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Tequila Jacks

184 Pearl Street Toronto ON, Toronto, ON
( 416 ) 389-5104

Tequila Jacks Nightclub Info

Tequila Jacks Located in the heart of Toronto's Theater District (Formerly Picadilly Circus). Tequila Jack's is a fun, easy going party atmosphere where you can kick back be yourself and dance the night away. With our massive bars, tones of big screens, amazing light show, superb dj's, dance risers, vip bottle service, booth seating, friendly staff, and weekly special's Tequila Jack's is your #1 ...

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Venue Type
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock/Alternative
1 floor and 700 person capacity

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Ladies Night

Ladies Night

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Tequila Jack's Every Saturday

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Tequila Jacks Nightclub Reviews


There was one security guard that literally shoved me down a flight of stairs. Ended up with gashes on my arm and leg. Wasn't even getting kicked out, but going outside for a smoke. People were crowding the stairs, and he pushed me from behind. When i protested, he said "well, now you aren't coming back in."

What a prick. White guy with a red beard, if it matters!

The Worst Bar in Toronto

This place was disgusting there was dried vomit on the curtains, the booth areas are just broken torn up leather couches, you can pay for 400 dollars worth of bottle service and they will still kick you out of the booth to "clean" which clearly doesn't happen here. the bars themselves are sticky so clearly have not been washed. they say that there is no cover if you purchase bottle service but once inside they make you pay a mandatory 5$ "coat check" fee even if you want to wear your coat. the staff are either incompetent or they just do not care, either way do not waste your money here. the "champagne" they offer for more than 80$ a bottle is disgusting and comes out in a screw cap. the dance floor is literally missing floorboards so they covered it with matts. the bathrooms were disgusting, the stalls that had lighting did not have locks, the stalls with locks did not have lighting, none of the toilet paper holders were full, instead the staff places the toilet paper on the ground in puddles of god knows what. there was a drunk underage girl throwing up from about 11 pm until last call, she had her pants around her ankles and they thought it was appropriate to send two male bouncers to literally just stand in the bathroom, they did nothing to help the girl. once these two guys were informed that that is literally illegal they left and stood in the hallway. this place has female staff so this would have been easily avoidable. the girl was also completely wasted and was throwing up at 11 when the place had just opened so they either let in a wasted underage girl, or completely over served her within a half of an hour. the staff is rude and owner are incredibly rude i don't know why anyone would waste their money here.

Heard you guys were closing?

Went here on a saturday night with a group of 5 girls, expected there to at least be somewhat of a crowd. Walked in at midnight and there were maybe a handful of people there at most. The "crowd" (put loosely) was basically just a group of thirsty arab guys wearing way too much cologne. Drinks were expensive for what it is, if i wanted to pay $9 for a rum and coke i would've gone to king street. One of my friends heard the place was going out of business which is why we came, and it wasn't hard to understand why. I asked the bartender about it and all she said was that "they weren't allowed to say anything about that". The place was filthy and honestly wouldn't bother coming back.

You'll have a good time if you're a good time

I had such a lit time at tequila jacks, it was very casual and laid back atmosphere - nothing fancy at all. The music was great, playing hip hop/ rap throwbacks and new music as well. Drinks are a good price, you are served quickly at the bar, coat check was successful, people were friendly and there is a pole/ stage to dance on! Don't expect anything boujee, just get fucked up and turn up for a great time,

Terrible customer service

Would not recommend going to this place! Terrible customer service ended up ruining my nye. They ended up losing my coat in coat check & were not being helpful in trying to locate it. I saw the employees taking shots at the back instead of trying to find my coat. Ended up waiting there for an hour and a half before they finally found it in the back ...Manager was also really unprofessional and told me he could not do anything or reimburse me.

Never going there again!

Hurt my feelings to be honest

The bouncer accused me of being in drugs, i was very hurt haven't been there in like 3 years.

They should pay you to get in.

All night the place was pretty much empty. Future ex friday's? More like wasted weekend cash grab. Drink selection was alright though, too bad the bar tender didn't know how to make a simple blow job. Am i getting paid for the bar service provided tonight?

