Ohso Night Club is now Closed

OhSo Nightclub & Rooftop Patio

137 Peter St, Toronto, ON, M5V 1X2

OhSo Nightclub & Rooftop Patio Info

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, OhSo Nightclub is the city’s new go-to destination for up-scale nightlife. Redefining the club atmosphere, with its multi levels OhSo Nightclub fuses the appeal of an exclusive lounge with a high-energy dance club. Ohso Nightclub is ideal for all types of events including fashions shows, product launches, seminars, film shoots concerts and special ...

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Venue Type
Friday - Saturday, 10pm-3am.
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Latin
3 floors, 2 level heated rooftop patio, over 20 VIP Booths

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Ohso Saturdays - Patio

Ohso Saturdays - Patio

Saturdays @ OhSo Nightclub & Rooftop Patio

OhSo Nightclub & Rooftop Patio Reviews


I had my 21st birthday here last year and was awesome but last night was the worst thing a club can do. >>

Reserved bottle service for my best friends 22nd birthday for 10 people on nov 16/13 , told to be there by 11:30 when i called to book it for saturday. we arrived at the location for the entire club to be fully closed. no warning / call / email - nothing.
I spent an hour looking around clubs for my friends birthday bottle service.
Worst time ever.

Disgusting Club

Although i have done many events through u of t with this club, i find it to be disgusting. My first experience with this club was amazing as it handled the capacity of people we were hosting - approx 150 on the first floor only.

The second event we hosted here was awful. It was not enough room for anyone - the club was cramped and no space to move. The bartenders were unprofessional. The bartender was rude and despicable to say the least. I seriously could have gotten the bar tender arrested on assault charged if i had desired because of her behaviour. This was disgusting and i would never recommend ohso nightclub to anyone.

Save your money and go somewhere better.


It was my boyfriends 22 birthday, we decided to go to ohso. I can honestly say our whole group of 15 had an amazing time. I made sure we were on guestlist, so the guys only paid $10! The music was live, staff was friendly and the bartenders were fast. Great deals on bottles and the mix was constantly being refilled!! A special thanks to the photographer antino and promoter alina for everything! See you guys again soon xo

OhSo crappy ghetto place

Ghetto dirty crappy poohole.

Let me see if i can get this in chronological order. the idea of multi floors was nice and we decided to give ohso a try. booked a booth/bottle service for a friday night out. we were told repeated about the 'dresscode.' (im emphasizing this). Anyhow, we got there around 11:30, place was empty, the booth/couches were ragetty and falling apart, sticky and just gross. we didn't expect much but their booth/couches were just noticeably in poor condition. we've had some nice booths in the past with other clubs but this one hits the bottom. Then we were told only the main floor is open, patio is closed because it rained earlier (which was fine). the main floor was tiny, dirty and lots of times the sound system was failing. yes, one half of this tiny floor's speakers failed from time to time. speakers blasting then all of a sudden the section across from the bar will have no music playing. of course you can hear the music, but you know that the sounds are coming from somewhere else (front) then afterwards, (back) speakers will come on again.

Now on to the crowd. trying hard, ghetto, dirty. on their website, they indicated their dresscode. when we called, the mentioned their dresscode. when people started coming in we all wondered what happened to this so called 'dresscode.' granted not much for the women, but there's just something in the women crowd that screams 'im trying to hard' and they just look dirty. not even slutty anymore but dirty. (no offense). on the site they mentioned: no hats, no timberlands (yeah quite specific haha), no runners, baggy/ripped jeans, sunglasses. i couldn't tell you how many guys were wearing baggy jeans, shorts/ripped shorts, runners, sneakers, ghetto falling apart rubber shoes, sandals, timberlands, baseball hats, gangster hats, sunglasses, tank top/wife beaters, ripped jeans, ripped non jeans (i dunno what they were) etc. pick your combination. so much for dress code.

Most of the crowd was young. one of the other reviews mentioned fake ids, and i can see why. a lot of immature kids. stealing drinks flat out (from the bar and other people). so we had our bottle service/booth, two different groups i've caught stealing drinks from us. hijacking our spot and the staff wont do anything about it and we were told that 'people here do that' and that was it. when you tell them off or take your drinks from their hand they will fight you back as if they have every single right to hijack and steal your drinks. oh did i mentioned that most of the girls look ghetto, trying so hard and just plain dirty?! yeah that too. it applies to the guys too. everyone is walking about like they're gangsters and they own the place and ghetto pimping hahah. a bunch of guys wearing super fake gold chain blings, blah it was just ohso ghetto. it was funny and sad at the same time.

Special mention to the drug dealers. a couple of them we so doing business right beside the bouncers. also by the smoking area in the back by the stairs, drug dude was standing right beside one of the bouncers and offering people drugs for sale. didn't seem to affect the bouncers as the dude appears to be a regular guest. and this one particular drug dude, was wearing jeans shorts, tshirt, hat, sneakers? And he's got a limp and walks with a cane.

There's lots of blacks in the club, which led us to think it was a black club. nothing wrong with this of course (pls see disclaimer at the bottom). a few of my good friends are black and dated a black girl before but sorry black peeps, but these are the type of blacks that give blacks a bad name type of people. and lots of somalis or similar ethnicity. and almost all of them wearing baseball hats (picture typical look with the hats acting g like). and lots of them look young as well (refer back to fake ids). immaturity shows on how they act, specially with picking fights trying to be tough and acting like a pimp and shit. yep, picking fights here and there coz 'they da g force' psshh.

Oh and the music wasn't that great either. mix was bad, and the sound system (mentioned earlier), besides the failing part the actual sound system wasn't that great.

Bottomline: never never ever going back there again, would not recommend and would stay away unless this is the type of scene you prefer. there are lots of better clubs in the same area and this isn't one of them. we've been to a few in the same area but this one i had to write about. it was that bad.

Disclaimer: not being racist or prejudice but just stating facts of what we saw/experienced.

Great Club

Went this past weekend and my friends and I had a fabulous time! Just wanted to say thanks to Ohso & it's staff for making a great memorable birthday event!

I would definitely recommended this place to my family and friends!

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Hey Everyone,

Just came here to give my feedback about Ohso Nightclub. Me & my girls went this past weekend and I have to give it to them, the club was great. Best part of the night was the PATIO!! Loved it!! When you go to the second level of the patio you can see all of downtown Toronto and the CN Tower is there and its light up so nice! Overall i give this club 5/5 for customer service, beautiful venue and great music!

Will be back soon!! Cant wait :D


Possibly the worst club in Toronto. The crowd was horrible. It seemed like they have free shuttle busses from brampton and scarborough to get all the ghetto kids in this club.
Same goes for the sc*mbags at the door. I dont see why they have to be so rude and physical.

Wtf mayne :/

Ohso i payed my 20 $ got in to find only one floor open... Sad but i went this weekend for free this time and same shit, one room? Fool me once k. But again?the best part of ur club is variety of djs and levels. Slipping.. :( wont be back till summer i guess

Had Fun

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give Ohso Nightclub a special thanks for the great party we had there this past Saturday! Everything went well and the service was great!
All my friends had fun and we will def be back to do it again!

This is a place other clubs should learn from. I have had too many bad experiences at other venues and it really tuned me away from going downtown to party.

Tanya :)

def. will not return

me and my group came here (feb 15)cause we were promised free cover and line by pass. However, we barely stayed for even 5 min. asoon as we entered it stank with weed, ppl werent classy at all, everything was so ghetto we left and went to another club. additionally the place seemed pretty small. will i ever go back? probably not.

Nice Club

Went this past Saturday and I have to say I was very impressed with the venue, staff & service. I was really iffy about going here cause of the bad reviews but I think its all bullshit. Everyone has there own opinions and I think some other club promoters try and bash other clubs and downplay them. Will def be back in March for my bday! Thanks Ohso for great night which was MUCH needed :)

pretty good

i went here last weekend reading some of the reviews kinda made me want to cancel the booth reservations but you can't always believe what you read. i kept the booth and when we arrived we got in with no problem the hosts walked us into our booth and the bottle service waitress was nice and fast service and always checked up on us if we needed any more mix or bottles. the place was busy and a really nice mix crowd not sure why people are saying its ghetto but everyone has their own opinions and lets be honest no clubs in downtown area perfect. they played everything we liked and we did enjoy how we had 3 different floors to pick from with different types of music so that was good. overall good time and this brought my hopes a bit higher now not to believe anything on this website because i do read the same complaints on other venues pretty much the same as you read below. ill come back soon


was by this sat with a group of friends had a crazy ass time sexy girls outstranding service and good vibee club got busy at around 12ish couldnt get my friends in after wardss was way to be but over all i had a great time will be back soon thanks to one of the owners young guy dressed nice tak very good care of myself and my group thankd man



Ugly people Ugly place

Never going back


Went with my girls this past Saturday and it was a blast. I love the multi-floors with different sounds and the heated rooftop patio was amazing. If you go to the second level of the rooftop patio you can see all of downtown! Ladies, if your wearing heals, make sure there comfy, this place has a lot of stairs if you wanna go up and down all night. After a few drinks it was ok lol. I found the customer service was great and it didn't take to long to get drinks like other bars. Overall, it was a great night and we all had fun! no complaints here :)

1 Year Anniversary

What a great party on Saturday Night! We went for the 1 year anniversary party and it was packed! All 3 floors and 3 different special guest dj's. Haven't been in a while, but the renovations look great. I like the hard wood on the walls! great concept and very modern! Will def be back for my bday in March! Can't wait. Haven't had a good club night out in a while

Loved it!

Went last night and it was bumping. We ended up getting a bottle at the bar cause the booths were sold out, and it was a great time for my girls bday. The staff si very friendly and we didnt wait to long to get in (aka - they dont hold the line at this place like most others)

Overall i would rate this place 9/10. No club is perfect..

Great Time!

Me & my girls go to Ohso often. Last night was amazing. It was really busy and the music was amazing. I find it more or an urban vibe on Fridays and top 40 on Saturdays. They did some great renovations while they were closed. Def be back soon!

Club suspensions

Neil: If This Is London is such a well managed club they would not receive liquor infractions, and they are closing because they are changing n ames and renovating.

I worked at This Is London from Nov 99- June 2004 and not once did they close for a liquor infraction.

The building Ohso is in has gone through several names and numerous liquor infractions.
In 2009 they were under the name Budo and closed for 17 days, in 2010 they were under the Reign and closed for 18 days.


Well this is london is well managed and there closing down for suspensions too, so i don't buy what you said. I have been there a few times and we had a great time. You can say whatever you want, your just hating on Ohso.
I have seen every club downtown close for different reasons...

Club suspensions

Neil: Not every club closes down in Jan. Clubs only close when they receive liquor infraction citations from the AGCO, not the city. The city has nothing to do with it. The only time the city will get involved is if a crime happened in the club, like what happened on Volume's roof top patio when it was open, when someone was shot. The AGCO revoked the license the next day and the city closed them down.

Every club does not get them, I know of at least 3 clubs in the cty that have never received them.

This Is London is not closed yet, there closing for good after this Sat, Jan 19

The other clubs that are closed due ti liquor infractions are, Rockwood, and City. XS was also under suspension, but now they are completely closed as well due to water damage.

Clubs receive liquor infractions because they are poorly owned, managed and operated by the staff.

I have been working in the nightclub business for 13 years and not one of the clubs I worked in ever received an infraction when I worked there.


They should get suspended for having the UGLIEST crowds ever on friday nites!


Every club closes down every year. The City gives tickets for almost anything and everything! Every club gets them. Now this is London is closed and soon a few others will be closed. I called all around and it seems only about 10% of clubs are open for the month of January. Its not just Ohso

Ohso liquor license suspended

Ohso liquor license has been suspended from Jan 2 Jan 16 for the following:
Promote immoderate consumption.
Permit removal of liquor from premises.
Sell / serve outside of prescribed hours.
Permit disorderly behaviour.
Failure to remove signs of service.
Exceed lawful capacity.
Permit drunkeness

Explain to me how this place is still open, it was charged under the name Budo for 17 days back in 2009, under the name Reign for 18 days back in 2010, nows it's called Ohso.
It shouldn't becalled Ohso, it should be called Oh god no

Nice Spot

Hey, Just leaving my input from new years.

Me and my friends attended this club for new years and we had a great time. Music was awesome, drinks were reasonably priced and atmosphere was good. (Good vibe)

The thing i enjoyed the most about this club is the multi-floor layout cause it gives you almost like a multi-club feel. Its like paying 1 fee and going to 3 clubs in one night.

Best Club

Best club in the city right now hands down!

Friday night was packed and everywhere else we went was dead! Even King st clubs are all closed! Whats going on...

Will be back in the new year!!

Last Saturday

Had a blast, finally a club with good customer service. Tired of getting treated like shit when doing bottle service and spending hundreds of dollars.

Cheers to OHSO!

Nice Place

Great place to party and drink. I like the multi-floors with the heated and covered patio. Drinks are reasonably priced and the crowd is good looking. Will def be back!!

Ignore the promoters

Ignore all the reviews from the promoters and owners because there are no good reviews from the actual people who have been there.
This is one of the worst clubs in Toronto and definitely not worth wasting your time.

Terrifying Experience

The security guards were attacking my girlfriends for no reason. It was not possible to speak to a manager so we called the police because my friends were feeling like they were abused.
They were actually hurt because the guards were so harsh with them and they did not do anything.

Horrible experience

Worst experience I have ever had in a night club. I cannot believe the staff is so rude and they treat people like complete shit. I was very disappointed.

Had the worst time.

Ghetto and horrible

Girls are horrible looking. The staff is very disrespectful and rude. I am never going back . Definitely the worst club I have ever been to in Toronto

Disrespectful staff

People working at this place are really rude and disrespectful. They were pushing people around for no reason. All of the staff and security guards either do not speak English or they just simply don't know communicate.

