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The Addisons

456 Wellington St West, Toronto, ON
(416) 260-9393

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Everyone knows The Addisons throw the best parties.
But few people know who they are, and even fewer have ever made their acquaintance. They collect fine art and always have a stocked bar. They have amazing food on hand, and their friends are all so charming. And their house – my god. Have you seen their house? They really do have it all. It’s just too bad they’re never around to enjoy it

Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Wed-Fri 5PM-3AM Sat 7PM-3AM
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop

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Rude, Mismanaged, Corrupt, and Discriminatory

I would strongly recommend that everyone intending to visit the addison's residence take a big cue from the negative reviews below. Many of the dissatisfied writers below comment about the establishment's treatment of people at the door, particularly them being racist. Their cruel treatment of people who are looking to pay money and keep their establishment going will certainly run them into the ground in the near future, because they are not only racist, they are rude and demeaning to people of all types.

A friend and i were celebrating our birthdays together and had a group of 25 people come to the addison's residence. Not that this should matter, but we are two young, white women in our early 20s and were with a group of exclusive white individuals both male and female, all dressed appropriately (as in, father approved clothing). We spoke with the addison's residence in advance of our party and confirmed guest list and line bypass for all of the members of our party up until 11pm. First lesson was learned hard and fast, none of what they confirm in terms of arrangements is ever actual stuck to. We arrived at 10:40 with our group and asked the bouncers where the guest list and line by pass entrance was and gave them the name of the person our arrangements were under. We were shown to a very long line of people and told that that is guest list and "line by pass". It was not, that was the regular line and we had just been declined our original arrangement because we had guys in our group (so, point being, they don't want you to be bringing your boyfriends with you). We were kept in this line for 30 minutes to start, at which point the bouncer lifted the line and let myself through, and what i thought was the rest of my group. When i looked back after i'd walked through, i realized he had only let in two of my other girl friends. As i later joined some of my other girl friends (no boys at this point) that had been reluctantly let in, i spoke with one who explained to me that she had gently tapped the bouncer on the arm after having tried to say "excuse me sir" several times without his acknowledgement, he whipped around, got his face approximately 1cm from hers and yelled into it "don't you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever touch me again". She had only done so to report that she was having a medical and physical emergency and wanted to request if someone could please escort her from the line into the bathroom insides that she could help herself away from the public and gladly be escorted back out again to get back in line, which she explained to this man. He ignored what she said, and kept her waiting another 10 minutes and which point she proceeded to have an acute medical and physical reaction, and only at that point did he get her inside to the bathroom because what's happening to her should obviously not be observed by others. This was entirely unnecessarily, in violation of this person's basic right to help herself in an emergency circumstance, and was humiliating as she was forced to endure this all in front of a line of about 60 people. We did not pay cover, and when i got inside, the place was entirely empty (no, not sparse, i saw 6 other people in the room), meaning this man cared more about exerting his power over a young woman and enabling her to avoid a difficult medical and physical reaction.

After some time passed and our remaining group (which was still a significant amount of people, including many of the girls, but all of the guys in their entirety) was still being kept in the line, and still at the front as we had been for an extended amount of time. They had now being waiting for over an hour. I went outside and was speaking to my friends, many of whom at this point, were ready to just get out of the line and go home but wanted to be supportive friends in the way of my and my friend's birthdays and continued to wait. As i was outside, i noticed that they were all being kept in a general line with everyone else, but the bouncer was letting young women who were without guys, and in particularly revealing clothing that he was picking out as attractive, in through a different line that he was lifting for them in front of everyone else, so that everyone could see that he "can do whatever he wants". I asked him what that line was and he said "are you really doing this? Are you really coming at me with your little attitude? You don't need to be a bitch right now". He then, in from of my eyes and the eyes of my friends who were in the line, let in a group of young guys (who arrived without any women) in through that same alternate rope, as i saw the guy who walked in first discretely shake his hand and pass over what looked like a $60 while doing so. So, outside of demanding, let's cover that this is also a kickback and is illegal and discriminatory. The entire practice of having a separate line to let in people of his choosing was discriminatory.

