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The Rivoli Is Filthy Place

I had an experience at the Rivoli during the summer. The place seems to have gone downhill from two years ago. We sat in the restaurant area and noticed what we thought was a clean table was in fact dirty. Upon asking that it be washed off I got a lecture on why I should not be telling the server how to do their job. I had put my elbows on the table which I suppose is rude but OK with my partner but I got told off for that by the server. "If you didn't put your elbows on the table you wouldn't get your shirt dirty". I asked for some complimentary soda water to clean the stain off my shirt sleeve but was told the best she could do was put it on a separate bill. No thank you. I then went to the bathroom for some water and soap and walked right out because of the filth in there. I rolled up my sleeves after that to hide the brown stain. I just ordered a coffee and left with the server saying, "Oh, you didn't really want these", holding up the menus. What a dive. I have never been back. It's a filthy place.

On Facebook I see there is a page called "Avoid The Rivoli - Staff at Rivoli bullies guests." and it is a story about some model who was in there at the bar alone waiting for her boy friend to come and while I guess he was pretty late the girl had an awful time there with three of the male waiters picking on her.

This place is awful and the genuine reviews written by real people are very bad.

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