Play on Queen is now closed.

PLAY on Queen Nightclub Info

Play nightclub is the newest hotspot on Queen West. Boasting VIP tables with tufted white fabrics and large ornate mirrors, Play provides an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere. Plush white swings hang from the ceilings of the VIP booths at the back of venue, adding to Play's fun and upbeat vibe. The owners of Play nightclub have taken pride in providing the ultimate nightclub experience. Leading ...

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Venue Type
Thursday - Sat 10pm-2am
Queen West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop
400 capacity, intimate venue on queen st

PLAY on Queen Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for PLAY on Queen Nightclub.

PLAY on Queen Nightclub Reviews

beautiful people

had so much fun at Play!!!! it was my friend's bday so we did bottle service... the place is a little smaller, and kinda cozy, so it felt like the right fit for me and my friends.... we were able to stay in the same area... we danced all night. nobody really bothered us but we did end up partying with another group that had bottle service. they were awesome. overall, great night.... Happy Birthday Jess!!!!

Surprise surprise

wasn't as lame as i thought it was gonna be. never heard about this place until about a week ago... pretty awesome decor.... and barely any sleazbags and lilo wanabees.

Play on

don't usually go clubbing but my friend was in town from NY.... and she was dying to go. Was recommended Play by a few friends and absolutely LOVED IT. My friend was really impressed too, which is saying a lot cause she's pretty picky.... and from nyc.

dance thursday

had soo much fun last night!!!!! love love love dance thursdays!!! watching some ppl dance here is so jokes lol


This place was shut down.

It's been closed for a week

Where are these reviews coming from? This place has been dead and closed since the long weekend. No music, no doormen, no nothing. Apparently the owners and management are still trying to make this place happen by posting fake reviews even if they don't open it?


Really chill weeknight event. Not too crowded. Not too hipster. Music was decent. Overall good


Just got back from rebel tues on queen west. Reddy fox makes their tues event possible. Awesome and still kinda low key for a tues event. Perfect


Summer is almost over and play is almost shut down.
But don't let that sucker you in to believing their fake reviews.
Imagine how much more cash they would have made if they weren't getting slammed by bad reviews from the beginning! Lol!


Caribana hampton event was sick. So many ppl from toronto, so many ppl from out of town. Good vibes. Pretty good for a toronto club

never growing up

Roundtable entertainment is hands down the best promo company. Every fri they get ppl to come out. Summer is almost done.. So live it up while its still warm


All these 'good' reviews are made up by the loser manager/owner/promoter of this club.

hip hop

Dope hip hop nights on wed.... Chill spot and good dj ... Love wathcing the ladies dance.

hip hop

Dope hip hop nights on wed.... Chill spot and good dj ... Love wathcing the ladies dance.

Tuesday night

Came out for rebels good crowd overall. Went with a few friends. Got there maybe a little too late. Good girl guy ratio... Probably more girls if anythign. Had fun

All lies

All of these reviews are by the manager of play who is a total scumbag. This place is completely crap.


First time going to play... Apparently tuesday nights is a new thing. Pretty impressed by how many people came out. Damn good turnout for a tuesday. Guess the summer gets people out overall pretty good. Crowd was awesome. No egos. People just dont give a fk on a tuesday. Good night

live bands

They had a live band. No clue who they were but still pretty dope. Mixing a live band with a dj keeps things interesting. Different club experience, this place is cozy


Awesome cover band last week... Live performance. Cant say that ive seen that in a club lately....

Patio season

Really glad the patio is open for the season... Clubs get soooo loud and i usually meet people outside more than inside. Trying to quit smoking... But patios, booze and boys kinda make it hard to kick the habit ;)

Junior prom

Wot?! Older crowd?! Only true if you're twelve years old. The kids at this club are just barely drinking age if they're even that. The location on queen is excellent but crowd and music make or break a club and this one is broooooken!

Wednesday wastage

I once went to a thursday night at this place and it sucked. I guess that was a flop because they've now cancelled those (too much competition from decent places) and are trying their luck with wednesdays. I got dragged there again and it sucked just as much as the thursday did! I couldn't understand how a place could be so bad until i found out it is owned and operated by the same israeli couple who own the swingers bar wicked upstairs at the same address. Everyone knows that place is basically a joke :)

Of age

Thank god.. Crowd here is a little older. Mid 20's to early 30's. Healthy balance of young professionals recent graduates, instead of the usual barely legal crowd. Or freshman frat boys. Better than most.

Sad little dump

Rude obnoxious manager who thinks he is gods gift to toronto because he is responsible for this little turd of a club. To top off the attitude problem, this is one of the lamest places toronto has ever known. Feel free to go if you have weekends that aren't worth anything to you. I'd say you'd be better off at another club, but actually you'd be better off staying home!


