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296 Richmond St West, Toronto, On, ON
(416) 977-8900

Gravity Info

Evolve Lifestyle group presents the brand new Gravity Sound Bar! Come in and enjoy a completely renovated venue, with a massive L.E.D wall! Gravity Sound Bar boasts multi-level rooms, with 40 VIP booths and much, much more. This venue brings a whole new nightclub experience to the entertainment district in Toronto. Experience an heart pounding digital sound and laser light show - only available at ...

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Venue Type
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40

Gravity Events

There is currently no events posted for Gravity.

Gravity Reviews


wed throwbacks night was dope.... bit of a time warp but its always fun when everyone can sing along to 90's songs....


had sooooo much fun last night!!!! cant beliebe there are still clubs that do retro nights..... not a fan of new music and this was so refreshing....


got a few bottles here last nite.... actually worked out really well. there was no cover, so we used the moeny we saved to buy a few bottles. all around pretty nice. the booth was clean andn had enough space for everone.... mixers were set up... booth girls weresuper friendly and took pics for us.... definelty a summer hot spot!

Looking forward to Wednesday

I adore Waybacks!!! Throwback tracks, good crowd, and 103.5 is hosting!!!! Tony Monaco say whaaaaa!


Came to gravity last saturday with my friend. It was awful. Such a waste of $15. And it was past 1 am when we showed up, it should not have cost that much that late to begin with but that's nothing compared to the disappointment inside. Its dirty and trashy to say the least. There was a disgusting smell all near the bar area. I'm guessing someone got sick and they clearly can't clean up right. The music was shi*, very much in reflection of the trashy crowd. We witnessed a guy getting very violently kicked out, i have no idea why they handled him the way they did, i didn't see what he did wrong but it was't nice to see. We were obviously very naive to think this place should be good just because z103.5 does live to air from there... Never again.


The bouncers are teribble an rip you off i think the club is outdated needs renovations the last time i was there i saw 4 bouncers beatup one guy is this really necessary and water of all things is expensive the washroom is dirty i think i need a tecknik shot 4 being in it the only thing that made my night was the friendly searchers (luv u mama b) i think the only reason u should go is to see the awesome searchers luvu guys

Place to be!

I went to gravity back in oct for thurs student night & had a blast. It was my 1st club in t.O i like how spacious it is, the drinks are good & the dj (mix & match) played songs from a variety of genre's!

got assaulted by bouncers

The worst place ever... That was my first time to go to a nightclub in toronto... Everybody was smoking inside so i thought it's allowed... I lit a cigarette... Then one bouncer approached me slapped me in the face and started insulting me then left, right after that another bouncer approached me without saying a word threw my beer on the ground and accused me of touching the bouncer who'd just slapped me. I was completely shocked, i've never been treated and assaulted like.. They could simply warn me on that but not assaulting me... I couldn't handle their behavior... And i would never recommend this place to anyone who's looking to have some good time on a friday night...

Shitty service

Booked a booth for my birthday... Got there at 10:40 with my girls.... Made us wait outside for like 20 minutes... So we didn't get in for free... Gave me 5 tickets instead of the 6 complimentary i was supposed to get for my guy friends.. I had to keep asking for mixers since our server did not pay attention to us... Washroom was disgusting af, and one of the doors were missing on the stalls. But the atmosphere on the dance floor and music was poppin... Wouldn't go back tho


Will never come back to this place... Horrible service and security only organized for the lines outside to make extra money off underage

dj sophia

Been listening to sophia shy on soundcloud for over a year. Didn't know she's spinning in torotno. Havent been to gravity yet, but got mad love for sophia. Makin her way up the world. Seeing her before she blows up and tickets are beyond my budget.


Really fun really chill upstairs


Craziest costumes ive seen so far. Worth the line just to check out the crowd. Which the club were bigger

Halloween barhop

So jacked about the pub crawl happening this weekend with some promo company. Red something? Redline?
Cheap tix and line bypass i think. More bars for your buck. Lelt's get cruunkk


Waybacks halloween
Euro spooktacular
Euro euro euro


Came here for my last night as a single lady. Had a great bachelorette party with all my girls. The package i got came with a few bottles, mixes, a booth, and the manager gave me a few extra passes. The staff kept clearing glasses and cleaned up pretty quick after my friend knocked over one of the mixers. Good dj. Good night. Seriously thinking about coming back for halloween

OG Bobby Johnson


Sat DJs

Im bad with names, but their djs are getting better. Unless its always the same guy and the only thing changing is my alcohol intake. Whatever. Nice still

Mid Week Bash

My friend's friend is a promoter here and got us a sick package. It cost each of us under $30 for bottles, entry and a booth. We picked a good night too... some random group of people bought a round of jager for the whole bar. We already couldn't finish the bottles we had, but lucky for everyone else at the bar. There aren't many wednesday night events but this one was way better than i thought it would be. The only part that was shit was going to work the next day

B+++ for Token

Token events have been pretty legit. Only reason they don't get an a is because there was cover (barely)
Who has time to plan this stuff? Haha. Hope your passing your classes bro

ladies no cover on friday

Ladies no cover on friday before 11

halloween pub crawls

Such a good idea. Smart that they are setting a pub crawl at different clubs. Not sure which clubs are participating yet, but good idea to skip lines. Early bird tix are cheap too.

student night

So many of our student nights are here. I go to ryerson so it makes sense. Happy its here instead of over at ossington. Its gonna be way too cold to trek there in the winter

liv rich

Good hip hop on sunday nights. No lie

retro boogie night

Too lazy for this shit. The last review about sums it up. It was a good time. Bonus points for exceeding my (very low) expectations. By a lot.

waybacks worth the cover

If you would like to temporarily revisit the 90's this is where you can do that. They play euro and classic 90s pop and its cheesy but in an awesome way. Once you accept that this is where you're spending your night, and just let it happen you'll enjoy it. And if you aren't enjoying drink some more. You'll get there. You'll be glad you went in the end. I am not a 90's music lover, or even a club person, but if you have a solid group for the night, its good for a laugh at the least


In toronto, tough to choose. Favourite club.Good vibe good people


Y'all have the sexiest poster girls every time.
Hard not to spot them downtown


Didn't know about the second floor until my third visit. Now i go straight upstairs. Not as packed and it overlooks the crowd. Feels like a music video. Plus i think they seat the famous ppl upsairs


Place to be for halloween.I think we went to a few of their events last year. Crazy amount of people showed up. Can't believe my boys tried to talk me out of getting on guest list so lucky we were n that list


Must be good if madison ivy is gonna be there. Coming here for my friend's bachelor party, maybe madison can convince him not to get married haha

sun night

Sexy ass ladies everywhere


My birthday here was absolutely incredible. I invited about 30 people and we had way too much booze... The whole night only cost me a couple hundred of bucks and i had enough left over to book a room at the hilton down the street, where the party continued after. If you live in toronto and life is expensive, here is one of the few clubs you can catch a break. Call them directly, the lady who answers is really friendly. Coming back for halloween for sure

bass night

Saturdays are loud
Thought this was going to be a complete let down
I was wrong.
I got in free this time for my buddy's birthday, but i'd pay cover for this place


I used to leave scotiabank theatre and wonder what this place was. There was always a lineup and people crowded the streets. I didn't know it was a club until last weekend. Its like a fun house. In a good way. If you want the full 'club' experience, this is it, complete with flashing lights, mirrors and dancers. Busier than most clubs ive been to so far


If you're a girl go on friday its free cover. Better to get there early though. So many people come here on the weekends. I think its the biggest club besides gravity but not sure. Really easy to find too. Across from scotiabank theatre. Just be ready to carry your heels home. Honestly didn't think we were gonna stay that long but ended up staying til close and danced for so long my feet were done by the end. there are so many people on the streets after it closes too. Its like the party continues outside.

cheap cover

Cover is usually 5 bucks on gl. Good deal for those of us living off osap. Ladies are gonna be so sexy on thursday
Free cover is a good enough reason to get dressed up.