Worst club in Toronto

Worst club I have ever been to in my life, Security guards treated us really badly and pushed us around for no reason and without warning when we have not done anything. Never going back.

Great Time

Went this past Saturday night and had a great time. We got a booth for my girlfriends birthday and everything went smooth. First time that I am ever happy with a club's service. The service downtown Toronto has gone to shit, but I was so surprised!

The club was busy and it had a heated Patio with a separate smoking area. Its like a multilevel patio, Amazing! I will def be back soon! Thanks



Went this saturday with a group of friends and booked a booth on the heated patio. The club was packed. Was very worried after reading the reviews but ended up having a great time. I guess the only people that comment are usually the ones that have a bad experience which can happen anywhere. I'll definitely go back. The prices were reasonable and the music was great.

Ghetto/wild crowd

Went there few weeks ago with a group of friends, worst choice ever made. There was a fight on 2d floor that involved the entire floor, my friend got sucked it and ended up with a broken eyebrow/jaw. bouncers didn't do shit and then started kicking everyone they saw outside. there were people kicking the girl lying on the ground outside of the club, bouncers didn't even look. That was all happening on Saturday, floors were packed, people were not allowed to switch the floors for a while because of the line ups for patios. trashy 16 old girls. just disgusting.


we supplied and installed the toilet partitions for this club and were never paid for our work. This club is run by a bunch of very dishonest people who do not pay thier bills. If you are looking to sell to them DON'T


I guess people just have different perspectives. some have a good time and some don't. Everyone has a different view of customer service and what means having a good night. Expectations are lower for some, and higher for some.

Personally this is like every other club in the Richmond and peter area. Nothing is high class about it and its mostly young people that can't hold there liquor. the place is 3 floors so the party gets broken up. I found the staff to be a bit rude which is uncalled for. I would never go back, but some people would cause they just don't care and they wanna get wasted. I don't even have that high of expectations, I just like to party with a decent crowd and be treated fairly. I did NOT find this at OHSO!!


Not sure why its getting such bad reviews!

Was SO NERVOUS to go to this club after all the bad reviews but they were all wrong!!! Music was good- theres 3 levels, one spanish, one hip hop and rooftop was a good mix. And about that rooftop, GORGEOUS!!

People were very friendly everywhere, multiple ppl let us sit down at their booth without being rude about it (not a snobby crowd at all).

Go this club if your young and like to have fun :) only compliant i have was the line to the club was very disorganized!


This place is hurting - go figure!

Kudos Ohso Owners!


I planed to celebrate my birthday at Tryst originally but after having problems by there rude employers nd bouncers me and my group of 20 walked down the street to OHSO. It was 1130 and the cover was $10 for girls and 15 for guys. It was a great night with good music definitely would recommend this club to anyone


I came to Toronto to celebrate my birthday and on our way to another club, we decided to stop by here first. There was a short line, but we figured it wouldn't take too long. We had to wait in line forever, making us think it was pretty busy, and got in just after midnight, meaning as a girl I now had to pay $20 to get in instead of for free before midnight. Although it was Saturday night, when we walked in it was dead! They keep people waiting outside so they can charge more for admission and make it look busy when it isn't! Horrible. We left shortly after, knowing we would have to pay $20 again to get in elsewhere, but it was worth losing the money and not being here.

gone there 3 times and still..

each and every time i have gone, i've gone with an open mind. but i was disappointed EACH and EVERY time. this place is poorly run, the crowd SUCKS, and the music is typical. which dj stops the music because hes talking? forget it. third time is not the charm. im surprised how it has stayed in business this long..

Sat July 28

Whoooooooa We were on our way to this is london and saw like a 1000 ppl in line @ ohso so we tried to get in. It took a while but once we were inside i couldnt believe their patio!! i had no idea!! Awesome night!

worse time

Went to ohso other night expecting it to be good....definatly not!! The place was dead if it wasn't the 20 people i came with and another booth who was the promoter with his people he brought. Other than that it was filled with staff and the owners.
The owners in which seemed to be a complete joke. They have no clue whats going on and will tell you anything just to get you to come in to their club.... Desperate enough???
Overall the night was horrible doesnt matter how many drinks you had. The Dj was meh. playing the same sounds twice throughout the night.
There no way I'd be back here again. Clearly by reading the negative reviews and the place being dead on a friday night people are feeling hte same way about this place....



still good:)

Hey, I dont know what the hate on OHSO is all about. Its been a bit slow but ITS exams ppl. The only thing that SUCK is there is no more fun at the front door. One doorman stands inside and was up to my waiste and the other looked like he was from the army. When the place as rockin at least i had good lookin boyz to talk too.
Inside even though slow all floors are not open the party still rocks. 2nd floor was amazing last friday even thought aht was the only floor open.

Looking forward to the summer and awesome patio!!!!!


Went last night and it was 17 year old's running around. Its the same crowd that embassy used to be and the same promoters that's why. They have a very young following. There to young and don't know there alcohol limit so everyone is way to drunk and there is puke everywhere. I got grabbed by so many little kids and it was disgusting! will never be back on a Saturday night!

Crunch and Ohso

big fan of DJ crunch. He does a great job.

He was playing at ohso last night so I went out to support him. I hated the club, but the only reason I stayed was for my DJ love. Ohso is not a place i would have normally gone if he wasn't djing there, and now that I went I would never ever go back and I see why i never go to places like that!

overall DJ Crunch is amazing....and Ohso is TERRIBLE! they need a lot of work to get that place to par!

my experience was so bad that even if they have DJ crunch come back, I won't go to see him there. That's how bad it was!!


don't know what all the hype was about this ohso rooftop. went last weekend and its a normal rooftop patio and its very small. everyone is trying to big it up, but its an ordinary thing... nothing special here.


Was there for the "special event" last night and was surprised it wasn't busier. special guest DJ was alright, but nothing special. wasn't happy that I payed full cover when I was on guest-list and the small line they had took forever. I'm guessing they were holding it to make it look busier then what it really was. overall i would rate this club 6/10.

p.s. i wouldn't recommenced to use there coat check, the girl that does it is a douche!

Not Impressed

Went last night to the event and I was not impressed with Ohso. Place is small, to many levels, and it was bigged up way to much for what it is..

don't think I'll be back there for a while.


What a great party.......DJ killed it. This night was a 5 plus....crowd was hotttttt.

to be honest

people LOVE ohso. i am not even a staff member or a Ohso promoter. i promote another club around the corner from ohso and i see swarms of people flocking to ohso .. like lets face it uliana and dijana, YOU guys may hate it... a couple other folks may hate it ... but i personally been there once. it has upgraded from what REIGN was. the fact that u come on this page so often makes ur judgement seem invalid and makes u come across as a hater. its not as bad as u make it seem.

Cover ups

Love how the ohso staff/management come on here and post these good reviews once and a while to hide the bad ones. Your not kidding anyone except yourselves. Your club is very poorly run! bottom line!

Good night

Had a great night last Saturday. Sweet tunes and the patio was packed!

I Agree

I fully agree with the post below!

Had the worst time in history when I went!!. I don't even wanna think about the experience we had!

Worst Club

Worst nightclub downtown Toronto period!

That's all I have to say!


Was there Saturday, 1st floor and rooftop were packed.


Was there on Sat and it was very slow. They even closed the second floor early! Looks like the newest club in Toronto is already dying out... Reading all these reviews below and i'm not surprised that this place isn't going to last..


if the club sells out every weekend, then they must be somethning right ... been here 3 times. solid every time


if you guys actually look at other clubs on this site everyone writes shit and bad comments at every coub not just ohso bad reviews good reviews people will go where ever they want only way have a shit time any where downtown is the people you go out with so blaming the club on the people you party with is actually your fault so you people need stop blaming clubs its the people you jam with

The Roof Top

When the roof top tarp is removed I know where I will spend a night a week.

Coming Back

Ohso Staff, Management & Owners

We keep coming back because you guys are not doing anything to change your club. It actually seems that you keep getting a lot bad comments, mainly about the same things/problems. We also come back to give everyone else head's up on whats going on about the club. We just want to be fair and let everyone know what you guys are doing and what people can expect when they come to your club. When you get your act together and start running your establishment properly, then i'm sure you will start to see some "REAL" good reviews here and not you guys coming here and trying to cover up the bad ones.

why do you keep coming back?

i dont get the people here. if you dont like it, why do you keep coming back LOL


I don't think the reviews are ridiculous. I was there on Sat as well and I did NOT have a good time either. People come here to express there opinions, so don't say they are ridiculous, that's not fair of you.


Some of these reviews are ridiculous. I had a great time.
No complaints here considering it was St Patricks day.

Saturday rocked

Went on Saturday and the club was packed. The ladies were smoking hot. Check it out yourself.

Terrible Night

I don't even know where to start....

We all went out for my boyfriend's birthday this past sat night and i can't believe the experience that we had at Ohso... Even with bottle service, I couldn't even imagine if we didn't get bottles what would have happened!!!

I'm not going to name off everything and waste my time here, but here are the most important let downs of the night:

Got there on time as asked by the club, waited over 35min in line and we had bottle service, therefore the ladies did not get in free and the bouncer kept saying that if we pay him $10/head that he would let us inside quick...WTFFF we are already giving your club over $800 for bottle service, let us in already!!!

After getting in, they gave up a booth that held maybe 7 people max and we had a group of 14. Not good!!

Bottle service girl was slow, rude and tried to rip us off for an extra $75. I caught her cause I have worked in the clubs before and I know the scams! Nice try!

The crowd was young, immature and had no class. People were underage for sure, and were to drunk for there own good. I saw at least 3 piles of puke and it smelled like shit where we were. Very disappointing!

Overall, music was nothing special, DJ was average, same stuff you hear in all clubs and the patio was small.

I gave this club 1 star not cause they deserve it, but because I had to. They deserve negative two for the rating. Nothing went well and we all agreed that we had the worst night possible. I was hoping that even being a little tipsy I could have some fun, but I didn't. Will never be back, you couldn't even pay me $1000 to go back there, not even a FREE booth with all I can drink. Atmosphere is garbage and its the worst new spot I have ever been too!

Dead Last night

went last night and it was deadddd. Not even 100 people and its a brand new spot downtown. I was reading all these reviews and it looks like they are off to a terrible start!

Worst time

went last Fri and had the worst time at a club in my life.

Not gonna waste my time posting all the bad reviews here, not even worth it


Bad Business

This is by far the worst club in business. They are listed in the better business bureau and treat everyone like crap. I hope they close down soon, they don't deserve to make money off anyone. Only 2 months open and they have the worst rep downtown, i'm sure that says something about this place...


Well, never been here, but they bought a product from us for their club (over 3K) in December and refuse to pay....what kind of people would do this?They refuse to pay us, hang up when we call and according to them that's that....why would folks want to go to a club where the owner can't/refuse to pay their bills? What kind of service or place is this? I tell ya, if the owner treats his employees and customers like this, no one is going to go there, and they will be out of business soon

My Experience

nothing special. was actually mad i had to pay and wait in line when I had a booth! not impressed with this club at all! very small and no one knows whats going on. will not be back, much better clubs downtown toronto!


very poor everything from this club. not wasting my time explaining everything, just giving everyone here a head up of what your planning to go to!

overall 2/10

Very Unorganized

The most unorganized venue I have ever been to. Everyone is lost and everything takes forever! How hard is it to check jackets, why does it take 5 mins to hang one up....then to get my bottles, how long does it take to go in the back and bring 3 bottles out? Waited another 20+ mins for that...asked for another bottle, waited another 15mins.. What a waste of a night!


good vibe good music

To many problems

went to ohso this past saturday and found that this place has to many problems. very unorganized and got charged to get in when we had a booth. seems like it was all a scam and once you get there and they have your credit card they can do whatever they want. Very bad business, and I don't appreciate it.


Went on Saturday and had a terrible night. Waited outside for over 20 mins and there wasn't even a big lineup. The bouncers were holding the line for so long!! got inside and the crowd was young. Not good if you 23+ cause its all 19 year olds. Bartender was rude. Only good thing about the club was the DJ on the second floor, Other then that, nothing was good.

would not go back and dont recommended it to anyone


had my birthday here this passed saturday i always went when it was budo and reign and ohso did a major lift change to this venye love the new look. we reserved the booth on the 2nd floor for a group of 20 people bottles cost around $180 so that wasn't an issue especially we had a group of 20 service was quick and served by hot blond waitress ;) she was very sweet and everytime we asked for another bottle she brought it to us with no issues or delays so service was good. booths are spacious. when we arrived it was crazy in that room girls dancing everywhere. anyways good to see this spot back since reign. cheers

hot girls

alot hot girls at this club. bartenders are fucking gorgeous will be a regular here once the summer hits

loved it

good music
crowd was fun
drinks about $6 like everywhere else
patio was amazing
cover wasn't bad .
overall pretty good

good time

checked it out and was pretty fun. we like house music so since we heard they play a lot of it we ended up checking it out so we arrived around 1130 waited about 5min in line since we missed the guestlist time so it was fine we paid the $15 like most clubs downtown so wasn't a big deal. main room was packed we ordered a round of jager bombs than decided to check out the 2nd floor once we got their it was really busy dj played some good tunes pretty much a mix of everything so we chilled their for about an hour since we liked the vibe we ended up on the patio for the rest of the night and overall i liked it only negative thing i would say is the stairs but thats not really an issue is it, drinks were reasonable guess the same like every club downtown. Ill end up going back soon just to see how it is I went on saturday so maybe next time ill check it on a friday but can't expect to much on a friday since a lot places downtown suck on fridays but never know. other than that good to see a new club on the block across from this is london :)




i don't think any of your reviews matter to people little than you people know reviews actually mean nothing did you all forget your on a website and behind a computer lol i think this site should have more control on the language on here since these people keep complaining saying under agers but i bet half you people who bitch are not even real clubbers


daijen is just a loser who cant get laid so she comes back and forth and bitches like a cunt baby who has no life didn't your parents teach you to get a hobby or a goal and learn to spell you dumb cunt


don't know what you guys are talking about I was here sat and .had a blast get new friends if you don';t have fun blame your friends not the club geez this site is fucking jokes and pathetic


I was considering dropping by this place either tonight or tomorrow night...until reading these reviews, I will definitely not be wasting $20 here.

