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I've been coming to this club for years but i stopped going there for awhile. I heard they recently renovated the club so i booked a booth/table service there for my bf's birthday through the revolution website and deposit $50. Booths were ranging from $550 and up +hst depending on which booth you choose and the alcohol. I thought this was quite expensive compared to other clubs but i booked it anyway.
That night my bf and i went to the club, along with some friends and family. I was outraged to find the club was completing closed for the summer because business was too slow. I booked the booth 2 weeks advanced and not one person from revolution contact me to inform me they were closed and they took my deposit money! Not only was i furious with them, i was also embarrassed with my friends and family who showed up.
Luckily our whole group (16 people) went to beta and they were able to accommodate us with table service. And it was only $400!
The following day i called the revolution leaving a message and the day after that an email. It's been a couple days now and still no reply. At the rate they charge for table service and the way they run the club no wonder why business is slow. This has to be the worst experience ever and i am never going back to this club again


I have been going to revolution night club,for 4 years now, and I love it, the bouncers at the front allready know me and my fiance, the one security doesnt even id us anymore(wicked), I love the feeling rev gives me, I dont have as good of a time anywhere as I do at Revolution nightclub, I dont know what would happen to me if I ever find out that revolution closed down for good. Please dear manager of rev,give your self a pat on back for holding up such an amazing party spot. And OMG congrats on the renovations, It make you feel like you are in New York or LosAngels deffinately not KW. We love you rev. Forever and Always, I am hoping rev will stay open long enough that when my 2 year old turns 20, he will get his groove on at Rev, I am actually coming down on June 22 for the wedding after party, and a few times before that. We love you rev.

Great Bar

I dunno what you people are talking about. I think you are over exaggerating your experience. As for the price Hello have you ever been to Toronto? They are way more expensive plus you have to pay for parking on top of that. You are in Kitchener-Waterloo and Rev is the biggest bar here. They have an overall nice layout on the inside and it doesn’t look ghetto. I’ve paid $10 to get in bars around this area that were like ¼ of their size and all you saw was the dusty pipes along the ceiling and cement floor. Revolution and The Flying Dog which is attached is one of the better bars here!!!


You guys should hire some staff who aren't complete and total idiots and learn to treat others with some respect. Go back to grade school and learn how to be nice a$$holes. Maybe have a mandatory customer service exam when you hire??? I hate this club and would not reccomend it to anyone, in fact I'm going to go out of my way to let everyone I meet know what a bad club this is.


Go to beta!! Best time ever!! This place sucks! Bouncers and manager don't care about keeping or getting any customers, kick ppl out or deny entry for no reason at all!!!!


I had the worst time of my life at rev, this place is awful!!! Disrespectful staff kicked me out for no reason that I could see. I was doing the same thing I would do at any other club, dancing, having some drinks, and I have never been kicked out before anywhere else! The people running this place are on some kind of power trip and must enjoy wrecking their PAYING CUSTOMERS' nights for no reason


This is the worst run place I have ever seen. The bouncers are horrible, disrespectful, rude people. I was kicked out for having 2 drinks beforehand. I was completely fine walking and stood talking to bouncer and manager for over half an hour and they continuously got in my face and accused me of "swaying" when i stepped back to maintain my personal space. I will never go to this club again and I hope they go out of business.


I decided to celebrate my 23rd bday at this club - worst idea EVER! i corresponded with the manager, Michael, via email a few days before to get a VIP booth, line bypass and free cover. Everything was "good to go" as he stated.
That night however, we arrived at 1050 to find that there was NO vip line, no line by-pass, we waited in line and missed the 1100 deadline for free cover by 2 minutes. All of us had to pay the ridiculousness 8$ cover. Then we found out that the Purple room was CLOSED and the club was completely dead! maybe 4 or 5 other people were there...this was a Saturday Night!
i asked to speak to the manager. I let him know i was upset about how the night was going so far. He said there was absolutely nothing he could do. And he suggested that we "can still just leave" if we wanted to. Excuse me?! YOUR THE MANAGER? your supposed to make sure your customers are happy arent you?

Oh but thats not all! While i was talking with the manager i was surrounded by 6 security guards who decided it was time for me to go, after i already decided i wasnt staying. Half way to the exit they grabbed me by the arms and DRAAAAGED me across the floor. And when i tried to break free they SLAMMED me to the ground and started BEATING me down! WTF? Not only that... they grabbed my panicking GF and slammed her on the ground and broke her heels!

So ya, if you want to have a memorable beating for your special event, come to Revolution Night Club! Otherwise, FORGET IT!


You guys need to update your photos because it look a lot different (in a better way)

p.s their dance floor is HUGE !!

awesome place

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