Euromania forever. Can't believe they are gonna have live performances. I loved tamara when she first came out. Wednesdays are always packed but hopefully the crowd can meet her. Goal for the night is to get her number. Miracles happen when you're drunk

frosh week

Its not listed here.... But soooo excited for u of t's engineer frosh party. Its gonna be the first frosh week party and can't believe they snagged such a big venue!! Its gonna be wild

after hours

Monaco and the iceman
Waybacks should run all night... Make it an after hours thing plz

saturday in TO

First time visiting canada. And so lucky we came here instead of crocodile rock (which i later found out was for cougars)
When you first get there you're kind of in shock because there are sooo many ppl trying to get in, but the line moves really quick. Inside is spectacular. The light show is impressive and the mirrored walls make it even crazier. When we went there were girls dancing on the bar, and the dj owned that crowd. We moved upstairs to the other rooms and they had a different dj. .

Different than chicago. Definitely more vibrant

anyone been here on a sunday?

What are the sunday nights like? please post


J'm bien ce club. Les filles sont trop belles. Jadore toronto

retro night

If you go on wednesday its alllll retro.... Euro and 90s music for the whole night. Its a zoo. Great cause its like going back in time. Try to go earlier than later... Takes some time to get into it.


Holy shit toronto has some gorgeous women. I think i saw most of them here on saturday no lie.

long weekend

Saturday was out of control. So many people came out for dj khaled. Should've bought more than 3 bottles for our group. Glad we got a booth though. You need space to yourself in there

caribana weekend

Sooooooo happy i came out for caribana weeknd. Streets and clubs were packed. Line up was ok and everyone one got in ladies free before 11 so we were just gonna go here first but ended up staying till last call. Second floor is better, you can see everything from up there crazy place with all the lights and mirrors.

weekend pick

There's no way dj khaled is coming alone. For sure he's bringing someone with him...Who's it gonna be

DJ Khaled!!!

All i do is win win win no matter what
Already have my tickets!! Its gonna be live.
Caribana weekend is gonna be crazy

ladies free night

No cover before 11 on gl for girls. Don't know about guys but that's their problem haha

The worst of the worst

This place is an absolute disaster. Paid for a booth and what did we get? A shoebox.. Oh wait, that's being generous. Literally, two seats were provided to us. The women's bathrooms doesn't even have soap and judging by the people attending gravity, you're going to need soap. As someone attending this place for the first time, i'd have to say i'm beyond dissapointed by the lack of respect for patrons. If you're looking to have a good night in the city, i am begging you not to go to gravity. Be good to yourself and stay away. The rating would be -10 stars but they won't allow me to put that in.

sunday crowd

The sunday crowd is so sexy. Canadian women are gorgeous. I travel a lot and canada def has the best women. There are way more women than men here too. Club was really spacious, drinks were fair, would be nice if they had a patio

canada day

Had so much fun at the can day party!!!! Never seen so many people in red and white. Canadians party surprisingly hard on july 1st.

july 30

Canada day party here was out of control. So many people came out and they gave everybody party favours. People went extra hard because of the holiday. Didn't expect such a good turnout but everyone was stoked about having tuesday off i guess . Best canada day party i've been to so far

flag night

Flag party was great. Surprised by the number of supporters that actually wore jerseys. Such a colourful night lucky that no fights broke out. Everyone was drinking and seemed to be getting along. Not too much trash talking. Good ice breaker too. Easy to talk to people when everyone at the party has something in common the only thing i didn't like was that it was on a wednesday im not much of a weekday person, at the same time, wednesday night event seemed more intimate

bring tori back

Tori should be their spokesperson. Or our mayor. Or just move here. Gorgeous creature. Got to meet her in person.
So hot

so fine

Tori black was smokin' id wifey her in a heartbeat

Tori black

Tori black
Line up is gonna be out the door and around the block guaranteed


Promise land killed it on saturday. Been following pl for awhile.
Finally got to see them on saturday. Crowd ate it up. Backup dancers were awesome 10/10 night

friday night

If you get here early on friday you don't have to pay cover. (if you're a girl) not sure if they do that every night. Rarely the case with clubs

rep your flag

So many world cup parties. The week is gonna be a blast. So many people partying. So much shit talking.
Viva italia

iron sheik???

This guy is from so long ago. Hulk hogan took him out years ago. Crazy that he's still around.


Si tu visites de montreal, passe par ici. Plein de gens - c le club principale de toronte ou qqc
Viens le samedi soir

new edm

I guess these guys will be replacing guv. Easier to get to to at least edm just starting up here. Hopefully itll last

traffic thurs

Shout out to the person that thought of this.
Green is single. Red is taken. Yellow is somewhere in between.
This should be every night.
It would make everyones life easier


Affordable student nights. Student friendly bar/ you can dance if you wanna. Close to.Campus.


Icemans back on wed... 103.5 live from graaaviiiittttyyy sound bar!!!

love hate

Love it when i'm in
Hate it when the lines too long

hot staff

Sexy bartenders....Bottle service girls... Dancers... Everyone. Or i was really really drunk. Good girl to guy ratio.

long weekend

Glad there are still clubs left to go to for the long weekend. Being stuck intown isn't too bad if you have somewhere to go. Glad these guys were open.

anniversary party

The night was exactly what i was hoping for. Great tunes. Played all my favess!!!!

12 years

Had a great time at the party. Very chill atmosphere. I was comfortable.


Eekkoo was dope. Danced all night. People everywhere

thank youuuu + 10 more stars!!!!

Thank you for finding my wallet and returning all of its contents, cash included and getting it back to me the next day.
Soooo happy i got it back. Great staff. Awesome bar. Thanks again

gorgeous redhead

I realize this is not missed connections on craigslist but i remember you so maybe you'll remember me....
I bumped into you near the bar, i apologized profusely, we talked outside for a bit, then i lost you when we came back in.
So hopefully you'll be there again on tomorrow/thursday

best birthday ever

Most organized birthday bottle service i've had in the last 3-4 years. Really worried about it being a bigger club but they got their shit together for the most part. Recommend for sure


Full support for token events. Always have a wicked turnout from students from diff schools


Nrg girls are so fine. Im a straight girl but i would seriously consider dating a few of them

edm nights

Theyre killin it with their edm nights.


Place is huge. Had so much here on my birthday!!! I got a room at the hilton around the corner, and brought all my girls here for my 21st birthday. we got a few bottles, got right to our booths, no issues at the door. And i think they threw in a bottle of champagne. Best club night/ birthday at a club night so far

big group

Brought a group of 50+ here and we took over the second floor on saturday. Bottle service girls gave us a big section. Impressed that they could handle a big group without any issues


Writing this from work. Stayed at gravity until close last night, woke up at 6 am for work. Awesome night, even though im not feeling so hot today. Be careful not to wander into traffic on smoke breaks

bass night

Wasn't so sure about their whole edm night, but when i called their booths were booked up. I still went and it was hella busy. If you want to do bottle service here, better to call sooner, especially for the saturday night spots. Kinda shitty that they were full, but learned for next time

table dance

Girls get so crazy here. Dancing on the bar, boucin their ass, trying ot outdo the gogo dancers. Mix of hilarious, sexy and messy. Worth going for the show alone


If you're a student go on thursday


Edm night here is gonna be the next thing. Not as cracked out as guv. Less crowded and better venue

fave night

Wed is the best night in the city for euro and cheap bottles. 103.5 keeps it live and lots of ppl drive in from out of town too. Mature crowd on wed

ms raw

Shortiie raw is so fine. Id lock her down in a heartbeat. She can be my wifey any day


Saw dekoze at guv last year. Guys an underground legend

2nd floor

Pros: really good atmosphere, drinks were cheap, cover is reasonable, not many creeps, huge place, sick lights, good sound system, lots of ppl
Cons: had to wait in line for a few minutes, 5 minute walk from osgoode in heels there was tough, stairs to the 2nd floor was challenging while drunk
Verdict: better than most

dress up

Really liked the 'wear pink' student night. I bought a pink tutu for halloween and never got a chance to wear it. Glad i had it handy last week. Probably smells like vodka though lol


Waybacks is still going strong. Same loyal crowd, best euro music. Iz best bro lol


Soooooo excited about the pretty in pink night. Love their theme nights. Makes things a little more fun ;)

out of control

Saturday night was out of control. I vaguely remember dancing on the bar, maybe more than once? The main room was awesome, too drunk to make it up to the second floor. Our booth was near all the action. *advice* if you buy a bottle, don't bother predrinking... You'll end up giving away half your booze at the end of the night.


