This venue had it's last dance.

Ballet Reviews

It's a vibe

By far hottest staff in the city, bottle service is always so fun here and the dancers are a great added touch! Cool new york feel with the entrance at the back. The music is always on point! Will definitely have my birthday there again they added balloons and ordered us pizza! So lit!

It's a vibe

By far hottest staff in the city, bottle service is always so fun here and the dancers are a great added touch! Cool new york feel with the entrance at the back. The music is always on point! Will definitely have my birthday there again they added balloons and ordered us pizza! So lit!


Great venue. Everything went very smoothly (i had a table reservation ) the staff were all very friendly and helpful. Amazing experience, would highly recommend


I've been here a few times. Each time i've enjoyed the experience. The dj on saturdays plays awesome hip hop


Love this place !!


I've never been disrespected more by promoters/staff at a club in my life. The bouncers treat you as if you're invisible, and are extremely disrespectful to women and i would not say it's a safe place for women to be. If you stand up for yourself the smallest bit you're denied entry. The new management is horrible. They have the dumbest rules and the most ignorant and rude employees. Don't waste your time and money here unless you're in the mood to be disrespected, harassed, or kicked out for no reason. 0/10.


Bad birthday experience.......
I booked bottle service and booth and asked if they could decorate the booth; they said they could hang up balloons. I sent my credit card info , got to the club and they didn't even have my name at the door. They asked me to show my confirmation email and took forever for us to get inside... When we finally get in, it smelled so bad and we were given some random person's booth, which was not decorated.


I called weeks in advance to book bottle service and a booth and i spoke to "john" he is apparently a dj at the club. He promised me a booth and entries into the club as well as a snapchat filter for my boyfriends birthday. When i got to the club the bouncer said they sold my booth to someone else and they pointed at people in my group and said they have attitude which at that point they denied us entry. I had 30 people with me and we are not "white" so the racist bouncers denied us entry. When i had mentioned john's name the bouncers said "there is no john that works here" i said he is a dj here at the ballet and they denied knowing him.

I would never recommend this club to anyone, you would only be wasting your time and money.

The bouncers treat you like crap and don't respect their guests. This place deserves no stars and if people try to book here and are promised things don't expect them to follow through. They will only disappoint you.

**Amazing Music & Service**

Me and my friends went there on may 14, we ended up buying bottles. Bottle prices are good same as all the other clubs on king street west. Music was great!! Mix of rnb & hiphop**. Dance shows could be better, amazing service! Ill definitely be back for the music and the ambiance.

Less than advertised

They promised burlesque dancers.

There was one dancer who was in the stage for only 2 minutes all evening.

I was expecting more. I cannot recommend this place.

Otherwise it's a fine, if generic, club experience.

Something Different !!

This venue is def different in a good way!! It's hot and stylish with a great crowd, amazing music and friendly staff. The venue may be small but their burlesque shows are something you won't be able to find any where else in toronto. I def recommend this to anyone who likes to party and enjoys something different!

Great night except for ...

Great atmosphere, great ambiance, great bartenders, friendly doorman.
Spoiled by the security member who stood around the bar making snide comments about the guests. i suppose he didn't get the memo that security is supposed to be invisible unless they are needed.

All in all. great night!

Loved it!!

Had a wonderful time at ballet! Thank you kent for all your help!

Birthday with class

Last friday was my birthday and the folks at ballet treated me by giving me a booth, so my friends and i headed over there, small place but cozy and elegant, bartenders were hot, cool atmosphere. The night was a bit slow, some people get in around 1 am, the shows were quite sexy and teasing, the dancer was alluring. They treated me so nicely, got cupcakes as well! I had a blast for my birthday and i think i'll be back often.


I organized my best friend's bachelor party at ballet. I have to say we all had an absolute blast....Maybe too much fun! Lol

The burlesque shows there are great! Staff there are extremely friendly. I would highly recommend ballet for bachelor or bachelorette parties!

burlesque show

Well it certainly had entertainment. I am not a clubber but my friend is one - the condition for me to go was that if we went to ballet because i wanted to see a performance rather than dance or drink (my point made why i am not a clubber). So it surely didn't disappoint the girls where dancing and they where good-looking. The experience was new as i had been to maybe 3-4 clubs since turning 20 and outside of the performance i would get bored quite easily. This surely was interesting although not provocative enough to keep me engaged as i left the place after the first show. Its a nice place and it gets packed quickly because of its small size. It had nice d├ęcor and a stage where the girls performed with a cover charge of $10.

So much FUN!

My group of friends booked a booth at ballet after reading the numerous amount of good reviews on this venue. Ballet definitely lived up to it's five star ratings!!! The burlesque shows are amazing, music was the best we've heard in toronto and they had the most welcoming and friendly bunch of staff! We will be back soon!


This place feels like a club in new york hidden in the heart of toronto! If you want to be entertained and have a great this is the place for you! I organized my best friend's bachelorette at ballet and we had the best time!!

Making things better

Social events beginning at 6pm or 7pm
I was wondering why the night life in toronto does not start earlier on a thursday, friday or saturday evening? After work, would it not be great to have indoor/outdoor restaurants/venues that offer a good value meal and fair priced drinks along with real good music and dancing? Why does the music and dancing begin so late? Come on toronto restaurants and bars and pubs: step it up a few notches and do not follow the "proper" convention!!!

Sexy 30!

