PARLOUR Lounge Reviews

Only go on Saturdays

Saturdays DJ Pasha all the way. Don't waste your time going on Thursday seeing a whack DJ like Noble. His selection of music is ahhh which means he is garbage. The guest DJ's he brings in AUTO-mix on Traktor. WOOPY!


I travel from russia and stay in Canada for few day, I come to this club and had best time of my life. The women were beautiful and the music was great. I recommend to visit

Thursday is whack, Fri/Sat better

I've been to this spot a few times on wknd and it's cool. Went on Thursday, have to agree with the last reviewer, DJ's are amateurish and pretty whack. The crowd I didnt like either. Don't waste your time on Thursday, go on Fri/Sat instead.

Bad experience(s)

Been more than once with no luck, the venue & atmosphere is nice but the music is terrible. Thursday night is amateur night with djs making mistakes and awkwardly pausing the music for few minutes. I went with my girls 3 times, twice on a Thursday and once on a Friday and it was awful. Won't ever go back!!

good time

Went to Parlour on Sat night with some friends for a birthday. Doorman was nice, decor is cool and the place filled up pretty quick. We had a table and enjoyed the tunes. Only issue is the music gets pretty loud as the night goes on, but this is a lounge after all! Would recommend!

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