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55 Colborne St, Toronto, ON
(416) 901-9990

Switch Info

There’s a new nightclub in town that is set to revive the space at 55 Colborne Street. Renowned Toronto restaurateur and nightlife curator Hanif Harji officially opened Switch Nightclub for business on May 3rd, 2013. Described as part nightclub and part lounge, Switch boasts a munch and sip every Friday and Saturday night between 5pm-10pm. Now accommodating the space where The Bowery once stood, ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop

Switch Events

There is currently no events posted for Switch.

Switch Reviews

Plays better Hip-Hop than Bloke

Amazing place, people & music

Great time!

Whenever i come here i have a great time. Love the atmosphere and music. All of the staff is always very friendly and helpful to me and i can always look forward to coming back!

Only come if you like hip hop

This club only a played hip hop music on the main floor. Downstairs was pretty bad too, there was random carpets and ghetto couches. Why couldn't they dj play a mix of every kind of music instead of just hip hop? The club got crowded real fast- which was fine. Definitely not coming back. I'm also writing this review in the parking lot outside of switch, listening to better music in the car than the club. Not worth the $20 entrance fee. I wouldn't even want to go in even if it was free.

Decent club, terrible management and bouncers

Unfortunately i have to give this club a one star. The staff are incompetent and are clearly driven by making money only as opposed to protecting the quality of their establishment. When a girl gets spit on in the face for placing her empty cup down on a table (which apparently is a booth table on the middle of the dance floor) by a guy who's had way too much to drink and the staff see and know all about it and fail to throw him out there is a problem. I guess they want to have douche bag clientele. Later that same party had a girl proceed to punch another girl in the face, blind sighted and causing a nose bleed, and the staff still refused to do anything about it. Had they done their job in the first place this situation never would have happened.
Switch needs to get their shit together, grow up and take accountability for the patrons in your club. Perhaps a bouncer training program on how to deal with drunks would be a start. And maybe just maybe, cutting out bottle service to tables in the middle of the dance floor is something to consider.
Will not return.
Clientele = young 20s with something to prove.
Staff = amateur hour.
Cover charge = $20

It has potential

The club could be great, i have gone on 3 occasions. Returning only because of friends birthday events being planned. The club was great the first time. It was packed and a good time. I went and i am a very respectful person and i do come to spend money. I have bought bottles on each event personally. The next two times were good but they had far less people attending and i know why. They have terrible door staff and bouncers! Rude and egomaniac. They do not make you feel welcome at all. I do not let that bother me but i have seen door people ruin great bars and clubs over the years. It is sad because the owner has a great concept and club. But it will not last with the door staff they have. Nobody wants to come spend money at a bar where door staff and bouncers try and shit on your chest. Most people i know will not be returning only for that reason. A friendly door staff will bring success. They can do their job without being scum.

Overall its a great bar, if your going do not let them bother you or ruin your night. They are just doormen and work a door. If you want a greater experience hit up another club.


Save yourself your money, time and nightout and plan to go elsewhere!!

Expensive cover whether your on glist or not, they don't accept people in the club after 11:30 pm.
Bouncers are extremely rude to everyone, very disrespectful (yelling, cursing, making insulting jokes) nothing like i have ever seen before at a nightclub. This is anyones first contact before entering---- what a turn off!

Drinks are totally watered down.
Music sucks.
All 19 year olds. Far from a mature crowd.

Only one floor ever gets packed which makes it feel very uncomfortable. Considering the other floor will have no one.
Oh and i forgot, the cover girl is unbelievably rude. She stared down everyone in my group, gave everyone dirty looks and cut eye, and when she found it necessary she would put in her 2 cents about something she didn't approve of.

The management needs to see what is going on and step up and find a way to resolve these unpleasant issues. I have never been to nightclub in toronto and found it to be as sickening and disrespectful as this one. I am not the only one who thinks this way, i have plenty of friends and others who have shared this experience with and theirs was much the same. I will make a call also in hopes that this place will treat their customers in a higher standard. Especially since this is a fairly new club.

There are so many other nightclubs who offer so much more.... Please stay away from this one.

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