It was okay... Easy to find, not too crowded, not full of teeny boppers. Id go back


Play fridays are dope. For sure a ladies club. Theres a line up sometimes. Not too long, inside is trippy.


Why do all the 'good' reviews for this place read like advertising? So fake. The losers who run this place are totally transparent lol


Lets play saturdays are always so busy... Not like too busy where you cant walk around.... Busy like cool people and enough space to dance. Drinks are priced ok and cover isnt too bad. Really do like coming here. Bigger clubs are too busy and its always too hot . Absolutely love play. Im a little biased because my friend used to work there.... So thats how i found play.. But if it werent for her i would have never found it.


Had soo much fun friday night!!! Really love getting dressed up and having a few drinks with my girls.... Love that play is on queen west makes it really easy to get to and the crowd is always a good mix since its all ppl from the queen west area. I really like the decor and even though ive never been upstairs im really intrigued i like how private this place is

Club fail

Play is not a classy place. Its actually comically uncool - like your grandma's idea of where young people go to hang out. In fact the only thing its got going for it is the killer location but that advantage disappears as soon as you get inside. if your going to trek out to the ossington strip there are tones of better, cooler, classier, places to go. Play (and the upstairs club wicked) is completely out of place and that is why it hardly gets anyone in. I can't imagine it'll last long and i can't wait to see what sort of better place takes the building when it's gone...

Incompetent management

Play is proof that incompetent management can destroy any business (no matter how many reviews you write about your own club). Just remember losers: you have no one to blame but yourselves.

lets play

This is my top spot for a sat night....Always a line up out the door, place is packed and the ppl are committed. They come to party for real. If youre looking for a place to stop by on sat def worth it its always busy

Awful place

Play is a sad little spot on an up-and-coming part of queen west right by ossington. It's the lower level of club wicked and its obviously run by the same people who run that establishment. It looks like its trying to be classy but you can see the same bad taste that gave us their previous tries at a ground level bar in the same building: stuckup staff, way overpriced for what it is, and no taste. Can't see it lasting long lol.

play fri

Friday night was awesome cool crowd and dj was pretty good queen west bar which is good cause its near my house so i didnt have to take the ttc wish i had found it sooner the only bad part was that my feet were killing me after from dancing lol aside from that it was a good night


Who's coming to play this weekend??????? going to be a shit show.....!!!! summer is here ladies!!! ;)


burlesque night was great.... everyone 'played' along. hahaha sorry had to say it.

All the class of Wicked but without the swing

My god, this place really sucks. ALL OF THE GOOD REVIEWS ARE OBVIOUSLY FAKE!!! It's the basement nightclub for Wicked, the swingers bar and its just as sleazy and gross!

Danced all night

danced the entire night.... stayed until last call. awesome music and kick ass venue.... just got promoted and this was the perfect spot to celebrate!!!!

saturday night

Where have you been all my l-i-i-i-ife?????
For real, love this spot....

Movin' along to Brooklyn

Pretty lame place with a ton of arrogance.
Much prefer Brooklyn


Play doesn't need help... they do just fine. everyone just relax, have a drink, and chill.... life's too short. YOLO

Play on

don't usually go clubbing but my friend was in town from NY.... and she was dying to go. Was recommended Play by a few friends and absolutely LOVED IT. My friend was really impressed too, which is saying a lot cause she's pretty picky.... and from nyc.

Queen beats joker

Anybody who knows what's what knows play is a cool avant garde trendy hip chic nitespot, obviously the joker loser has never gotten in, because if you have you would know this management doesn't have to boast or brag on here to try and drive traffic to play....

Get off our case!

Okay you ball less loser why do you care what we do o advertise our club. Play is the only good club in Toronto or probably anywere in the US to. Its not like you are any one else on this crap site has any idea what good music or a beautiful veneue looks like. Toronto is a shit town and is lucky to have us provide this beautiful veneue. Anybody who wants a look at what real talent looks like should come to Play and is lucky to get in




im a goofball dancer, but i always feel at home at Play... way to hold it down bruh


definetly coming back next week for dance thursdays. so much fun, not as crowded, good music, and im loyal to my hood ;)

dance thursday

had soo much fun last night!!!!! love love love dance thursdays!!! watching some ppl dance here is so jokes lol




hands down... this is one of my fave spots. quiet of quaint and not so hustle bustle.i dont think most people know about it... hopefully it stays that way for a wee bit longer.

not terrible

im not much of a dancer... prefer to chill at the bar. this place seemed somewhat less ackward for dudes that get dragged to clubs by their friends.