I celebrated my 30th here. It was an amazing experience, all my friends had fun. They loved the venue it was very sexy, sophisticated and the ambiance was just amazing. The bouncer was so nice and friendly our servers were awesome and the burlesque dancers were so nice and just down to earth! I will definitely go back and i've recommended this place to my other friends as well :)

Surpringly fun time

I was here last weekend for a friend's birthday. I don't like the club scene but this place was more laid back and even though there was dancing, it didn't have the sleazy club vibe. They actually played a lot of 90s music (including fresh prince) so everyone was singing along just having a great time. The 'burlesque' dancers actually look like they were having fun and were fine when people came on stage to dance with them. There was a $10 cover and $3 for coat check. There was a green p and street parking if you want to drive. So if you are looking to go dancing but not at a typical club, i'd recommend this place.

Wonderful Discovery!

We were walking along ossington after dinner last saturday and came across ballet. The front doorman d was super friendly. He took us upstairs to show us the party which was filled with good looking people and everyone was having a good time. We ended up buying a booth. This was definitely a wonderful discovery. We all had a great time!

Birthday Surpirse!

I saw ads about ballet group vip packages so i thought i should call and book one for my birthday. It was actually a great idea. Once our bill came it was a really reasonable split for each person. The service was really great - once they found out it was my birthday, they sent over a bottle of champagne and got the burlesque performers to dance at my booth!


Went to ballet this past saturday after calling the club and putting us on guest list. Was told to arrive before 11.30pm and good thing we did because the place got jammed and fast...

Music was incredible... Perfect mix of every genre! Definitely going back and booking a vip table next time.


I have been to ballet on numerous occasions on a friday and saturday night and have a great time. Fridays seem to draw a more upscale crowd, young professionals and generally good-looking people :) saturday's are always hype with their dj that plays amazing music....Always a great party and a hot crowd....I found the staff to be very helpful and security as well.....The bar staff are friendly and really cool...I had great service at the vip bar :) all in all a really fun to re whenever i go and i will continue to bring my friends and have a wicked fun time

Great fun, great place!

My friends and i had such a great time on saturday that i thought i should write a review.

Staff, doorman, basically everyone there was really nice. Burlesque shows were very entertaining. Music was great!

Highly recommended!

Awesome NYE party!

Awesome nye party! I always have a good time at ballet, it's about time something like this popped up in the west end!

Great NYE at Ballet

My friends and i had a blast on nye at ballet. It was very busy, but i would imagine it was busy at all venues!

Awesome Saturday Night

Went to ballet with a bunch of friends for the first time and loved it!!! The lounge is ossington (only had been here one other time before) and the space is very unique...Loved the imagery they use in the place and decor. The group of us got bottle service and prices were lower what you would expect in the city. Our bottle service girl was pretty good and djs were awesome.....All in all i would go back as there is a mature crowd and you're not dealing with losers that can't handle there alcohol.

New Place to BE

We went to ballet on both friday and saturday. Fridays are always good, bright and beautiful crowd. Saturdays are usually 25+, crowd is not always consistent. After 5 years of clubbing experience, slammed places with no oxygen and drunk trashy people got tiring. Ballet is something different and fresh. Stuff is super nice and attentive, the beat is good.


I've been going to ballet on saturday nights for the past few months. I have to say it is the best place in toronto.. The crowd is upscale, great atmosphere and great vibe.


New to toronto and was told by a friend a coworker to try out this club ballet. I was warned to get there early and did just that. Arrived at 10:45 to a line up that was 15 to 25 deep and it took us less than 10 minutes to get to the front of the line. The bouncer was very welcoming unlike the majority of toronto's nightclub bouncers. Got inside and was surprised. Even though the venue is not as big as most, it was fun and everyone was dancing. The staff there was nice and attentive.
It was a great choice and i will definitely be a repeat customer.

Amazing Time!

Went here for a friend's birthday on a friday night and had an amazing time!
Truthfully, i don't like a lot of the popular clubs in toronto for a few reasons
1. A lot of t.O clubs allow in minors that can't keep their clothes on or their liquor down
2. A lot of clubs play what i hear on the radio over and over mixed in with some beats (i get kind of sick if just dancing to untz-untz-untz all night)

However, ballet really impressed me. First off, the music was so so so so good! The burlesque dancers are all so entertaining!
They played some house music but also hip hop and some oldies all mixed
Everyone in my party loved it and people were going crazy for certain songs (especially the hip hop, which is usually not played at a lot of mainstream clubs)

The place was quite packed but there didn't seem to be any creepy guys or those random guys who stand on the side lines and wait to pounce

I had a really great time here. Yes, i had great company but the music was really good and so was the bottle service - we actually had 2 people for our booth and everything was constantly refilled and cleaned up. The drink girl even kept bringing sparklers cause it was my friend's birthday.

All in all, the best toronto club experience i've had in a long time!

A fresh of breathe air!

When i think of a good night i think of ballet. I've been there 3 times now and each was great. Always a good crowd, friendly staff, awesome music and the burlesque dancers brings a different element of entertainment. It has an intimate atmosphere and is always busy - best club in toronto!

Love this place!

Absolutely love this place! It's one of the best nightclub that i've been to in toronto. Not only it as such good music, the live entertainment/burlesque show are such a treat. The bottle prices are very reasonable and the service is the best! We will be back soon!

Amazing Party!

I celebrated my girlfriend's 30th birthday on saturday at ballet. This venue is definitely something else. It's a breathe of fresh air to to usual king st nightclubs. Music, staff and burlesque shows was amazing. If you want to go somewhere to have pure fun, this is the place to be!

Great Spot

I went here for the first time for a friend's birthday a few weeks ago. She was turning 25 and we were all intrigued by the idea of a "modern burlesque show". The show was great, and the dancers were extremely entertaining (not to mention talented). Will definitely be back!

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