I feel sorry for Stacey .. what a terrible experience.
I feel like the people running this event are a tight clique and they all know each other personally. I don't think they care about anyone else but themselves...which is really their problem in the long run as they will not run parties out of successful venues such as This is London or Tryst. Just another fail.

As for bouncers/security/bartenders/staff AND creepy brown guys ... you're going to find that anywhere I don't think it's any worse at ohso.

to daijen

What point was proven exactly? i know cause i seen mansion nightclubs page and also this page so what point do you prove. to be honest, you seem very slow. how am i even a club owner when i clearly state i wouldnt recommend this club. lmfao. you are hurting very bad. its ironic how you keep saying the club has an 'immature crowd' while you seem very imature yourself.

but like honestly, i could give a f* less about how many reviews you leave here... i have nothing invested in ohso so i dont care. you're just a typical scorned woman and that type of behaviour is expected from scorned women. take care.

with that said, for whoever is reading, take the 5 star reviews and the 1 star reviews with a grain of salt....

daijen has already called like 10 people who left comments here 'club owners'

lol, this girl has her story all twisted... with that said .. YOU MUST BE A PROMOTER FROM A ANOTHER CLUB HATING ON OHSO.

@ "diggy"

um ya club owner i was there on the opening night when a girl got kicked out for being in the same stall as someone.... UM HOW DO YOU NO THATS WRITTEN ON THERE? thanks point proven take care...

Not Great

Went last Saturday night, didn't really have a good time. bad vibe, poor layout, to many young kids for our party. One thing this club needs is more staff, there was puke all over the place. Worst spot was on the stairs and everyone was slipping and stepping in it...

won't be back


if you puke in a venue, youre getting kicked out. that is a standard.

and Daijen, how were u beside the girl who puked in the club when that exact same review was written on "mansion nightclubs" page on October 24 by Madison......

lol. people can have a good time at a club. normally i dont even write but this shit here is rediculous and outlandish.

i been there myself, ohso is your 3/5 club. not too great, not bad. its your average club.


read my review again. I stated that I woudnt recommend Ohso. Read that last paragraph where i clearly state "i may not recommend ohso" and then i said would i come back ... if a friend wanted to do it at ohso, then yes, i would be there... but i wouldnt organize a night with my friends like 'lets go to ohso''

reading is essential. yes i sat here and read EVERY review posted prior to going.

Truth is, Ohso has a strong following. if you dont like it, you dont like it. but i been here, and i seen it. the club gets RAMMED. i gave an honest, non-biased review.

based on your guys reviews, i think you should be frequenting King Street or ossington clubs... peter and richmond clubs arent for you

TO "just have to interfere"

@ "just have to interfere" aka diggy

Obviously you work for the club, you have tried to cover up every single bad post here in 1 long message. The truth is, no one has all GOOD experiences at a club, always something goes wrong or turns bad!! For you to sit here and perfect all the bad reviews is just lame. These people deserve better, so in stead of just covering up all the bad reviews, fix your damn establishment and stop ripping people off and letting in minors. I have been here and i can side for the 17-20 year old crowd you guys have. I don't know why you would lie to everyone cause even if they believe you and come to the club, they will then see the truth when they arrive and never believe a good review again.. Its simple. I'm guessing you never thought of that cause your just a club owner/promoter and you have no intelligence. That's why you work in this industry, cause you don't have any education and that's all you can do!


I think its interesting that the promoters and owners who can't spell come on here calling people retards and idiots. People don't comment on comment boards for fun. They provide true experiences and I'm sorry if you just can't handle it. And yes, a club can be shut down due to loss of liquor licencse (Keep letting in those minors!!) Capacity issues, etc. It doesn't just take money. I say give this club less than a year. It will NOT become a staple of the city with its grimey owners and doormen. if you're a loser douchebag who thinks he is the shit, or a girl who likes to tell her mom she's sleeping at her friends house when is really at a club in her underwear because it's "coo", this is your new rat hole.


i never have to pretend to be anyone else when i have something to say i write it under my name nice try though. can i ask did yu just sit here reading all these comments to write something to me!! WRONG!!! your the club owners thats why yu no already everything thats been said you have to keep coming back here to try and cover up your sorry asses... ha
and poor girl that got kicked out for being in the stall i was right there when it happened, GIRLS GO TO THE BATHROOM TOGETHER!! your security guards dont need to kick out people for no reason just to feel like they got some sort of power over something!! LOSERS!

just have to intervene

I took note of everything written here prior to attending. Came out with the crew this saturday, and here is what i noticed.

If you get hammered and puke ... you are going to get kicked out. this is a standard at EVERY event venue. i have been kicked out of venues as well for puking, but i am not going to blame the venue. I blame myself. so for people talking about getting kicked out, blame yourself for not being able to handle your liquor. nobody wants to be around pukers.

The crowd honestly is not even that young.. The most frequent age i'd say is 22 - 23....but it should be a known thing as this is Peter sttreet, and not King Street or Ossington. If you want to party with people 26+, go to King Street. That is common sense.

about people losing their coats, i cannot comment on that. I had good coat check experience. In terms of bottle pricing, it's pricey for what it is. i think that bottle came to $210 after taxes and tips. Most peter richmond clubs charge $125 after tax and tip so it is on the pricey side

I like the layout, may not be everyones taste though. Had a booth in a more secluded area on the main floor.

The girls look good here. Just take a look at the photos on promoters / the clubs website. The dudes however are your Douche type. I did not have any problems with the dudes on saturday, but based on the dudes there, i can tell that they are the type who could get overly drunk and start shit. Crowd is mostly Euro.

just by the way this 'daijen' character continuously comes to this page, i wouldnt be surprised if 50-75% of the negative reviews were written by her. and no, not every 3+ star is written by employees or stuff. people geniunly have a good or decent time at venues and give their two cents.

overall: Ohso would not my first choice for a club. due to the cover and bottle prices, I may not reccomend to friends since it is priced like a King Street Club but has a richmond / peter vibe.

would I come back: For an occasion like a friends birthday, sure... but if im just looking to party, ohso wouldnt be my first place of choice.

if you havnt been there, I'd suggest trying it out.


Funny to look and see how many of these GOOD reviews below sound exactly the same or sound so pathetic. The reviews without details, why take those seriously? You'd think the club would at least put some of the brighter people in management on the boards to write posts. Clearly because of the amount of fake Good posts this place is crap... the fact that they need to write so many of their own to cover up for other negative posts is sad. You know its management writing the good ones because they are getting angry that people wrote something bad about the place and have to call them names and swear at them.... SO PATHETIC!! Read below and you will see what I mean. Anything 3 stars and above is a fake post from the staff of the club.

Check out the bad reviews-- that's where the truth lies.

Oh and if you end up going to Ohso.. i apologize in advance for the crappy time you'll have and immature/ sketchy/immature/ugly crowd you'll be forced to mingle with HAHA.


Worst club on the planet.

Got kicked out of the bar for being in the same stall as my girlfriend. Told them she hadn't been feeling well earlier and I was checking on her. She was fine. Security immediately called for "back up" and claimed because her eyes were glossy she had been puking and had to leave.

When I claimed it was discrimination they said "Lesbians come here all the time, you can do that shit at home" Implying we were doing whatever in a bathroom stall. The reality is girls go to the bathroom together all the time so we all know that's a ridiculous concern. Not to mention I was in the stall for 20 seconds at most before they made me get out which I left willingly.

Don't know about you guys but there sure isn't a lot of sexy time in 20 seconds, especially since watching someone pee isn't my thing.

Bull Shit place. I highly suggest not going.


I went to ohso and it was horrible! DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT go to this club. You will be extremely disappointed. The crowd was terrible. Filled with an abundance of immature, disgusting and annoying underaged people. I even got harassed by the body guards. Maybe they should hire guys who actually do their job, instead of hitting on every damn female. Music was extremely poor, the DJ was complete garbage. And for some damn reason the top floor was not open. I will not be going back to this club!

Sounds Horrible!

Wow, I was looking around to see which club I should celebrate my birthday at, Ohso sounded great on the website, until I read all these bad reviews!! I will definitely not be wasting my time or money at a place where I`m going to be treated this way by the staff!

Bday Ruined

So I had my 21st Birthday party here. Let me re-start, DON'T Plan your birthday party here. After arriving, had to spend 20 minutes trying to get everyone in (Arrived at 10:30PM). Had to run around trying to find the person in charge for bottle service, at 12:00 AM went outside to get some friends and was not being allowed back in, with all my stuff inside I was stuck outside on my OWN damn birthday. WTF. Our booth was taken buy some random people, told the person in charge and instead of kicking them out one of my buddies got kicked out. Take my word don't have your birthday party here.


Floors were sticky. Rude staff at the bar, paid 500+ dollars for bottle and got kicked out cause i wanted to step outside to call a cab for my friend cause he was too drunk. The bouncer grabbed me by my shirt and kicked me out. Worst experience ever...do not go!

So Pissed!

**DO NOT GO TO OHSO** I only gave 1 star b/c I had to give a rating but they are in the negative
This is by far the WORST club ever. I went there hoping to celebrate my birthday and had bottle service. This is where it all went wrong:
1) I was asked for a random $200 deposit at the door (my "cover" I can only assume)
2) I had a booth and yet my party was forced to coat check - $3 for one coat and $5 for two - LAME
3) Our "hostess" - I use the term lightly was a dirty skank who was rude and brought us the wrong bottles
4) Our boot was not for the 15 ppl I brought, it could hold barely 6 people sitting...
5) Our incentives were not provided, such as champagne and energy drinks.
6) Three of my friends were kicked out - one was kicked in the back by their rent a cop security, one has bruises on HER arm - that's right HER and the other was taken down to the floor b/c some guy was harassing us - wouldn't you think they would take the other guy out ?!?
7) The general manger wouldn't even entertain my complaint, he just had some lame ass grin on his face, like "yeah I don't care, I have your money" - LOSER and HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SVC

All in all, I should have known not to go to Ohso based on all these bad reviews. Thought that everyone had there own opinion, but now i believe that all these people below got screwed over by this shit place!!

to peter

not sure if your an idiot or a loser but place can't be shut down from retartded reviews only way to go down if not paid damn you clubbers are retards


friday night was good for me everyone has their own thoughts but to me it was pretty good time you have good times you have bad times but like someone mentioned before its all about the people you go out with if their party crashers than of course your gonna have a shitty time but hey its a free world

last sat

I guess everyone has there own opinion. I went this past Saturday and it was great!

Never Seen So Many Bad Reviews!!

WOW, I have never seen so many bad reviews for 1 club in my life. this place must be terrible. I feel sorry for all the people that got there jackets stolen, have bad nights, limo's not showing up, kicked out by bouncers, harassed by staff, birthdays ruined and so much more!

this place needs to be shut down immediately!! Its not fair that they rip people off and provide a poor service to everyone. Does not deserve to stay in business!!

Bar Far Worst Club

Reviews are mostly true from my experience this past weekend. By far the WORST club downtown that I have been to, and I have been to about 90% of the clubs.

Don't know what the big hype was about this place, but it died so quick! I have heard nothing but bad comments about this place from all my friends and my friends, friends! Decided to check it out for myself. Will never be back, and neither will most of the people I talked to that went here. Yes a few have a good time, but its rare and the 1 person i talked to that had a good time knew the manager, so she was taken care of anyways....

@ Attention

Please..the success of OHSO? you must be confused with actual club goers and teenagers who know they can get in if they pay.
Also, why would the promoters go to the extent of making up stories? I would be willing to bet if you contacted any person with a 'story' the wouldn't be a promoter. Who you are, which I am sure of, is in investor in OHSO, either owner or employee.

How do I know this? Do promoters really sit on websites bashing other clubs all day? Don't think so. Do they go on club sites every single day to see the bad press? Likley not. Your club is garbage--worst by far and will be happy when someone else takes it over.



Not worth it

Despite the reviews, I went on the weekend and let me tell you, not worth it. I felt like I was at my brother highschool prom. Guys acting tough in their jeans their mama gave him. Who let these people in? The bouncers are useless and stupid to boot. The bartenders try to take your money and trick you (you gave me a 10...umm not I gave you a 20).
The patio is tiny, the employees have zero respect for anyone. i've put my complaints in the right places but as this thread shows, the loser owner is unresponsive. Things are churning. even if they stop letting underagers in for a while, they'll start doing it again. And their capacity issue is enough for shut down! Can we please get a decent club going here with good decor and not a "VIP BOOTH" at the entrance lol SO LAME. I felt so sorry for those idiots that spent more than 100 dollars to sit at the doorway of the club in an open living room setting. Get a clue to whoever owns this rathole.

Dont Worry

Don't stress it guys, the word is getting around about this place pretty fast. They will have no one there soon and the cops are inspectors are on to this place hard!

its only a matter of time before there done :)


This club is the worst in downtown Toronto bottom line. doesn't matter what anyone says. The good reviews here are of the staff of the club. Haven't talked to even 1 person that has had a good time there!

At "LOL" And "Comment Below"

Yes I can read and for me it reads:
Submitted for OhSo Nightclub by lol on Feb. 27, 2012

Website functionality: not my problem.