Didn't know they started doing edm nights. Finally coming over to the dark side. Good change. Def an improvement.


Really appreciate the promo group that helped me with my birthday on thursday. I forgot to say thanks. It was awesome

bass party

Glenn morrison killed it last night. Lineup for the next few saturdays look pretty legit.

bottle with cover

If you go on sunday with a few friends you get a free bottle and cover is reduced too. Probably the best deal in the city. Good way to get women there on a sunday. Free booze is always a plus

Swimmers unite

We took over that club on saturday!!! Absolutely crazy. 300 swimmers in one building. So packed so drunk. Not sure how we all made it back to the hotels. Good spot for that many people

lisa ann

Free tickets to gravity if you went to the vanity expo. Got to take pics with lisa ann. Shes so much hotter in person. Tiny still, like 5ft maybe. For real won't forget that night.

ford nation

Still cant believe i got a pic with rob ford. So epic. Such a random thing to happen on a wednesday. Then again, i met screech here on a wed few months back, so not too surprised. Good ol' gravity haha


Wooooooaaahhh. Rob ford was in the house for tony monacos bday. Saw the text and thought my friend was lying, but still walked over. Mans the freakin mayor, of course hes gonna party like a rockstar.


Lost my wallet here last weekend and they returned it!!!! i kept getting calls from a random number and finally checked my msgs to figure out who it was :) so glad i got it back. Thank you!!!!!


Ladies were so fine on friday. Thankin god for the bar dance that went down that night. Check those pics.


Such a mix of people here. First you feel the ambience then you're welcomed with love. Great staff


Happppyy nutella day. Nb aka nutella + bread = nightly ritual. So funny that gravity actually celebrated this. More important than family day

a$$ a$$ a$$

Ladies dancin on the bar every time im here. Every single time.
No complaints.


For sure student friendly. 5 bucks cover and cheap drinks on thursday. Token lifestyle event.... They're always advertising on campus so i think its mostly ryerson and u of t.

Ent district

Been here a few times. I live 5 minutes away so this is pretty much my club. Inside is big, with different rooms. I have people at my place and then we just walk over. Bottle service is really cheap, so i usually just buy a bottle for the night and share. Ladies are always gorgeous and line is never that long


Heyyyyy.... This message is for the girl that was outside smoking last thursday. We talked about rob ford and you said you knew his cousin or something. Anyway, i had fun talking to you and since can't really post my email here or even know if you'll read this, ill be there this thursday night for their student night. Maybe ill see you there.


Really good vip package. You get 6 tickets, two bottles, champagne and the booth... Its only 50 bucks per person. You'll probably end up spending that much individually anyway. Might as well get a booth. Not sure if its every night tho

bday bottle service

Got a room at the hilton on peter st and just walked over with my friends. It was only a 5 minute walk. My friend knew the bouncer so we got in right away. Took a few minutes to get us to our booth, but gave us a really spacious one upstairs. Got a bottle of goose, two bottles of bacardi and a bottle of champagne. Awesome deal but i think we bought too much, by the end of the night we were just giving drinks to strangers. Fair prcing and the bottle service girls kept clearing our glasses and bringing us new shot glasses. Really good service.

free bottle

If you go on sunday you get a free bottle if you bring some friends. Went last night with some of my friends and we got a free bottle since there were 7 of us. Getting free shit is pretty rare in toronto. If youre planning a ladies night, plan for sunday.


One of my favourite places. Reminds me of ny. Kind of grungy, separates me from work. I like it a whole lot just cause it kind of makes me forget my 9-5 good that its near queen. I like spending time here with my friends, thats kind of the point of going to a club. They're what make the experience. Thats why ppl dont go to bars alone. My friends make any bar fun. They're kind of like a safety net.


Kelvino is rad. Nuff said.

student night

Easily the best student night. Good location so theres a mix of ryerson and u of t students. Thursday is mostly students but weekends are 19+ so the crowds a little older

still going

Been going to waybacks on and off for awhile. Good atmosphere and not too packed. Wednesdays are good

leopard print

Pretty good student night. Not sure who planned it but the animal print party was cheesy but good cheesy. Only 5 bucks on guestlist so theres no excuse not for ppl to come out. Really close to ryerson so easy enough to walk over.


Soooo funny that waybacks did their own new years countdown haha only iceman can pull that sh*t off

best new years ever

Omg. Nye was outrageous. First time to this club. Their bottle service packages were hella cheap. Brought 20 people and it worked out to uner 50 bucks per person. So glad we came in from out of town for this. Woodbridge woulda been crappy


Crowd was crazy. So worth it though. Best party ive been too all year. Went with a group of people and got there before it got busy. Had to wait a bit to get to the bar, but it wasn't that bad. Probably try going again for my bday. Should've got a booth for new years


Anybody who says this place is a good time is either lying to you or someone who works for gravity sound bar and doesnt want all thier reviews to be shitty!

No one should go here ever!!!!!

There is an obvious reaon why this place has been three different clubs in such a short amount of time...

Worst place ever... It was a mosh pit to get in!
Line up was around the corner... No one was getting in!! At 10:20 pm!

They knowingly over sold the event tickets compared to their capacity!!

Tons and tons of people got jipped 30-50 dollars by pre buying a ticket and not getting in and they are doing nothing!
I was lucky to get in and left within half an hour... I had to push and shove my way through a line for a sucky venue. In the half hour the drinks were completely watered down and way too much money! It was ridiculous...

This is the worst place ever!

In short if you want a horrible night that costs you way too much... Go here! If you want a good night.. Go anywhere else!!


Great when that many people get drunk at the same time. Countdown was epic. The crowd lost their shit. Place got loud. Good pic for new years as long as you get there early. Only shitty part really was trying to catch a cab, but that was expected.

new years

So glad i got here early. Line up was so long when i went out for a smoke. Place was packed. For sure the biggest party in the entertainment district. Glad my friends all pitched on a booth so we'd have room to move. Crazy night from beginning to end. Happy new years :)


Worst club in toronto, possibly north america. waited in a 2 hour line when i had already purchased my ticket only to be denied access anyways. i would not go to this club if they refunded me (which they have not) and gave me 100 dollars at the door.


Do not go here.

I lost a lot of respect for this place and do not reccommend this place to anyone looking for a night out! The bouncers have no respect. Well it was technically one bouncer but its a representation of the the company.

I had bought a ticket for a new years pub crawl and this place was on the itinerary. At around 11.20pm, me and my friends wanted to leave the club, they would not let us leave. The bouncer began to push me and my friends around as if we had done something wrong, all we wanted to do was leave to go to the final bar on our crawl. Rather then letting us out to enjoy our night, we were pushed around verbally insulted for trying to leave.