Wild night

partied way too hard here the other night lol


Ha ha ha - the management at Play and Wicked think that writing a lot of fake good reviews is going to make people come to their club. Too bad losers, people arent as dumb as you. :)

beautiful people

had so much fun at Play!!!! it was my friend's bday so we did bottle service... the place is a little smaller, and kinda cozy, so it felt like the right fit for me and my friends.... we were able to stay in the same area... we danced all night. nobody really bothered us but we did end up partying with another group that had bottle service. they were awesome. overall, great night.... Happy Birthday Jess!!!!


went here on the weekend. good location... room to walk and not being suffocated.


ladies... if you're looking for some sexy guys, this is where they're all hiding.... have your pic lol.... had a lot of fun


As the _only_ woman in the place I can say that everyone saying there are way more girls than guys in lying. Probably just the managers trying to sucker people in.

Not worth your $ or you time

I cant figure out why the management keep going on and on about their decor. Its completely ugly and cheesy. People go to the home show for decor and clubs for a fun night out but you cant get either at Play or Wicked.


Play has a way bigger attitude than it deserves. Before you start acting like arrogant dicks you have to run a decent club. Right now all they've got in there is a few horny guys and their attitude.

Sausage party

Wicked used to be great but with Play its gotten to be total sleaze sausage party. All the guys even creep me out!

Surprise surprise

wasn't as lame as i thought it was gonna be. never heard about this place until about a week ago... pretty awesome decor.... and barely any sleazbags and lilo wanabees.

on the money

good news... the cast of jersey shore wasn't there. just... you know.. people having a good time.

girls just wanna have fun

totally a girls club..... nice little spot... not too busy... and the everything inside is so magical.... one of the few clubs i go to...

Special event

Sooooo tacky! lol

Club fizzle

Not a new club anymore and never got popular. Just limping along and not gonna catch on now. Bad music, crowd, attitude etc. probably the reason but all the bad reviews couldnt help. Maybe if the management werent such douches things wouldve gone different for Play...

Free drinks

Got a few drinks on their friday event night.. really good idea to get ppl to come out. Fairly busy... glad i didn't stay in watching tv lol. Always good to see old friends..

Play on

didn't see it coming.. had an awesome time! place looks like a freakin fun house.... crowd was cool.

Nothing special

Thought that it might be a bit edgy because of being part of the swingers bar Wicked. But there's really nothing memorable about this place good or bad. Staff was fine and decor was okay but not noticeable. Music was standard and not many people there. Doubt I'd go back as place is completely meh and toronto has better places.


love the decorations.... kinda dreamy.... twisted kingom-ish feel


Cant describe how much i h8 this place. most obnoxious staff i have ever seen. Not more girls than guys just mostly empty. Look at all the 'good' reviews. u always get 3 or 4 written on the same day. They are written by the staff. This site is for reviewing clubs not ads by staff. Go bugger back to your club!

Not Richmond

awesome spot NOT on Richmond. kinda feels like im in Alice in Wonderland....


Yeah... definetly way more ladies then guys... okay with me haha


Best place to dance on thursday. Hands down... Love queen west

Past it

Wicked used to be one of a kind but now there are lots of other places like it in TO. The novelty has worn off and too much competition and getting run down so not many people are going anymore.

This place is confused

Richmond or Queen west. Make up your mind. Right now its trying to be a Richmond club but without the crowd or space or talent. Figure it out!


first time at play...had fun.... music was awesome. danced a whole bunch. good times :)


Takes a lot of nerve to charge to get in to an empty club. They try to make it look there's a line when they can but when you get inside you realize youre basically the only ones there.

Just wondering...

Are there any good reviews for Wicked or Play that weren't written by the manager or promoter????!!!!


Love love LOVE the set up.... Chandeliers and swings...absolutely lovely!!!

Relax Bro

why is everyone so mad on here??? I had a good time when i went... if you didn't like it.. don't go. no need for all the hatred ppl

My spot

this is where I secretly come to dance... kinda off the grid. I like that its not as packed and the ppl here are mostly local... if you're looking for a spot thats a little more chill... this is it :)

Big mirror

So from what i recall, this is the same place as the club vogue just under a new name? Is it the place with the big mirror in the back to make the room look double its size? Standard club, music, and crowd nothin special.. please innovative designs? I went to pacha in Ibiza and if u want to kno innovation please take notes from them and not ur airhead canadian promoters who have as much culture as my little toe

Dont be a highschool dropout

Its imitation thats a form of flattery, numbnuts. The only place imitating play is the public mens room in kensington market.

Poor sandradee

Jealousy is such a great form of compliment...

Thank you Sandy.

Grandma's hangout

my grandma loves going to play because even though shes 86 shes way hotter than all the other girls there!

Queens granny

Sandy your granny must be real cool, invite her out, we'll even waive the cover for her! As for you - no chance as the cover charge keeps the riff raff out!


dive bars on queen dont make me pay cover $$$

play looks like what my grandmother thinks a club should look like

Queen of queen

Hey the place is not a dump yet real beutiful, queen st is full of dive bars, you might not like the crowds or music but can't hate on the look! I went and had a good time and really enjoyed the ambiance


Wow 'any publicity is good publicity'. Now that is arrogant. Here's some publicity for you: Play is the worst club in Toronto. I went on Saturday and stayed for all of 20 minutes before I had to leave. You're welcome or he publicity!