And who's the loser? Do I need to swear or act like a 19 year old little boy who thinks the Ent District is amazing? Open your eyes, the club is garbage which must make it paradise for you.
Anyways, cool guy aka promoter/club investor/works at club/bouncer, I don't have time to argue with someone who can't handle public forum where you are asked to review the club. Maybe you need a life instead of sitting here on a Monday starting comment "wars." Nothing better to do until another Friday at the worst club ever? Don't worry, I'm sure you're little club will be gone soon considering the police reports that have gone on there.

Thanks for the "engaging" comments.

comment below

not promoter you idiot and can you fucking read my name is on here submitted by.... wow your pathetic loser let me cry on a website blah blah


@ LOL--Are you really that stupid? You criticize me for not putting my name yet your name is "LOL." Surely you are a club promoter or associated with that club as you can't write a decent sentence--your intelligence matches those who work there. I have already taken actions and contacted both the bar AND inspection. This is to warn people that go to clubs not to bother, not to post my problem to a website.


its funny how people can write reviews like the one below and cant even have a name lol same bullshit from other clubs on this website clubcrawlers is just a lame fucking website where people who can't handle their problems by a phone call if you idiots have an issue do it the right way call the place writing a stupid review aint gonna help your problems i see the same reviews on here on so many clubs on this site you guys are pathetic

Worst Club Ever

We went to this club reluctantly on Saturday for a birthday. We got in for a cover of 20 which we expected but the second we got in, the club is tiny, tacky, worst music ever and full of Jersey Shore Wannabes looking for trouble at any chance they get. Girls were disgusting and trashy...but I digress.

We go upstairs to go for a smoke, and on the way down, the bouncers were hassling everyone on the stairs to get out. We started zero trouble and were ushered out without our jackets on.

We get outside and kindly ask the bouncers if we can go back in as our jackets and friends had no idea what happened. He tells us "you were kicked out" but had no reasoning as we did nothing wrong. We stand outside trying to call our friends but of course the couldnt hear their phone.

I go again to ask the security guard, saying my friend is out here with me and I am not going to leave her, can I please go and let my friends know we're leaving. Refused. They were at capacity, they had probs with cops etc. Wouldn't even let us get our jackets.

Yet they let in some dudes after they paid them, and started charging 30 dollars for cover. Are fucking kidding me? This bar is a piece of garbage and the worst I have ever been to.

if you want to pay 20 plus to get in, lose your jackets, get kicked out because their coke-head security can't deal with shit, then knock yourself out.


I think hellanic from clubcrawlers should be more responsible running this site from this venue to others on this site its all hate comments and bs comments and if he was smart every review should be approved before submitted on a site but again he probably going for a site where people go to and bitch like kids


Forgot to add, if you lose something in the club its your fault your responsible for your items not the club its called keeping an eye on your stuff if you don't than blame yourself and not blaming others fucking losers on this site but again its clubcrawlers this site is known for bitching and people crying but its only a site


Personally only way you can have bad experience at any club is the people you go with I went saturday with a group of 14girls and it was fun people who keep saying they have a bad experience you should blame your friends who you go with and not the club


Judging by the below comments, there are ALOT of promoters from other clubs leaving comments on here...

Reason for harsh comments

Personally it is a sick club. Expensive, but great nonetheless. I think most of the people rating this club one stars out of five are the people that do not show up in time (by 11 30) because you will most likely not get in if you show up after 11 30. Also being on guestlist prevents this inconvenience. Another factor people might want to consider is getting a bunch of people together and getting a booth/bottles. The experience is that much better and I can almost guarantee a better experience if one might take these options into consideration. It is expensive therefore I do not go often , but when i do i have a blast !!


i go out every wknd clubbing and have NEVER read any reviews on the clubs downtown. i have been to OHSO 3 sats in a row now and cant believe the shit ppl are saying on here. WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS!!! get a life ppl

not so bad

decided check this place out not that bad music on the 2nd floor was amazing. Daijen before you call people pathetic did you see how many times you wrote on here get some friends and like moe said you need get laid lol


Daijen only thing pathetic is you and keep writing fake reviews your just a cunt get a life you have nothing else to do but bitch and cry like a cunt that you are your so retarded

Daijen;; HAHA

YOU GUYS ARE PATHETIC, PRETENDING TO BE ME? ARE YOU SERIOUS THATS FRAUD OF MY IDENTITY!! GROW THE FUCK UP YOUR LIKE 50 AND YOU GUYS ACT LIKE YOUR 12 : ... im not coming back to this site anymore i dun got time for these kid games take care

seriously tho

i think Daijen needs to get off the computer and get laid. Clearly a pathetic miserable girl...

i admit

ok I admit im getting out of control i'm obsessed

last night

was here last night had lots of fun. good vibe and great crowd
Daijen relax a bit your like a crazy stalker person get a job or a hobby or something. .


not sure why people are saying the club is not busy. place was rammed on saturday


its only a matter of time before this place gets shut down!!! since day one nothing but bad to worse news... thought yu guys would step your game up after opening day but looks like yu have no idea what your doing. you are thiefs. period. from all the jackets that went missing on opening day that yuve done nuthing about, to over priced everything, to your staff not giving back change, to your bouncers making kids underage pay to get in..... THIEFS! simple as that. any of the owners care to pretend to be someone else and diss me or write good reviews to cover up the bad... have fun with that :) toodles

Shit club.

Shit music. Shit staff. Over priced.

So true

I was with Stacy. I must have spent easily $1,000 between four bottles (on the patio and for the birthday girl). Ramino is a disgusting person, and beware of him at this club. Don't risk going to ownership or security with any of your problems here. It'll go from bad to worse! And I'm still missing my jacket from last night.

We were all sober. Didn't get to drink much of what we purchased. I feel frauded and robbed!


This has to be one of the worst experiences I've ever had in a club. My friends and I had a party booth on the first floor. I left for a moment with two girlfriends of mine to go upstairs to the patio for a smoke. It took ten minutes just to get back down to the first floor, because of the chaos. We are then told by the bouncer that we can not re-enter the first floor, that it's over capacity, and shut off for the rest of the night.

Are you joking? We bought over fifteen bottles, leave for a smoke, and can't return to our booth? Now we're held hostage because the coat check is on the first floor! And we're not going to leave without our jackets in -5 weather.

We end up spending the rest of the night on the patio, on our own, away from our birthday group. We try to make the best of it by purchasing a bottle up there. Our bottle is stolen from us fifteen minutes after we received it by another girl. We can't find a single security or bouncer. Finally when we do, and point out the culprit that snatched our bottle, he is joined by the Asian owner, Ramino and we explain to him what happened. He then goes on and on how he's the owner and will rectify this. Proceeds to push my girlfriend to give him his number. Grabbing her and saying he'll hire her to model and give us free drinks. After my girlfriend refused to give him her number, he signalled security to kick us out.

I'm 26 years old. Definitely one of the older more mature patrons that night. We spent a good deal of money with the establishment, and we wan't to have a great time. The owner is a creep! Security is awful! Layout is horrible! I have never wanted to have a good time so badly, and had so many reasons for us not to. Not worth a penny! Worst club in Toronto.

Save your money

I went to this place last night, so dead... save your money and go elsewhere.. small club too

no vibe

went on Saturday night and hated it!

not much to say, just a bad experience overall and not a great vibe in the place. dont like the fact that the patio is all the way on the roof and it takes forever to go up and have a smoke. atmosphere wasn't that great either and it didnt seem like people were having a good time. Lots of kids standing around and not even beating there heads to the music...maybe dj wasn't good, but i dont know much about that

Waste of Space

This club is a waste. Worst time, shit layout, bad music, rudest staff!

Will NEVER be back and neither will my friends!


okay there buddy whoever yu are telling me coat check is inside noww whicheever one yu are from the club either the owner chris or the mafia wana be loser that put yur fukin hands on me, I WOULD HOPE COAT CHECK IS INSIDE NOW! CUZ YU NO YU FUKKED UPP!! && ABOUT ME COMING HERE WRITING ALOT? DAMNN FUKIN STRAIGHT IM GUNNA KEEP COMING BACK!! i no its hurting you cuz yu see im the hard headed type.... when it comes to people and business i think they deserve to be treated right. I ALMOST GOT FROST BITE ON MY TOESS!! GIRLS WERE FUKIN CRYING IT WAS SOO COLD CUZ COATCHECK WAS OUTSIDE!! SO DUNT FUKIN TELL ME WHAT IM TLKING ABOUT!! DONT COME AT ME CUZ THESE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO NO ! your lucky im not taking you to small claims court cuz i dunt have time for that but i promise you... I DO NO WHAT THE CANADIAN BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IS!! i look into shit and voluntary bailment and all these reviews yu see here i have them saved and i promise yu i already showed and contacted them. so as for this reviews im done here this is doing nuthing. but my actions will be taken somewhere else. thank you and take care cuz i no yu already no who i am :) byeee!!!

Terrible Club!

I have to honestly say, this club gave me one of the worst experiences that I have ever had in my life. I could probably write about 5 pages right now of what went wrong but I am at work and don't have time. I only came on here to warn all you people out there that if you attend this club, you will see what I mean!

I seriously hope they get shut down, this place does not even deserve to make $1 profit for the way they treat people and the way there business is Ran!!!

Run by jews also a shitbox.

-> Underage Crowed ( heard bouncers asking for cash to let under ages in)
-> Dirty and small
-> Fucking bitch of a bartender had the nerve to not serve me a drink because i would not tip her. And i quote from her " you wont tip me? WTF do you think i work for free?"
->creeps everywhere me and my girlies couldn't dance for 5 min without a brown guy trying to jump on our asses.
->alright music but nothing you wont hear at any club DT
->coatcheck is a mess took forever to find my jacket.
-> Overall a bad experience never coming back to this Jewish run shithole again.


@ "A" - subject: Friday

hey "a" not sure what club you were at Friday, but that was def not true. You must have mixed up the club pages or be really stupid/high. I was at Ohso Friday and the club was dead. There was no crowd to have fun with. Must be the club posting to boost there club. so HURTING!!

The jokes on you Ohso. You can write whatever you want, but the money aint there when the people aint there :) Suckers!

To many fake posts


there are way to many fake posts on this page. Love how the club try's to backup the bad posts with good ones. When your posting with a name called "a" or "lol" or "ok" you know its the club covering there ass. I haven't been to this club, but I was thinking about doing my birthday there in March. Looking at all the posts here, even if half are real and half are fake, Im still not going and risking my night. I have asked some non-biased friends and they have told me a lot of bad things about this place so I am guessing at least half of the bad reviews are real. Just having a laugh at how the club writes good ones to cover there ass!!

Not Good

Overall it was ok, but I wouln't go back. it would be my second last choice on the list!




seems it did happen to someone else as well. Look below at Yana's comment. Seems they lost her coat too. you should email her and find out what happened...


good music
crowd was fun
drinks about $6 like everywhere else
patio was amazing
cover wasn't bad only $15 since we got their at 1130 lol
overall i give it a 8/10 since its a new club

post below

daijen i was here yesterday and coat check is inside do you stalk the ohso page i seen shit load of posts from you get over it lol anyways great party last night like people said before don't like it don't go reviews aren;t gonna shut a place down


umm actuallyy the bad reviews are not written by the same people... this club has very poor management. they are careless and inconciderate. and if yu think i just forgot about the whole situation your wrong i will be here everyday to check the reviews. and i will make sure people are aware of what happened. my jacket was stolen and you guys did fuck all about it. WHY IS COAT CHECK OUTSIDEE? obviously people are gunna get cold and routty thats just common sence therefore = poor managment // layout skills. not even a written apoplgy was givin yu guys just did nuthing and hoped it went away asap. well yu already no who i am and i will make sure this doesnt happen again to anyone.

Was OK

I went Saturday for the first time because I've been hearing a lot of buzz about this new club and it's alright... The music was ok, I guess typical stuff for Peter Street, wasn't anything special.. the club itself was overhyped, it's actually pretty small, but the multiple floors make up for it, even though it took a good 15minutes to get up to the patio because of the small hall way... the crowd was decent, a little young looking but not too bad.. I would go back, but it wouldn't be my first choice.. maybe my 3rd or 4th

innaccurate reviews

sorry but this pages reviews are so innacurate, your best bet is to go try it for yourself... the legal drinking age is 19, so i dont see the problem if 19 year olders are in a club... and how do you even know peoples age without asking them? i came on saturday.... this club is a 3.5 out of 5. its busy on saturdays. there was no puke on the floors like these people are claiming, and it was busy on saturday. i couldnt get a booth due to it being sold out. sorry, but these negative reviews are 9/10 being written by the same person and its beyond obvious now. give it a break.

Alright I guess

not that bad. alot of young people. not the cleanest. music was ok. pretty dead for a new club.


I went to Osho on Saturday night with my boyfriend and if I could rewind time I wish I could have my night back! Nasty young chicks everywhere, Young guys trying to hit on older girls and I swear I thought i saw 2 gay guys fucking! The club smells like throw up and the floor is so sticky you can't even walk normally. The staff is rude, and its way over priced. I don not reccomend this club to anyone who wants to go out and have a good time. I would have had a better night at chuckie cheese! at least there I expect kids! Sorry but this club sucks.

Nice Try

Nice Try "Yana"

Missing Jackets

if anyone else's jacket was lost by the club email me @ yanayerki@live.com

we are filing a report the the Toronto police service and will get to the bottom of this situation!!

Terrible Time!


that's all I have to say about this place. we all went last night for my friends birthday and we has to WORST night of our lives!!! I told her to cancel once I saw all the reviews on here the day before but it was to late and she gave her credit card info already.