I understand new years would make the place busy but there was no structure set up by management. It is not our fault there is a line outside and people are trying to get in. They should have had an exit area prepped. The employees were not aware of what was happening. We tried to leave using other exits and they all kept telling us to use the front door. The bouncer on nye that was on front door duty at the time would not let us, even though all the other employees told us to use the exit. Not only did he waste our pub crawl and ruin our night. He had the nerve to put his hands on us.

Finally at 12.15am we were able to leave. I looked the bouncer in the eye as i was leaving that his actions were highly unprofessional and he repeated to me over and over, "f*** you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you."

Real classy gravity soundbar.

Tdlr; all we wanted to do was leave your establishment and instead we faced entrapment and got assaulted by a bouncer to stay at your club ruining new years.

fix you

Vita chambers was live.... Didn't know she was the one that sings that fix you song at first but she killed it!!! Awesome live performance and she's actually popular . Gravity def has the best guests in the entertainment district hands down

live to air

If you're reading this... Come to waybacks tonight!!! Best night of the week if you're into euro and 90's music. Mature crowd aka not underage. Favourite event night since i discovered it last year. See ya there!!


I'd go back.


Second time at a macri event. Crowd is always huge and people party like they dont give a f---
First time at gravity but it was a good venue. Big space with room to move. The lights and mirrors overwhelming at times but also made it legendary. Maybe even a front runner for new years


Waaaayyybacks..... Best euro party in the city.... Tony monaco is king. Euro euro euro


Drank a little too much for my bday bash. Can't remember how i got to the club, or how i left. I remember all the lights, my friends, and twerking (sadly), i thought i saw a little person, and he was the special guest i think? Mini me or something? Idk not sure if that actually happened or what. I felt like alice going down the rabbit hole. Awesome rabbit hole though :)


Fave student night . Easy to get to. Lots of room. trippy lights. Dj is okay. Best part----> mcdicks and a&w up the street. Formula for a solid night

selfie w/ screech

So jokes... Im a waybacks regular and had no idea screech was gonna be there. I got a few pics with him and even go to talk to him for a few minutes. Makes me love waybacks even more. Euro forever xoxo

saved by the bell

Dustin diamond actually came through. Didn't think he'd show and didnt think we could actuallly meet him but they let us in his booth. Got a few pics of him with my friends.Still surprised they let us talk to him. I never trust those meet and greet things but gravity came through. For once... A club that actually delivers


Screech was there lol!!!!

thursdays party

Came here with my girls for the first time on thursday. The music was good and it had a good looking crowd. However, the line up outside was kind of long. Overall a great night, and i would recommend this club.


Just saw the flyer for the traffic light party comin up. Actually hilarious and a really good idea. Never heard of this but sounds like it could be pretty jks. My girls and i are def gonna be in green that night


Really into their sunday event. Its a little quieter and i prefer hip hop anyway. Its right next to where i work so its pretty convenient. Id say a good number of people alreaydy know about rich life


Pretty sick yesterday went well. Celebrated my friends anniversary. Lots of johnny walker. Went to a few other spots. Most random 24 hours of my life. Had the spins when i got out of my cab. Yacked when i got out. Woke up at main station. By the time i got home i was sober.

one last night

Crazy that people made it out for one last halloween jam before calling it quits.People have a few different costumes for different nights. (my first costume ripped....Lost most of my gear) line up wasnt as crazy on sat so we didnt have to wait too long. Waiting wassnt bad talked to a few girls that were outside smoking. Worked in my favour if anything


Shocked that people still came out after oct 31s. Came here twice in the last two weeks for diff bdays. Party was still going hard even though less people were in costume the 2nd time. Might go back for the 90's night. Apparently its a thing. Never been

line up

Waited in line for soooo long thursday night. Can't believe we got in. I feel rly bad for the ones that didn't. Y'all missed a pretty dece night yo


Can't believe i survived the weekend. Almost lost my cool lol. Not much of a party goer, but halloween is bigger than xmas. Especially for dudes. Soo many women, such little costumes....

still sick

Great party on the weekend... Maybe too much vodka. Still feelin it this morning but def worth it. Have a few days to recover before thursday


So friggin busy for halloween. Worth the wait for sure. Wouldnt say everyone was in costume, but good number of ppl were. The bouncers were somewhat understanding given the short skirts. For sure going out halloween again tonight. Its only once a year :)

dance party

Came here for a friend bday party last week. Never been to waybacks retro but heard about it on the radio. Glad i went. Perfect mix of cheesy 90's music and euro beats. It was jks. No one was to serious. Just havin fun.

Better than the GTA

Drove down with a few friends. Can't believe how crowded the place was. There's nothing in ajax even close to this place. Music was good, only thing i didnt like was that there was no patio. Aside from that, worth the drive. Would return.


Last weeks double bday bash was a good idea. Really good turnout plus the 103 crowd came out. Good idea to get people out on the same night.


Gotta say their sunday nights are live. Plenty of hunnies. Good downtown spot


Went to their geek events.... I think most ppl were to drunk to remember to dress up. Not sure if we were supposed to.... But the dancers on stage were dressed up and looked hot, so that was ok. Bottles were cheap too


Euro beaaaatttsss!!!! Wed is gonna be crazy so many ppl came out last week just bcuz nd this wknd kathy philips is there and its my freinds bday. Gonna be crazy night.. Its on


Gravity actually had an awesome deal on sunday. Free bottle of champagne if you bring a few friends. Went with the girls from work, so this worked out perfect. Nice perk. Wasnt expecting that.

last night

I was kinda bummed that the weather was so crappy last night, but glad i still went out for my friends bday. She got bottle service and we got to skip the line... The booth was spacious and the servers made sure we had emough mixers. Music didnt slow down. Would recommend for a bachelorette party or bday gig

we are young....

Yeah buddy... Lookin fwd to rewind wednesdays. Best weekly event by far. Old school music and good crowd

fear for your safety

Although the venue is very nice, the djs were good as well, the bouncers completely ruined every experience i had there. They use an unnecessary amount of force, and harm many patrons, they take situations into their own hands completely unnecessarily. Before going, think twice and fear for your safety


Ladies got their freak on last night. Didnt expect that for a sunday still recovering today


Wild party. I always hear ads for 1035 coming home from work, stopped by on friday. A lot of people. Solid night.


Just discovered wayback wednesdays a few weeks ago. Apparently its been a 'thing' for awhile. Had no idea how many ppl are loyal to euro music and 90's music. Its crazy seeing everyone singing along to songs from a decade ago. Kind of an underground event... You get dragged there by a friend of a friend, but totally worth it

surprise guest

Randomly went there with some friends and karl wolf showed up. Not sure if that was planned or what but didn't expect any famous people there.Only know that one song lol still pretty live


really likede that they did a charity event for frosh week with a bunch of diff universities/colleges... So many ppl came out.. We only waited about 20 mins to get it so it wasnt taht bad... When youre drunk you dont really notice the cold lol

frosh week

Frosh week!!!! So excited for the frosh week events... Apparently its not just gonna be ryerson for the frosh events, but ppl from u of t and york too. Really excited for the paint party rave :)

the wolfman

Ladies will def be out for karl wolf....Freshman from out of town are gonna love that sh*t. Welcome to t.O. Haha pretty sure that don't happen in the gta


Stopped by last night.. Kinda cute seeing guys in their mid to late twenties dance to 90's music.. Pretending not to know the lyrics lol... Nice try guys...

Bs alert

These reviews are all fake - written by the promoters


Can't believe emjay is performing tongiht!!! I miss the 90's sooo much. Euro music is so much better than most of the music on the radio. So excited!! can't believe shes still performming. I grew up on flying to the moon.

last night

Really like the sunday night crowd...Laid back. Good vibe all around. Just enough ppl came out

still drunk

Yeah went a little overboard on sunday. Apologies to anyone i might have bumped into. Just sayin'
Good times. Great bar


Omg. Joee is gunna be at waybacks lmao!!!! So freakin jks. Original waybackers will be out for sure

Linkin it all back...

