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15 Mercer Street, Toronto, ON

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Maison Mercer Nightclub is a 12,000 square foot venue located in the center of Toronto's Entertainment District & offers unique social experiences through a variety of specially programmed events & functions. Versatile and flexible, Maison Mercer Nightclub is capable of hosting intimate groups of 250, right up to 1300 guests at full capacity. The venue is equipped with state of the art audio & ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals, Students
9pm-2am (Thursday and Saturday)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
1 Floor, 1400 People

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There is currently no events posted for Maison Mercer.

Maison Mercer Reviews


Maison mercer is by far the worst club i've been to in my life....I'm 46....House music has been part of my life for more than 25 years...I've been to 1000 plus venues.
My girl and went to see black coffee on oct 20 2017...He is by far one of my favourite artists. His set was truly blissful....He must have been embarrassed to perform in such a shithole.
The entry staff was rude, the layout of the club is a death trap....Filthy washrooms, bartenders short changed us at every opportunity.
I must say that it was so bad that i am still tempted to call the proper authorities to demolish this ratsnest of a club. The owner(s) of maison mercer should be tarred and feathered. This place a a gross atrocity to house music.
Fuck u maison mercer!!!! You get a million negative stars!

Has To Be The Worst Club In Toronto

Will never go back. hate to have to give even one star.


I was extremely disappointed with my experience at maison mercer. This was my first time celebrating my birthday at a club. I purchased the birthday package, which included 3 non-premium bottles, 1 bottle of champagne, birthday décor, custom designed club-wide snapchat filter, free cover for 15 friends plus ladies free before 12 with bottle service.

I used 5 comps to get my male friends in and half of the girls went in before 12. The rest of my party who arrived after 12, were given a difficult time at the door and were rejected because i had no more comps left. I was promised 15 free cover for my friends. The rest of my party had to pay $20 at the door. i was not given a bottle of champagne as promised in the package nor a custom designed snapchat filter. There was no birthday décor, only some cheap balloons that happened to be at every booth in the club. Realistically, i just got 3 bottles of vodka (which is the only type of alcohol they had to offer) and 5 comps. No luxury experience as i expected.

I was skeptical about booking because of all the negative reviews but i was intrigued by the package and gave it a chance. I would not recommend this club to anyone who wants to have a good time nor will i ever be returning to party here again.


This place deserves no star and the worst rating possible. Only was my first time here and i had the worst experience. One of their other customer who clearly belonged in jail or a mental institution came out of nowhere and started attacking me. She then proceeded to bitting my face which i consider canibalism. Their security was nowhere to be found and came by later asking me what happened and where the other person went. I went to talk to a manager or someone in charge and was told the security company is hired separately and literally doesn't give a shit about any incident. I was told to email the club. This place is beneath anyone with any class or social manners. Do not go.

Will Never Go Back!

I won't rant for an hour but i could. absolute rip off and will never go back. booked at 15 person booth 2 weeks ahead which they wanted 5 bottles for. got there and they did not even have the booth booked in my name. after 20 minutes of hassles we got our booth which could not even fit 3 people sitting down. to make it worse the place was packed so we had to deal with people pushing through and falling over our table all night! music was good and that's as far as that goes. i will never be coming back including everyone of my 20 guests. thanks for shit ass birthday!

Avoid this place at all cost!!

Not Worth It

The good thing was the music for a majority of the time.
The downsides to the club out weighted the cons pricing was ridiculous we had a booth and we had to pay for our entrance.. So 800+ later we left with a missing blazer, one of the guys got punched(provoked by other party out of no where), girl thrown to the ground and another pushed aside causing us to get kicked out and no service by the waitress at our booth after all our juices were dropped by someone not in our party, the smell of weed all night, no fans or air circulation causing for major bo smells as well.
The bouncers are extreme instead of escorting people out they beat them down first!!! Bouncers are in the wrong line of work if that's what they consider protection!!
Oh and they said ensure you are dressed to perfection or they won't let you in and considering when we went in we were the classiest as half the girls had their boobs hanging out (literally) the entire night which isn't flattering at all!
This club is not worth the time and money much better clubs in toronto to check out!!!


