Rehab Nightclub is now Cirqus Nightclub


2065 Winston Park Dr., Oakville, ON

Rehab Nightclub Info

Once you enter REHAB Nightclub you won't want to leave. Experience the vibe and feel the beat of Club Mix, Top 40, House, and R&B as the crowd dances around you in the main room. Enjoy the party under the star's on the Patio. REHAB Nightclub is the right place for you to be, and the party never stops.

Venue Type
Mature, Students
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
15,000 sq ft, 1 room + patio

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The website will not let people post reviews with a low rating so i had to give my rating 5 stars so people can see what i have to say. Do not go to cirqus (rehab). The guys are horny and perverted, they take advantage of drunk girls and separate them from their groups, one guy literally fingered a girl on the dance floor; oh and many guys are from brampton- enough said. The bartenders rip you off on drinks and do not give you back proper change. Do not go here if you value your life and your virginity.

Reply for Tanya (March 19, 2012)

There's a google maps on the corner of retarded and lazy. Do humanity a favour and consider getting a tubal ligation. I hear they offer them on the corner of yonge and dundas. Look for a guy name big kweezy. They only cost about 15$. Also if you still need a hotel you can stay at his crib off the port at queens quay.

Rehab is AWESOME!

Me and my girlfriends love rehab. Don't have to pay for parking, drinks are reasonably priced, great music, the bartenders are soooo nice, just a great atmosphere! The crowd is pure party too! You can't go wrong. Now with the nice weather i hope they open that patio soon because it's so sick!


To the guest that received a shake down drink. Please come to come REHAB and see one of the managers on duty. We would like to get the matter resolved of the shake down drink. Also we will take care of you and your guest free over and drinks. if you can email us a description of the bar tender, what bar and what day. Thank You Rehab Management.

Amazing Saturday

Saturday night me and my girls had a great stagette party at rehab. The bottle service girl was great. Pinnacle party they had wow that was so cool. Music was incredible we spent more time on the dance floor. Definitely I will be there this Saturday. Thank rehab for a great party.

Ripped off

Bartenders rip you off and also shake down the drinks. Shooters mixed with juice when it shouldnt be. Wtf! Dont go this place.

so many Ladies at Rehab

Went to Rehab tonight. Have not seen so many good looking ladies in a night club. The ratio was 4 girls to 1 guy. Will be back next week for sure.


A greta night yesterday The music was incredible with Kiss fm Packed inside and I love the big patio The front doorman checked ID quickly and let us in very fast. Going back this week


All the times ive been to this club I havent had much of an issue. Only ones are that some of the bartenders do not know how to count change and i get ripped off. I just dont tip for the rest of the night lol. However it is a good club very spacious and nice girls. Compared to my apartment.. Rehab is FAR better!

My left hand is more fun

No. Just no. If you're coming from anywhere west of Oakville Just drive the extra 30 minutes to T.O. and go downtown.

For those of us who are from Toronto and the surrounding area, save yourself the gas/time and stay within the best


This club is awful. When I go there to dance with my girlfriends or just have a good time, the men are constantly coming up to you and harassing you. They grab you and touch you inappropriately to the point where they make your time there unenjoyable. When I went there, it wasn't just a few times it would happen, it happened at any place on the dance floor ALL NIGHT. There are a few clubs that have this issue with the guys there -browntown but this club is the WORST for it. Its unfortunate when a good club area with reason priced drinks and good bartenders have a good rep but the crowd it brings in, seriously kills it. Especially when it's either entering, being at the club or leaving it. The whole night, just disgusting annoying brown dudes harassing you or touching you.

Halloween oct 26 2012

Rehab is the far worst club I've been too. This club was super packed, could not walk or dance. Everyone was bumping into you. Floor was wet and a bouncer push a big garbage bin right into my waist. When I looked at him he didn't even say sorry. He just walked away. Punk. Also the front entrance was blocked with people so if there was an emergency you would definitely get trampled on. One last thing, no body check so anyone could of got hurt

this club sucks

Worst time ever never going back with my friends, music was shit. Only duds would go there.

hotels by Rehab

Hi which hotels are closest to Rehab Nightclub?

Run by Thugs

I saw 4 bouncers beat up a guy who was not fighting back. Smells like run by element that is comfortable operating outside law. Strongly recommend avoiding.


hi, i have a birthday party to go to and its on friday night..... i was wondering whats the dress code .. i be comming form ajax dnt want to get rejected at the door for wearing something not matching the code .... can someone please tell me .... if the black jeans and white full sleeve round neck shirt will be good for this club ?

Great time!

love the music, the dance floor and the crowd is always awesome. Always seem to have an amazing time here!!

Got Frazzeled att Hab

Last weekend I went with a group of friends for sum1's B-day, we took a limo down. Rehab is banging, we got bottles and the front door ppl by passed us through the line and got us right in to our bboth, and it was all a blurry fantastic mess. Service was great bottles were reasonable and staff were jokes, made us feel right at home. Next Bday going to Rehab again.


The club seems to be extremely well run. The front door staff are alway helpful and friendly. They run an extremely high dress code policy especially when it comes to the footwear. It seems that the club have numerous security/bouncers that deal with things swiftly and efficiently not disturbing the clubbers who wish to enjoy themselves. I see the bad comments posted by certain individuals on club security possible asked for what they received.