I R8 8/8 M8

What's with all these crying scrubs in the review? This is one of the better clubs in the area. My main bitches and i hit up 224, fiction (don't even get me started, ugh), and cake in one night and shit was going down the drain fast. Twelve year olds everywhere in their costumes jumping up and down like they're at their first middle school dance. It was at that moment that we caved and ended up in the glory that is tequila jacks. Always had a good time here and always will. I was going to leave a 4/5 but those poles bump this review up to a 5/5 ;)

Hit up for some greasy good times

You know what they say about reviews on the internet... Those with negative experiences are more likely to leave them. My gal pals and i took these with a grain of salt and headed down to tequila jacks for a swell time. Staff seemed friendly; music was typical with good old throwback once in a while. We loved the stage!! I even met a 8.5/10 cyka blyat. If you're young and you like to let loose, this is your kind of place!

Get what you pay for I suppose

If you're fucked up... You'll have a good time... Other than that it's an overall shitty place... But 10 bucks for entry is pretty much all the appeal for this place

Tequila Jacks = shittest club on this planet

Absolutely disgusting establishment. Did not allow re-entry after i had already paid cover. What kind of club doesn't let you back in after you have paid them to enter???? Literally ridiculous, the crowd was greasy and i was also groped while there, thankfully the security staff is better than the management and escorted the person out. Buyer beware, way more cool and classy places surrounding, go there not tequila jacks.

This bar is a JOKE.

This is actually the most terrible, disgusting bar we have ever been to. It is worse than every review says it is. the security is a joke. soooo rude. the bar is full of underagers. My jacket was lost in the mandatory coat check and the manager jason tried to hook up with one of my girl friends. he's like 50.

shittiest place

We missioned all the way down to check the place out and two of my friends couldnt get in because apperantly their health card wasnt real lol how r u gonna say a health card isnt real for two people... So our whole night got ruined... The bouncer was a dick ... If u see a dude with a big stomach looking prego then dont even bother trying. He told us to get a cop to prove it but it wasnt worth the time. We went to fiction next door and had a blast... Got bottle service and had a goooodnight. Its funny how iv heard tequila jacks is known for letting 16 year olds in but wont let girls in with actual id. I think the pregant bouncer is a fucking perv only letting girls in who are half naked. Fuck this place...Listen to the negative reviews... I was gonna give them a try but everyones right. Been to many places downtown and this is def one of the shittest.

Worst place I've ever been to.

Tequila jacks literally has the worst staff out of any bar/club i've ever been to. A group of my friends tried going to gracie's for st. Patty's day but the line was too long so we ended up going to tequila jacks because there was literally no line (says a lot about the place..). My friend and her boyfriend walked right past the security at coat check and she was wearing a jacket and he didn't say anything. My boyfriend and his friend walked right past him as well (both wearing jackets). When me and my two friends tried walking past he stopped us and said that coat check is mandatory and when i questioned why he legit started yelling at me. The only answer he could give me was "it's just our policy" like maybe if he gave me a valid reason for having to do coat check i would have no problem with it. I then went to say that "when my $700 leather jacket gets lost or stolen are you going to reimburse me? No" and he just said "if you don't fucking like it then leave" and then i saw two girls wearing leather jackets who got past him and i pointed them out and said "why didn't they have to do coat check?" and he didn't even answer my question all he did was say "you need to leave" so my friends and i all left and didn't get our $10 back we each paid to get it. Safe to say i will never be going back here. He was so disrespectful and was yelling at me for no reason.


I would seriously give this place zero stars if i could. My bf came into the club, not knowing it was mandatory coat check, and the fucking idiot ass bouncers told him that he had to leave the "club". It doesnt say anywhere in or outside of this dump that you have to put your coat in coat check, so he stupidly got kicked out by some dumbass that works at the club. After i went outside, the bouncers would not give any legit reason on why my bf couldn't just go back in, pay for coat check and problem solved, considering he paid 10 bucks for cover. Then the two idiot bouncers at the front say that my boyfriend had to pay an extra 20 dollars just to get inside again, on top of the 10 dollars he had already paid. We tried to talk to them nicely telling them how unfair it was, until one of the bouncers started to call my boyfriend a douchebag which is when my bf snapped, and we couldnt even pay the 20 dollars anymore to get him in because now he just couldnt go inside. On top of this, the coat check girls were extremely rude to us all, not giving a fuck about our jackets. This place 100 percent needs to get shut down, as the customer service, bouncers, atmosphere as a whole is a total joke. We all wasted so much money on this place, that i seriously do not recommend anyone ever come here.