Went to maison for my birthday and frankly because of all the negative reviews i was worried something would go wrong. There was a small issue with payment however the head manager resolved the issue quickly and i went on with my night. The waitress was extremely polite, always made sure we had fresh ice, glasses and lime/lemons, if there was someone who was at the booth who she was unsure of she would ask if they're with us and if not she would ask them to leave or else she would need to call security. I was extremely impressed at how clean and on top of everything they were with the booth and making sure our night was to our satisfaction. This is an upscale and classy type of club so dress appropriately and be prepared for upscale prices. I'm not sure what others mean by trashy because even the washrooms were extremely well maintained, ladies dressed classy/tastefully and the men worse dress shoes and dress shirts some were even in blazers.Will definitely be coming back !


Worst place to visit .. Security guards at the gate are too rude and very bad attitude.

Never go there ever.

Does not deserve any star had to add just to submit this review. Unacceptable rude behavior of security


This place is trashy and it smelled like weed every where. Do not plan and event there if you want to have smooth event. You are guaranteed to have drama at the door. The management is unprofessional. Andrew is short and ugly and needs to be kicked out. He took tm credit card and gave me reservation details on the phone and then demanded that i show him a text thread at the entrance that he gave me a 15 people guest list. He changed it to six people at the door. Who the hell gets a booth for 6 people and how do you expect the rest of my guests to now wait in line. It was so ridiculous. Basically this place is a shit hole and so are the people running it. The group right before us just left.

What a slap to the best sound on earth!

Funktion one builds the best sound on the planet. There are one off systems that are better, but on the whole they do it right and they do it tight. This club has one and has no idea how to use it. It is one of the worst examples of sound i have ever seen. Why they bought it, i have no idea. You can have a clean conversation in the middle of the dance floor, right over the system. In short the sound sucks.

The lay out of the club is terrible. Most of the space is wasted on over priced bottle service. The dance floor is very small. The crowd is there to show off what they are wearing. The attitude is up, up tight.

The lighting and atmosphere of the place is not worth noting. 3 glow sticks and a black light in your closet are more exciting.

I would not recommend this bar to anyone.

Serious stealing issues should be figured out

Honestly it's a fun place, awesome time when you have bottle service but- there's a few issues over the past year or so about someone(multiple people?) pick pocketing girls with purses and stealing their phones and wallets. I personally have not experienced this thankfully - but i had my phone in my shoe the whole night so i wouldn't lose it. My friend had her purse pick pocketed, as well as another girl, both later being called by someone who has "found their phone" and wants to clarify that it is theirs. He claims to be working as a security guard at maison, and that his name is donald - but this is all a lie as once you get to the club and demand to see the guy he doesn't exist. Be extremely careful when you go here, or any other club and take precautions, don't carry a purse around in my honest opinion!

Bottle Service & Guest List


Best Birthday Party Ever!

Please excuse my subject line in the comment below. When it said 'title' i thought it meant my current title rather than the subject line. Sorry!


I had my birthday party this past saturday. Everything went as smooth as possible. We had bottle service/booth reservations we were escorted to our area, treated well and all my guests really enjoyed themselves. There were absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Andrew handled all my questions in a very well mannered way and i would definitely recommend this club to anyone.
To the individuals below who say they did not get in based on attire. I am fairly certain it has more to do with attitude and the way you act. There is also a standard that the club upholds and you can tell not just anyone was in there. As well the costume theme was really nice that night, would love to see more events like that.
Thanks again!

Didn't even get in!

If i could leave no stars, i would! Tried to get in with 3 dudes who were dressed according to their dress code and we were turned away. Guy at the line said my wedged open toe sandals were a liability, and that my friend wearing all black: khakis, t-shirt and a bomber jacket wasn't up to code either. Okay first off tell me how girl after, after went in after me wearing open toe heels and weren't turned away. Also tell me how his clothes which though unstylish were up to code wasn't acceptable. There was no line which i guess should have been the clue, but the hype surrounding this place made it seem interesting. Well if you're wearing open toe shoes which are comfortable sandals for dancing don't come here. Also if one of your friends is wearing all black and a bomber jacket go someone somewhere else because you have to be a certain person and look a certain way don't come here. Even though we all have the same money and want to spend it here i would suggest going somewhere where they want you.