The reviews below are no joke, pretty much everything stated is TRUE! There was puke all over the place and it smelled so bad. All kids dancing around (19-21). There was even puke on the stairs and no one cleaned it up for at least an hour. I went for a smoke and back inside a few times and people were stepping in it and sliding on it. SO GROSS!!!!! The music was nothing special on either floor...The staff at the door and inside are so rude and disrespectful. It wasn't even that busy inside and the place is not big at all....I thought it would have been busier. The worst part of my friends night is that the coat check girl lost her jacket and security didn't care and kicked her out into the freezing cold in a little dress and heel's. CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! WE WILL NEVER BE BACK TO THIS SHIT VENUE EVER AGAIN. THE WORD WILL GET AROUND HOW BAD THIS PLACE IS!!!


my friend is having her birthday at this club tonight and I am scared cause of all these reviews. I told her to cancel but its to late....I really hope its not as bad as they say it is...

I will post my thoughts tomorrow and let ya'll know

wish me luck :(:(:(

Last Night

went last night. didn't have a great time. Club was very slow and music wasn't that great. I don't like the layout of this venue either, it is a very bad spot to put a club. Not impressed with the club, especially since its Toronto's newest club, it should have been a lot busier.

overall i would say 6/10


pretty cool place, good amount people for a friday night. great music, great crowd.

last Night

Great layout, great decor ... not enough people to fill up the rooms. The party would be much better if it took place in one room as opposed to having the whole venue open. needs new promoters or to be marketed better. Its a good looking spot & large venue. decent night.

So Dead

Went last night for a friends birthday and it was horrible! For a brand new club downtown I thought it was going to be packed, but boy was i wrong! You know your doing something wrong when your a brand new club and not doing anymore then 100 people on a Friday night downtown....


I don't see the same reviews going up....

I see some names that are the same, but that's bound to happen cause there are only so many names out there.

same reviews same people

funny how clubcrawlers makes the same idiot reviews for their own site lol




Past Friday

Hey all,

Went to Ohso this past Friday and it was nothing special. Not busy at all, so not that great of a vibe, the dj's were nothing special and i feel it was a bit overpriced for the overall concept.

I would rate this club a 6/10



they are good dj's but the club was still dead. Doesn't matter who the DJ is if there is no people to party and listen to them...

Only main level was open and it was so small. Max 80 people inside

Worst club Downtown

I don't believe any of these good reviews. I still think Ohso is the worst club downtown Toronto.

Worst staff, worst security, worst layout, poorly designed and they rip you off. way over priced for what it is.

don't believe me? See for yourself!!

Hot New Club

Was there last Saturday and had a great time with my girlfriends. Liked the 3 levels with different music on each level and the crowd. Good times and nice new club on the scene.


4korners last friday made the party happen always an amazing time when their djing. Perfect vibe on a friday

masquerade party

Was here for the masquerade party what a night. Smoking hot girls and bartenders,vibe was insane,patio insane about time their a new patio downtown. Cover was not bad only 15 since we arrived at 12. Djs were crazy everyone was dancing good jam ill check it out once again don't believe what u read lots haters I ended up checking this place for my bday after the reviews but didn't stop me having good time good friends make the party don't go out with boring people or of course ur gonna have a shit night no matter where u go

sat night

Great party
Hot crowd
Affordable drinks
Clean bathrooms
Music was good

pretty much

Fridays are weak.saturdays are good. this club has potential - i think they should hire different promotion teams to handle their friday nights

Let Down


You have really let me down from booking my party at your venue this past weekend! you have renewed my birthday weekend with the worst experience you gave me and my group. I can't explain how upset I am and that none of this can be taken back... I wish you guys nothing but the WORST and hope you shut down soon. You guys are lowering the bar standard for downtown Toronto. If anyone from out of town came and visited your club, they would go home saying that downtown Toronto club's are the worst in the world!! Your club is renewing a lot of people's experience and it's not fair to us!


Hey Everyone..

I don't even know where to start. I could sit here all day and tell you about the bad service we had on Friday night and how dead the club was, but I don't even wanna waste my time. I just came to give everyone the heads up about this place. I was reading all the reviews below and I wish I came here before I booked my booth on Friday because the bad reviews are true!

me and my party will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be back at Ohso, Not even if they gave us a free booth and bottles and not even if they paid us to come...

worst sat night

went last night for a friends birthday and everyone had a bad time. started at the door with the wait and just got worse and worse inside with the terrible service, same old lame music, and the place is wayyyyyyy to small. Another downfall is that the crowd was way to young (19-20) and the patio is tiny and you have to walk up about 200 steps to get there! Its not even worth the walk up!

I will never be back here, and I doubt anyone part of my party will be. Don't book Ohso if your looking for a good time cause you will be dissapointed!

Bad Bad Bad

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

That's ALL I have to say about this Place!


been here on friday and saturday. Saturdays is way better. for fridays i would recommend another Peter street club like Tryst (<--best friday in the richmond peter area) ... Saturdays at ohso are good though. Got a booth on saturday and had no problems.

To Add Below

if your looking to go out and have fun, then ohso is NOT the place to go or take your friends for a bday event.

I have been to a lot of clubs downtown and never have i had this bad of a time! Im not going to list others cause im not here to solicit, but u can find WAY BETTER downtown Toronto!

I have been reading all the reviews here, and there are way to many problems at this club! Seems the newer the clubs are, the Worst they are getting...its SAD

Terrible Spot!


limo dropped us off late
staff was rude
waited 10 mins in line and it wasn't even busy. they try to hold the line to make it seem busy, i heard the door man say it to the other guy!!
then on top of that, the guy said if we pay him he will let us in right away...wtf is that...im already paying over $800 for bottles, cake, limo's, cover and he has the nerve to hold me in line and ask for money to let me in faster... I was so mad before I even got into the club, and then inside was a whole other story!
booth was a disgrace. I asked for a 15 person booth, they gave me something for max 8 people.

ohso embarrassed me to all my friends and everyone was so dissapointed! i will NEVER EVER be back there and neither will my friends!



YEAH RIGHT!! I was there last night and it was SO DEAD!!

Obviously you work at the club and are trying to big it up.

don't believe this bullshit he wrote.


a new club on peter that can compete. gets slammed fri and saturday. i recommend this place.



I feel the same way. what a waste of a club!

Worst Club

worst club in the history of downtown Toronto!

This club actually lowers the standards for downtown Toronto clubbing. Don't base your opinion of downtown Toronto clubs based on this club!

Will NEVER be back here, nothing is done right!


forgot to mention that this place holds maybe 200 people and its full. Very small and multi level.

poorly designed overall

same old richmond and peter crowd

My Thoughts...

Same old Richmond and Peter club. Way to small, fill's up quick and you can't move! Took me 10mins to get from the bar to the washroom. Got my drink spilled on my white shirt 2 times from everyone bumping me. The crowd was average age of 19-21, to young for me and my gang. Good for new 19+ kids, def not mature crowd!!


Went to the Friday Party

Another waste of time, I wish i read all these comments before I went there :(

Same old shit, slow night, crappy music, maybe 100-120 people inside, no more then that.



This Club Sucks, I went there for my Birthday, first off worst service, i got a booth we had to wait in line for at least 20 min to get in, Second the booth came with a free campaign bottle which we never got, coat check is a must but i would recommend you don't bring it to the club because they where handing out random coats i received 2 random coats until they gave me mine on top the girl behind the counter was rude and swearing at me. third off you have random people coming and sitting in our booth.

I really expected a lot more from this club, Me & My Friends will never attend this club again!


On January 15, 2012 (Grand Opening) at OHSO nightclub around 2:00am, me and my friends went to retrieve our belongings at coat check they told us all of our jackets were taken. Most of the jackets were Canada goose which cost $400.00 plus. There was about 200+ people trying to find their jackets.The owner to report the incident but he didn't want to come to talk to his customers. I then found him standing there drunk just watching what everyone was doing. Even though we had no jackets the bouncers made us leave the club in -15 degrees weather not including the wind chill. My metro-pass, drivers licence and house keys were in there so me and my friends are locked out now, we were forced to find a way home with no money. We are now forced to take legal actions.


booked a party bus to ohso last saturday we arrived got in right away after getting our id checked. went straight to the main room and at 11pm it was pretty busy didn't expect that because clubs downtown at 11 are usually dead anyways we coat checked our jackets and went to the bar ordered some drinks and the thing that shocked me the most is that they don't water down your drinks like most clubs do but pricing on the booze was around $7 for a grey goose since i'm a vodka drinker. we ended up to the 2nd floor the music was amazing everything we wanted to hear good vibes and the pole mm very sexy especially if your a girl :) anyways we moved to the patio where they play house music i heard a lot about this patio and its a very nice patio middle was the bar and sides had the booths and than you walk up to the 2nd level to smoke i guess the inside is covered but over all very good place ill be checking it out in the next few weeks again.


good music
crowd was fun
drinks about $6 like everywhere else
patio was amazing
cover wasn't bad only $15 since we got their at 1130 lol
overall i give it a 8/10 since its a new club

last sat

was here saturday to check it out was pretty fun I was mostly up on the second floor overall music is good and good vibe for a peter street club.

Had a good time

I went to this club last Saturday for my friends 22nd and had an overall good time. The booth was pretty big and the floor we were on the DJ played a good mix of music (2nd floor btw). The only thing I didn't like too much was the size of the room, but it was nice, and also there were a few people who looked young there.. Overall it was fun, nice club

So Mad!!

got a booth and limo package for Friday night...

limo was late and we didn't get in free. I bet the club pays the limo guys to bring us late on purpose cause they did some free before 11pm, and obviously they would rather everyone pay. this is why they do a limo booking for you, to make sure your late!

Also, they hold the line so it pushes past 11pm and people have to pay. I know this cause some of my party that was not in the limo said they waited over 25mins even tho we had bottle service.

this place overall is a mess and very unorganized! Very poorly ran and staff needs to pay more attention

I am very upset that my bday was ruined. its 1 night a year and I can't take it back :(


Went on Saturday, was not impressed at all.

- Rude Door guys
- everyone is lost and has no idea what there doing
- ugly people inside....no class
- very small and multi-floors renews the vibe inside
- over priced for what it is
- to many creeps walking around inside
- crowd way to young!!
- people way to drunk and puking everywhere, don't know how they don't get charged for over serving people.. I saw at least 2 people passed out on the couches..

thought it was a higher end spot but I was wrong!

won't be back


Too trashy

Went to this club on friday. Music was okay.. Was expectig a lot more since the event was called "electric zoo" ad they were promoting it to be house trance electro dubstep.. Mostly mash ups and top 40 so i was disappointed. This club is arab invasion lol mostly all guys just standing around watching you then make a move on you.. Ew. Total douche bags. I felt like i was in an all ages club too.. I've never seen so many people hook up in a club!! whether it was a photog hooking up or some randoms dry humping on the couch.. This place is not a place for those who have class. If you want to go to a classy place with classy people, this isnt for you. Patio was ok but small. Oh and the bathrooms for the main room are so small i could barely get into the stall and im 5ft 110lbs lol. And there was this weird indian guy in a black trench coat walking around.. He had a weird hair cut hmm iuno if hes the owner or a random but he was so sketchy.. Especially around the girls!!! Honestly i wouldn't go back.. Too trashy.

@ peter

we keep coming back because we want people to be aware and everyone is entitled to their oppinion. but if a club lost 100 jackets n i was about to get there i would deffinately want to be aware of that. i wouldnt wana be ripped off and if it happened to yu you would keep coming back too.. thanks pc

same reviews

its funny how say they hate this place and keep coming back everyday writing posts about the same topic and its funny how everyone says they have a canada goose jacket lol if you don't like this place why do you people keep coming back and writing reviews and don't you guys realize these sites don't hurt venues people don't care what people say behind a computer


to let you know everyone on friday does free on guestlist city rockwood before you post do your research


i dont work at ohso or any club for that matter. I just read the posts and thought id give my two cents.

many clubs offer free on the weekends (cobra, rockwood, live, faces, city, clounge, etc). & didnt you already write a review earlier cassandra? lol why do you keep returning if you dont like it.

my review: oh-so is your typical club. it is very much like Faces nightclub in terms of crowd and layout. it aims to be upscale but due to the promoters, it attracts a young, drunk crowd and the dudes are somewhat douchey. the girls here are generally somewhat attractive ... they get dolled up, wear short tight dresses and are easy to pick up. I been here three times and me and my friends brought something home every night.

If you're looking for a club where you can score an easy lay with an attractive chick, i'd recommend this place. if your looking for an upscale atmosphere, look elsewhere.

all in all, try it out and see for yourself if you like it. i never had a issue with my coat.

Friday Night

Went last night, had the worst time. It wasn't busy at all. Def not an upscale place. designed very poorly and staff is RUDE!

Had a booth and it was the worst experience i have ever had in the past 6 years I have been clubbing!

Last Night

went last night to give it a try and i didn't like it.

special guest dj's were good but that was about it.

over priced for what it is and bartenders still try to rip you off by giving short change back or trying to keep the change and moving on the next customer.

will not be returning back


I agree that these clubs are free before 11pm on guest list but that's on a week night. Week nights should be free all night to make an incentive for people to go out more and not have to spend so much money.

you guys are on a weekend doing it, that's bad

Overall, I have been to your venue and I think it sucks!
Small multi-level clubs are the worst, its like faces. It breaks up the party and no good vibes come from it.

Read all the complaints below...

response to below

hey, replying to my response. Cobra is high end, it is free before 11.30 actually on Kleen Media guestlist .... and the bottles at cobra are actually priced cheaper than Oh So....

C Lounge which is upscale does free before 11 on saturdays, ladies free before 11 on fridays.