This place fucking sucks. If you want to get ur phone stolen, this is the place to be. Any club i go to i usually put my phone in my back pocket. I was dancing on the stage with my boyfriend, and suddenly i felt some guy snatch my phone from my backpocket. I turn around and the guy directly behind me yells "he ran over there!" trying to trick me. My bf and him basically got into a brawl, until we all got kicked out. This guy kept saying he never stole my phone- when clearly he did. I tried to tell the bouncers, but they wouldn't even check the guy's bag and told me that he didn't have it. The bouncers were absolutely careless, and the girl at coat check was a total bitch. After this experience of losing a $300+ dollar phone, i will never come here again. I am literally saving you girls, dont go here you will lose ur phone. This place seriously needs to get shut down..

Good Luck Getting In The door

Sitting in line like a proper individual, get to the front of the line. "we are at full capacity," said the bouncer. the bouncer proceeds to spend the next two hours letting in people he knows, 'regulars' he calls them. the cover when you get to the door? $20. i'm sure it's nice inside, but i wouldn't know.

Bonus: live entertainment in the form of drunk french men getting pushed around by the bouncer outside while you wait.

Client Appreciation & Service

I was astonished at the level of customer service and appreciation tequila jacks has. From their epic anniversary parties to they're mid-year client appreciation nights. They truly understand the importance of rewarding their clientele and are on par or even higher with king street bars.

Diversity at its best!

One of the best clubs in toronto in a long long time. Easy join atmosphere, no fights, no bs, great music, positive ppl and its not $20 to get in either. See you on the dancefloor !!! best staff and crowd hands down. Love this place.

My Birthday Experience!

Celebrated my birthday party last night with bottle service. Had the most fun i've ever had anywhere else in toronto!! Great service, our bottle service girl nadia was amazing!! So attentive and friendly. Music was awesome! We didn't stop dancing the whole time! Only thing i'd recommend is expanding the vip area or changing the location because it was a little too small for the amount of people i had in my group (20) but other than that, awesome place, great music, so much fun!!!

Great Service

Best staff and crowd hands down. Love this place.

on mai wai...2 steel ur fone

Ei went 2 dis club 2nyte nd ei wuz surounded by 2 manee kreepie fagitz. mai friendz nd ei wur tryn 2 shaek et ohn teh daynce flore nd sum fagitz triyed 2 maek out wit mai biitch ahftr ei sayd she wuz not feelin hym or hiz smahll dik. thiz an fagit tryed 2 shov hiz griemy tongue dahhwn her fayce...Lyke can u actually not. Az 4 teh grlz whoo had them fonez stoln @ tekquila an fagitz last nyght, dat jayson d00d soundz lyke an fagit whoo obvi doez not git layde cuz ov hiz mini dik. Lyke sry jaysonnn im on mai waiy 2 fuk ur bich. Haaaaa gayyyyyyyy sry u r not a fun club nd r full ov ugli fagitz.

Lyke rt if u got ur fone stolen from tekquila jakcz.
(^^rt's everi tyime)
Lol ya sayme

Yaaaa nd fuk ur fagit azz covr charge. Lyke 10 dollhairz 4 mi 2 staire @ ugli fagitz nd buye pussyazz drinkz 4 fagits? Lol or nahhhhhhhh

But 4 reel...Ei ahm on mai waiy 2 fuk ur bitch. Lol biyyeeeeeeeeeeee

Rt if u crid


The exact same thing happened to me tonight that happened to sally (below). the security guards were so rude and the owner was very uncomfortably creepy towards me and my group of friends. my friend had her phone stolen from her purse by a guy she was dancing with for only a few minutes. when we reported it to the owner and security guards at their "lost and found", they might as well have completely ignored us because they insisted on just making up for it by buying us shots of tequila. jayson gave me his number to text him about finding my friends phone and when i texted him he ignored the subject of the missing phone and asked us to come hang out at his condo. i really do not think this place is safe, especially for females. the drinks were overpriced and the bartender in vip was unbelievably rude to us after we told her we were looking for a missing phone. please save yourself from unneeded issues and avoid this club.