Worst experience ever!

Maison only gets 1 star only because it's mandatory to rate them. My friend and i got turned away at the door because she wasn't wearing heels? *side note: she was wearing cute, new flats with a dress* the reason she was unable to wear heels is because she has a bad knee. I'm not sure where on their website it says the heels are mandatory? However, after getting a text from my friends who were inside already... There was a bunch of girls who were wearing flats. Which only lead us to assume that we weren't let in because she's a bigger girl?! The thought absolutely disgusts me and i'm hoping that is not true. I'll be sure to take the bouncers wise words and take my friend shopping because "if all she wears is flats.. She needs to update her wardrobe". I will never ever go back to this club ever again and if anyone has an email that i can send a complaint to (though i doubt they'd care) i'd love to send them an email. Take your money else where.

The worst experience

My phone was taken out of my purse last night...Great example of the worst crowd ever.... Iam not going back to this place ever...

Not happy

The club was fun at first but i got pick pocketed and my wallet was stolen out of my purse. Probably the worst experience i've had, it ruined my night completely and now i'm out of everything due to some scum bag.

The worst nightclub ever!

Had a booth, the waitress took forever to come. trashy crowd, bad music. bouncers think they are on a power trip, my friend tripped and fell on a bouncer, the bouncer pushed him off, then called two more guys over to kicked him out. take your money elsewhere to have fun guys.


I've been twice there but waiters are rude, they add water to drinks, too expensive moreover coach coats not responsible. I dont rally advise to go there. Even i'm also would not give them rate

Bottle service at maison

Hi. Maison is a fun club overall. I went for my birthday on a saturday night. Got bottle sevice, after requesting having a booth away from the dancefloor, we got there to discover our booth was right in the middle of the dancefloor (very annoying once it hits 1am). When we got there out bottle service hostess tried telling us we had to spend a min. of $1000 before tax and gratuity. between 8 girls how do you expect us to drink that much booze? We had to pull up past emails and texts proving that no one stated this minimum amount before she finally said "fine, what do you want to order". so my advice to you, SAVE all booking confirmation emails or whatever cause this place is a money grab! ps bathrooms are gross. 6 stalls in the girls, 2 toilets out of order, and 2 stalls were full of puke. #fail

Worst Club Ever!!!

I would not even give this club a rating, it is by far the worst club downtown Toronto. Considering cover ranges from $25-$30.. you would at least expect the crowd to not be trashy or perhaps.. maybe there to be people in the club to start off with. The club is just about empty until at least 1 am, the crowd is not very good looking, from what l saw looked to be their management team, walk around frantic all night or drinking way past professional level instead of worrying about the comfort of their guests. Quite frankly, I would never want to go there again, the bathrooms are disgusting and smell and the sinks are not even in the bathroom they are outside and have to be shared with the men. The drinks are expensive and ridiculous , how much you’re paying to get in, with the amount of money you spend in a night there, you would at least expect to have a great experience and that is definitely NOT possible at Maison. They are money hungry individuals who I presume will be bankrupt shortly considering the fact that they don’t know how to run or have the intelligence to run an establishment. I would not recommend going to Maison to anyone!!

Sounds good

Since This is London closed I'm looking for a nice club to go to that doesn't take the younger crowd or gangstas.
Can someone tell me why they think the reviewers who seem so surprised they got turned away were turned away. Was it their style of dress? Or were they too intoxicated? Both of which are probably good reasons to turn people away, btw. Or was it some lesser known or arbitrary reason like the bouncers just didn't like the look of them?
Anyway, I suppose if you go there every week and chat up the bouncers a bit, they'll get to know you and let you in. Just don't wear gangsta clothing. lol


Honestly, I had THE GREATEST time at this place. The music was off the chain! The staff were real nice, I was hanging on the roof top patio (yeah they have one!) and I met the nicest bartender. Everyone is so nice there (even the bouncers!). My friends and I had a real good time.
Will definitely be returning.