This is london red square does ladies free before 11.
tryst does ladies free before 11 fridays
i believe dolce fridays (which won the award for best weekly party and is on King Street W) does either ladies free before 11 or everyone free before 11 too

century room, which is by far one of the upscale venues, does everyone free before 11.30 on their packed thursday party (U.Suspects guestlist)

*note, these are on GUESTLIST --> i personally dont pay cover at venues in the city due to connections, but when poeple who are hitting the venues visit these spots, they hit up a promoter and get on guestlist to enjoy the free before xxx benefit.... just like ohso .... free before 11 on guestlist.

ow, at these same venues, with no guestlist youd pay 10-15 at the door, just like ohso ...

im just saying that judging a club based on what they charge cover is a flawed logic....

if we are going by that logic, then All Ages parties are upscale, since they charge $25 advance tickets and $40 at the door.

Just thought i'd give you a friendly heads up Cameron


I looked up what you said, and some is true but... Cobra does not do that, yes Rockwood, Live & Faces do, but how can you even compare to them? you say your a "higher class" nightclub, but you compare to them.. a REAL high class nightclub would charge $20 all night and people would pay that cause your "higher" class. People that go to high class nightclubs don't care about money and will pay!

you have just proved that your a lower end nightclub like all the rest with the 19 year old kids. NOT "mature crowd" and "high class" like you have stated!

many venues do free before 11

Rockwood does free before 11 fridays and saturdays, city does free before 11 fridays and saturdays, cobra does free before 11 fridays, live friday is free guestlist before midnight, faces friday is free before midnight, -- i can go on for awhile. a lot of clubs offer free before xxx to encourage people to arrive early.

Just Noticed

So i just read the Fridays flyer and it seems there doing so BAD at Ohso that there letting everyone in free before 11pm. No one else does that in the city of Toronto on a Friday night.

That's how you can tell this place is HURTING for business. Letting everyone in free is going LOWWWW!

pity me

i have an interest in checking out the club, so obviously im gonna check the reviews. going tonight, ill post up my review tomorrow

To Jam/Michelle

If you had your $650-$1000 coat stolen, you'd been writing bad reviews too. It wasn't just a handful of people - there were at least 100 of us at the end of the night without coats.

If you didn't work for the club, you wouldn't be wasting your time defending yourself... unless you have nothing better to do. In that case, I pity you!

Enough said.


@ Tony,

you must have got lucky then cause I did the same for my birthday and the limo never showed up. When I called Ohso back to ask what was going on, they forgot to book it for me... they "lost" the paperwork with all my info on it...WTFF

Screw this place, obviously they don't have a clue whats going on here..very bad business ethics.

Look down at all the complaints, and this is only whats reported, i can imagine how many people haven't event cared enough to report the problems from this place...

limo service

booked a limo with ohso last week we headed to ohso we got line by pass and no cover. we had agroup of 15 once we arrived we entered and let me tell you this is going to be a good club in the summer simply because of the patio. drink were about $6 like most clubs, crowd was clean and not full of asians like 80% of clubs downtown.


had my birthday here coat checked my jacket and got it back so not sure why people are bitching about stealing anyways my birthday was great had a blast


By far the worst security ever at this club! Never do coat check here!! Unless u want your shit stolen..

Last Friday

Went to the club with a large group of people for a friends birthday. We were enjoying the music and atomosphere but were really disappointed in the bartenders..

my friend and I watched as a bartender hid my clutch purse under the bar. When we finally had it returned by security all the money was taken. Managers were rude and did absolutely nothing to make up for it. (Not even apologize)

We were really disappointed in the way that these people treated their customers. Needless to say, we won't be going back

still nothing...

its been almost a month since grand opening when my jacket as well as many others were fukking stolenn && ive heard absolutely fuck alls about thiss.... no apology no info on what had happened... they have returned calls or emails... if yu think as time goes we will forget and just let it go !! your fuking wrong im getting very agitated that you expected people to come and spend 5 dollars on coat check which was OUTSIDE and 20 dollars to get inn AND got my 650 dollar goose jacket taken from me andd YET YOUVE DONE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING accept IGNORE your problems... this is PATHETIC.. you should not be in business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

Last Friday


This place is bad news in so many ways. Not going to waste my time explaining everything. You can believe me or not, but I wouldn't waste my time if I were you.

Just remember I told you so ;)


That last post is funny. I agree it partly has to do with your friends but the bigger picture is the venue and how people take care of you and treat you at the venue. Obviously, Ohso is NOT doing a good job at this!
I could go out with all my best friends and have fun at another club, but then because your bouncers are rude, your bottle girls over charge and take over 15 min to deliver bottles and then you loose people's jackets...doesn't matter how good my friends are, i'm still going to have the worst night ever cause of your club and your shitty service!

last sat

amazing party last night fun crowd, good music and vibe good to see new clubs open downtown. don't believe what you read only way to have fun at a club is to go with people who like to party if you have a bad night maybe you should find new friends who actually go out

Worst Night!

Went on Saturday, all kids!

they promote it is upscale and mature crowd, well they are LIARS. Same garbage Richmond and Peter club. Way over priced for what it is. Don't know who designed it, but they have no taste at all, its very cheesy decor.

Wish i read some of the reviews here before me and my girlfriends attended, pretty much all the BAD reviews are TRUE. Reading about this patio, and how it keeps saying "amazing patio"...how about NOT. Its small, its ugly and its freezing. Its poorly covered and half the heat lamps don't work.

it is what it is, what can u do. don't waste your time..

clubs walls?

the clubs walls? this aint facebook sweetie :p ... but as i read some of these reviews, they are the EXACT same reviews as other clubs. i think this site needs to remove the anomymousness, kind of like yelp dot com ... i always hit up yelp for honest aaccurate reviews


probably a promoter writing on all the club walls trying to downplay the clubs..

its on Time's wall and tryst's wall as well...


Never been to Ohso but i heard a lot of bad things about it..


the exact same review below was written for Mansion Nightclub aswell... Johnny ... what the fuck


I've been on a Friday and Saturday for my friends birthdays. Same shit just a different night. ugly people, boring music, dirty unisex washrooms, cheesy club decor, rude bouncers... I could go on but I'm not going to waste my time. don't waste yours!

i liked it

interesting reviews. i went here on saturday, january 28th since i heard the promoters from Embassy moved to this club. Me personally, I enjoyed embassy nightclub (im 19 years turning 20 soon).

the majority of people are 19-21 id say with a few older people.

If you enjoy clubs like Embassy, City nightclub, live nightclub or faces, then this club is for you. if you prefer places like king street clubs, you wont like it

thats really what it comes down to with this venue.
the venue layout is pretty much the same of faces ... two floors and patio

BIG Mistake

Went on Saturday for a friends birthday, i did read the reviews here, but i thought how bad could it be...

seems i learned my lesson the hard way, by not listening to everyone posting here. I found that it was worse then whats posted on this page!

Definitely the WORST club experience i have EVER had and I am 26 years old and have been to many many clubs downtown many many many times.

still nuthing

They've still done absolutely nothing about the situation on the grand opening night. not even an apology was given to the victims...disguisting



No point shit venue

Overpriced bottles 180 a pop min 3 for such a tiny shithole i cant belive ppl would pay that. Iv been to bigger clubs that are 10x better and have cheeper bottles. Fking jews trying to scam. Dont ever go here unless your looking for a shit night. Youll have more fun at the brunny lol

Won't be going back

Last night I went to this club for my friends birthday and wow, the way this club is run is a disaster. We went for my friends birthday and booked up a booth and somehow the club switched our booth multiple times from a sit down booth to a stand up booth, and they made a person of our party buy a bottle by themselves to get into the club. If you want to do bottle service do not go to this club, extremely unorganized and no one knows what the f%%k is going on there. I should've listened to the reviews below because I did read them before going but decided to ignore them because I know people can be stupid when using the internet... but stay away... Also, I've read this club promotes themselves as "classy"... nothing classy about grungy strippers and a over crowded underaged crowd.. stay away...

saturday ohso

havnt been here on a Friday so i cannot comment. The saturday nights that i acttended were both slammed with all the booths sold out. whether the fridays are dead or not, i do not know. But this club is worth checking out on a saturday night, and if you're scared to bring your coat - bring a cheap hoodie or a beater jacket. i had bottle service both saturdays, so i left my coat in my Booth

to peter

decided to read the rest of your post. just no. you have like 10 of the negative reviews. im gonna give ohso a chance next week or in the near future, why not...

my review will be from the view of a 22 year old male who goes out twice a week, university student who frequents venues such as tryst, this is london, cobra, century room (more upper scale parties) ... since ohso markets themselves as an upscale venue, i think my review on this venue would be one of the more accurate club reviews on this site... not coming from a hater point of view (unless if some shit happens and i end up hating the party) and not from a staff P.O.V

FBI detective over here.

didnt even bother reading your full post. you are trying to hard now too hate on the venue. MAYBE staff is writing reviews to cover their ass - i dont know, i really dont give a fuck, but clearly you are a hater. just because someone writes a positive review for a club doesn't mean they are a staff. I have written about 4 positive reviews on this site. If i go somewhere and i REALLY enjoy, im gonna write a positive review. I have never been to ohso, hence the reason why i currently put 3 stars - im neutral on the venue -- earlier i stated that i would be attending OhSo tonight ---- not happening. I will try checking it out Friday or Saturday, maybe both nights and I'll give a non biased review on when i visit the club.

for whoever wants an ACCURATE NON-BIASED review, just let me know what you want me to rate it on. the review section here is filled with OBVIOUS HATERS, and OBVIOUS STAFF. (some of the reviews boosting the patio seem fake ... is the patio even open? its cold as fuck lol)

ill rate it on overal attendance, crowd, music, staff, venue layout .... i wont be getting bottle service so sadly i cannot shed light on how that will be. till then take care

@ last night

don't use my name and try to put a good review in for your shit club!

read the review before that, it was a shit night at Ohso..140 people max, that's not a good night...

love how these guys try to cover it up..hahhahaha



just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting the reviews here, i always check the reviews before I go somewhere.

i am def NOT going here and giving them my business. I will take my group of 50 people and 10 bottles elsewhere!

Ohso, step it up guys, i have NEVER seen so many bad reviews on 1 club, you must be doing something terribly wrong. Maybe new club owners that have never been in the business before and don't know shit!! They are probably just learning as there going...

last night

amazing night out with the boys. great music good vibes hot girls.

Bad Night

Went last night (Friday Jan 27) and was not impressed.

Wasn't busy
drinks to over priced for what this place is
crowd was to young for my liking (19-20)
bottles way over priced for Richmond and peter club
patio was to small and main room to small
waited to long to get inside even tho it wasn't busy (140 people inside max)
I would say reign was way better then this, i know its not the same owners or staff!

overall i would never go back, but you can check it for yourself


don't get it..

so you used the name Michelle first and now your responding as jam...

that just proves even more that you wrote all the good reviews cause your so lost in your fake names that you used another name to write back for Michelle.

Check out the proof people, look at the subjects:

"get a fucking life" and "peter u retard"

she/he replied to to me as Michelle and then followed up by jam. PERFECT example of you guys doing these fake reviews to save your crappy club!


can the next poster please give me the name of the song in the video

get a fucking life

im not staff at this club. i have no relation with the club but seriously, its obvious that the same people are hating on the club under a different name (minus dajien). get a fucking life, seriously. reign had a cool layout, so im gonna check out OhSo tonight - i will follow up this post with a NON BIASED review. friends HAVE went there, and they had positive things to say about the club,

@michelle aka Ohso Staff

hahhaha thanks for the tips. You can write whatever you want towards me, im not the one with the crappy club. Just cause u know were right you don't need to get upset. Everyone is hating on your club and I know it pisses you off. We all know you are writing good reviews to cover up the bad ones. Another perfect example is under "ohso" drink prices - roughly 6 dollars, no one would post that. Another perfect example of you guys writing good reviews and promoting your club at the same time.

Grow up and fix your establishment, stop wasting your time with profanity towards me and others. You have a lot of upset clients, start working on fixing the problems!!



Worst club in TO

To everyone missing coats - I went to the club on Friday & talked to the owner. Apparently the police have security tapes and are investigating.

I was told someone rushed the table and stole the jackets....but 100 jackets past security? makes no sense.

anyway, I wouldn't get your hopes up, but I'm def still gonna follow up... it's crazy they've gotten away with it so far.......

to peter u retard

if you actually go clubbing everyoen calls this is london til you mental loser guess you don't club thats why you don't know any clubs do peopel call the guvernment the guvernment no they call it guv you lame fuck

I agree, read below

@Alisha & @Peter, Well said!! I fully agree with you guys, I can see it when I read it, all the good reviews are fake!

I have also been there and I agree about the patio, its nothing special.. and its not a "2 level" patio, its 1 level and very small.


I agree, when I read closely I can tell its the staff, owners, promoters and people working there writing all the good reviews to cover up the bad ones. Who says "we went there and paid $180 a bottle" Its them writing it as a promotion technique. A regular person would say the overall amount them spent, not promoting the prices of individual bottles. Also who would post "the staff is hot" no one cares and no one would write that for a review. Also I see so many "VIP Experience" topics here, that's all them as well. Its easy to see and tell what is what. "check it out" "patio" no one would write that either. There pushing this rooftop patio and trying to make it a big deal when its not. You can't event really smoke on it and its cheaply heated and covered. ALL the good reviews are fake if you read closely!

C'mon guys, lets get serious here. I know your trying to cover up all the bad reviews, but instead you should be taking them into consideration to fix your club! NOT writing good ones to cover up your mistakes...