I had someone get the manager for me. If i thought shane, the bouncer, was bad, then this guy (a young looking tall guy, who is actually in his early 40s, and has his head shaved) must have taken whatever same training course on belittling people that he did. He started with "alright sweetie, i hear you have an issue" in a particularly condescending and adversarial tone. I proceeded to explain what had transpired all night and we went outside to get shane's side of the story. It was identical, but with remarks about "are you serious right now? Why are you trying to fight? You don't have anything to do with your life on a friday night?". At that point, i was used to his rude way of treating people and didn't respond, but called out that his practice of letting people through a different line was discrimination and taking kickbacks was illegal. His response? "yeah it's discrimination, i discriminate, i can do that, what are you gonna do about that hun?". I mean, honestly, i was speechless. The manager's response? Completely ignored that it was even said.

Then, rather to calmly and easily issue and apology, the manager wanted me to go get my friend that had the emergency so she could once again explain what happened to her and go over it in front of all of our friends. Humiliating and demanding. We got her, but i pulled her off to the side to at least get some sort of privacy, but obviously our friends are all now watching what's going on and it's creating an uncomfortable scene. She confirmed the same facts that both myself and shane the bouncer had. He proceeded to defend why the bouncer was justified in treating her this was in an agonizing and defensive manner. His explanation, however? There are a lot of people out there and a few weeks ago someone got shot in the neighbourhood. Point taken, so i sympathize but that was no reason to have spoken to anyone the way he did or to blatantly ignore a call for help. We weren't asking him to notice she was having an emergency, he was told and purposefully chose to literally turn his back on the person asking for help. Yes, there are lots of people out there, but it's only 60 people and they are all patiently waiting in a line, without issue, while you're focused on identifying "hot" girls and taking kickbacks. A better argument would have done them good.

I told the manager that despite everything i'd seen, i wouldn't file a complain prompting a services practices investigation if the bouncer simply apologized to my friend, not even accounting for myself, just to her. He fired back with "well he's working". I'm sorry sir, but his job is not rocket science, so i asked the manager if he could switch places with the bouncer for about 5 minutes. He said "i'm not gonna do that", no reason, just not going to apparently. So i asked if we could go out to shane and he would apologize to her in front of the same line he humiliated her in front of. I must have made enough of a fuss because this finally worked. We get back out into the front and we're told to wait at the side where no one can see us, as the manager goes over and tells shane he needs to apologize. This manager must not be much of a manager, because shane very clearly was shaking his head no and putting forward a lot of resistance. I supposed it's hard to let your macho ego down. He comes over, grabs my friend's hand and says "sorry" and starts trying bolt away, so not much in the way of sincerity. I'm very proud of her, because despite being a very diplomatic and "i don't want any problems" type of person, she grabbed on to his hand while still in the hand shake and pulled him back from leaving and said "no, you need to hear how you made me feel". At this point, i realized she was going to handle the situation, so i looked to the manager and plainly let him know that this situation could have been quickly and easily resolved without this chaos, and that he has a real problem in the way of having this place investigated and shut down one day with the way it's run. He never did let down his rude, confrontational guard despite the fact that i was trying to walk away mending the situation and let down mine.

After this, we went back inside, as our guy friends were finally all in now (around 12:20, so in that line for 1 hour 40) noticed that there was about a 30 minute-1 hour line to even get on the patio, had a drink each and played some jenga and left by 1:25am. So as you can probably tell, it was great experience and we just can't wait to come back!


Horrible. Racist. Do not go

Nothing Good Here

I used to work for this shit hole. Until i realized that i wasn't getting tipped out properly. They dont care for their customers experiences, they will have you line up outside, only to let you in to line up inside..To use the washrooms, to buy a drink, to go on the patio...Lines, lines, lines!!! If you enjoy getting dressed up to stand in lines and be ignored by the bartenders then this is the overly priced place you'd want for your douche friends to see you at acting all douchey! Staff is stressed out because they are working for less than industry standard, and are worked from open until close, usually with no tip outs. Oh and if you make it out to the patio, only people who buy bottle service can usually get a seat, and watch your bottle..The bottle service girls are more than happy to share your bottle with everyone, making you either buy more..Or make room for the next fool to buy a bottle. Dont waste your time or money on this place. Managers dont know what they are doing here.