Dick head bouncers

All I got to say is the fucken door staff sucks!who ever picked those guys must be retarded never had to deal with Rudd guys at the door ever!those guys must get paid $5.00 a hour and hate there job!bouncers think there so cool refusing people away ! Go get a real job fucken tools


We're on our way to go to maison and as soon as we got there the bouncers told us we can get in!they turned us away !the little boys who work the door there are so so rude with there comments and makes u not want to go there ever again !it makes a huge difference when u have friendly staff !

love maison

my gilfriend introduced me to Maison this year and loved it every single time i went back. and i go back A LOT!
music is fantastic, crowd is good, sooo much better then going to a regular club and getting my butt grabbed by a 16yr...
this club is for a certain type of people and this is why not everyone has good reviews about it.
you really need to be into the type of music in order to fully enjoy this venue. i usually go on fridays and i have absolutely no complaints.

can't wait till the next maison friday :)


I went to the club with a group of girls tonight looking for a nice crowd and some great music. This place unfortunately missed the mark in both instances. The crowd was the 75-25 split between women and men and when you are paying $25 cover you expect fantastic music...not so much. You can't just throw a beat behind any top 40 song and call it dance music.

I would say the only redeeming quality about this place is the patio. Spacious and the music is low enough that you don't have to worry about how crappy it is.

Overall not the most horrible place in Toronto, but definitely not a recommend

PS. No issue with the staff. Bouncers and bar people were all great.


I've been going to Maison for a while now since they opened. My buddies and I would go for their Thursdays after work. We've been a few times on weekends. I really don't get why people rip on Maison. I read some of these reviews and they're so out of this world, it's clear to see the reviewers are the one with issues, which is probably why the doormen didn't let them into the club.

The doormen are actually really friendly. They always answer any questions and even give you directions to places if you ask. The only time I see them get blunt with someone is when they're slammed at the door or the person is being a drunken idiot. Most people just like to say doormen are rude once they don't get what they want, despite the fact they're dressed horribly, have to pay cover, wait in line, etc. Also, "bouncing" is a side hustle. Most of those guys have well-paying full-time jobs like most people, some are even university students. But they choose to work the clubs because it's good and easy cash.

People have to understand it's a CLUB. Not trying to sound like a douche, but you get in where you fit in. If you didn't get in, no big deal, go somewhere else.


First off I wasn't really expecting the great services in the line up. From some of the negative reviews that were put up. My friends and I were on guestlist; and we were only in line for a couple of minutes. The security was really profession and nice. The crowd inside was very pleasant to look at both ladies and gentlemen. It was definitely a good mix crowd, unlike some other clubs where your thinking to youself "I shouldn't be here." Over all the music was great after 12 because it was more top 40/ hip hop and R&B. To be honest my friends and I were having such a great time that the music didn't faze us. The workers their where awesome from bartenders, bus boys, washroom attenents and even securirty. It was a clean and well manage venue. Overall my exprience at Maison was amazing. I myself would definitely recommend this club to everyone. 5 Stars well deserve!!

Are you Kidding?

First of make up your mind on what age you are going to have enter the eatablishment. $30 to hang out with a bunch of kids 21 yr olds acting like its their first nite out. If I wanted play time I could have went to McDonald's and hit the play land for free! Second rude door men, rude staff. All around pathetic. It's seems that maison has a lot of first timers but not a lot return. Eventually this will be an all ages 14+ establishment at the rate it's going. I wonder if the owner/s even read the complaints.

Smooth Sailing

For its size, one of best sound systems in all of Toronto. I was cordially greeted upon arrival at 11:30pm. I was taken to my booth with my group of friends, where a really beautiful waitress with proper etiquette served us for the duration of the evening. Our table received chicken panini sandwiches when we asked for food, and we were given water bottles on the way out. Overall it was a pretty fun time. That was my experience.


Door staff has to be all changed and management for hiring all those dorks


The worst service, staff is very rude and unprofessional. Not worth a going.


