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Located in downtown Toronto Rockwood+Grass is a 7,500 square foot Nightclub and Event Space comprised of 3 levels. Each level of Rockwood Nightclub features unique decor and has it's own distinct personality and flavor. Every level has state of the art sound and audio offering all types of sounds including Hip-Hop, R&B and House. Dark and shimmering, ROCK is the club's first level of Rockwood ...

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Venue Type
Monday, Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
7,500 sq ft, 551 person capacity, 2 floors + rooftop patio

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There is currently no events posted for Rockwood Nightclub.

Rockwood Nightclub Reviews

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I went here recently with a few friends and had a pretty good time. the club is extremely small and the washroom was right next to the dance floor on the first floor which is kind of awkward :S other than that, the staff is extremely nice which i was not surprised considering the fact that i've heard about their great service many times! when you walk out the door to leave, the staff holds the door for you which is extremely kind of them. there is also staff in the washroom who hand you paper towels after you finish washing your hands, which i find really funny but they were so nice!

Party Rock

OKAYYY PEOPLEEE! My girlfriends and I had a fantastic weekend at Rockwood. We actually went there Friday and Saturday ;) lol We got free champagne with our booth and the bottleservice waitresses were really nice, especially after the mess they had to clean up because we had such an amazing time. Im going again this Saturday. I guess i can say im a regular and always go back because they treat me and who ever im with soo good. You have to check out Rockwood at least once! 6 stars! encore!

21st Bday

Went there for my 21st birthday. We all had a great time and the Grey Goose bottles was really cheap. Would definitely return. Great vibe and atmosphere!


We spent our halloween saturday inside Rockwood. It was an unbelievable party! The place was decorated to the tee. Never have I ever seen a club do this much for halloween. The staff was friendly and on point. Minus the huge line up outside, the wait was worth it! Don't listen to the bad reviews, take the good ones at face value. This club is one of the best ive ever been too.

Once was enough

I went there for a friend birthday, and there was a big group of us. To start, we never even got the lounge room we wanted, instead we got this small ass one that could only seat 8 people. Then my boyfriend and I were on our way to have a smoke and he got kicked out for "being too drunk" He had TWOOO drinks! Me on the other hand, I lost track. He was sober, and I wasn't at all. Then some douche bag tried to say he couldn't go back in, but I could. We were there for less than 2 hours, both of us paid $100 each to be there, and we got nothing but disappointment. Not to mention, out of everyone that came with us, only 2 people didn't get kicked out. I'd never recommend this place ever, nor would I ever return. The staff is rude, and they kick people out for no reason!


Samantha is the sweetest girl! Thankyou so much for letting us in with our photographer! You made my birthday. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou soooo much! The photos were amazing!!! :D

Halloween 2012



WARNING: DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY OR PRECIOUS TIME AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. I booked booth and bottle service for my birthday and I would never return nor recommend this place to my worst enemy yet alone any friend of mine. I was running late to my own birthday celebration and was elated to have finally arrived. Some of my friends had already gotten there and were in the club waiting for me at the booth. There was no line up, probably because everyone knows the staff at this club are assholes. I was rudely greeted at the door and nearly not let into my own party, despite the fact that they knew it was my birthday. I finally get into the club, after getting treated like shit by nearly every staff member in the establishment, as if they absolutely no work to do, brushed it off and started to turn my mood around; after all it was my birthday. I was having a blast, dancing with all of my friends, when suddenly, one drink and one hour in I hear the same bouncer who was at the front door tell my boyfriend he's kicking me out. I decided to cut my losses and not argue with these incompetent idiots any longer but made sure my friends finished the bottles and take our business elsewhere. To the simple-minded, unprofessional staff at Rockwood nightclub, thanks so much for ruining my birthday; and in return I will spread the word about your shitty ass club.

Party Girl


Went there for my 19th birthday. had an amazing night, they offered free entrance and bottle service for a very good price. Bartenders and service was also very friendly and on point. Awesome music! however bouncers do hover around and often kick people out. but overall very fun night

Underpoored, overcharged

Terrible nightclub with terrible bartenders. 1st blonde bartender on the small bar poured 1 oz for our 2 drinks, and the patio bartender tried to overcharge us of .50$ on the special drink. I guess she had a slow night and dearly needed that little extra. 

