middle of the long bar on the upstairs level on the left-side (when you walk into the room).

This is what happened with the rude bartender. First of all, I bought a round of 8 drinks (it's $7 per drink). She asked me for $60 ($7 times 8 does not equal $60!). I think this might even be illegal. I knew she was trying to rip me off, so, I just gave her $63 (since I know the drinks are actually $56). Then, she says out loud to her bartender friend beside her "Wow.... That's such a %#*&^% tip!" (I obviously heard that because she meant to say it out loud).

What's more is that she then actually had the audacity to come over to me directly and say: "Just to let you know, THAT was a really lousy tip." I didn't even know what to say at the time so I just said "Sorry.. I am a student." Then she says "I am too!! That's why your tip is SO insulting!!" I said to her "Well... are you 6-figures in debt from school like me?" Then she didn't say anything. I walked away.

On my end, I had basically tipped her $7 (which is like the cost of another drink)! Is that a lousy tip? I certainly don't think so! When it happened, I just shook it off because I just wanted to have a good night with my friends, but in retrospect, I should've found out her name or even go back and tell her "Just to let you know, I've have WAY better polar bear shots elsewhere." (For a bartender who was so high strung, her drinks were not even up to par with other places I have been to).

We got another round of drinks from another bartender later (obviously) - for the EXACT same 8 drinks - this bartender charged us $56 (thank goodness, at least this one can add!!) My friend who bought this round gave her $60 - and she THANKED him kindly and smiled. This bartender actually even made us 2 extra shots because we had to wait in line for a while!! So, what was wrong with the other bartender? Pride? Racism??

Frankly, I don't care, and it doesn't matter. What's certain though is that what she did was rude and totally uncalled for. I definitely think she should get fired so her unprofessional demeanor does not ruin other people's nights, or the club's business for that matter (not that I care at this point). She had no right to go out of her way to be outwardly rude to paying customers, and she was deceivingly charging me $60, when the drinks cost $56.

These events just left a bad taste in my mouth, and I felt they need to be addressed.

Suffice to say, I will not be going to This Is London ever again, and whoever is reading this, I suggest you don't bother wasting your time or money here.

Nic Fanciulli friday

Well, I went to this club on friday when Nic Fanciulli was playing. What can I say he´s my favorite Dj and played very well that night. Eventhought it wasnt packed at all you could move easily through the dancefloor and the bar, so lets say you could breath. The patio is ok and the crowd was more like trendy but friendly.
Like the decoration and sound. Staff was regular, hot girls serving btw. Bit overpriced.
Going this friday again to attend Funkagenda, will be good tho....
Havent known about how is it on Saturdays, but when good dj´s are playing, good ambient is perceived.


This club use to be where you would want to be on a Saturday nite, unfortunatly it has severly gone down hill in every aspect. Over priced and over rated. Very disorganized at the door, their guestlist line by the way is the same as the non guest list so unless you have bottle service GUEST LIST means nothing. A drink will cost you $8.50 in a small class filled with ice... so two sips your drink is done and your money has gone in their pockets ...

over priced, over hyped

everything at this club is WAY over priced.. not worth it.



Extremely Overrated

Dont be fooled by the description above, This is London is far from being the best in Toronto. Its highly pretentious and for no reason, the music was not good. They boast hip hop and r&b and i know they said top40 but really though :Party in the USA??? And im sorry this may just be coming from me, but the crowd is sort of boring too, they can't dance and they don't know how to party. Overall, bad atmosphere.

Wack Club

This club is garbage! Don't even bother going, its a real disappointment.


i came here on a friday night, and it was my first time here. i absolutely LOVED it!!! the crowd was hot and fresh, and the music was amazing. its kind of confusing to find the womens washroom because you have to literally walk through someones booth to get to it but thats okay. drinks were well priced and the bar tenders were really nice. the bouncers act like pricks but given the fact that they gotta deal with drunken idiots all night, i can understand why. i would definitely go back, and i cant wait!

Great time-planning on going back!

Last yr I visited the bar twice, what a amazing time! If I lived in Toronto I would most definitely visit more often. Can't wait to go back this July!
Prices are not too bad and everyone was very friendly. Bar itself is beautiful!!! Love it!!!!


It was alright, but just don't go on a Friday night, the crowd sucked. But the staff was great and the bartender was awesome (she gave me a free shot :D)

Basically if you wanna go to this club, go on a Saturday.

This club has gone down hill...

I went to this club a few years back and i had the most amazing time! the music was great as well as the service. Three years or so later however ( now) i booked a booth for my birthday on a friday night thinking i would have just as good of an experience i did the first time i was SO wrong. Firstly we paid $230 a bottle. At first i thought, alright its probably worth it because of all the service and extras i got the last time. NOPE. the "waitress". was there for like 15 minutes. After she gave me the bill she was not there. We did not get any fresh fruit or hors d'oeuvre like it states on their website. We paid almost $600 and only got 4 people in for free. The music was alright but it was the exact same the whole night. Overall i did not enjoy myself and i will not be returning.

Horrible Experience

Went out to This is London this past Saturday for a night out with my friends - what a bust.
Their website advertised 'free cover' for women 'with invite'. We attempted to contact them to confirm what was required for invite and to confirm details for Guest List. We left various phone messages and send a couple of emails but never received any response. To try to ensure ease of entrance for our night, we used their online 'Guest List' feature.
When we arrived at the club we saw the line and advised the bouncer we had signed up for Guest List - we were told you need Guest List to get in. (I am still trying to figure out what the purpose of Guest List was for this place, not once did they ask our names or reference any list of names.)
Apparently 'with invite' meant that we had to print off the poster from their website - which would have been useful information to know, had they bothered to respond to emails or messages. We ended up waiting in line and paying cover for a night we thought would contain neither.
Once we were inside the night did not get any better. The club was too crowded and involved more jostling to try to get either a spot at the bar to order a drink or a spot on the dancefloor. Being overpacked definitely took away from any type of 'posh' appeal that they were going for.
I will definitely NOT be going back to this club. Not worth the hassle.

night to remember

me and my girls when here last saturday to celebrate my stagette and what a party it was. fun staff, great crowd and music was amazing. we did the bottle service which was way worth it and the crowd was very sexy. glad i picked this is london for my party and thanks to mike for setting our party bus and booth for my party.if your planning on going here call mike he will give you a great deal and make your party memoriable 416-655-0997. See you again soon party people

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