Pathetic little dump

Play is an ugly basement hole. Walk right by and go to Brooklyn for a much better night out on W Queen W.


...and cue rant by illiterate club manager. Classic.

Club crawling losers

If they ain't talking about you good or bad , your doing something wrong! Any publicity is good publicity, to bad this site is run by losers, and losers write this non sense, jealous promoters lazy promoters loser promoters, computers ruined the niteclub ism as well so did this stupid site, no one on this site would know a good club if their lives depended on it.

Not the cure

Toronto's nightlife might be dying, but Wicked's Play bar isn't going to save it. This place is the worst. Hell, it's not even going to save itself!

Power to the people!

I love Club Crawlers! It used to be if you had a bad experience at a club you just had to live with it. Now you can tell everyone about it on Club Crawlers and watch some self-important semi-literate club manager squirm and write a pile of fake positive reviews to try to sucker new people into coming. If you go to Play, consider yourself suckered!


absolutely looooove thursdays @ PLAY. cheap cheap cover. young crowd. But not too young. IZ BEST BRO


...woah... ssome scary reviews. i had a good time. everyone needs to chill... you wonder why the nightlife is dying??? stop killin it people. I actually like this place... the decor makes me happy ;)


went last week... place was sick... kinda like that it's not on Richmond.... off the beaten path. :)

This place needs an attitiude change

The bouncers at this place are idiots. We were told they were over capacity when our friends inside said there was tons of room.
I guess they just wanted a line up outside.
Well, that line just became one smaller.


This club got major arrogance. All these people them that they are a garbage club and they still think that they hot!


Club Wicked Play got serious problem!


Where do you get this bullshit? Someone's got a hard on for play! Wow get a life buddy, play ain't shut down , come by for a drink tonite! You ball less loser....


It looks like play has been Shut Down.
I guess the shit hit the fan.


Not that anyone cares but Wicked didn't have clubs on the ground floor before it had bars and a restaurant. I know - nasty - a restaurant/swingers club. You can have bars on W Queen W but not clubs. You can also put anything you want if no one goes in probably why Play has lasted so far.

Been there before

Ruby's right. Wicked has tried 'entry level' places in their on their ground floor since they opened. They've all been flops too. None have lasted more than a few months just like Play.


Lol. There's been a place there for 8 years, and no shitstorms, give your name and address well make sure to invite you to the next 8 years of anniversarys!

Wonder why?

There is nothing else like Play on Queen West. Know why? Because there are no other clubs on Queen West. Wonder why that is? Because you can't get a club license for Queen West (trust me, I've tried!)

Play must be operating under a restaurant license and has been around for about 6 months. That's when the shit starts hitting the fan. They're probably under a shitstorm from the cops, neighbours and the city bylaw enforcement.

Rookie mistake. Very hard to get your money back from a business that gets shut down within the year. Say bye bye, Play.


The truth is this venue is not the norm for queen w, hence more posts then many other clubs buy angry wanna be hipsters and queen w folk who don't work and have this time on their hands. The reality is the venue is real nice looking, the crowd is good looking and well dressed, there are prerequisites to getting in, as you can notice in the pictures that don't lie!!! These are all factors that queen w folk aren't use to, but their not use to Timmy's or starbucks either, but it is the changing of the guard! Get use to it , take a bath comb your hair and grow up!
Ps----- the place has nothing to do with wicked, if it did everyone in Toronto would feel comfortable and clean swinging in a bueatiful environment not a shithole...


Play is the least professional club I have EVER seen. The last comment just proves it! The security staff are bullies. Those high school students who liked to push other kids around? They now work at Play. The bartenders are just unhygienic! Maybe running a club isn't easy but if you can't do it then do something else!!!


this just proves toronto clubbers are way out of the loop. wicked doesn't own play and its ran and owned by someone else just because a club is below something doesn't mean its ran by wicked wow you clubbers are lame and why don't you guys try to open a club since you all think its so easy and think comments on a lame website will actually work lol

Club Fail

When I heard that Wicked opened up a mainstream club a few months ago I had to laugh. Who would want to go to a club that was the brainchild of a failing swingers club? I cant believe I got dragged there last weekend with a couple of guy friends who thought it might be hot. Man were they wrong!!! It didn't take long before they admitted it!!!

We stayed around for a little while just to laugh at some of the greasy looking guys and rough looking girls they dragged in. Thank god we could save the night with drinks at the Drake! You don't get enough Saturday nights in a year to spend one at Play!

