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Absolutely will never attend this junction, or any for that matter.
I was severely assaulted by two female staff and one male security that decided it was okay to whip me around and smash my face off the pavement while screaming at me, fracturing my nose/jaw and breaking my teeth.
The junction had nothing to say, and i have never be so appalled in my life - refusing an individual medical help ?!
They removed my accounts, wouldn't comment and not once offered to correct their wrongs.

All over some guy approaching me, harassing me and making me feel uncomfortable - but yet they made it my issue.
I am not from peterborough and they left me hurting, damaged and alone with nothing.


I attended my company christmas party this december 2022 which was held in the private dining room upstairs at riley's/the junction. It was a quiet dinner for 24 people. none of us left our drinks unattended at any time but 3 of us were unknowingly drugged that night. It appears that the drinks were drugged before they were delivered to us. The aftermath of being drugged was horrible. after talking with several people weeks after this horrific incident, it became painfully obvious that more and more people have been drugged at riley's /the junction. if this is a known fact, why is it being allowed to continue? i will never set foot in that place again nor will my co-workers. Riley's/the junction was notified but of course they couldn't identify the offender.

Worst New Years

I paid $10 for a ticket to get in on new years and went after dinner with my friends. the two bouncers didnt even look at my id and told me i'm not getting in because i'd had too much to drink. I'm 28 years old and had had one glass of wine with dinner. They asked me what kind of wine and i told them it was merlot from france but i didnt remember the name. Therefore they said i was drunk. I continued to stand in front of the bar until their manager came out. He asked me the same questions, looked at my id and said i was fine to go in. I was not impressed. Clearly the bouncers were on a power trip or tying to make money by denying people who had bought tickets in advance. I drank water the rest of the night because the bar was not getting any more of my money, nor will they get any more of my business. I only stayed because my friends, who clearly had more to drink than i had, were already inside.


The food at Riley's is actually disgusting. It tastes like their chicken was defrosted in a microwave when you order. Their staff are slow, unattentive and rude.

I wouldn't tip anything, not that I would ever return.

The "club" on top of Rileys, called Junction is worse. Drinks are drugged on a regular basis by the staff, and police are aware of this which is most likely why they patrol the area at all times, yet do nothing.


Staff are no better, just a horrible place all around.

Worst Place Ever

I would like to state how horrible of a place Junction is. They are infamous for their STAFF putting drugs into their drinks. In fact one girl ended up raped due to their drugging. Not only that, their "bouncers" are incredibly rude, calling a young girl an incredibly inappropriate name that I will not even repeat. They ADMITTED they acted upon racial judgment. Not only that, but there was a time I left my jacket in their coat check after a Saturday night. I still had my coat check ticket, and when I went to go back the next day they said they didn't have it and I was not allowed to go check. For weeks I continued to call to see if it showed up. After that, I brought along somebody in higher authority than myself, and wouldn't you know my jacket miraculously appeared all of a sudden...which was found hanging up in their coat check closet. They are so irresponsible and unimaginably rude. I wouldn't suggest this place to anybody in the world. They are the only place in Peterborough who requires police IN their club all through the night.

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