Will never go back.

Crap service!

my group of 20 ladies chose this place for a bachelorette party and was disgusted with the service before even getting into the club!
The bouncer in the guest list/bottle service line was rude as hell and told one of the ladies from my group to get out of line because she was drinking water! The girl hadn't even been drinking. When she politely said it was just water he automatically gave the remark "do you think I'm stupid."
Later on in the club the bachelorette herself talked to the manager and explained the situation and was assured that in 20 minZ the girl could come in with the rest of the group. However when the girl did come back into line after 30 minZ, the same bouncer quickly told her to get out again! When the girl asked when she could come back he claimed that if she asked again he would make it "10 times worse for her" and told her his issue with her wasnt about the job and was personal!

What kind of employees have the right to say its a personal matter while on the job!




All around great night. We were escorted to our booth on the patio, and its a lux. Beautiful cabanas and we were promptly serviced. Our cabana reservation also came with a complimentary shisha which was fantastic and by the end of the night the manager was at our booth with champagne on the house. Great service at Grass.


Thinking of possibly going here, but after reading some reviews...ummm...why does it seem like they kick everyone out for being drunk? Weird. And it seems like the bounchers are horrible people. Not sure if I should attempt to go here anymore?


Thursday of easter long weekend i had a great evening there. The vibe was really hype and the mc was upbeat. My friends and i enjoyed ourselves very much so to the point where we ended up getting a booth so late in the night. We are really looking forward to their thursdays this summer. We know the promoters and know its going to be a good crowd so cant wait. 6 stars for rockwood.

Sick Night!

Last Saturday it was rammed! Great atmospher and great party. Would go again and would reccommed it. Cheap drinks to. Bombs alllllll night!

St. Pattys Day

St. Pattys day was unreal at Rockwood! We came as a group of around 50+ people from a bus and the venue was well organized, speaking from experience at other clubs. They got us in right away even though the bus was late and it was past guestlist. Will definitely be back and planning my birthday there this summer on the patio.

Well Done

Well done. Had a great night....thanks for hooking us up...all 16 of us



Just like to say a big thank you to you and your staff on saturday march
10. My wife had one of the best bday parties! The staff at Rockwood
is fantastic. Everyone from the outside doormen to the lady
bartenders to the lady who helped serve us at our bottle service was
fab !

Yours Truly,

Brian and Trina (31)


Stay tuned for the latest news in celebrity apperances and celebrity Djs! Rockwood has an unbelievable line up to be announced! For more information visit


Please do not listen to the positive comments about how great this place is, they're false (and some of them sound like employees of Rockwood wrote them).
This club is horrible horrible horrible
The bouncers are intimidating and rude and will deny entry to half the people in line for no reason.
I saw them physically shoving a girl out and then threaten to "rough her up". Really? I don't care if she was too drunk, that's not how you do your job.
Was completely disgusted with this place and will make sure everyone I know avoids it like the plague

good time

We went this saturday, we had a blast.

They had a chocolate fondue station that we kept raiding lol

All in all we the whole group had a great time, and the booth we were in was in the middle of all the action-great booth!

We actually had someone sit in our booth and security was really cool about it and escorted the guy out.

Ill be coming back because they always have something cool going on every weekend. And i cant wait till the patio opens!!



Great Birthday!

Thankyou Rockwood for making my birthday celebration memorable. My friends and I had a great time. I had been to Rockwood before on a Saturday and also had a great time but didnt know that their Friday nights were just as fun! I booked a birthday package which ended up being good because of inexpensive bottles and everyone had put in for the booth also so it worked out. The vibe was good on both floors and busy. We had a booth upstairs on the wood floor and they played awsome house music. I was also really impressed with the crowd. On Fridays you would expect more of a younger clientel but that wasnt the case, it was a mix. Usually you only see that on Saturday nights. Overall I was hesitant on booking here because of the reviews and was scared that my friends wouldnt like the club, but I would recommend Rockwood for everyone. I had such a good time and I know my friends did to. I also want to thank the promoters from that night they hooked me up with a limo bus, and security outside was helpful in getting us all in because we were a big group.
Anna J.

mashup mondays

Mashup mondays is a mad house. Crazy party, the best on a monday. Just went for the grand opening and it was insane. Dj crunch spins it like no other. Everyone should check out this night. You wont be dissapointed.