Crawl back

Good to see the majority of people who frequent this site are losers, liers, angry neighbors, jealous promoters, jealous other club owners, lazy promoters that rely on computers to try and pack clubs and sabatuage others,


I went on Saturday but left after 15 minutes. This is the sleaziest place on queen street. Nothing classy about Play or Wicked.

Shut down

Don't get too into Play because it's about to be shut down. Time for the staff to start looking for new jobs :)


One visit to play and you can tell that it was set up and run by idiots who have no idea what they are doing. Not that you'd expect much from the great minds that brought you the slogan "Time to bring the industry back to what it was not what it is!" Huh?! The only people this place attracts are not the people you want to spend your night with...

My basement is bigger than the place...

The place sucks ass period.

I went on wednesday, im not sure its trashy Jersey like people event day, but man all the men looked like ronnie and just creepily staring at the girls.

Most of the women were super ugly, wore so much make up or were literally just standing still...

Other than 4 girls i danced with the placed was filled horrendously bitchy ugly women who couldnt dance if their life dependent on it lol.

First time i went to a club where I was the only guy dancing with a girl, and I didnt even see one person make out lol.

This place super gay, wait its not even gay its asexual. If you undergo mitosis, definitely a club you should attend lmfao.

P.S. Security pretty much fingers your asshole and fondles your testicle.

Wicked's Play Bar

Wow! What a sad attempt at a club! Rude, pretentious, lame, and retro without knowing it and not in a good way.


Just what Queen west needs: a crappy club with staff who have a conspiracy theory about why no one likes it!

Stylish and sexy

Ok, this venue is definitley a club you got to check out, the lighting, the music, the staff, and definitly the crowd.

Definitly one of my new favourites, went there on a Friday loved the place.


Although the venue is small, its really pretty, I went on a friday and the place was pretty cool.

Its more of a club that plays alot of EDM music, which I love! Goodlooking crowd, one of the better clubs I've been to downtown

Long live Play

I think a neighbor has a real bone to pick and keeps writing negative reviews! Your very transparent!
I love play, the staff, the venue, the music, the location! Why don't you residents go away? You have ruined the entertainment district, distilery districk, liberty village, king west and so on and so on! What do you guys do good for the city you losers!


Play is one of those obnoxious places that will make you wait outside because they think it will make people think it is busy inside. You're not fooling anyone, losers!

Don't waste your time

Just another dance club.
I think Play blasts music into the street (and probably their neighbours) in the hopes of attracting people. Didn't look like it was working to me...
Very tacky.


I thought Play might be like the late-great Social but its nothing like it. It's not worth the trip to Queen West.


i was there on Wednesday January 16 2013.
i am looking for the pictures that were taken that day by a photographer named Moses, can someone please assist me in finding these pictures. it would be greatly appreciated

Where's Brooklyn at

Brooklyn word of advice , go back to school or take an English writing class!

Yes you can write anything you want- Play is the best new club in Toronto -see just did...


What the pnt of a site to revew clubs if u cant write enything without the club staff getting up in ur face about it???

Word of advice...

Word of advice... This industry is all about relationships. Treat customers or the owner as the problem and youre done. Dont write anything down that you dont want your boss to read. Good luck with the project.


Wrong again loser! Probably a neighbor with nothing better to do with his time! Your hilarious actually!

Play is a cool spot


Okay just checked out this page and it is hilarious. I'm no fan of queen street hipster or Play or Wicked. But anyone who knows Toronto clubs knows that Play and Wicked are both owned by Aurora and Schlomo Benzion and both managed by Alex - cant remember his last name. The guys trying to say they are different must be from Simon Media or Crowned Entertainment who are trying to make the place work and get away from the old reputation.

Play on queen

listen the reality is the last 3 posts is from the same Ball Less Clueless coward!!

your a real loser buddy- just know that !!

Anyone in the scene knows whats what and 1 has nothing to do with the other-you idiot!

bet you make tummy pancakes all day after eating your ghetto street food , maybe you need to really go to wicked and get laid you loser!

Fish tacos!

Yum yum yum (I love fish tacos!)
Nom nom nom (Poutine is awesome!)
Barf wretch puke (Sorry Play and Wicked you are too posh for Queen street).


Anyone who says Play and Wicked are separate places is either an idiot or is desperately trying to do some rebranding.
Same owner+same manager=same club

Not posh enough for Play

That's right Dalia: the reason why Play is failing hard is because you're ahead of your time and queen street west isn't ready for you or used to venues as posh and beautiful as yours. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Meanwhile people will keep going to places they actually like :)


Look at the pictures its a beautiful venue and a beautiful crowd, the pictures dont lie!
Maybe the area is not use to posh venues with beautiful people in them and hate on them!

