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135 Liberty St., Toronto, ON

Maro Nightclub Info

Maro Nightclub and Restaurant is a stunning Pan-Asian inspired supper club, it transcends traditional nightlife by offering an entertainment experience where guests can delight in a unique union of food, drink, and dance. Maro's Restaurant provides an eclectic fare and takes guests on a sojourn down the Silk Road; sumptuous dishes, prepared by Asian cooking techniques, notes to the flavourful ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Saturday (10pm to 3am)
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
12,500 sq ft, 1000 person capacity, 2 rooms + Patio

Maro Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Maro Nightclub.

Maro Nightclub Reviews


i was at maro last saturday and had a great time; i dont know why ppl are bashing bouncers/staff on here, the staff and bouncers were great!


Jesus christ this place blows, bouncers need a serious reality check, you're bouncers - lowlife roid addicts with a criminal record most likely, not the club owners! Stayed 30 minutes tops, would rather carve my own nipples off with a bread knife than deal with the asshole staff here again.


Never had I been to a bar that I've ever seen low class service. After being made to wait half an hour to get in (when their was clearly no one in the bar) even though we were, quote unquote on the VIP bottle service list then finally getting in and spending $1000.00, with ONLY 1 hour left to last call we were told we HAD TO BUY TWO more bottles if we wanted to get any more guests in...WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!! Get some class, what a bunch of low life bouncers with a chip on their shoulder who thinks they can blackmail people who is just trying to have a good time on their birthday. Would NEVER recommend "MARO the CRAPO!" for any event. If you ever want to be treated like shit, come to Maro!


When I got there and tried asking where the guest list line was the bouncers ignored me. They saw what me and my boyfriend were wearing when they finally did respond. We waited in line for 20-30 mins. The lady who was taking care of the guest list was letting people go that were behind us even though we were on the guest list too. Finally we were almost at the front of the line and thats when a bouncer finally decided to come up to us and tell us that they weren't going to let my boyfriend in because he was wearing a long sleeved shirt instead of a shirt with a collar. Who the fuck knew that CASUAL meant collared shirts. Would never go back there again. They were rude. The bouncers take their jobs way to seriously.

Amazing- Staff is great!

great time went on april the 7th..

staff was amazing from the front door, to where we paid cover downstairs, to the bartenders, just a great night over all, i would go back again with my group of friends..


went last weekend-saturday and i had the best time of ,my life..

music was amazing, staff was friendly and social, i would go back there again in a heart beat...


Went there on St.Pactricks day to celebrate my bday. WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE!

Never again will i go to this place.
there were fights breaking out everywhere and no security was around to stop it. The staff were extremely rude, the venue is super small with no air. And to top it all off while i was on the dance floor a chick reached into my purse and stole my wallet that had 80 dollars in it and my coat check ticket that she later used to steal my jacket too! I spoke to the manager about it and he was totally rude and unhelpful!! F**KING WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!


Worst ever!!!!!!!

Rude, overpriced, terrible music, dead crowd....! Waste of money and time.... 12:30.... They are hurting to have ppl spend money on their establishment !!!!

Where's the people...!!?!??

Dead crowd approx 100 ppl in a building that holds over 900. People were in their 40s and not dressed well. Lots of drunk ppl. Bouncers were so busy throwing out ppl cause guys were lifting up girls dressed. So many fights I feared for my life!!!!!! Never again.

Worst there is...:(

Worst club ever!!!!! Rude, overpriced, music what can I say the speakers played awful so even the good songs hurt your ears. Worst Dj, rude staff, bartenders try to give themselves their own tip... Front door tells you if 20$ is too much to afford leave now.... Honestly the service is the worst... I've never been that insulted.... Very sad !!!! No wonder it was dead... Ppl knew they over price to compensate on nobody going....!

