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150 Pearl St., Toronto, ON

Mink Nightclub Info

Mink Nightclub holds up to 700 guest on two floors. This popular venue has everything you need to have a great time! Our venue features the award winning "Best Patio", multiple full service bars, luxurious VIP lounges and the top DJ's in the City. Mink Nightclub is known for demonstrating superior quality in service and an unrivaled excitement in everything that we offer. Mink Nightclub is your ...

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Venue Type
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B, Latin
$10-$15 with guestlist
1000 person capacity, 2 floors + patio

Mink Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Mink Nightclub.

Mink Nightclub Reviews




went here last week saturday and had a blast. good service, bottle service is good price and great music. will be attending again this weekend. thanks to mike the promo for planning my birthday party on saturday

Mink NightClub 150 pearl st t-dot

This club is overpriced for garbage. Bouncers stink. When my friends and I were in line, they randomly picked a bunch of "FLAT ASS GHOST"to enter ahead of others that have been in line for along time. Pissing people off. Drinks taste like H2O. Over all not my cup of tea.....F.Y.Y--their are way better clubs in Toronto than them. Too much hype in pic's for garbage!

pretends to be upscale

When my friends told me that we were going to go to this bar i immediately googled it. From the pictures and website it seemed to me it was a higher class bar and found that the cover for that evening was supposed to be $10 for men and women get in free before 11.

When we arrived at the bar we had to wait in line, even though we had reservations, although i do admit it was not for very long. It was strange that there was a line outside because the bar inside was almost empty. The men we were with each had to pay $15 to get in, even though the website said otherwise. The bar has two floors, both of which played ok music. The drinks were a bit overpriced, on average 6$ a drink but this was to be expected.

From the pictures i was expecting it to be a very nice place, and i was shocked to see that the waitresses were walking around in what looked like bathing suit tops and kilts. The lower level does not have any bathrooms so you have to climb stairs everytime you need to go. Also, there was a smoking section, and everytime you opened the door smoke would just blow into your face. I am pretty sure this section breaks the Smoke Free ontario Act and i plan on reporting them.

We arrived at the bar around 10, and when I went to the bathrooms they already smelled like vomit, although the bathroom attendant was very nice. As for the crowd in the bar, it was far from high class. Women were wearing ridiculously short dresses and guys were grinding all over them on the dancefloors. The upper level had a balcony type set up to it and i found everytime i looked up i could practically see up the women's skirts and there were men staring down at me. It was very uncomfortable. There is nowhere to sit down in the bar, you can only get seating if you reserve bottle service, which is minimum $70-$100 a bottle. By midnight there were still plenty of seats and when we had asked if we could just sit down we were told we were still not allowed unless we got the bottle service, so the seats were just empty all night.

Finally, which topped it off for me, was that i was told repeatedly that coat check was $5 an item, which i guess is common in toronto, so it would have cost me $10 to check both my coat and sweater on two separate hangers. What infuriated me was that they insisted that this was their policy, 1 item per hanger even though i saw the coat check girl (who was dressed in a casual sweater and had more attitude than any employee should ever have) put scarves and coats on the same hanger making that TWO items.

Overall, the crowd in this bar was not very good. We left by 12:30 and a fight was breaking out at the door as we were leaving. My friends, which did decide to stay, said they stayed another hour after we left. During that hour the music was terrible and they spent an extra $50 in drinks just to leave because they were so exhausted and couldn't sit down. Overall there were about 20 people who I was acquainted with that evening and all said they did not like the bar and would not go back. I would definitely not recommend this bar to anyone! If this is the type of atmosphere you enjoy however, you can find the same thing in clubs which im sure are much less expensive and have much friendlier employees.

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