Mix Markham is closed and is now BossClub

Mix Markham

10 Esna Park, Markham, ON
(905) 474-9555

Mix Markham Nightclub Info

Brand New Multi-Million Dollar Las Vegas Inspired Venue in Markham Ontario Mix Markham is the GTA’s Hottest most Luxurious Nightspot in the City. Dance the night away on our 600SQ Ft dance floor or get intimate in one of our Las Vegas inspired Private VIP booths. Mix Markham was built to impress with it’s Million Dollar state of the art Sound and Lighting System, 14 VIP Booths, and 2 Private ...

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Venue Type
Young Professionals
Minimum Age
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B

Mix Markham Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Mix Markham Nightclub.

Mix Markham Nightclub Reviews

Been there, done that!

Went there on december 20th, 2013, which was a friday. Paid $20 to get in. The place is certainly well designed, and very big... But maybe a little too big for markham. Not that i'm a huge fan of standing room only, but the place never got more than half full the whole night. It was also overpriced. I would sooner go downtown, pay $10 - $20 for parking (unless you find street parking), and another $10 to get into a place like easy and the fifth, or c-lounge, or the thompson hotel which is free to get in. The music was ok. What the previous review said is true, i don't think the crowd that frequents that club have much in the way of interpersonal skills, so they tend to stick to the people they know. Not much mixing and mingling going on, just girls with their boyfriends, brothers or decoys.

For mix to do well, they would have to slash their prices by at least half, and the people that go would need to move outside their comfort zone. I don't believe in paying cover to enter a building to dance and listen to pre-recorded music. I understand they want to break even every night, but you don't do that by taxing the loyal few, you do that by creating a venue that people want to come to, where they feel they can let loose and buy the bar! If you have to charge cover, then you're just a lazy businessman, because you don't want to do what it takes to create something great that will keep em' coming.

Crowd variance

Was there on a friday night and i must say the vibe is different then most places.

First off the venue and décor is very appealing. Very modern with glass room vip lounges where there is less noise and great to hang out with friends. The laser lighting is well done and the venue is clean and spacious.

That being said this place is only great if you bring a group of friends (guys and gals). For all you men out there all the women either come with groups of guys or just bring their boyfriends. Almost all of the women there are asian and stay within their own clique.

For single guys looking to hookup look elsewhere cause their are little to no options.

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