Unfortunately, the service, or lack thereof will be the downfalls of addison's. I've been there twice and both times have been disappointed in by the lack of service. I went for my birthday with a large group in november. We were ignorant by the bartenders, had to ask repeatedly before receiving any acknowledgement or service. Tonight we had the same disappointing experience. I had to ask several bartenders before having my order taken. And even after one of the bartenders took my order, when another bartender asked the first one to verify that she entered my order she said no! It wasn't until i asked to speak to a manager that my friends got the drinks, flags and shirts that were being handed out freely to other guests. I asked to speak to a manager and he did his best to rectify the situation, offering my friends and i food and drinks on the house. However, it's sad that that's what it takes for a group of young professional visible minorities to be acknowledged in this establishment. If you google addison's they are not highly reviewed, and this experience is has not been unique to me. It seems the staff are rude and racist from what i've read and experienced.

I love love love the resident dj and the venue itself is great, but i would be reluctant to recommend addison's again in the future because of the treatment i've received there on the two occasions i've been.

Bad Business

Spare yourself. The bouncers at this bar are the worst i have ever come across in years of going out in toronto. The one bouncer, short and bald, completely ignored the line of people waiting. We asked how long the line was expected to be and were told 10/15. 45 minutes after dozens of people had passed the line by clearly bribing this one bouncer, after seeing this we asked what the deal was and why they hadn't moved the line in 25 min. He said the bar was at max capacity, but said if we have him $40.00 he'd "help us out". Such contradictory statements, if it's full it's full, cash shouldn't change that and once we refused to bribe him we continued to wait and got in shortly after to guess what?! A half empty bar.. So irritating and obnoxious. I will not be returning and i will discourage anyone i know from going here. That one bouncer ruined the energy of the whole place for everyone in line before we even got in


This place is horrible. First, the line was long for no reason. My friends and i waited for 45 minutes. The bouncer paid no mind to the line, and just kept accepting bribes from people which was annoying. I asked the bouncer how much longer, he said "we are at full capacity, we don't want to get shut down. I'll help you out, give me a $20 and ill let you in." i laughed in his face and decided to wait another 5 minutes before leaving. If you are at full capacity, then why are you letting other people in?? He was so rude, and eventually another bouncer came and let my friends in. Finally inside, this place was not full at all!!

In all the patio was had a cool vibe with games, but never going back. There are far more better clubs around the corner!


I feel like any establishment should indicate its minimum age entry somewhere.. Its probably not 100% their fault for having information on 3rd party websites wrong but if a place is 23/25+ it should not say 19+ on every website..


Horrible place. the fact that they do not charge cover gives you an indication of the type of people you will find inside.

The worst part about the place is the staff. the bouncers are arrogant and incompetent (then again they are bouncers). i have seen them on a few occasions use excessive force on patrons.

If you think you will receive any special treatment after purchasing bottles from their bar (value: $ 800+) .... Think again. they try to make it seem like a house party but really its just an over priced venue with a few board games.

The bald bouncer (head bouncer) seems to be some one who must have a chip on his shoulder (short & bald ..Can you blame him) and therefore treats everyone like second class citizens.

The place usually holds the line to make it seem like it is busy but to your amazement its partially empty and you question why you were told to wait in the cold for half hour.

Worst new bar on king street w

This place is dead most nights! One night decided to give it a try...They kept a line outside, which was very small i might add, and they weren't letting anybody in. I then found out that nobody at all was inside. What a stupid stunt for the 3 people that were waiting outside. The staff were rude, the bouncers were racist, and this place is tiny inside. For a newly renovated facility, this place was a quick spit shine. The place still looks terrible and has been renovated in very poor taste. There is no way you want to end up here. If you do, i feel sorry for you as you will leave after 5 minutes.

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