2 blind mice see how they run

hey harry or bobbi why dont you come to the venue and see if they have anything to do with this locations past or wicked on the upper floor of building present! you ppl are all a bunch of cowards hiding behind a computer taking jabs at a completley seperate venue, maybe you should start a wicked club review and jab all you wont as it dosnt matter to play! In the mean time since you dont have amnesia or dont like 905ers go get your self some poutine and eat a fish taco in your salvation army outfit on queen st, because youre clueless

Dear Play promoters

Dear promoter we know you wish toronto had collective amnesia and would forget about wicked up stairs and all the earlier flops at this place like Wicked downstairs bar, Vogue bar, Cabaret but we dont. U can't just slap a coat of paint on the place and put up some new signs and have a whole new club. Its the same as before not a new club but the same thing.

Hit a nerve

Must be the promoter whse getting freaked out whenever someone says Play and Wicked are the same thing. well they are. Get over it! Theres nothing wrong with Wicked it was the best lifestyle club out there.... Once. What a laugh that this site doesnt have people who know queen street. Thats problem with Play. No one from downtown - just the 905ers in for a nite in the city. Lame.




Stop thinking and asuming! 1 has nothing to do with the other! Come see for yourself! Owners and managment are different too! So all this bullshit you wanna keep say about another club upstairs- keep saying it, because your not affecting "PLAY"


I think what's going on with this place is the owners of Wicked and Play have been trying to turn a profit for a few years and Play is their latest try - swingers upstairs and sexy lounge downstairs. The only problem is that you can't polish a turd - it's still shit.

Totally part of the lifestyle club

You don't know what you're talking about Amanda. Same owner/manager/style/lifestyle - that's why it sucks.

I went

Whats funniest about alot of these comments is the constant thrashings about the lifestyle club upstairs that has nothing to do with "PLAY"! So in no way does an opinion of a completely different establishment that has nothing to do with "PLAY" have any barring on "PLAY", go see for yourselves.....

All men

What do you expect? A place that plays on it being a sex club attracts way more guys than girls. That why its a sausage party.


It may not be Plays fault that its full of sexist men but it does not help. This is not a female friendly club so it is full of jerk guys.


Dont blame PLAY for the state of young men today, blame society and parents that never diciplined them,

I went on the weekend and thought the place was real pretty personally and had a good time!


Just left ths shithole. The crowd is a bunch of arrogant jackass men who don't know how to treat women with respect.


Hey James Cockburn! Toronto isn't full of losers but Play is. Gawd! What were they thinking? What's with the cheesy 'hey, we're part of a swingers bar' theme? No wonder only a few losers go there.


One of the worst clubs in T.O!

Wasted NYE

Went 4 NYE.How hard is it to arange a party on New Years? Never going back.


Toronto has some great clubs. Play isn't one of them.

Toronto is full of losers

Funny! Yet you cant stop wriying about it!

Always hating on whats great!

Worst in TO

Music is bad. Place looks wierd. Staff are ok. Cougers sugar daddy's land. Not worth ur $ and urFriday night.

Not good

This place is terrible. I hope they turn it into a Starbucks.


Sex sells. So you think a sex club would be able to convince people to go into a night club. Apparently not.


i really like it, kind of has a queen w meets king w vibe to it! Still cool yet somwhat posh...


This place sucks ass.

Bad idea

I feel sorry for the owners of Club Wicked/Play. The concept is all wrong: a lounge bar in the basement of a swingers club. The idea may have worked at Wicked's old location in the club district 2005, but not on Queen St. West in 2012. They must be losing cash fast.

My visit

I had to go see for myself! So me and some friends went! And heres the truth- its a nice looking place, has a nice staff,they play alot of house music for my liking, the crowd seemed a little older and pretty hip! Its definatley has nothing to do with upstairs bar other than being in the same building! I personally liked it, i do like the area and being away from the disrtict riff raff!

Crappy club

This place was set up by brainless idiots who think they know what it takes to be a good club. There trying to make it sounds different than the swingers club upstairs but it clear that's who's still in charge.


Definitely way more men than girls. The place is nothing special and was pretty empty so im guessing the rave reviewers are the owners trying to drum up some business lol


i wonder what club jasons from why would you care about these reviews your a loser

Made up reviews

All of these positive reviews ("me and the girls...") are completely fake. They're trying to make it look like women actually go to this club. They don't.