Oh oh. Looks like gravity sound bar has an infestation of fake review writing. Just like play and vogue supperclub. Could this be the evolved way of trying to fill out crap clubs?
Don't believe anything written here. It's all written by the promoters. Get a life losers! Run a decent place and people will come. Writing fake reviews isn't good enough. People will check out real reviews on sites like ylp instead. Oh yeah: and don't piss off everyone or they'll make your life difficult.


Absolutely love coming out for wayback wednesdays. All the usual suspects show up and its a euro party.... love waybacks and 103.5!!!


Tony monaco is a boss. Live to air fridays are craaaaaaazy. Everyone comes out after hearing the party on the radio. You kinda have to if you're driving around.... At least you know there are actually people there. You can hear them in the background lol

ladies night

So glad there was no cover sat night! Ladies free before midnight as it should be. Line up wasn't bad, crowd was fairly good looking... Above average for sure. Lots of room to dance and a second floor (maybe a third?) but mirrors and light everywhere. Pretty trippy but magical when your drunk lol

beenie mon

Caribana was live. Beenie man came thru. Crowd was tipsy music was just rite

caribana weeken

Beenie man at gravity for caribana this weekend. There are going to be sooo many ppl!!!! King of the dancehall live in toronto

crazy busy

Sooo many ppl outside they should just serv drinks on the street lol party was hype. Plenty of room insiide


Place is rad. The lights the people the dj. Awesome.

hump wednesday

Waaaaaaaybacckkkssss here we come!!!!! Live to air and boat bash with monaco coming up... Keepin it live bro

awesome wkn

Wasnt expecting too much from gravity but had a surprinsingly good time over the weekend. Clubs have such a bad rep but if you plan it out and get on guestlist and have a solid group its pretty much a house party. But with more room. And you dont have to clean up after. Cover is worth the perks ;)


Best rnb night in the city.... Dj plays a good mix and doesn't let things slow down.... Shitty that the hip hop night is on a sunday but at least its not over crowded. Still pretty hype tho


I give this club a minus zero. Bring back city so much better than gravity. Bouncers are rude with attitude. Girls and guys with massive jealous issues. People constantly getting kicked out for fighting. So stupid to have the enterance on the second floor. Save your money theres better places.


Came out for canada day bash... Place was packed as can be. People were crowding the streets but we were on guestlist so didnt have to wait forever... thank god. Didnt realze how huge the place is. Pretty shocking if you're intoxicated. Also made makes you feel like a boss.... Will go back for sure


Okay. I am 24-years old and a frequent clubber of the gta area, going at least every other week to clubs because my friends and i love to dance. But never in my years have i felt compelled to write a review until now. Went here last night with my girlfriends for just a night out and was greatly disappointed. I've been to gravity three times now within the past 3 months and things have not improved much, if at all.

Front security:
Perhaps the only thing done right at this venue. Bouncers were polite, courteous, and kept things professional. My friends and i arrived 11:45pm and the line moved at a reasonable pace. Once inside, the pat down was thoroughly done by 2 women, regardless if you were male or female. It is what it is.

Two floors, with the top floor overlooking the lower floor. I usually love this idea, especially on special occasions when balloons and beach balls get passed around. But when you're on the lower floor and suddenly feel ice cubes being dropped from the drunkards above, just a tad annoying. There is also an indoor smoking corner (?!?!!?) beside the main bar on the 1st floor....Um...Is this even legal? So you have smokers on the 1st floor and those with weed on the top floor. The led wall was nice though, which seems to be the pride and joy of this club.

Music was amazing for about 1 hour, playing the expected top40 and then it hit rock bottom playing complete garbage. Furthermore the music on the main floor cut out halfway through the night leaving gravity sound bar with...Well..Not much sound. Once the music came back on, the volume and bass was unnecessarily loud, as if to compensate for the former silence. If not for that 1 hour of good music, i would not even give gravity 1 lousy star.

Overall they were very polite and efficient. Drinks were not watered down so that was nice. However 1 bartender refused to serve us 3 cups of water, her reason being, "i can only give you 1 cup of water, otherwise they'll think we're not selling"....??? Fool.

Definitely a younger crowd (20-30s) with the usual older gentleman trying to prey on unsuspecting younger women. Highly amusing though to see people chugging from their booth bottles on the dance floor.

No soap!!! There are no soap dispensers and no soap bottles in both floor washrooms. There is also no toilet paper in at least half the washroom stalls and the ones that do, don't have locks or have faulty doors. I don't know if gravity spent all their finances on their led wall, but with cover being $20 after midnight on saturday, you would think they would be able to afford basic soap. Just appalling. Can't even imagine what would happen when someone vomits in the bathrooms.

Definitely better clubs out there.


Got the vip package on sat night. Our booth was near the ufc fighters so we got to meet them and take a few pics. Pretty sick for a sat night in t.O.

Worth it

Bottle serviced it up on sunday for free. Its ladies night so if you show up with 7 girls you get a free bottle. I hate paying for booze and im not a big drinker, so this really worked in my favour. Not sure how long its running for or if its every sunday. Worth going for a free bottle.


I hate weekends so much but i get out on wednesdays for gravitys waybacks crowd... I heard their throwback night has been running for like 10 years or something. They must be doing something right. I feel kinda stupid but i love 90s music i think its everyones dirty little secret... I think everyone there feels that way on wednesdays but who cares what ppl think... Were all drinking and having fun and singing to songs that we actually know. No shame lol

friday night lights

Big fan of the set up this place has.... The led wall is killer and kinda matches the music. Two floors, lots of space to walk around.... Good location. The black tape project with the playboy girl getting all taped up was killer ... Shes so fine. And all lit up and dancing. drinks were cheap and it wasnt a sausage party...

Best part is that when your night is done theres a mcdonalds and an a&w down the street lol

If Filmores Nightclub Was a Club, this would be it!

If i could rate this place a 0, i would. The staff is awful/ mean. Real ghetto young crowd. the bouncers are all juiced up and are not willing to talk to you unless you have $$$. Dont go!

Ps. All the promoters & people who work at club are giving good reviews

You might want to be covered in a condom. Cause this place is DIRTY!

Went here for a friends birthday and was completely appalled with this place. Our bottle service girl was horrible, each time she brought our juice canters shed drop one or a couple of our drinks and just walk away! I asked her to bring some napkins for us and she came and handed me the napkins as i was dancing with the birthday girl instead of putting them on the table. Also they basically give you half a booth you share half with someone else. Also my fiancé wanted to have a cigarette was told smoking was outside where the lineup is and was then told they weren't letting anyone out very annoying especially when the bouncer he asked inside was smoking in the corner inside the club. Music was okay, it was a very young crowd. This place is basically just a cash grab for young kids. Regular cover without comps is 20$, dont know how they charge this and get away with it, you couldn't even pay me to go back in this place. If you like the teen dances by all means come to this place!

black tape project

Can't believe gravity had the black tape project... Its blowing up in the states so i was stoked when i saw they were coming to town... That khloe girl is so fine.. Cant believe they taped her up on stage so damn sexy for real.. Good call gravity

hell on earth

I went there saturday june 1st for a friend's birthday. Despite having put her name on guest list along with 5 friends, we were told we had two options. To wait in the huge guestlist line and wait to get in or pay $20 line bypass, and still pass the $20 cover once we were in. What kind of magical place is this? Is it open bar? All you can eat buffet? Better yet, is there a chocolate fountain? At this point, i'm really feeling tempted to pay the $40 to find out. So exciting!
This is when the stars align, clouds come in, and it begins to rain. Literally. Moisture, the ultimate nemesis of the curling iron, so too is faulty air conditioning, but i'll get to that later. Just as the $40 option is starting to look pretty awesome, we are told we have earned free entry but still have to pay the $20 each line bypass to make it in before midnight. We are sold. The bouncer asks that we meet him at the back of the line (beside the alley) to make this very kosher exchange. Not shady at all.
You can imagine my disappointment when i enter expecting tao vegas only to see a 90's looking nightclub with underage kids grinding the way teenagers do. It was hot! Not sexy hot, rather, 'we don't want to raise our energy bill' kind of hot. It was impossible to know if the guys passed out on the couches had been taken down by liquor, drugs or perfused sweating. At least i could enjoy a cold beer. I was charged $6 for the first beer i bought and $7 for the very same beer 20mins later. It was the bald, white dude behind the bar who over charged me, although i'm sure all the bartenders offer the 'built-in' tip service. Oh, and the bathroom was a real gem. Four stalls, one of them without a door, another with a garbage can pushed up against it and a rope tied around the door for extra precaution. I assume that meant it was out of order. And get this, no soap! I'm not talking empty dispensers. There weren't any dispensers. I loved seeing the bartender use the crapper and go straight back to preparing drinks, au natural.

