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Not recommit.

thumbs down

Frankly this place was really dissapointing....I was there on saturday....food was really bad..shish not bad ....really loud.....but the main issue is the type of clientele...honestly its all kids and really low class.

Way! to go Oko

Thanks for a great night OKO! We had an amazing time - Music was great. staff is great!
If you are looking for a mix of english spanish arabic and lots of beat this is your spot. New Hot spot in Mississauga.
Thanks OKO!

Oko blu

I was there on Saturday night and got there about 10 pm. What a great atmosphere. This is the first time I have been to Oko Blu. I have been hearing a lot of hype about the place so my friends and I decided to go. There was 12 of us. The atmosphere was beautiful... They had a live dance number .. Belly dancer ... And live music. The service was great. Fast and friendly.. I would definitely recommend this place If you are looking for a taste of the middle east ! Thumbs up oko blu!!

horrible food/poor service

In going to Okoblue for my birthday with friends, we get there and enjoyed the atmosphere. We ordered $40 dollar plate amongst other things, which included mezza and a dinner. We got the dinner at almost mid-night to have it arrive cold and hard. Most other tables got veggies and our table and a few others received cold fries, guess they ran out of veggies. We got the bill and notice the waiter made a mess of the bills, putting things on the wrong bills, double charging for dinners and shisha. I called the owner over and he made no effort at all to reconcile the situation. I will be calling the better business bureau to get this resolved after paying almost $1000

Loved it

Hot owner, love this club very Friendly staff and amazing patio drinks.

Miami feel

Great club, felt like I was in miami, hot people, cheap liquor can't get any better.

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