I have honestly gone there and its nothing like it was supposed to be hyped up about. Same old Richmond and Peter club. If you truely want higher end, hit up Muzik, Maison & Brasaii


When I read the good comments all in a row i can tell the people that work at Ohso are writing them. for example, TIL = this is London. no one would know that unless you work in the industry. Ohso, you guys are hurting bad and trying to cover up your big mistakes. Get the point, your club is shit! You opened up and its a fuck up, PERIOD!

you guys know what I mean, look at the reviews closely and it isn't hard to figure it out...your taking people for fools, and I don't appreciate it! The word is def spreading around about your poorly run establishment and how bad everything is!

its funny

you know whats funny? i regularly come on the site to look at reviews before going to a club. NEVER EVER have i seen THIS MANY reviews for a club. goes to show that the people arent happy! thanks for the heads up guys!


Music: 8/10
Crowd:9/10 (hot girls,hot bartenders)
Security- 10/10
Drink prices- 8/10 roughly 6dollar a drink
Layout- 10/10
Check it out if you haven't yet

last sat night

Despite all the reviews it didn't stop me from going here. Booked the vip booh paid 180 a bottle totally worth it. Staff were friendly, got free bottle champagne for my birthday over all good club on peter. Just because you read reviews doesn't mean its a bad club. Nice to see a new club on peter


Love the patio here I usually go to clubs where theirs patio and let me tell you ohso patio is amazing. 2 level patio plays good music and the ladies here are sexy. Good work guys


Grand opening friday was pretty good. Went to TIL first didn't really like the house music their so we decided to check out ohso since we heard they played house so we got in and at around 1130 it was rammed didn't expect to see that since line wasn't to long but guess they let people in fast not like most clubs. Music and crowd 8/10


went to the "grand opening" and a waste of time.

Paid bouncers outside to skip line cause it was freezing, got drinks spilled on me by little kids, our booth was tiny and everyone kept coming in it, worst of all my jacket was taken by someone else cause the "coat check girl" couldn't match my ticket to anything.. lost my keys, my inhaler, my health card, everything in my jacket. what a pain in the ass that was...now we have to change the locks, i have to apply for a new health card and it takes months and my inhaler is on order. I could have died without it and in the cold weather with no jacket!

i HATE you Ohso! never be back!


Went to the Friday Grand opening...

Another waste of time, I wish i read all these comments before I went there :(

Same old shit, slow night, crappy music, maybe 100-120 people inside, no more then that.


Worst Experience

We had been booked for a friends birthday with bottle service for 20 people. The booth they gave us (I should say bench) barely seated 4 and was on the dance floor, so we had people standing/ dancing in front of us all night. The bottles were overpriced.. The music was horrible, and the DJ refused to take requests, or even announce a birthday.

On top of all of this, our "guest list" only accounted for 6 people, the rest had to pay full price.

All in all, I will never, ever be back, and I recommend that you never go. Even if you don't have bottle service.


Terrible, Don't Waste your time.
I could sit here and write all the things wrong with the club, but I am not wasting MY time after the worst night I had there and such a crap venue.
If you go, you will see what I mean, and just remember that I TOLD YOU SO!!


Let down

Went Saturday & It was a MAJOR letdown for me. It truly looks like an all ages party in there! Little kids running around everywhere. I was reading the reviews just now and everything is so true. I only wish I read all these before I went, so I wouldn't have wasted my time and Money! I could write 5 pages on all the bad things that I experienced, but I don't wanna waste my time. If you think I am lying, try it for yourself, I dare YOU :)


ohso nightclub

Alright, so let me just get this straight, many of us have had our jacket stolen which isnt fair because we paid for our jackets to be protected. As for you "natalia " character u need to sit the fuck down, about go buy a new fucking jacket, since its hurting u so damn much about all of us complaining would you like to buy me a new jacket? because in my life money dont grow on trees, so if this has nothing to fucking do with you why dont u sit ur stupid ass down and mind ur own god damn business, i was there and NOONE rushed their coat check , those dumb bitches working there clearly dunno how to do their job, because i personally handed my jacket to one of the girls and she said "im to cold , wait.." k but ur getting paid to do this i never forced u to take this job offer, second of all if coat check got robbed like we were told why the fuck werent the cops called saying ohso night club is being robbed right now? because they damn well know that all these people will say something, this is no joke, over 100 jackets went missing, not even cheap jackets, jackets that coast over 400$, so when you know the damn story and you were there to see it with ur own eyes then say something, until then hold your fucking peace. THIS CLUB IS A PIECE OF SHIT , REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAS HAPPEND THAT NIGHT, not even the fact that my jacket was stolen , but why the hell is ur security so shit? why is there so many stares? why does ur music suck fucking ass? personally this club isn't for me and i wont be the judge of that for everyone else, but check it out and be the judge for yourself.


umm sorry im not scared to say what i have to say as yu can see ive been putting my name on everything i post.....DAIJEN!! i dunt need to pretend to be anyone else thanks... funny how i got my name and yu didnt even put yurs... weirdo. anyways ive done all i can here and this is getting me nowhere so like i said if yu have a problem with me my facebook is DAIJEN HUNT!! my email is babee__dee@hotmail.com. please do feel free to contact me with any regards as to making yurself look even more like an idiot. thank you have a nice life :D

Daijen lol

i wonder how many times your gonna keep writing the same reviews under someone else name about a jacket lol pathetic go buy a fucking jacket

OhSo Night Club .

I went to OhSo Night Club for the first time its a nice looking little club Bouncers are really Friendly to girls and guys they actully respect you and treat you well .I found the bouncers to care about there customers as real people not just cash flow. What i dont like is my Friend Chris's jacket that was worth $250.00 got taken from Coat Check so two things happened the coat check people dont check tickets or care and gave someone the wroung jacket or the coat check people take peoples jackets and what ever else they find. One female bar tender I asked for a beer and gave her a $20.00 the beer price was $6.00 or $7.00 and she decided to keep the change and move on too another person i then said can i have the rest of my money back and she got all pissed and starting yelling at me.

I cant base the whole club on the jacket and the bar tender stealing from customers but not all people are drunk and not all people when drunk are stupid or cant do math after handing someone cash.

I use to love embassy and never had a problem like that at that club since going there management was great and everyone that was staff was trust worthy from what i could see.

But so far this club will RIP you off . never been to a club like that but then again maybe they have some bad seeds at this club.

I rate this club a 10+ for theft watch your wallet cause im sure they will rip u off.

last sat

was here saturday for my birthday and didn't see any issues guess to many haters anyways vibe was god loved the patio and loved the house music on the 2nd floor since this is the type of music we like. good renovations, good layout.


how many times are you going keep repeating yourself dont you have a life other than coming back over and over about stupid facebook you guys should be blaming yourselves for rushing the coat check that night i lost my jacket to nothing you can do now you keep bitching about this venue when its all your fault for not having patience you guys wanted act tough blame your fucking self.

Worst Club

Don't Wanna waste my time and write a story, but just had to come here quick to let you know that this club is a BIG WASTE of TIME. Way to many things wrong to write here, and I don't have the time neither do I care.

just wanted to give everyone the heads up on how BAD it is. if you don't believe me, i don't care, u will see for yourself.


another waist

Went again on Friday hoping they fixed some of the issues from opening night...boy was i wrong! Another crappy night 100-150 ppl max. Dont waist ur time with this shithole

@ natalia

umm sorry hunnie but if you had happen to you what happened to me and many other people, you would be doing the same thing. They messed up BIG time on the opening saturday night && they no it so of course after something liek that happens theyre gunna try to do what they can so they dunt get shut down. anyways for the calling me a loser, um ya i dunno who yur tryna insult here but yur just drama on the internet so sweetie please sit the fuck down && if you have a real issue with me please do add me to facebook so we may discuss this further. if not thank you && good day ;)


Whoever has the time to write a fucking essay on here is a loser and Im happy you won't go back more room for the real party ppl!!! I went with my girls on sat and had a great time.
Ps if you think it's just another Peter and richmond club then don't party in that district!!!

Nice Night, Great Sounds

Had a good night out at Ohso on Saturday. Nice club and liked the many floors and upscale vibe on each level. 8.5/10. Will be better when the rooftop is open for the summer.

Let down

Went Saturday & It was a MAJOR letdown for me. It truly looks like an all ages party in there! Little kids running around everywhere. I was reading the reviews just now and everything is so true. I only wish I read all these before I went, so I wouldn't have wasted my time and Money! I could write 5 pages on all the bad things that I experienced, but I don't wanna waste my time. If you think I am lying, try it for yourself, I dare YOU :)



I love when promoters and club owners write all this good stuff about there club, and pretend to get "security" to come and write on here. Security doesn't give a shit and they wouldn't waste there time writing stuff here.

I was there grand opening Friday and it wasn't good. I love how someone comes here and says ohh yeah 500 people. that's bullshit cause the place doesn't even hold 500. it was more like 100-120 and it was dead inside. we had a booth and it was bad service, but what do you expect for a Richmond and Peter club...

overall i would say 3/10 for Ohso


Don't even know where to start....Went for the grand Opening Last Saturday, did not like the club for many reasons. I expected a lot more from the new "upscale" club. It was NOT upscale at all!!

I had to pay off the bouncers to let me in after a half hour wait outside in the -15 weather + wind chill, and I had bottle service on top of that. It was so cold that I had to pay, I couldn't take it anymore. I have a feeling they made everyone wait on purpose so we would give in and pay them off. Its one of the worst clubs I have ever been to, even the lower end clubs have better service then this place. We spent so much money and got the worst service! I guess you live and learn.

I highly suggest NOT to go here and especially NOT to book any bottle service at this venue. You will not get your money's worth in service that's for sure, and even tho you have "bottle service" you still need to wait outside for a while. Seemed everyone in line had bottle service...

Me & My friends will never be going back there!

vip experience

me and the girls went to ohso this past saturday for one of girls birthday so we decided to get the bottle service package. we arrived around 1030 we gave our name for the booth and we got in with no issues. once we got in we walked upstairs to our booth since we reserved on th3 2nd floor and let me tell you I never seen booths this comfy and spacious at any club even tho we were only 10girls booth fit around 15 so we had lots room. across the room was the stage with the pole and you know if your a girl we like to dance on the pole :) anyways overall bottle prices were little high but its worth it if you want a great night out.


was here last night what a crazy night it was. good looking crowd, good music good vibe. this might be my new hot spot

Ohso Crazy Night

By far the hottest crowd in the district!! and staff is smokin hot!!
This is the craziest club around right now for sure.


fb group

i made the group and did all this work and the next day i went and facebook deleted my group. facebook is owned by police so thats probly why :S. First of all if yu have a legit place inside to have coat check and yu no its freezing outside, why the fuck would your brain allow you to think putting coat check outside would be okay? and why did the other girl write that she went to get hers and the coat check girls were handing out random jackets? umm yeah nice try though (Y)

jan 20

checked it out for the grand opening. major change since reign, rooftop was my favorite part overall drinks were decently priced. overall 8/10

last night

Amazing night last night. Fun,great music.

OHSO Fridays

I don`t know what you are talking about. I had my birthday there last night and had a blast. There was way more then 100 people there. Try like 500 and for friday and how cold it was I think it was great. 3 floors with 3 sounds. If you didn`t like the music on one floor go to another floor. Wow people are just haters.


I am security not the owner so it`s not my case to be silent about. Just thought I would help out. You are ridiculous to think that the owner would steal your jackets to sell them. Are you kidding me they own a nightclub. You think they need used jacket money. You think that that is a lucrative business. You clearly know nothing about business.

Friday Grand Opening

Went to the Friday Grand opening last night...

Another waste of time, I wish i read all these comments before I went there :(

Same old shit, slow night, crappy music, maybe 100 people inside, no more then that.


@ steve

thats a load of horse shit. if it was as easy as that the club would be responding our calls or emails and keep us updated on the situation. if you arent allowed to shed any light on the investigation then why did you provide us with details like that? bull shit. i think its a coincedence that most of the coats were Canada Goose & TNA. i went and my Goose got stolen yet my bf's coat didnt? how can that be? that person below is right, the owner or the girl working the coat check probably took them and sold them all. this club is the worst. at no club have i ever gone to where i have gone to coat check, has it said "leave coat at your discretion. we are not responsible for lost or stolen articles." no where have i ever seen a sign, nor have i been told about this. in fact i've been told otherwise. you see, my father is a cop. he's not working on the case because he works for york region, however based on what i experienced, yes we have a VERY valid case. what is the facebook group? i cant find it.


I was a security guard employed at OHSO at the grand opening night and I can shed some light on what happened. I was hired just for the opening to help out the security company employed there. Near the end of the night the coat check area got crowded as all coat check do at the end of the night of a club. Because it was very cold outside patrons were agitated at the amount of time it took to get there jackets in the cold they became violent and rushed the coat check girls pushing the table over and forcing their way in. They took any jacket they could and left. The coat check girl was assaulted and left the area. Security was not able to control the matter in time to stop all the patrons responsible although they did stop a few. The club was therefore robbed. Unfortunately innocent people were affected by this situation. The coat check problem I am told has been rectified, although that does not change the fact that people were harmed already. The police have been informed about the situation from the club and are under an investigation to try and figure out the problem. As security we deal with the police all the time and I know the club will not be able to release any information until the investigation is concluded.

Wicked Patio

Enjoyed the patio last Saturday. Can't wait for the summer. Music was pretty good but hopefully next time there are more club anthems. Great vibe and good staff.


how come we havent heard exactly what happened yet?

@ moe dinero

Ironic how police reports are filed,and dozens of people lost coats. I'm quite sure people just make up loosing there shit. Get your fat head out of ur ass. Your only fear is that your working for a club thats gonna fail


wow all of the competing nightclubs in the area must really be hurting with all of their promoters on this website leaving bad reviews. Everyone should come out and witness firsthand the great ohso atmospere and see why they are the hottest new club in the district.