If any of this appeals to you, i strongly recommend gravity. Five filthy thumbs up : )

Friday night

Friday night was wicked... From beginning to start. Line up wasn't long just enough time for a smoke before going in. There was cover but w/e it was totally worth it. Music was live. We spent most of the time in the main room but upstairs was cool too. Drinks were 6 bucks which is nice cuz its usually like 10 bucks anywahere else. Stayed til last call. Going to check out their other events next week for sure

Reply to Reece

Hi Reece, sorry for your experience. Can you please contact the club to rectify this situation 416 977 8900. All of our drink prices are evenly priced ($6, $7) so there is no way you would receive $3.50 change or any quarters for that matter. Are you sure you were at the right club?

1 * Is too much

If i could give a negative rating, i would do so. I didnt have any problems with any of the patrons or the place itself. The management and the staff is why this place wasn't packed last night. & its because of them that this club will see a loss in revenue

Where should i begin? lets start at the door since thats where all nights start at the club. Me and 6 of my friends are on the guestlist, needless to say the difference in pay for the regular cover wasnt all that substantial. That aside 2 of my friends were wearing blue attire because an advertisement for the club said if you come to the club before 12 in maple leaf colours your cover would be free.

Not suprisingly that was a lie.

Me and my friends had a pre drink where i got pretty hammered to be honest.
i bought 3 beers from the club itself when i went inside and after every drink i bought i tipped the bartender atleast 2$ because she always gave me 3.50$ in change. the last beer i was bought i gave her a 10$ and only got a quarter back. I know i was drunk but im not fucking retarded. Im like you know im not gonna ruin my night over some change, its just something real trashy and unprofessional, so i just threw that quarter in her tip jar and gave her the 'dafuq?' look and went about my night. danced for a good hour and my ankle i sprained wednesday was starting to hurt, i took a seat and these fucking security guards come up to me like dwayne the rock johnson and tell me i need to get out of the club cause i seem "to intoxicated" im like relax bitch im a secuirty guard also and im not doing anything wrong so fuck you and go about your shit. He didnt seem to like that very much and next thing i know im out the door of the club and arguing bouncer at the front. Luckily my friend came a bit later and we all ended up having a good night.
All i learned is....

NEVER GOING BACK TO GRAVITY AND dan you wer prob the coolest guard out of all the other scum working there tonight and if they have a problem they can catch me working security at air canada center or other events around downtown.

take care
1 love


had sooooo much fun last night!!!! cant beliebe there are still clubs that do retro nights..... not a fan of new music and this was so refreshing....


wed throwbacks night was dope.... bit of a time warp but its always fun when everyone can sing along to 90's songs....

Reply to "Sarah on Apr. 29, 2013"

Sarah, if you see this message, please call the club 416-977-8900


best party I ever had... don't remember much, but it was awesome. I guess some of the best night are the ones you cant rememberlol

Saturday Night Experience

i called the club and some guy put me on the E-NRG guest list which was suppose to get me some free drinks and free entry tickets and then when i got to the club i told the guest list person that i got put on E-NRG guest list and the staff started to laugh at me and said because i am under this list i have to pay. I do not get why we are mistreated just because of a guest list I dont care about paying cover to get in that is not the point I just wanted to tell you my experience so this does not happen to you!


got a few bottles here last nite.... actually worked out really well. there was no cover, so we used the moeny we saved to buy a few bottles. all around pretty nice. the booth was clean andn had enough space for everone.... mixers were set up... booth girls weresuper friendly and took pics for us.... definelty a summer hot spot!

ladies night

ladies free before midnight!!!!! sooo nice not having to pay cover on a saturday!!!


staff are assholes and they smoke by the bar in this club... ew so disgustin
who r these ppl who r enjoying themselves? I guess it's ok because it's big, but i'd never go back. no one I went with had a good time
richmond at it's finest - king west ftw

From Ottawa

Just moved here from Ottawa 2 months ago.... one of the few things I know about toronto nightlife is that gravity is the place to go on wednesdays.... its a little more low key then the weekend crowd, but daaaamn we get down haha

Danced my ass off / Great music

Came down on the weekend with my girls for an early birthday celebration and I chose gravity on saturday night and let me tell you, the music was AWESOME, i actually danced the whole night, i did not want to leave, plus the lights added a great effect, I was not left disappointed. Next time I come down to Toronto I'm for sure hitting up Gravity.


so many freakin girls on the wkn.... kinda ridiculous


had a blast!!!!

Bottle Service

Best birthday to date... Got a few bottles of goose with the boys, booth was private but fairly big, so we could let the ladies in ;) danced, partied, made it home in one piece. mission accomplished


love radio active fridays!!! can't wait to see the NRG crew. its gonna be live!!!


103.5 is my fave station... pretty sweet that Tony Monaco hosts throwback nights here. current music is shit but i have a weak spot for 90's tracks.


who's coming out tonight???????? 103.5 is live to air as always :)


worste club ever

Starlight starbright

the only club with stars tonight. sad that this is the only place that can get celebritites out... at least they're trying. keep it up yo

so far so good

I was a little nervous about richmond st. but i've now been to gravity twice and its been pretty good both times hoping it stays that way. sick guests too btw


huge fan of the playboy brand.... really like their vintage stuff, but i am really happy that gravity actually got a playboy bunny to their venue....especially jks that it was for easter....

Gravity Soundbar

Terrible , cheesy ... Soundbar should be removed from name , worst dj's staff & owners who dont give a rats a--.
Every law is broken in here!
Worst new club i have ever walked into!
They are so far from cool... They live in their own ugly world...
Never again!

That moment

... you know that moment when you realize that things aren't that bad.... that it's ok to have fun.... that you're young. That life is actually pretty sweet.....

That heppened here. saturday march 30th... when I saw a playboy bunny on easter weekend.

must be a sign....


really like their weeklies...its like a toronto sex in the city night out... a few drinks... a dance or two... getting dressed up instead burried in a coat

Great weekend

glad i made it out this weekend.... clubs are getting better. pretty cool that they had a playboy bunny in the house.


This club is garbage, literally! The floor is a mess, ppl smoking, a new disease could actually come out of this filth. The employees makes it even worse, rude and money hungry, just disgusting of a place overall. I would have rather listen to radio music than have wasted my time going to this filth.

Worst is an understatement

People in their profession who abuse their power only compensate for their lack of self-esteem in society as a whole; this is a clear example of the bouncers and promoters at this club (but I mean that's any club atmosphere in general, but this particularly). In addition the self-righteous, pompous characters of this club, the atmosphere is flithy from the air to the ground; I would not be surpised if this club closes soon.