If you're looking to be treated with even an ounce of respect, SKIP THIS PLACE! I truly have no idea how this club is still open. The bouncers are absolutely disgusting, treating every patron like dirt. If these bouncers hate their jobs and their customers so much they should quit.
$20 for cover to be treated like I'm being done some big favour by being allowed to enter the club? Everyone in that club line is a customer, and the bouncers acted like we were the ones inconveinencing them by simply being there and making them have to do their jobs. And while waiting in line I heard them make rude remarks to several females, and deny entry to many people for "being too drunk" when they were VERY CLEARLY coherent and sober.
Club was boring with dull music, lame crowd, and over priced practically alcohol free drinks. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY


Believe me, do yourself a favour and SKIP this awful club!!
Just read the reviews below!
Spend your hard working dollars elsewhere...
*****This place has no respect for their patrons!!!!!*****


So me and my boys had been planning to come back to rockwood for a while now ever since they had the dj MKUTz play, hes sick. We went this passed saturday and the club was legit. Hands down Dj Flash in the rock level gets it poppin. They set us up with bottleservice at the door cause we didnt pre book bottleservice or anything. They got mostly all of us in for free and the rest paid something like 10 buks, nothing. The place was packed. I enjoyed the party and the crowd was good lookin. Overall we had an aight night. No hassel at the door when we asked for bottleservice and the servers were always ontop of us. Maybe cause we spent some mucho dalla lol. I would go back simply and plainly for the muzik and the crowd, it was bumpin.


Went to this club recently for a best friends birthday, and doubt we will ever return. First of all when we got there the bouncer told me I was too drunk to come in; and I was no where near drunk. I'm the first to admit when I've had too much to drink and when I deserve it, but I was in no way stumbling, slurring, or anything. My friends told me later its because I was acting too friendly, so apparently being friendly to a bouncer gets you kicked out these days. So the bouncer says "come back in an hour", I left the line and said "wow really?" and he rudely replies "that's what you get for predrinking" (sorry I had a glass of wine before coming here??? Doubt I'm the only one in line with wine on my breath). So I come back in an hour, completely sober, and this same power tripping bouncer proceeds to make me repeat every detail on my I.D., and then makes me walk to a bike rack and back to prove I'm sober, and he laughed with the other bouncer while I did this. I've been to almost every club in Toronto at least once, and this is hands down the rudest staff I have ever seen, and I have never been treated that disrespectfully at any other club in my life, If it hadn't been my friends birthday I would have left right then. There were people in line very drunk but for some reason I was singled out all night.
The club itself was just alright, music was basic house music, dance floor on the Rock floor was a little small and crowded. But even if this club was amazing, the hassle I faced getting in makes it never worth going to again. Overpriced for a club with nothing special, with rude and power tripping bouncers who will ruin your night (and your dignity!) when you've done nothing wrong.


I LOOOOVE this club! I won myself a gift certificate to tiffanys 2 weeks ago.
-the waitresses are really polite and dont give us wrong prices like other clubs :s (xs!)
-the music is amazing, especially on the rock level!
-the crowd is very good looking
-& the patio is beautiful <3

I recommend this club for anyone!




Went to Rockwood this passed Saturday Nov 5th. Had an amzing time with my girlfriends. They have free cover before 11 on the guestlist so everyone walked in free!!! When we got there we ended up buying a bottle at the bar. We got a premium bottle for under 200 dollars, it was great! The staff was friendly and very helpful on the phone when i called a week prior for guestlist. I would highly recommend this club, had a fantastic time and cant wait to celebrate my birthday next month. 5 STARS PLUS!!!

If it were possible, i would put 0 stars.