If i could give negative ratings i absolutely would. This place is sketchy as hell. I am disgusted with my experience there. the girls are too hammered to understand what is going on and the guys at this place will take advantage of any girl they can try to get their hands on. the guys that came up to me and my friends would not take no for an answer and my friend needed to forcefully shove this guys face away from me as he repeatedly tried to make out with me when i said no. after this, my wallet/phone were both stolen from my purse. after complaining to security and the owner, the owner disregarded the complaint and insisted to force shots/beers on us even after we repeatedly told him no. we told security of the situation to which they answered by telling us there have been many phone/wallet robberies there lately. then the owner gave us his business card to "party after the club" and ignored our questions about the wallet/phone. We then found the wallet in the hands of a security guard, completely empty. then we found my receipts scattered across the dance floor. this place is disgusting. four other girls had their phones/wallets stolen in the same night. and security has admitted this has happened a lot recently? Sketchy as hell. If you are a girl do not go there. these guys are creepy and sketchy and will steal from you any second they get the chance. all i did was talk to a guy there and my purse was suddenly lighter. when my friend asked them if they saw anyone take something from my purse, the guy i was talking to tried to fight my friend...Who was a girl. so obviously no respect. Seriously, i cannot tell you enough do not go here. i pray to god the police finally shut this shit hole down and that the owner/security guards/their little thieves get charged for everything and burn in hell. no absolutely not. This place is fowl. The owner, jayson, is a complete creep and only cared about partying with my friends after the club. I honestly cannot say it enough, please save yourself from identify theft and do not go there.


Such a horrible place. The front staff is so rude and they over charge. Save your money and go elsewhere. Not even one star is deserved.

Never felt more uncomfortable in my life.

One of the worst night clubs i've ever been to. It's a 5:1 ratio of predator guys vs girls. I've never had to shove so many guys off of me at once, or felt more uncomfortable. Not to mention the girls who were too wasted to realize they were being felt up and dragged into corners. Security should do a 100%job better job by keeping on top of this. I would not recommend any girls going to this night club.

horrible service

So on oct 26 there was a haloween event and me and my friend have never been here so we decided to go.I can honestly say that this was one of the worst experiences of my life. We got kicked out of the club for no reason , at first i wanted to speak to the bodyguard who kicked us out but he refused to come out. Then i asked to speak to the manager who was so rude it was unbelievable! He literally walked away from me when i was talking . Honestly i would not recommend any one go there and i definitely will never be goin there again.


Do not go there!!! The bouncers there are only problems!! Kicked me out, because my girlfriend and i got into a tiny argument (we love each other to death and have been together for 3+ years, she told them that everything was ok). They still refused to let me back in, and kicked me out with force!! Lots of it, really!!?!?!?! Un-necessary. Not only that but i notice outside, having my phone within a certain time-frame it just disappears. The bouncers stole my phone!!! And tend to sell it in vaughn. (i traced it through find my iphone and already reported it to police, the more reports on these guys the marrier). Lastly, because they were such dicks, they called police on me accusing me of "domestic assault" (wtf, i am a good person to society and i enforce peace all around me) then they just wanted to be dicks so they asked the police officers to charge me with "public intoxication" (by this point i was just sober and pissed off with this place)!!! No charges happened and they got away with my phone!!!! Do not go!!!!!!

Bouncers steal cell phones

All I'm gonna say is the bouncer stole my cell phone! I've been calling them all week and they just pick up swear and yell and then hang up. I called the police and they are investigating. TRUST ME DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE. THE BOUNCERS ARE FILTHY CRIMINALS

Nuts and bolts

Hey do you guy know who was taking pictures on Saturday March 23, 2013?

Amazing time

I had the one of the best tjmes ever. Though I would like to know where all the pictures went that were taken of me as I was dancing. Would really like to see those :P Overall I thought it was great and the tenders were very nice

Coming back

Hi there, we randomly showed up there with a large party and had a great time! We did have a altercation and the bouncers completely helped us out and took care of all 15 of us.

We danced all night and the men hung out atthe bar. Loved it so much we are coming back March 1st for my birthday! :D See you soon


Security was horrible, drinks were expensive, and the DJ sucked. The only semi okay thing about this place is that one of the bartenders has a bit of flare.

