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Tonic Nightclub has been transformed into HOME Nightclub (117 Peter St. @ Richmond). Home Nightclub provides more comfort, elegance and style to compliment an upgraded sound and light show in this 15 000 square foot megavenue. Not to mention the ultra sexy put back in the VIP booths surrounding the new decor. Home Nightclub brings back all elements of a classic nightclub to the thriving ...

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Venue Type
Students, Urban
Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae
15,000 sq ft, 1000 person capacity, 2 rooms

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Home Nightclub Reviews


I dont know what all the fuss is about i am a small white girl blonde hair and all with class and i didnt find this club bad i actually loved it. it says right on the description that its regge r&b and hip hop so if ur not into this music then no this club isnt for you but i thought it was fun everyone was nice to me and i had a great time yes the bathrooms could use some work but i also hate going to stuck up fancy clubs where someone is constantly in the washroom watching ur every move and expects a 5 dollar tip just cause they handed me a towel. this club is for people who dont walk around thinking they own the world its for genuine relaxed people who just wanna chill out and have a good time the vibe is awesome.


WORST SERVICE EVER!!! So went to this club on Saturday July 23rd for a friend's birthday. They promoted $4 martinis all night (see the "No Games, the After Party" promotion). First they tell you it's only served at one bar, which doesn't even make sense why you have to go to one bar to get it. Then, when you go to the other bar, they tell you some crap how they don't serve it at that bar and refuse to bring the manager when you ask. Then the rudeness continues how they can't serve tap water at that bar (can someone say illegal!). A club that can't even stick to their promotions and tells a bunch of lies is not worth anyone's time.
(the one star is only because the form won't let you submit without one, otherwise, it's a zero)

I couldn't believe it

I've been clubbing for a long time and decided to head to Home for Gossip Saturday. We were having a good time, despite the fact that it was empty (I could have done cartwheels through the place). At about 2 A.M. I was suddenly approached by a bouncer and told that I had to leave because I was "too drunk." They were not interested in discussing it and my two friends (that my husband had to go back into the club to inform) said that she (the bouncer) seemed slightly regretful for kicking me out.

Ironically (and maybe this was actually the reason) -- we had only purchased one drink for each of us (we were a group of four).

The best part: WE HAD TO PAY $20 COVER to get in.

I just couldn't believe it. Had that not happened I may have considered returning to this pathetic excuse for a club.

Flow needs to find a new venue.

love it

i really love this club its the best one that ive been too love the crowd luv the owners great club

Things you need to know.

Uhm. yeah this club has no class. The people that go in there have NO CLASS.
- Everyone there is rude: like someone said earlier when you say "excuse me" people look at you like you're on crack.
- The security/bouncers are crap.
- If you're tall, pretty and white...people discriminate you and treat you like crap. & yet if a white and you do the same for black people, they tump you.
- I dont know why I have to give this "club" a rating...they don't deserve it.

I suggest you don't go here...unless if you're someone who has no class.

Honest review

An Honest Review
-The wait to Get In Isn't longer than any other club
-The coat check also moves quickly
-Good security
-Crowd mostly young and urban (Go elsewhere if you wanna hear "save a horse ride a cowboy")
- Bathrooms are FILTHY
-VIP isnt the best but has a good view of dancefloor
It's a good time for people who like hip hop, soca, reggae and r&b.
use restroom before you get there

This place is garbage!

After reading all of the other reviews I still made the mistake of going to this club on a Sat night. We were a mixed group: age 25 - 30, mostly couples and we booked a VIP booth. I knew something was up as soon as we got there when they made us wait in line in a winter storm. Despite making reservations in advance there was no line by-pass and our booth was not ready. Secuirty blamed the problem on a large group that just gotten there before us and they couldn't "handle the numbers". How hard is it to count people and let them in? The inside of the club is nothing special, and the crowd is ghetto!!! The music was alright, just as expected.

If you have even a touch of class, this place is not for you. Go somewhere else or stay home.

I'm not a picky person so I ignored the other reviews thinking people are just exaggerating however they weren't, they were right on point!!! This place is garbage...you've been warned.

wat is dis

i was planning on stopping byt but after these review i will not especially d bathroom and bouncers story. I do not want to leave from d US to Canada to this kind of thing

Stop being so dramatic!