AWFUL club. Was on guestlist, arrived 30 minutes early and obviously they held the line up until 11 so that we had to pay cover. Went in the club, stayed an hour until the bouncer decided my girl friend was "too drunk" when clearly she was fine. They had absolutely no reason to kick her out, she was causing no trouble whatsover and the sad part was....she was basically sober. We aren't even the type of girls to start shit at a club, and no club has ever kicked us out or mistreated us this way. Also, once we went outside there was a line up guys who got kicked out as well for being "too drunk" when they were basically sober.....The bouncers were rude and unreasonable, as well as the owner....they wouldn't even give back her jacket, so she was basically out on the street freezing. The owner is a greedy bastard, so if you want to waste your time and money you should go here. Otherwise NEVER go there, if you were warned.

Bouncers on a powertrip. Use them to pay off law school debt.

So we get bottle service on my girlfriend's birthday. She gets kicked out for being drunk, I leave with her to make sure she is ok.

We were standing on the sidewalk on the opposite street from the club.

There is a hotel there, and the doorman there tells us to leave.

We stand on the side of the road inform him that, I am a law student and the road is public property. And continue standing there as we wait for our friends.

The hotel guy gives us a talks a bit of smack. But backs off when I tell him if he touches me I will sue and his employer for assault.

All of a sudden these two big black Rockwood bouncers come across the street and tell us to leave the area.

I inform him that its public property and will call the cops. I turn on my iphone to record the altercation.

He proceeds to push me and I scrape my knee. Just won a 5k judgement from the company that owns rockwood in small claims court.

Using it to pay off my student debt. :)

Worst night Ever!

I just had my birthday at rockwood nightclub last night and it was the worst club ever! DO NOT EVER GO THERE, I REPEAT DO NOT STEP FOOT IN THIS CLUB. Unless you want a bad time and rude bouncers. They literally threw me and my friends out when we were completely sober. We had only been in there for about 30 mins and had bottle service. As soon as we paid them they decided to kick us out. So basically they just stole our money and tried to say we did something wrong when we didnt even get to have one full drink. Also the male black bouncer proceeded to say that he was going to" break my arm" on my own birthday when i was sober and not doing anything but trying to have a good time. BE WARNED AND NEVER GO THERE UNLESS YOU WANT AN ASSAULT ATTACK FROM THIS BOUNCER!!!!!!


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Bimbos write these comments

Why is every club "the worst club" according to some air head bimbos on this website? Yes, you got too drunk, endangered your own health and the safety of others then blamed everyone else.... if you can't party without throwing a fit then please do everyone a favor and stay home.


It would take a novel to explain how horrible and poorly run this place really is...

*called ahead to get on the guestlist because we were taking a limo there for a big celebration but still waited over an hour in line when we were there ON TIME.
* rude rude staff
*overpriced WARM drinks!
*head strong bouncers kicked some of my friends out over nothing even though there were obvious very drunk people there who did need to be kicked out.
*the rooftop level had no music (?)
*they blocked an emergency exit with a dumpster (illegal)
*I got a bottle broken over me and got cut up really bad. Then was told by the staff that each bandaid was $2.00!!! Are you kidding me? They are making profit off of first aid (illegal)

All in all please save your money/time/sanity. There are much better places out there whose staff respects you not only as a patron but as a human being!

I would recommend anyone to go there.

I have never ever experienced such bad customer service in my life. I went there for my birthday on July 30th, booked a booth with bottle service. At one point a bouncer came over and yelled at us ( to be honest it was our fault, but his yelling was excessive and lasted about two minutes for a simple mistake that we apologized for) For the rest of the evening that same bouncer was constantly passing our booth and hovering over us. He kicked out two of my guests which flew all the way from Vancouver for my birthday. He accused them of being drunk, when intact they were trying to reason with him that it is not the case. He was unwilling to compromise, and/or hear the other side of the story and used excessive yelling ( my guest were willing to be escorted but not yelled at or disrespected and not valued as a client) Also, there was no objection when a drunk and uncoordinated man entered our booth, when it was so obvious that he was intoxicated beyond regular limits. Also one of the female photographers sat down at our booth --uninvited-- and took a drag of our sheesha. There was no boundary between client and employee at that point. The music wasn't all that great. All in all it was not
worth $400.

Bad Birthday

I would NOT recommend Rockwood for anyone who enjoys good music and timely service. For one thing, we arrived on time, yet had to wait in line for an hour before being considered let in. Whatever problems they were having, that was not of our concern, we should not have waited that long.