Not a place you want to go to unless you want a crap night. Never ever going here ever again. Dont care who or what companys promote it. Felt like an all ages bouncers accepting bribes to let anyone in lost coats shit. I let a close family member who works for the Toronto Police know about this,aparently since they were overwhelmed with comlaints there will be multiple undercovers on site this weekend. Expect the club to be shut down early! Pce

Not Good

Don't even know where to start....Went for the grand Opening Last Saturday, did not like the club for many reasons. I expected a lot more from the new "upscale" club. It was NOT upscale at all!!

I had to pay off the bouncers to let me in after a half hour wait outside in the -15 weather + wind chill, and I had bottle service on top of that. It was so cold that I had to pay, I couldn't take it anymore. I have a feeling they made everyone wait on purpose so we would give in and pay them off. Its one of the worst clubs I have ever been to, even the lower end clubs have better service then this place. We spent so much money and got the worst service! I guess you live and learn.

I highly suggest NOT to go here and especially NOT to book any bottle service at this venue. You will not get your money's worth in service that's for sure, and even tho you have "bottle service" you still need to wait outside for a while. Seemed everyone in line had bottle service...

Me & My friends will never be going back there!


There are many speculations about what occurred on the grand opening night of "Ohso nightclub". Due to the lack of business ethics, non responsive, and unable to resolve issues caused by the negligence for their client's property that was lost under their supervision.i want to raise awareness for the rights of the clients who attended "ohso nightclub" who either lost their property or were mistreated. Some of the victims of this occurance may feel like they are unable to take further action to rectify this situation. What a lot of people are unaware of is that there are loop holes in the posting of signs at nightclubs such as, "we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items". "In common law, bailment is used to describe a process in which the physical possession of an asset or other type of property is transferred from one person to another. Bailment happens when the property owner chooses to temporarily place his/her property in the possession or control of another individual. The delivery of the asset entails that the bailee(the person of whom the property is delivered) is asked to function as the caretaker of the property for a specified period of time. In order for a bailment to be created, a legal relationship between the bailor(the owner of he asset) and the bailee(the person of whom the property is delivered) must be established. In voluntary bailment, the bailee accepts the responsibility and for the possession of the property. In a bailment under the contract of "consideration", the bailee accepts the responsibility and obligation to protect the property in exchange of a payment. The bailor can demand to have the property returned to him/her at any time. In all bailment situations, the bailee has a minimum duty of care to ensure the safety of the property. If the bailee breaches or fails to uphold the duty, he can be legally liable for damages. A higher standard of care is imposed upon a paid bailee. A bailor is entitled to recover damages for lost or damaged property if he/she can show that the bailee failed to exercise the required degree of care and proximately caused damage or loss of the property." In conclusion i hope this brings all the clients involved in this situation the knowledge, rights, and understanding to assist in resolving this matter, giving and recieving justice and peace, and bringing closure to the victims.


I dont understand how no one from this club has offered a statement about what happened, a solution, or an apology. In fact just ignoring every phone call and email, The fact that this can happen is sickening. people had to go home in the cold. People lost their coats they paid a lot of money for and its the middle of winter so they are forced to be out of pocket to buy new ones. This happened after we PAID a service for your staff to hold our belongings until WE went to get them at the end of the night. Literally discusted in this place and the employees.

fb group

the group is called - "Ohso" reviews -


heyy everyone that got their jackets stolen i made a facebook group so that all of us can say what we know. so we may work together against this bullshit!!!
please join my group!! take care guys <3


Dont go unless you want your coats stolen and no one at the club takes accountability for it. Bad situation that was handled even worse! boycot!

So Badd

Worst club on the planet.

Got kicked out of the bar for being in the same stall as my girlfriend. Told them she hadn't been feeling well earlier and I was checking on her. She was fine. Security immediately called for "back up" and claimed because her eyes were glossy she had been puking and had to leave.

When I claimed it was discrimination they said "Lesbians come here all the time, you can do that shit at home" Implying we were doing whatever in a bathroom stall. The reality is girls go to the bathroom together all the time so we all know that's a ridiculous concern. Not to mention I was in the stall for 20 seconds at most before they made me get out which I left willingly.

Don't know about you guys but there sure isn't a lot of sexy time in 20 seconds, especially since watching someone pee isn't my thing.

Bull Shit place. I highly suggest not going.

Police report link

Hey - this site won't let me post the link, but email me and I will send it to you.. I've had 4 others filing reports so far.

Police Report


where can I file the police report? you forgot to put the link...

I will e-mail you my details, also my brother is a detective and he is going to help us out!

Ohso is by far the worst club out there, try it for yourself lol!

Waste of time/Money

Went Last Saturday & It was a MAJOR letdown for me. It truly looks like an all ages party in there! Little kids running around everywhere. I was reading the reviews just now and everything is so true. I only wish I read all these before I went, so I wouldn't have wasted my time and Money! I could write 5 pages on all the bad things that I experienced, but I don't wanna waste my time. If you think I am lying, try it for yourself, I dare YOU :)


Worst club!




police reports

Ppl with STOLEN coats email me!

Hey - I've had a few people email me... keep 'em coming, so we can get something going together:


You can file a police report online here:

These people CANNOT get away with this shit... 100+ coats don't just go missing!!

I've also called, emailed, Facebooked and Tweeted this prick & he hasn't responded...

Bad News

On January 15, 2012 (Grand Opening) at OHSO nightclub around 2:00am, me and my friends went to retrieve our belongings at coat check they told us all of our jackets were taken. Most of the jackets were Canada goose which cost $400.00 plus. There was about 200+ people trying to find their jackets.The owner to report the incident but he didn't want to come to talk to his customers. I then found him standing there drunk just watching what everyone was doing. Even though we had no jackets the bouncers made us leave the club in -15 degrees weather not including the wind chill. My metro-pass, drivers licence and house keys were in there so me and my friends are locked out now, we were forced to find a way home with no money. We are now forced to take legal actions.


IF YOU WERE A VICTIM TOO PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP... babee__dee@hotmail.com.


i agree with others. this is just another embassy. this place was all kids. how was it that i saw my YOUNGER BROTHER (who is 17) by total coincedence and all his little teeny bopper friends? absolutely shitty. there were no mature crowds. the patio is just your standard patio, nothing special going on there. this club is just like reign. i came with 4 of my girls and 2 of us had canada goose coats. tell me how our coats went missing yet the other two girls that we were with who had an esprit coat and a buffalo coat didnt have theirs stolen? everyone who had canada goose coats or tna coats had theirs stolen. i too went to the cops with the situation and im currently in the process of TRYING to get a hold of the owner but he's been avoiding my calls. i had my CAR KEYS, ID, and wallet in my pocket and all of that is gone. i had to call my dad at 2:30am to come and bring me the spare keys to my car (he was NOT pleased). we even had to change the locks to our house. this place is fucking bad news. i do not want to party with my brothers little stupid friends and i dont appreciate the fact that this club is responsible for my belongings and yet they have somehow "LOST" it. fuck that. this place is a scam. the owner is a brown fucker and is probably going to sell of our stuff.


way too many ppl sat night. however it was the grand opening so i will give it another shot. loved the pole on middle floor and the staff are hot

Roof Top Patio

i used to go to Reign and Budo so i wanted to Check out the new Ohso sat night. They did a huge renovation to their patio. It has mulit levels now and is sooooo sick. Its gonna be amazing in the summer

grand opening ohso

waaaaay toooooo many people and waaaaay to hard to get in.

but once i was inside i noticed the first floor was mostly filler crowd. the real party was on the middle floor and roof was amazing.

Vip Treatment

Me and girlfriends had a blast at Ohso's grand opening. All we did was call ahead for guest list for my girl's 27th birthday and were treated like a like movie stars! The crowd on the 2nd Flr was the sexiest i ve seen in the city in a long time and the roof was off the chain!!! Its gonna be amazing come summer time. Cant wait!!

OHSO Toronto

The Grand opening of OHSO nightclub was insane. It was my 29th birthday and we had a booth on the second floor that was incredible. The place was filled with good looking people and the patio will be the place to be in the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone find a TNA coat?

In addition to my msg, if anyone was given a black TNA jacket by mistake (there were ski lift tickets from Mount Tremblant and Blue Mountain on the outside pockets), please email me: hpatty880@gmail.com

Stolen Jacket - NEVER go here

I went to the grand opening on Saturday, January 14. My friends and I left out jackets at the (outdoor) coat check. At the end of the night, our coats were gone (missing/stolen) in addition to 100+ others who had checked their coats. We were told to leave by security with no explanation from the owner. I had a TNA jacket (worth $350) and many others had more expensive Canada Goose coats.

I’ve filed a police report. If anyone else was involved in this incident, please email me at hpatty880@gmail.com. The police will investigate if 2+ people report the same incident.

My Birthday Was Ruined :(

This Club Sucks, I went there for my Birthday, first off worst service, i got a booth we had to wait in line for at least 20 min to get in, Second the booth came with a free campaign bottle which we never got, coat check is a must but i would recommend you don't bring it to the club because they where handing out random coats i received 2 random coats until they gave me mine on top the girl behind the counter was rude and swearing at me. third off you have random people coming and sitting in our booth.

I really expected a lot more from this club, Me & My Friends will never attend this club again and my 19th Birthday got ruined :(

Great New Richmond/Peter Venue

Good music on all levels, HOT crowd, crowded but that is to be expected on a Saturday. Will definitely be checking Ohso out frequently.

All Kids

Bottom Line, mostly underager's. I went for the opening and saw my sisters high school friends there. 17 and 18 year old's...how the fuck did they get in... bouncers must have made a killing taking money for fake id's

will never go back again! NOT mature crowd, drinks and bottles way over priced for what it is.

Ohso - Former Reign

Same old Richmond and Peter club. Way to small, fill's up quick and you can't move! Took me 10mins to get from the bar to the washroom. Got my drink spilled on my white shirt 2 times from everyone bumping me. The crowd was average age of 19-21, to young for me and my gang. Good for new 19+ kids, def not mature crowd!!

I Agree, Another Shit Embassy

I agree with the comment below, this is just another embassy, same old promoters, same crowd (all underage kids) This is def NOT a high end club.

Same owners as LIVE (former Lot 332) and look at that place now..garbage. Since LIVE is so bad, they tried to open a new place and start over. Same layout as before (former reign is new OHSO), just new wall paper, new paint and different owners..

Bad News

On January 15, 2012 (Grand Opening) at OHSO nightclub around 2:00am, me and my friends went to retrieve our belongings at coat check they told us all of our jackets were taken. Most of the jackets were Canada goose which cost $400.00 plus. There was about 200+ people trying to find their jackets.The owner to report the incident but he didn't want to come to talk to his customers. I then found him standing there drunk just watching what everyone was doing. Even though we had no jackets the bouncers made us leave the club in -15 degrees weather not including the wind chill. My metro-pass, drivers license and house keys were in there so me and my friends are locked out now, we were forced to find a way home with no money. We are now forced to take legal actions.


Was here for the opening was pretty good. Comment below to ak your review sounds like your a promoter for another venue why would you so call add tryst and mansion lol its as simply as this you don't like it don't go. Anyways I didn't see anything wrong with this venue crowd to me was mature and not kids

just another embassy.....

this club is just another embassy... same crowd, same music, same promoters, same everything just different venue. half of the people in there were underage high schoolers (i know them from when i graduated.... 2 years ago!!!). if you want to hang out with a whole bunch arab dudes prancing around their clubs with bottles in the club, flashing it to girls, then this is the place for you.. otherwise stay away. this club is NOT a mature crowd and it is going to turn into what embassy was..... give it a month. probably same owners or something. if you want to go to a GOOD club just go to this is london or go south of richmond on peter st. TRYST and MANSION are even better than this club.


short and sweet. got the vip booth in the main room, bottles and service were quick, hot waitresses and booths were comfy and lots room. dj played a mix of everything kinda like what you hear on the radio. Anytime we had go for a smoke we just had walk up the stairs to the rooftop patio. Bartenders were sexy. glad theirs a new venue downtown.


decided check ohso out since it used be reign and i used go their a lot so wanted to check it out. the venue looks really good. I love patios and this patio was pretty cool since it had 2 levels and was heated so kinda worked out. music was good each floor had different sound so we weren't stuck to one kind of theme. crowd was 8/10 mostly girls than guys. Overall experience was a great one if your looking for a mature crowd.


The club was hot , can't wait to enjoy the rooftop in the summer. Every floor was off the chain. Going back next weekend


Went there last night for the "Grand Opening" and its so small. It was way over capacity, i'm surprised the fire inspectors didn't come in there and shut it down.
I would say overall its a 2/10 on my scale.

Worst Part is the Rude security at the front, and you can tell everyone doesn't know what there doing..so disorganized!

I will never attend this club again, there are so many better clubs downtown Toronto!


This Club Sucks, I went there for my Birthday, first off worst service, i got a booth we had to wait in line for at least 20 min to get in, Second the booth came with a free campaign bottle which we never got, coat check is a must but i would recommend you don't bring it to the club because they where handing out random coats i received 2 random coats until they gave me mine on top the girl behind the counter was rude and swearing at me. third off you have random people coming and sitting in our booth.

I really expected a lot more from this club, Me & My Friends will never attend this club again!

Terrible Night..

By far the worst security ever at this club! Never do coat check here!! Unless u want your shit stolen..

Worst Experience

On January 15, 2012 (Grand Opening) at OHSO nightclub around 2:00am, me and my friends went to retrieve our belongings at coat check they told us all of our jackets were taken. Most of the jackets were Canada goose which cost $400.00 plus. There was about 200+ people trying to find their jackets.The owner to report the incident but he didn't want to come to talk to his customers. I then found him standing there drunk just watching what everyone was doing. Even though we had no jackets the bouncers made us leave the club in -15 degrees weather not including the wind chill. My metro-pass, drivers licence and house keys were in there so me and my friends are locked out now, we were forced to find a way home with no money. We are now forced to take legal actions.

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