Rare to see such awesome bouncers

I haven't been to a club in a while seeing as how the last couple times I've been harassed by bouncers and man handeled by huge goons, however my boys keep raving how good Rehab is so I joined them a few weeks ago and all the security staff were great the front door guys and the girl we're so friendly and kept me laughing. Inside same ecperience instead of glaring juice monkey gorillas walking around the bouncers at Rehab were so chill. Only removed the D bags who deserved it. I would recomend ppl definitely check this place out.

good times

Went to Rehab last week. Overall great experience, Door ppl were bomb made my time in line pass quickly. Great music cheap drinks lots of ppl. And at some point some ass tried calling out one of my boys and the bouncers took the guy out right away and even came back to make sure we were all ok. Goin again next week!!!

Security & Staff

Have been visiting REHAB on numerous occassions over the past year. Would like to say from the Front door guys and girls through to the bar support staff, amazing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Cheap entry, good music and amazing prices.


The bathroom attendant was the best!! He was absolutely hilarious, and made my visit to the washrooms pleasant. He kept saying this was the "best washroom in the gta" and it was exactly that! I wish he was in the washroom at my house, "Let the pee flow mon" ahah best part of my night.

Rehaaaaaab yeah buddy!

best club ever, nuff said.

Ok. Security and Coat check are problems

Security outside were decently polite. The rest of the small very aggressive and rude security, were rude and on a serious power trip from the moment I stepped in the club. They seemed very eager to throw people out for no apparent reason and instigate problems. A word of advice to the owners go and hire an actually professional security company that has their priorities straight and now how to do their jobs! Anyway, my last negative comment is about the coat check girl was very rough and rude with my jacket, which i did not appreciate. DJ was Ok. Bartenders and bottle service girls were great. Atmosphere was not bad. I will go back a few times a year.

6 bouners to beat up a skinny kid for no reason?

I'm just wondering who employed these bouncers? I'm also wondering why they instigated altercations? A family member of mine was there with me recently and the bouncer pushed him for no reason. Off course my family member pushed back because when someone pushes you, you push back. He knew he was going to be kicked out even though he didn't start a fight or anything and put his hands up and said "Okay I'll go" the bouncer then proceeded to call 6 large men for backup. They beat him all while his hands were in the air and carried him out. I have probably more qualifications then these people to be a bouncer through schooling and what I was taught was very different from what was displayed here that night. I will be following up with the night club and if nothing is done the police. Thanks Rehab for your wonderful customer service. You'll be hearing from me!

hella good time

rehab was alot of fun alot of cool people although there were some creepy guys that need to be kept on a leash! but other then that great girls night out forsure! only problem is cant find the pictures from that night :( its to bad.

rude bouncers

the bouncers at rehab are complete assholes
they pick on people who are enjoying themselves. me being a girl i was offended that a bouncer told me and my boyfriend to stop grinding and find a hotel for that. since when did this become a high school dance. im sure we werent the only ones dancing and having a good time

rude bouncers

the bouncers at rehab are complete assholes
they pick on people who are enjoying themselves. me being a girl i was offended that a bouncer told me and my boyfriend to stop ridging and find a hotel for that. since when did this become a high school dance. im sure we werent the only ones dancing and having a good time

Rehab has the beautiful Oakville girls

We went last Friday. The girls were awesome, and the place was jamm'in House music on one side, top 40 the other and drinks were cheaper than anywhere. Don't tell your friends because the place is already real busy.

Why go downtown. Go to Rehab

Oakville finally has a downtown club' only better. My girlfriends and I Go to Rehab all the time' we've never been disappointed. The place is always rocking, the crowd always is a blast, and the guy's are hot. Why go downtown? It's a $10 cab ride from my house, and drinks are $4 rehab,rehab,rehab

If you want to wait in line...go here...

Rehab was really good until Kiss 92.5 came in... they broadcast the club so much that its too crowded. We had line by-pass so we didn't have to wait in the cold... but can someone tell me what kinda managment would make people wait 25 minutes just to put their check their coat?! Wouldn't you rather us pay for drinks at the bar. The coat check line on the way out was even worse, we waited for more than an hour.

The music was really good though. If your going to go ditch the coat, drink a lot.

Rehab Review

Rehab Nightclub is probably one of the worst clubs in Oakville. Drinks are pretty cheap and the music is OKAY nothing special. Every time my friends and I go we have such a horrible experience because of the management. The job of a bouncer is to monitor and control a crowd at a club so no fights break out and all problems are handled efficiently. Yeah we all know that some clubs can have some pretty rude bouncers but Rehab takes this rudeness to a whole new level. Aside from the fact that the bouncers are on a SERIOUS power trip, they think they have the right to treat humans like complete garbage. The people who come to the club provide the club with business and should be treated with some sort of respect especially if they're not starting any problems. I've seen the bouncers specifically be rude to specific people for absolutely no good reason. If the club continues to treat its customers the way they are they're going to go out of business so fast it's ridiculous. Although I've never had a problem with them personally it disgusts me to see how they treat other people. Because of Management I will NEVER be going back to Rehab. I would rather spend an extra $100 and go downtown then go to Rehab ever again which is 5 minutes away from my house.

Rehab: Needs help...

Venue: not too bad... multilevel for vip sections
Crowd: horrible... not 21 or over as advertised...
Price: decent
Music: horrible. DJ couldn't mix at all, too much time playing with the f/x button on the mixer, not mixing songs, nothing played in top 40 this year... no format to hype the crowd. yawn... in mississauga? go to body english, hell even sugar daddy's instead.

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