I've been there once and I had a nice time. Me and my friend got there right when it opened and it didnt get crowded till about 12:30 which isnt too bad. In regards to the music, all they played was dancehall and hip-hop (it's flow 93.5, what did you expect?) The place itself is rather small and needs more space for people without a booth to sit. I got in on the $5 guestlist (which they didnt check for btw :)) drinks were good seeing as i only drank beer and a smirnoff ice. bathrooms, didnt care cause all i wanted to do was pee. the crowd was good, good looking black men wall to wall. If you're expecting classy then you can take yourself somewhere else. BTW NOT EVERYONE THERE IS GHETTO! if this club is ghetto then everyother nightclub that plays hip hop and dancehall is ghetto cause everybody is dancing the same dance peeps.

A definate waste of $20

All these other comments are completely correct. Firstly, on their website it says the price to get in is $10-$15, however we were charged $20. Secondly, all they played was pure hip hop songs and at the last 5 minutes when the damn place is about to close is when they decide to play some reggae songs. Thirdly, the bathroom is atrocious, definitely in dire need of an upgrade. You would think the $20 they are charging people they would use towards getting that nasty bathroom fixed. Lastly, yes, ghetto people do go there. Your usual loud mouth, rude, obnoxious ghetto black girls. I'm black btw and do not behave like them. Overall, a waste of $20 for sure and will not be returning.

Nice girls

You like black girls and girls that are into dark skin? then go to home its that simple.
- Reggae Vibes all night music is good
- Girls outnumber men easily,
- Girls are all fine as hell
- Maby a few baby mommas but who cares it one night and this aint world vision i aint adopting no child
- Rum and coke is watered down better to get beers (they dont want alot of drunk people to start fights)
- Line up after 11:30 is crazy atleast half hour wait (but worth it)
- Bathroom needs an upgrade

Go to Home if you want to be beat up by a bouncer

Im wondering why I have no choice but to put 1 star in the rating, when i would much prefer no stars. Ive never wished I listened to other reviews more than now. I probably thought, that would never happen to me because it hasnt, i like to think these things only happen to other ppl who cause problems and 'deserve' it. I was wrong. First off they have no idea what is going on at the door, I had a booth but somehow I was no on the list. Then when I got in there was supposed to be 10 ppl allowed for free bc of the bottles. once 6 were in they charged us cover, on my own birthday. then later in the night after coming out of a bathroom stall and washing my hands a bouncer grabs my arm and tells me i have to leave. not only do i have to leave but without my jacket in -10 degree weather, and my myself out a back door. but before getting me outside she decides to throw me on the floor probably because my 98 pound frame was threatening to her. She throws me outside alone in the dark without a jacket and before i leave she punches me in the face. and this is only my story, my other female friend who got thrown out separately from me was punched in her forehead...by a man! and has a huge lump on her head. This place is beyond disgusting. all the reviews are right, if u r a low class scum bag that loves to get beat and thrown out for no reason then Home is def the place for u. and p.s. i only went there to begin with because i had heard the live to air before and it was good. this time it was terrible, i didnt even know any of the music. i doubt this is what was on the radio

no customer service

i was there tonight and what set off the entire evening was that the bouncer treated me like i had no intelligence.he noticed we were in a group and he decided to send everyone in except me...i was like couldn't you send me in with them or let someone who has the required amount of people that can go through security . we were back and forth with each other.
then the type of people that go there are really ghetto, they have no manners and even when you say 'excuse me' they look at you in a strange way....the atmosphere for that club is not for someone who has class and high standards

Actually rating = - 100...HORRIBLE!!!

eeeeewww ewww eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!! And did i mention... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww! lol Absolutely horrible. This place and the crowd that frequents it left me feeling disgusted and appauled to say the least!!! Worst crowd ive ever experienced . Music sounded as if someone had a disc on repeat.... it was just plain naaaaaaasttty! No class what so ever!.. If ur into ghetto then this is definately the spot for u... if not ... stay faaaaarrr away.... this one goes right up there with "classic cocktails" lmfao

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