What a nightmare

This was the worst club I have ever been too. Bouncers were rude... The food was over priced and not tasty at all. The drinks were minimum 7$ for a mixed drink the bartender added so much ice. It cost 15$ to listen very bad mixing the Dj even had the music stopped for the night 2 times. Pure silence in the club !!!! How embarrassing!!! Will never go there again. Even my friend of a party of 25 ppl was dissatisfied. Waiter over charged her own tip. No positive at all what a nightmare. Never ever again!!!;(

Not for the weak

All the reviews are true - even the really good ones.
It's an expensive, very polished and exclusive club.

You have to really want this experience and you're game better be tight if you go. Those that endure the attitude, pay the price and make the cut will be rewarded when they enter - the place is beautiful and so are the people.

I went on a Saturday night and felt like I was in a movie.
I had an amazing time and met the owners who were actually very nice and gracious hosts to my group.

Those that appreciate the high end club scene will love this place! I may never go again but really glad for the experience.

Shitty Bands

My band played there and we blow a mans ass, so that attests to the shittiness of this place... they wouldnt let me wear my vest or my scarf... and they wouldnt let me bring in my macbook pro... not hip

President of Canada

In my state of the union you will hear mention of this place, it really did blow its own mans ass... live long and prosper

Inventor Extraordinaire

I invented the telephone... call this place and tell them how badly it blows your own ass... ive enabled you

Blind Deaf and Talking on the Phone

This place sucked... I couldnt see anything and the music was so quite i couldnt hear it

The Shit

Place blows my own ass


if you're into pretentious people and dickheads then this is the place for you. The bouncers are losers, and for some reason think they're worth more than the $100 they're getting paid. Inside has shitty set up, especially with the giant pillars they have placed around the club. a lot of deuchebags and reallllly fake cake faced girls, but if you're into that, then this is the place for you. They could easily get a new cast for a jersey shore type show from this place,

great, fun!

good place to have fun, bartenders are nice, cute too! we had bottle service, our service was suppppper nice and helpful! would go again!


very disapointing...bouncers are extremely rude they won't let you in unless you know them or your friends know them..they didn't care for the ones who had to stand outside waiting in line in the cold NEVER GO THERE AGAIN


went to maro 2 weeks ago and it was AMAZINGGGG!! i had the best time of my life with my friends, the music was great, and the service was outta this world, the girl that we paid to get in her name was vanessa and my guy friends said that she was cute and friendly, which made them want to go back again, as shes the first person you see when you enter downstairs... would go back again!

great club!

this club is absolutely great! i went on a saturday night and it was PACKED! i think that they were over capacity, but thats another thing lol. only thing i didnt like was that there was a HUGE line up to get out to the patio (which, by the way has a bar, and its heated, which i love!) and it took me about 10, 15mins waiting at the bar before someone came to me. what sucked is that the patio has speakers, however they werent even turned on so you couldnt hear the music on the patio. also the ATM machine was out of service! by midnight! overall, great club, great music, however had no space to dance!


Maro is a refreshing club with a refreshing crowd. Music was fun most of the time, and so was the venue the only thing is the patio is very small and waiting inline to exit to have a smoke was a bit of a hassle but over all was a great experience and it was decorated beautifully. WOULD DEFINATELY GO AGAIN - and would reccomend it!

Lame for a Saturday.

Music was okay. Club was dead. Security Act like there club owners but are a bunch of bums dressed in suits getting paid a 100$ for there time on saturday night. Will not be going again nor will my girls be.

Never Again!!!

So it was my buddies birthday and we planned to go to Maro i had never been but it is suppose to be a top ten club so i didn't think it could be bad on a saturday night. anyway we had a 25 person guestlist that we booked in advance and a minumum 5 premium bottles preordered. Anyway we get there and yes there was more guys then girls but who cares the head bouncer was a jerk and said it was policy to have a 50/50 ratio so they turned us away on a rainy night when we took a hummer limo there. So we went to This is London and had a great night and ended up spending at least 5 grand between us all. will never go to Maro again. bet the owner wouldnt be to happy about that. but thats just my 2 cents

Maros Bartenders

Nice venue, good music, but make sure you get all your change when ordering a drink as some of the bartenders there like to keep some of your money. And then you unknowingly tip them on top of that. One bartender tried to keep $10 from my friend until she realized.

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