Crowd n Music

Great crowd and great music, ive been with my friends both female and male on a friday and saturday, both are real good fun nice crowd and music!

girls night

the ladies and I planned a girls night out this past saturday and wanted to check out some places on queen so after looking at so many options we came across play. based on the photos of the place we decided to check it out since we're all in our 26's s and wanted a nice atmosphere and a good spot to dance. we decided to book a table for 15 of us. we arrived around 1130 and mentioned we had a booth so they walked us to our booth with no issue, the place was pretty busy at 1130 but hey I came here to dance with the ladies :) The overall of play was amazing I loved the layout of the club and of course the runway. Music was a mixture and loved the fact the DJ played everything everyone can dance. The service for bottle service was quick we ordered our bottles and got them fast so didn't wait a long time. The booths we're clean and comfy really liked it. I enjoyed the fact everyone in the place was in dresscode and not snobby. will be attending more often. good job play


Came across this venue on Wednesday after hitting up King Street and decided to go down Queen St West around 1230 so we went to check it out and it was busy for a Wednesday night. Loved the house music the dj was spinning and crowd was clean and older so that was good. I honestly thought it would be dead but once we entered it was busy and a lot hot chicks. Haven't been on a weekend might go check it out tonight to see how it is.

last night was fun

came here last night to check it out since i live around the area so me and the girls went to check it out and had a great time. its something different which we enjoyed, music was awesome everything we loved to dance to. drinks weren't that pricey but we are on queen st. layout of play is totally fresh and new and somewhere I would go with the girls. overall a place to check out. loved the DJ booth its made out of a piano something I haven't seen at all.


This place thinks its something special but its not. Just an over polished lounge in basement of a swingers bar.


Not sure what they were thinking when they came up with the idea for Play - couldn't get much more tacky!


Fun place, nice crowd, could be a great event space.

play on queen

Already dead just doesn't know it yet.


i went last weekend then saw this review

hilarious and gets it absolutely right


What's with all the comments saying 'gorgeous place'? Sounds like the promoter/interior decorator patting themselves on the back.

Excited for Halloween @ Play

Have been reading these random reviews and am not sure what to think so will just check the place out myself! Have had a great time at Wicked in the past, will be nice to see what's going on downstairs now. Review to come after this Thursday's Halloween Party!


Raz its not a swingers bar! Upstairs is and thast where i go! These are 2 seperate entities,2 seperate clubs! 1 has nothing to do with the other hunny!


"Play on Queen" the lower level of the "Wicked" swingers bar. Yes people - its exactly as tacky as you'd expect.

Play on queen

Best new place in the city, cool area, great look,


I went with my girlfriends and noticed that its the 1st club weve been to in AGES that had more woman then men? Its an absolutley gorgeous looking place! Parking was a little difficult! Nice staff good music funky croud!


I went there and had the most worst time EVER and will not return again!!!First the crowd was so one was dancing ..and just starring at each other.Seond the Music was also Lame and the DJ was horrible... his remixes needed help. the atmosphere was very dull but it's clean.I think it's the worst club i have been to in toronto.

Baaaaaaaad service

Terrible service. Never going back!


This place is club on queen street is part of the swingers bar wicked.

milk n cookies

There is nothing "cookie cut" here! Nothing old, no pr firm either! But great to have all the conspiracy theroys! I could imagine how many cookies will be cut from here though! 10 out of 10 children!


Exactly the sort of cookie-cutter style youd expect when an old club brings in a pr firm to try to make it cool and like its a new place.

Play boy girl

Yes right across from CAMH, and next to starbucks,art galleries,fashion outlets,million dollar condos and townhomes,SOUNDS FUN! Watch everyone come now! No more for lease signs. Am i black or white am i straight or gay?Controversy! I just cant believe all the things peolple say! Controversy! If they aint talking about ya -you aint popular! PS I LOVE THE SPOT!


Play is not a new club. Its the same owner as Wicked the lifestyle club on the upper floor as its been for 5 years. Theyve just done a reno and changed the name. Hired a new promo company it looks like


Place is nothing special. Don't think it will catch on. Feels like its trying to be king street but its in queen w right across from CAMH!


What a great venue, 10plus, can be used for fashion shows,art exibits,wining dining, dance,drink very multi facited! It is absolutley gorgeous as well. Love the area as well very trendy all around. This seems to be the new place where all the beutiful people are going!


Baggage?Game over? The palace has only been open 1 week! Takes alot of time patience and strategy to get off nites busy in the tdot! Weekends are busy with a great croud etc as ive witnessed. Patience is a virtue! Good luck

Play - game over?

Looked in last night but didn't go in. Nice looking place but empty. Not a light crowd. Empty. Looking through these comments I guess it just has too much baggage.


Well looks like your the Wiked or play miss or mrs know it all! hope you enjoyed yourself upstairs! I guess the bait downstairs didnt bite as DOWNSTAIRS a dance-eat-drink venue for people that wouldnt have a clue what you went to do or try to do upstairs! Sorry for your dissapointment! Theres always hedo 2 or hanlans point.

Play and Wicked

Paying cover at Wicked upstairs got us in to Play for free. Jezebel: when you buy a burger at McDonald's do they give you free fries at Burger King? It should have been good to go down to find fresh talent downstairs to bring them upstairs but hardly anyone was there!

Lifestyle clubs in Toronto

No need to get personal, Jezebel. Wicked/Play was a pioneer for lifestyle clubs in this city and I hope they do well. There are just so many other great lifestyle clubs now, that they are past their prime.