Really? I can't comment on the actual club, since I never got to go in! I'm an attractive girl, but wasn't showing off my ass tits or legs so got treated with no respect from these loser "bouncers" who btw will lick your toes if u slip em' an extra 20! Anyway, poor guys after all this is their bread and butter!! Too bad you have to look like a modern prostitute to enter... Oh and if this is place is sooo "upscale" why don't they invest in customer service classes? Do you know people will give your loser business revenue if you just treat them with respect? Karma is a bitch.. You may be something today, tomorrow you can be a nobody... Settle down you entrepreneurs you! LOL

You get what you pay for.

I'd like to start off by saying that there are only a handfull of clubs in Toronto that actually cater to a high-end clientele. Maison is one of those clubs. For this reason $30 cover is not absurd, but when compared to other high-end clubs in the world it is reasonable. If you want to experience the some of the best house music (not techno), TIFF after-party's , attractive people, in a quality establishment come to Maison. You get what you pay for.

Defending Maison again

I love the comments made about this club and the door staff. First off, Cheryl, your comment "Door staff should be shot" is a little extreme. Which owners guest list were you on. Why did you not contact them and tell them of the situation. What night did you come. The only time I know of when people are kept waiting outside is when the front door admissions and coatcheck get backed up. It also happens when you have large groups of people standing around the front door area waiting to get in and not listening to the security when they are telling people they have to stand against the wall due to the sidewalk regulations and it being a public street. I find it funny alot when people come up to the security and automatically expect to get in, we do have an age restriction and dress code which some people will get denied entry if the security feels it necessary. It happens at all clubs.

Door Staff should be shot

The Door Staff at this club should be shot - I was on the owner's guest list and they kept me waiting at the front of the line for 2 hours. Then I was told they were at capacity. Get a real job, Jackass!


This place is absolutely amazing.. People who complain about the cover shouldn't be going there in the first place.. I have yet to experience a bad time and I've been going for almost a year.. It's a fantastic place. Classy and no riff raff.. Finally a good place to go in the city.. And techno??? Come on, that's so 80's.. People that call the music techno shouldn't even be going there.. Friday night house night is the best night..

No rating! Stay Away!

I am not at all impressed by Maison on Mercer night club. In fact I will never attempt to ever go to this club again. I was put on a guest, which did not even bring me into the club after waiting for 1 1/2 hours with a group of 25 girls. We were there for my best friends stagette. Not only was I told a month ago that I would have no problems gettinng in the club, but, were told upon arrival that we would get inthe club. Over an hour later. Nothing. The bouncers were rude, and illogical! I can not believe that a club that is trying to attract an older crowd, would treat there costumers like that. I would never advise anyone to go to this club.
...$30! For what?
I am not a fan! Don't even bother!

Defending Maison

For some of the comments written about the club, I am going to give my own.
Linda, the couches are cleaned by the cleaning crew Maison has, but during the night, people do tend to drop drinks on them, dance on the couches with there shoes on, etc.
Jennifer: Why should this club be shut down, thats completely absurb. If you came during the nights of Thur-Sat during TIFF we had the 4am extended license, hence the reason for the $20 cover close to 2am. Also, the security is very strict at the front door and they do not let anyone in under 19, all i.d. is checked. Yes, the music is loud sometimes, it depends on if it is a special dj night, but you are in a nightclub that holds a capacity of over 900 people, what do you expect. And by the way, its not techno 24/7.
Alana, the club charges what it does because they want the clientele who can afford it. What makes it not worth it.
I realize that not everyone is going to like this club, but they want the clientele who appreciates a nicer style club. If you want to pay a cheaper cover there are plenty of other clubs in the city, who do also let underage patrons into there club.

dirty and sticky

The club is amazing, but when I went to book a party last Thursday, I would be hesitating to set
On those couches, they are very dirty and sticky,


This club needs to be shut down. They have no consideration for.others all they care about is the money. I went there after going to another club just to check it out and they tried to charge me 20$ at almost 2am. They also let in alot of underage people and very immature. The music is loud and horrible techno 24/7 I hope they change it into a condo soon Agggghhhh

$30 per person

way too expensive and not worth it

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