Also, the music was terrible. Whatever DJ they have, they should fire.

Finally, who serves WARM BEER? That's right, cheapos. And the bartender had an attitude about it. Im not paying 6 bucks for a warm beer that I cant even finish because it tastes like ass.

In the end, we waited an hour to get in, stayed for 30 min, and found another establishment. Luckily we didn't pay cover, because 20 bucks wouldn't have been worth it.


-stood in line for an hour
-the vibe in the club was completely off
-free before 11 but they purposely hold up the line until after 11...and there u go..20buks for admission

if you go i guarantee you will waste time/money and be pissed off

Loveeeddd it!!

Great place, great music, lots of hot guys ;) I went there with my girls a week ago and I have to say it really was great!

I was skeptical about the reviews for a bit, them ranging from poor to great, and I couldn't decide for a while. But sure, if you expect the place to be perfect, obviously things will be wrong with it.

The staff was okay, not overly nice, just okay. The bouncers let us through just fine as well. We didn't wait long at all.

The Djs were amazzinnggg! You can tell they know what they are doing. Go there on a Monday when drinks are 3.50!

Overall, great experience, nice decor and good music.
Average staff. Good priced drinks.

Not Impressed!

After hearing and reading great reviews about rockwood my friends and I decided to head there for my birthday. I had ordered bottle service and the woman that set me up was very helpful. However, the bouncers at the club are extremely rude. My boyfriend was accused of throwing up in the washroom by the washroom staff who then called the bouncer to have him kicked out. This happened literally 20 mins after arriving at the club we had not even been served our bottles yet. Thankfully we were able to convince the head bouncer that he had clearly not been throwing up in the washroom. After that however, there were bouncers watching my group of friends for the rest of the night. They also kicked out three of my friends for no apparent reason. The bouncers clearly have no respect for the clientele in the club. On a side note the club's crowd gets significantly smaller after 2 am. Also this happened on a Friday night.


Had a great experience here! I went on a Saturday with a few girlfriends and we had a blast. We only waited in line for about 5 minutes, and since we were on the guestlist, we didn't have to pay cover. The venue is very nice inside, and the drinks are reasonably priced. The rooftop bar wasn't open when we arrived, but was opened later in the evening. The music and energy at Rockwood was fantastic; I will definitely be returning in the near future.


This establishment is a terrible place to go. All the staff are very rude. Many people get kicked out for no reason. Apparently paying $400 fort bottles is not enough to let you have access to the floor these bottles are on. I will never return under any circumstances. Would not want to support a bar run so poorly.




Amazing Party

Me and my girls went to Rockwood this past friday and had a blast. Party was good, music on each floor was good and best of all the crowd is very stylish which you won't find at most clubs. Drink prices were affordable and didnt cost an arm and a leg. If your looking for a good friday night party I would recommend this place ill be making my way back soon. Security is also nice which is also hard to find downtown. If you do go make sure you arrive early as it gets busy early but its worth the wait. Also thanks to Mike who hooked us up. If you end up going to Rockwood try booking threw him for the hook up we called at 1030 and he hooked us up quick think his number is 4166550997 :) see u soon rockwood

Meh, not impressed.

I had booked bottle service, guestlist and obviously a booth over the phone with the club itself and the women who picked up didn't have a clue what she was doing, I had to ASK her for prices and information about what was included. We got there at 11 and stood in the "guestlist" line for thirty minutes. Originally the price was $270 for the bottles and it included 6 free covers and 6 reduced, but by the time we were at the front of the line we were told that sorry, everyone needs to pay cover and the price just went up to $390. Absolutely ridiculous and the manager didn't seem to give a crap because she just took our money and left us to stand there for another 10 minutes without a word. Once we were in (40 mins later) our booth was too small for the party of 10 that we had and we were jammed up next to the DJ. The booth beside us thankfully left early and we were able to spread out but then the PROMOTERS were coming and sitting in our booth without letting us know. I'm sorry, but if I'm ever going to pay close to $400 I'm going somewhere else because the employees there were unbelievable. I had a better time at Lot 332. The music was great, DJ was friendly, but I couldn't stand the staff.

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