The only person thats desperate or hurting is you mina! But thanks for the 1032 history lesson!
Wiked is 1 place and play is another! Maybe go check it out for yourself before making untrue comments! 1 is upstairs 1 is downstairs,although same building! 1 is a mainsreem bar restuarant, and upstairs is a lifestyle club seperate entrances staff concept etc. If Mcdonalds and Burger King were in the same building would they both be Mcdonalds? Get your facts straight!

play IS wicked

Here's how it works: play is still the swingers club wicked. Wicked used to be the only one in toronto but now they've got lots of competition and their hurting. They've tried lots of things to get people upstairs. They've called the lower level wicked, vogue bar, cabaret and now play but it never works. Once you're in they want you to go upstairs to swing. They're getting desperate.

Advertising not clubbing

Christine H, you're an idiot. Of course he's the promoter. All the comments on this site are paid for. THIS SITE IS ONE BIG ADVERTISEMENT. Your comments will be erased in a few minutes.

Social media

Good luck and venue looks nice havent been, seems like a nice addition to queen w, but Social media killed all forms of nitlife,be it bars, restuarants,lounges clubs etc. people sit behind computers with nothing better to do! Go out and enjoy yourselves like the 60s 70s 80s 90s.....


Of course you've been there, Hype. You're the promoter! Aren't they paying you to advertise on social media for them. :)


LOL- Play is NOT a swingers club! Ive actually been, and it wasnt dead either! Its actually a real upscale non rowdy classy venue! But as usual in toronto haters are haters and make up things! Ps the streetcars and road traffic is actually louder!

Still for Swingers

We went by last week. The place was pretty dead and had a weird feel. Then we realized: it's still the front for Wicked, the swingers bar upstairs. That explained it. I've got nothing against 'The Lifestyle' but it's just not for me.

A club with no entertainment license

Sorry guys: Play has a liqueur license but no entertainment facility license. The place is driving 80 year old grandmas and young families nuts with the noise.

Check out queenbeac dot wordpress dot com/problems-w-bars-in-your-area-here-are-some-tips/

The Social got away with operating without an entertainment license for 5 years before finally having to close down. The Drake and Beaconsfield finally had to do something about their patios. Lots of places at Queen and Os are good neighbours but Play isn't.

By-law Enforcement in Toronto is slow, but it will shut Play down. In the meantime, don't be a jerk by supporting them: it could've been you, your mom, or grandmother that this place chose to mess over to make a buck.

Play 'bar' resto'lounge'

I was at play and loved it good place to eat,lounge,mingle,
beautiful seating! Great crowd, nice staff , very trendy area.

Upscale spot on Queen West!

Beautiful place and great crowd. Also, a very ideal location. Used to go to The Social in my younger years so the location reminds me of the good ol days! The staff are also very respectful which is a nice change from the typical King W. venue. Bought a bottle with a few friends on Friday and the service was incredible! Will definitely be going back again soon

Play on queen

In order for Toronto to become a world class city, with world class tourism, it needs more venues like PLAY.
Great job.

great party

went on saturday has a great time. beautiful place.
to comment to jason stop hating on a business everyone knows you can't open a bar or serve booze without a license so stop being a prick and get a life. just because you sit at home and jerk off don't sit there and try tell people the law

Please boycott Play

Play is in violation of zoning bylaws. It does not have an entertainment facility (i.e. club) license and is in an area not zoned for clubs. Noise from the club (which should not be audible outdoors after 11 pm) is in violation of Toronto noise by-laws. The club receives 5-10 noise complaints every night it is open. The outdoor patio, which was installed without a license, violates city of Toronto noise by-laws (even for licensed patios), which state that patios must be cleared by 11 pm. The city of Toronto is currently investigating and a group comprised of the majority of residents at the south end of Brookfield street are working with the city to force the club to close down or follow the law. Brookfield Street is home to many residents who have been there for 40+ years and many young families. Unfortunately, by-law enforcement in Toronto is a slow process. In the meantime, please don't patronize a club that is causing so much distress to a downtown community.


I was amazed! Great to see attention to detail and thinking outside the box in a nightclub! Pehaps the coolest nicest space in Toronto! Great crowd,music and staff..

Don't bother

Watered down expensive drinks, sh*t music, ugly crowd that looked dazed about being downtown.


Absolutely gorgeous venue! I felt like I was in Montreal or south beach Miami. Something real different for Toronto! Love it lots...

Gorgeous Club!

Went to Play this past Friday and it was incredible! I heard from one of my girlfriends that it just opened up so we decided to go check it out. The crowd was a lot of fun, very friendly people and the DJ was great. Had all the style and class of a King st. club without the arrogant feel. Definitely going back soon. Drinks were a bit pricey ($7 for a vodka soda) but other than that, no complaints!

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