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People take forever to show up and there are more guys than girls. Mint takes forever to upload there pictures on to the internet ive been waiting for 3 months for my pictures to be uploaded. bar service wasnt that good.

my review

This is the worst place I have ever been to in toronto. Promoters promote faulse events. I showed up to watch ppl perform and no1 performed. I could have just stayed at home and listened to music on itunes instead of travelling for a wase of a night. I came with a bunch of girls for girls night. Worst mistake ever! I would never go back to this place, even if they paid me this time.

Soo that's my review and hope that MINT gets its sh*t together or juss close down already. Let somethin poppin actually take over lmaoo

Great Night Out

Yesterday at MINT was off the hook. Cocktails were in full force. DJ was spinning some wicked reggae, soca, hip hop and r&b. Bottle service was on point. Server always made sure we were good to go and replenished our stock. Just a fun Ladies night out celebrating a few Birthdays and yes we will be returning to this full house upscale venue next month...........

ghetto club

This club was actually doing alright before bad judgement, poor decisions, bad partnerdhip and financial problems hit. Not to mention a shooting and thn a mashup the next day. I've been in this club numerous times and will never go there to have "fun" for any event. Weed smoking, ripoff fees for bottle service.

Worst Club Ever

I have been to this club twice with my girlfriends and I will never go back. The first time was just after it opened last year and the music was terrible. The DJ was playing awful pop music like Miley Cyrus and nobody was dancing. Club was mostly empty except for a handful of creepy guys who would not leave us alone. I went back this year to see if Mint had improved, but The music was still terrible- very annoying DJ screaming into the mike constantly and ruining the songs. Very bad crowd, mostly guys, really dirty, obnoxious guys with no class. Bad smell in the club too. It still wasn't busy but they made everyone line up for 20 minutes at the door. I would not recommend this club to anyone.

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