Playboy Bunny

Playboy bunny khloe tarae was there.... so fine

Looking forward to Wednesday

I adore Waybacks!!! Throwback tracks, good crowd, and 103.5 is hosting!!!! Tony Monaco say whaaaaa!

Night out

great ngiht out... not a fan of the washrooms but w/e. club washrooms are alwasy kind icky. prob the only club actually tryin to get some celeb apearances.


Love waybacks!!!! can't wait till tomorrow night!!! ;)


THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GHETTO DIRTY, POOR PEOPLE PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EWWW


I'll admit I had fun... I promised a promoter I'd write a good review if I had fun. (I told him I hated clubbing....) So here it is... I had fun. I'm a workaholic and not a big drinker, but I actually had a good time. I would consider going back. I really liked the music, and felt safe dancing.... no weirdos walking around and everyone was having fun. The inside was really nice, and I liked the laser lights. Drinks weren't pricey and I even got a free Mimosa.... Had fun ;)

Better? BEST

cant help myself ppl... never dissapointed here. spread the word... i knw a lot of ppl r trying to hate on gravity....its cuz they r always full nd othr clubs are scared. i dnt blame them... gravity is f***ing sick

Ladies nite

hell yea ladies night!!!! def a good sat nite

Not bad

went out for jetset last saturday. pretty hype... wish i had been there the week b4.. heard lebron was there. sick that there's a spot for celebrities to go to. t.o. is no longer a complete embarassment...

pursuit of nothing

i you tubed it. that video sucked, everyone in the video thought they were getting there photo taken then there's the 10 guys lifting 1 guy up with a juice jug - and then more guys dancing in a circle! and then the typical douche bag with white dress shoes.

Pursuit of Happiness ;)

Read the reviews... or see for yourself!
Youtube 'Gravity Sound Bar' to check out the party ;)

Pursuit of Happiness ;)

Good music, awful staff and mgmt

Love the music on Wednesday nights, euro euro euro! But the staff and management are TERRIBLE! They've obviously learned nothing about customer service from their time as Frequency and City.

"Ladies free before 11" means nothing to them, and neither does "reduced cover on guestlist". My female friends have gotten in for anything from free (when it's super dead) to $20 way before 11 PM. Even worse, the bitchy cashier with a perma-frown on her face charges some people more than others. If you question her, the bouncers tell you to keep moving or get out. WTF?

The bartenders and booth girls are all stink-eyed bitches too and they charge FOUR or FIVE DOLLARS for water!!!!!! That's a fucking basic necessity for life. My friend was severely dehydrated and feeling very sick, but they wouldn't give her a glass of tapwater because they wanted to make an 800% profit on NESTLE PURE LIFE WATER. Yeah, not even Dasani, but cheap Nestle Pure Life! At that point we left and went to McDonald's to rehydrate.

The men's restroom is disgusting and if there is no attenant, there's also no soap. GROSS! Think about it - no soap for people taking a shit, puking or washing their hands after touching someone's dirty cooch. I have no complaints about the attendant when he's actually there. Nicest employee in the club.

The bouncers are overly aggressive and rude without being provoked (probably disappointed with their lives from working at such a dump). They also don't do squat about the douchebags who smoke cigarettes and weed INSIDE the club. It's illegal and disgusting for non-smokers, so I'm surprised they don't kick them out.

On a scale from 1-10, the music (on Wednesdays) is a 9, decor is a 5 (it's a dump and the LED wall doesn't change that) and the staff are just CUNTS/10. The music keeps me coming back on Wednesdays, but there are MUCH better places to go on the weekend.

reply to jealous

i don't think any other club would waste their time...and i don't think anyone is jealous of this club.

you probably work there and probably wrote the only good reviews. it's funny the only good reviews have a little promo added to it.


Music to loud- ahh it's a dance club.
Place to packed - ahh because it's cool and popular
Washrooms disgusting - ahh ok but place is real nice looking
Staff sux- ok true
You were there an 1 hour and bought 5 bottles? Wow you must be torontos greatest customer!

Seems to me like the jealous other club bullshit assault ha begun! Pick up your game guys becaus this is adolescent Shiite.

music to loud lol

lol if your complaining because music is to loud in a club stay home and play music off your laptop. you expect music to be low in a nightclub wow you people are pathetic

say NO to gravity

this is not the place where a mature trendy young professional would want to go to. The music is beyond LOUD. Don't get me wrong I love music, but when the music is so loud you get irritated talking to your friends because they cannot hear A WORD you are saying....that's just annoying. You can't converse or socialize with anyone because the music is so loud it feels like your heart is about to explode. The club is too packed. You are packed in there like sardines. You cannot even move or just stand in peace on a piece of floor without being shoved, pushed, tramped, grabbed, groped, have peoples nasty drinks spilled all over your nice new dress. It's just a really raunchy place. Not the place to go to for a night out with your girls.


Richmond Street is dead. There are only certain 'types' of people that go party there now. And I do not need to get into details of the types of people that party there because I think we all know.

Needless to say Richmond St. doesn't need any 'new' clubs i.e place that have their name changed because they were legally forced to close their doors, Richmond St just needs to be left to rest in peace. It's done.


Poorly maintained establishment. Washrooms in the basement are scary as hell and I am a male! Crowd is not the best crowd. Drinks are not that cheap but you would think based on everything else they would either be free or $2. The staff is awful, very disrespectful and rude. I guess people think they can act as they please with customers during club hours because of the environment and the fact that they think that people are drunk and too stupid and incapacitated to remember the next day. WRONG! Not every person at a club is stupid drunk and most importantly you never know WHO you are treating like shit! So therefore, treat all your customers with the utmost respect and care if they are doing nothing wrong other than putting money into your pockets! FOOLS!


I agree with the posts below I was there the same night also for a friends birthday. It was a horrible place, and I hope it gets shut down asap. Shame on the people who manage this place if anyone even manages it, because it is a complete gongshow. I didn't leave my cheap booth once all night in fear I would be shanked for stepping on someone's Jordans or some crazy bitch's $5 dolla urban planet shoes. Really scary place. Full of young kids, rowdy drunk, smelly, gross, really overpacked not a place for a mature professional who is looking to socialize, smooze and network. So maybe the 'crowd' in the info section should be changed to "ghetto professional delinquents and lowlives." Our booth had like 50 people. Why. The worst was the service, bottle service girl was a complete cunt (excuse the language) did not check up on us, refill our bottles, chase, etc. Had to go look for her and chase her around but then she expected a tip delivered on her dirty little non-deserving hands all without even an attempt at a fucking smile. I understand it must be hard for a club to be selective of their clientele coming in through the doors but at least control your staff and the way they treat your customers. Without your customers you are just a foreclosure notice from the bank! The bartenders were awful especially the females, just rude completely rude, it is concerning to me to think how there can be people in this world with that type of immature mentality. If you hate your job, quit. That's not how you operate a business in the hospitality/service sector. Move your ass and work for your tips if you want them! Very obnoxious unpleasant confrontational type of females employed at this place.......note to owner: this doesn't make you any money.....especially if the girls aren't even attractive or of age. When I go somewhere to spend money I don't want to feel as if the bartender is going to break a beer bottle over my head if I keep asking her for stuff or as if I am bothering her ie asking her to get me a fucking drink. Someone needs to educate these girls on showing customers some respect and manners or you will see this place shut down before even the summer rolls around! Unacceptable and embarrassing!


THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS!! DO NOT GO HERE! I cannot believe how good some of the reviews on this site are and how deceiving the pictures of the club are. It is nothing like the review and nothing like the pictures. The booths are ugly and ghetto and tiny..dark..just gross gross place. I am 24 and I have been to lots of clubs in my time and this place congratulations is hands down THE WORST EVER RE-INVENTED ATTEMPT OF A NIGHTCLUB DOWNTOWN TORONTO IN THE HISTORY OF NIGHTCLUBS. The washrooms are disgusting, no toilet paper no hand soap, looks like an industrial abandoned factory. They haven't done much renovations to it since it used to be Frequency, just added a measly wall of lights to the dancefloor and changed the name of the club. The building itself is old, dirty, falling apart and probably in violation of so many health code regulations I wouldn't be surprised if they have a rat infestation. I went the night that Lebron was there ACCIDENTALLY not knowing I was making a huge mistake for a friend's birthday thinking it would be a good St. Pattys celebration...NOT THE PLACE. The people are ghetto..GHETTO AF. This is the type of club that you turn the news on on Sunday morning and you hear "5 people shot/stabbed at a Toronto nightclub last night..." stay away from this place. Everyone is in there smoking cigarettes INSIDE in the booth I am allergic to the smell, what fucking century do we live in where people should have to be subjected to smelling some assholes smoke smell in such a confined crowded space...fucking uneducated barbarians, the security guards were smoking WEED as well inside there was this one RASTAMON fucker with long dreadlocks just lighting up joints all night high as a fucking kite and he was the security for this place....I cannot imagine what could have been had someone started firing shots when the people who are being paid to be protecting you at an establishment are high as a fucking kite. But no worries I have already notified notified the brigade of police officers standing outside the doors of this place just waiting after I left (I was only there for an hour). I was informed it won't be too long until this place shuts down! The girls that party and work here are straight HOOCHIE bitches. We ordered 5 bottles for our 'VIP" booth spent close to $1000 bucks at this crummy place and the waitress had the audacity to be rude as well as this one bartender on the top floor who looked like she was not of age to be even be working there but had a BIG ASS attitude. She wanted to charge us $4 for a glass of WATER. Are you kidding me?! What kind of hospitality is that?? We should have known that the minute we were outside waiting in line to get into this place and some ghetto ass fucking punk dressed like a hoodlum pushed my friend for NO reason other than the fact that hes a poor degenerate piece of trash and angry at the world and yelled "MOVE FUCKING WHITE BITCH"......we should have known this was NOT the place to go to, had it not been for my friends birthday and the false promises on this pathetic site that this was a good club.. Please do not go here! This is coming from someone who is accustomed to going to places like Muzik, Pravda, F-Stop, Biermarkt, Bressaii..........if you are a ghetto bitch you belong here! If you are not, please do not be fooled like I was by the reviews and pictures on this site! I wonder what poor Carmen Electra thought when she was there!! Just and FYI any place that advertises in their dresscode......"no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear" you know right away that is it a low end club and the type of people you will be expecting. ALSO just another FYI.....DRESSCODE DOES NOT APPLY HERE! There were guys in sweats, running shoes, chicks in random "hood swag gear" like I don't even know what to call it. I should have left my designer duds at home that night and worn a fucking potatoe sack.

Party like a ROCKSTAR

partied withj lebron on the wknd. toronto is finnallly getting some street cred



Ying and yang

Place looks amazing very cool design, bu bad staff an management. I had o pay 20$ and couldn't get near lebron.

Not Worth it at all

My friends and I went to "Jetset Saturdays" on the 16th. It was billed as the "Ultimate Ladies Night" with Ladies in Free before 11 pm.
My group of girls got to the place before 11 and were on the guest list. We only got "reduced" cover so we had to pay 15 dollars instead of the regular 20... Kind of unimpressive when we were told it was free.
We get in the club and it's super cool, the lighting and atmosphere is really awesome. There was free redbull also, which was a plus. The crowd was kind of weird though, not a lot of people dancing. Mostly it was people standing on the sides of the club holding drinks with a few people dancing. Kind of lame considering the music was stellar.
I obviously didn't expect to actually "meet & party" with Lebron James, but his entourage got super pissed when anyone even tried to take a picture. The bar also tried to charge my friend 4 dollars for a glass of water.... The bar wasn't busy, so it's not like she was inconveniencing the bartender.
Overall the night wasn't that great. If I'm paying 15-20 bucks for cover and 4 dollars for fucking water I'd expect a really sick night. In mine and my friends' opinions, this club is 100% not worth. Don't think I'll be coming back.


I guess their water problem was never resolved since the frequency days

Saturday Hotspot

Best place to be on a Saturday night.....Hands down.

Just got better!!!!!

Last time i was here was NOTHING compared to sat night. Carmen F***ING ELECTRA WAS THERE> Are you kidding me??? DOPE. FINALLY.... A club tht has events to look fwd to


Wow not in a good way. I went on the grand opening. The coat check flooded and they dropped my coat in the water. Such bull crap.

Good look

Place looks great, like a new York or Miami teqno European club, yet the bar staff,bussers and doormen are complete opposite and don't fit??? Pick up your game..

when people come from out of town, im bringing them hrre

Came out for the launch and I couldn't believe the size of the place! Toronto's such a big city and its full of small shitty clubs. Super diverse crowd, got that chaotic feel that's hard to find these days. Really enjoyed it, finally a high calibre club!

Actually pretty hype

People were actually dancin lol. Legit having fun. Great comeback Richmond

Nice spot

really wicked layout... good crowd, music, drinks werent too pricey... overall was good. So many ppl. This is where all the ladies go on weekends lol


GRavity nightclub b****. Scream and shout and let it all out... scream and shout and let it out..... THIS IS WHERE UR SUPPOSED TO DANCE TO SOME BRITNEY B****

Busy busy

place was full on saturday.... if you want to go... best bet is to be on guest list.... went with a few friends and had a good tme. Not usually a fan if nightclubs, but id go back 100%


Ugly crowd, shitty music, horrible doormen, ugly staff,
What a shame For a real great looking niteclub, one of the coolest looking clubs in tdot.

it was ok

Went on saturday leaky pipes, coat check and a few booths got flooded with water lol. way too many dudes takin up space, generic music dj repeated a bunch of tracks. There was some entertaining fights tho. This place should be your last resort, to be honest. Shoutouts to the midget tho he's the man

LOVE this club

me n my friends went here on saturday.... place was busy tho... drink were cheap tracks were good sooo many rooms imma be there ever weeknd lol

so oubvious

which ever promoter or owner decided to write all their different reviews on the same day pretending to be different people-heres a tip-next time try using different writing tactics and dont fill out the name with different numbers lol example- adriene243, jj33, sam766...HURTING- YOUR SO OBVIOUS


Place looks sick, like a club you'd see in Europe. Very high tech..


ummm where to start.. musc was sicckkk people were sexcy poppin bottles liek no tmrw lites were cool overall pretty good first time a club wasn't shit

Girls Girls Girls....

Daaaaaaaaamnnnnn..... Finest ladies I ever seen. short tall thin thick black white asian someone for everyone....take your pick. Thank YOU GRAVITY.

Whatcha SAYIN T.O.

HOLY SHIT!!! Place was packed. Bottles were cheap... Everyone drinkin.... DANCING... Def going back. used to hate clubbing.... BUT THIS PLACE IS HOT SHIT. Can't believe how many people came out!!! Place is massive!!!


stopped by yesterday.... place was packed. music was good.... I was only in line for about 5 minutes. totally worth it. Carmen Electra is going to be there next weekend apparentky....def comin out!!!!

Weak ass club and weak ass staff to match...

The "protection" (bouncers and police) are weak as fuck. Bouncers for this stupid ass club ain't SHIT, so don't go get offended when 99% of yall are grumpy ass fuckers that have no patience or tolerance for drunk people. You work at a nightclub, grow the fuck up or quit... That's right, you're 5 baby mommas are depending on your pathetic excuse of a pay cheque (plus tips if you lucky....)

same richmond street crap

seriously. city frequency "gravity soundbar".

same crap. 19 year old losers fistpumping their way in from the 'bridge. id rather go to faces down the street, LOL

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