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Opposite nightlife worlds collide on the small stretch of King West between the urban loft residents, profound restaurants and upscale lounges. Hyde Lounge comprises of a single room bathed in led lighting, lined with industry insiders atop banquettes and faux croc ottomans. Bottle service plays a significant role in luring Toronto's elite into the cozy corners of Hyde Lounge allowing them to sit ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
$15-$20 with guestlist
200 person capacity, 1 room + patio

Hyde Lounge Events

There is currently no events posted for Hyde Lounge.

Hyde Lounge Reviews

to the guy who wrote "IDIOTS"

To the guy who wrote "idiots" comment -first of all, the date the comments are posted may be after the club closed, but people may have been to the venue before you IDIOT!! Second, I hope the new ownership or renos will make the club better because let's face it IT SUCKED as Hyde and I'm sure that's the reason it closed. Anyway, better luck next time


To the past comments, HYDE has been closed now since the end of February. So stop trying to make clubs look bad with your comments. The club will be renovated and open as a new nightclub.

not worth the price!

horrible place, small, smells bad! not a great crowd too i'd never go there again

too small

HYDE is a Rat hole
- too small and creepy
left after 20mins. X this place off your list people

do NOT go!

this place is very boring, no fun....save your money and go somewhere you can actually have fun without all the BS


girls too snobs and all guys at 2am no girls around. price drinks to high no go there again


will not come again...small place, no action

no good place

went on weekend but small, no crowd good cause my asian group but no good place

agree with Tom

Hey Tom, I think i've seen you around couldn't agree more this place doesn't know how to run things

No Good

1/5 - crowd not classy, trying to make it upscale but they cant and secuirty guys there love causing troubles

not bad agree bouncers suck

bouncers here are bad but music OK. NOT worth the price


Who'd be stupid enough to spend New Year's Eve here ??

Bad club

Only good thing are the beats (not the beats given by the bouncers but the music)


Bad place, smelly, small, mean bouncers and snooty crowd

Bad management here

As a bar ownder myself, I just had to comment about the poor management, security staff and bartenders. The short brunette bartender on Friday night was intoxicated, doing shots with customers and spilling drinks as she poured them, something unprofessional and against the law. The bouncers were rude and inexperienced. The only thing that made the night fun was being with friends and the DJ that night was OK. There are MANY more places to go, HYde will not be an option ever again.

Not worth the cover

Group of us went out on Saturday night. Poor service and overpriced liquor. Guy started a fight at the end of he night and no bouncers to be found i guess they were all on breaks. Not recommended.


this club really sucked, i should have known by the hidden entrance -u cant find it for a reason no one should go here-- WAY TOO expensive drinks, small place, bad crowd, bossy bouncers....need i say more!

I'd give it minus 1 if it was an option!!

Worst club ever - bouncers are bias, rude pricks and the club itself is as small as a rats ass! BEWARE!!

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