Had An Amazing Time

I went to Tequila Jacks this past Saturday (January 12th) and I was overall impressed with the club. The music was great (didn't know it was a Wayback themed night, the DJ was awesome), drinks not too pricey, and it was nice to go to a club that had a more laidback/easy going environment. I've been to a lot of bars and clubs downtown, and Tequila Jacks was pretty impressive- will be returning. +1 to the staff.


got kicked out for puking...bouncers treated me with dignity...thanks guys! :)

Innacurate Ratings

- lots of females (for the guys)
- Layout of the club was alright
- Friendly bartender at the back left side bar

-They lied about guest list and decided to make my entire party wait outside in the rain and pay the cover
- Bouncers are extremely rude and stupid, when asking how to leave from the rear exit they said you can't leave from here, when trying to leave from the front exit they said you are not allowed to leave from here. Took 20 minutes and convincing the front bouncer that I wanted to leave.
- Warm, overpriced beer
- Pretentious crowd

Summary: Would not go back, or reccomend to anyone. The girl bartender was very pleasant and it is unfortunate that she is stuck there.

Amazing staff and venue!

We decided to stop by tequila jacks this past saturday after we got bored at Gracies and this was our first time here. It was a great time and our group of 12 got taken care of amazingly by the staff. We decided to buy 2 bottles and get a booth last second and we even got a free champagne! Great, clean cut crowd! Will definately be coming back!

Loved it!!

Heard alot about this place checked it out on saturday and it was amazing! We got in free on guestlist which was awesome! Also the $4 tequila shots were fun too!





I never write reviews for anything but after Saturday I think this place deserves an awesome review!!

When we got there there was no line up which seemed strange but when we got inside the place was packed but with enough room to be able to move.

The music and crowd was amazing and the staff are awesome!! The manager got me and my friend a free shot :)

Overall the place is great very clean and fun and I recommend it to anyone go check it out this place won me over I'll def be back!!

Awesome Night

The saturdays here are awesome. The $4 tequila is my fave!!!

Terrible security. Turns a fun night into hell

It's a nice place, however they will kick you out for whatever reason they feel like. The bouncers have an ego problem. My friends and I were sitting down on the couch having our drinks and shots for about 30m-1h. Then we decided to go dance. After 15mins I returned to the couches for a break by myself when a random girl said "This is our seats." I said sure they are. She replied "I reserved this couch." As I didn't believe her because 1. there was no sign 2. I had been sitting at these seats with my friends for over an hour without any problem. I replied, "I don't see any signs that these are your seats." She gave me a very dirty look, and after a few minutes she talked to someone, he came to me and said "get off." I asked who he was. He shows off his arms and says "who the fuck do I look like? I'm a bouncer." (Sometimes it isn't obvious if someone is a bouncer or not, they just have a simple black shirt.) I said okay and I got up and walked away. The bouncer walks behind me and rips my beer out of my hand, and says you're outta here. I didn't resist, once I was at the door I said "but I left couch when you said so? why am I getting kicked out?" he replies, "you didn't get up the first time I asked." One of my friends saw and came outside with me, as we were calling the rest of my friends. I complained to the bouncers how unfair this was. One bouncer walked up to me and started to roughly push me, and kept pushing me until I was all the way down the street. I never put my hands on them. Until today, I have never been kicked out of a club. It was my friend’s birthday, which felt ruined.


Couldn't possibly recommend this place any less. My initial impression based on the general staff and the environment was great, but for the first time in my life, one of the bouncers decided that it was important to kick me out because my friend was falling asleep in the venue. My friend was respectfully taken out, and I who did nothing wrong was repeatedly shoved face first into the corridor walls on the way out and attacked once we were outside. From the beginning I insisted that I was willing to cooperate with them since its "their house" but he insisted on bullying and attacking me. I have never been treated this way in my entire life and I am completely bewildered. Avoid this place. 0/1,000,000

thanks Ryan:) awesome bouncer

went there on sat(21st)
bouncers were so nice, especially thanks a lot, Ryan, ur awesome :)
loved the music(top40 + hiphop).
had so much fun!!!!!

thanks Ryan:) awesome bouncer

went there on sat(21st)
bouncers were so nice, especially thanks a lot, Ryan, ur awesome :)
loved the music(top40 + hiphop).
had so much fun!!!!!

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