On The Curve is now closed.

On The Curve

55 City Centre Dr., Mississauga, ON

On The Curve Lounge Info

One of Mississauga's hot spots, On the Curve offers a fusion of fresh market and international flavours. After dinner On The Curve turns into a nightclub, featuring live bands, DJ's and Dancing on Wednesday to Saturday. Check out the On The Curve website for a complete listing of weekly entertainment and specials.

Venue Type
Wednesday - Saturday (7pm-2am)
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Casual (no sportswear, jerseys and athletic shoes)
Top 40, Latin, Rock/Alternative
350 person capacity, 1 floor

On The Curve Lounge Events

There is currently no events posted for On The Curve Lounge.

On The Curve Lounge Reviews


The staff is now at &co


is this place still in existence. phone number doesn't work. email doesn't. i went to the restaurant on wednesday night and the place was closed


Simply it’s the worst place I have gone to, the food it sucks, service is worst in Mississauga, O and they
Ignore giving you your change back after you pay for a drink.


Some friends and I were looking for somewhere for dinner and dancing to celebrate a birthday. No problem with seating, but nothing was as advertised on the menu. What I thought was a medley of roasted vegetables with goat cheese was a handful of red and green peppers tossed on top of plain lettuce, sparse dressing and no goat cheese. The waitress was puzzled when I asked (twice) for cheese at least. My friends soup was cold, not lukewarm, but cold. None of our meals were anything greater than edible. They charged $8 for a tiny sliver of cake, which wasn't the one we wanted, but they didn't have most of what was on the dessert menu and the espresso machine was of course not working. Paying for bills was also a hastle as they still use antiquated carbon copy slips when you pay with a card. I don't mind pricey food when I get what I pay for. You cant charge for fine dining and serve me fast food. At least the drinks were $4, and the atmosphere is nice, but that isn't enough to create the experience. We were put off and didn't bother to stick around for the dancing. We decided to take our business elsewhere for that..


after months of work and a long tiring week. all girls wanna do is go out and have a good time- wished we saw these reviews before. there is absolutely no management and sense of urgency at this place what so ever. The only person who seemed interested in the customers was the one guy who was serving all the tables around us. We get there for 8 as per confirmed reservations and get told we cant get a table until 930 bcz there are no reservations. Eventually they seat us within 15 min realizing that the reservations did exist. we order drinks which take approx 20 min to show up. then go to order appetizers and get told that the wings will be half an hr. so changed it to nachos- which took more than half hr to get there. NEVER order nachos here. they were something a 5 yr old put together using crmbs from the bottom of the bag. NOT ONE SOLID PIECE OF NACHO!!! had to ask for cutlery and plates since table is not set up.. then a drink shows up with half a straw bcz they ran out of straws and no lemon as well. second round of drinks was again 25 min wait so we went to bar which ws just as bad and by the time we got back our drinks came. finally when time for dinner- we order mashed potatoes as side- had to send back as it came with rice. when the mashed potatoes came- they were COLD..then its time for some kind of live band at 10- well the dj doesnt show up and noone can figure out how to connect the music. by 1130 there is some music finally playing. at this time we called it a night and left. WORST planning and management ever. it could really be a nice place if someone else with some actual experience in service and passion for the business takes over


Warning: Never have a party here!!!! I am disgusted with this restaurant's management skills and food! I came here for my 25th birthday party and had booked a party room for 20 people at 7 pm. The greeter said they had no reservations under my name and got us to sit cramped around two tables. A glass was dropped and it took them a while to clean it up. The manager came and blamed everything on another manager, saying she messed up everything and she is no longer with them anymore. Later on, I noticed that nobody was in the party room, so I told the manager. She did not take any interest, but just told me she would call the host. I knew that it was my room but they were not doing anything about it. Hours later, I find out that they had been looking at the wrong date, that my reservation was there all along. Seriously? I had no compensation for this disaster. I feel bad for the waiter. He alone served us as well as other tables. The food was not good either. One of my friends ordered nachos and it tasted disgusting. How hard is it to make nachos? If you want more customers, you need new management because your skills are seriously lacking. I highly doubt any one of my 20 friends invited will ever go back here.


honestly the reviews this restaurant/club have gotten are horrible.who are these people writing this.i thinks they might have mistaken the place for another.i was personally able to meet the management and workers.i have nothing but good to say.the crowd itself was great.ya you might get some idiots but do people forget drinking causes the inner idiot to be released.the music,wow, amazing.i strongly recommend attending this venue,especially wednesday nights.ive made it a tradition.


Greatly disappointed in the overall experience on New Year's Eve 2011!!! champagne toast promised was not delivered due to the "fact the champagne ran out"...okay, then at least offer something else to the patrons who paid!!!! Water all over the bathroom floor - between that and the "girls" heaving in the stalls, i avoided the room for the rest of the night! Drunks falling over and bumping me all night on the dancefloor..one girl was actually crawling - we had to help her over to the side of the dancefloor - where the hell are your so called bouncers? And why are you serving people so much alchohol? Couple practically having sex doggie style for a. good 30 minutes straight on the dancefloor (they had their clothes; otherwise they might have conceived a child right there.), the classy image new management trying to convey is just not working; in fact , the club has gone downhill!!! Won't be attending a club i have usually frequented at least once a month in the past.; must say the dj was good, thought the band was a bit of a borel.

dont go there

horrible staff very rude , small place , and snobbish whores

Worse place in GTA to go to

Terrible service, horrible food...can't say anything good about this place. I'm strongly recommending NOT to go

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