Spice Route Lounge Reviews

Good party!

I had a great time hosting a party at Spice Route in the lounge area. They were really crowded so asked if we could give them the small table to a party of 4-5 for the time being. When my own party grew and I asked for it back, they were prompt in doing so. It was hard to find the waitress and the manager sometimes but I know how hard it is to navigate through a crowded restaurant space esp with tables and chairs and a bar in the middle where many are crowding towards. I'm glad the lounge was pretty private and I didn't have to pay the money to get an actual party room or have restrictions on the number of guests. The waitress was good at keeping the tab straight to make sure I wasn't going over too much in which afterward my friends just got their own drinks. Worth a go for those who want to hang out at a nice lounge and have a good night out.


The manager is so rude and the service is crap!!!!

Worst dining experience of my life.

The manager is rude, arrogant and manipulative. Why would anyone pay money to be treated like garbage? I will boycott this place, and Liberty Group, from now on. Incredibly disappointed by this experience. You could not pay me enough money in the world to go back to this place and put up with the rude, despicable kind of treatment we endured from the manager.

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