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296 Richmond St., Toronto, ON

Frequency Nightclub Info

Frequency Nightclub is a 17,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art space and sound, in the heart of downtown's Entertainment District! This club has a stunning entrance with trendy light affects that will have you curious as to what the rest of Frequency Nightclub looks like. As you enter into the club you will be amazed by the massive bar equipt with almost any drink you can think of. Entering Frequency ...

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Venue Type
Wednesday - Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, Entertainment District
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
17,000 sq ft, 2 floors, 3 rooms

Frequency Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Frequency Nightclub.

Frequency Nightclub Reviews


This club is definitely one of Toronto's top garbage clubs. The club is absolutely filthy(literally). ALOT of people were smoking inside(against the law) and the security didn't enforce or do anything about it. It was disgusting, my hair and clothes smelled like cigarettes. The music was terrible. They played crank that soulja boy like 5 times? LAME! The songs were extremely overly repetitive. It was soo annoying. The crowd is probably the worst! It is filled with teen boppers aged 15-18 (probably even younger)! I have no idea why they let all these little underaged minors in the club. Its pretty damn obvious what a fake i.d. looks like. They are soo desperate for money they don't even care. There are alot of fights, and psychotic drunk idiots. I will never ever go to this club again. It should be shut down, thats how terrible it is.


4 reasons why you should NEVER go to Frequency:

1. After hearing radio commercials all day that ladies were free before 11pm, they charged us $15 (apparently coming before 11 got us $5 off as it was regularly $20) because it was a "special event". When we asked what the event was, most of the staff did not even know, and finally a manager of some sort said it was "the day before new year's eve" -- which it wasn't even! It was the 29th, not the 30th. FALSE ADVERTISING!

2. There were multiple people SMOKING at the bar (it was not a smoker's lounge or patio - no ventilation) which I am pretty sure is against the law in Toronto

3. When a couple female friends of mine asked for WATER they were told they had to pay $4 for bottled water. My guy friend asked for tap water which they refused, so he asked to talk to a manager. Only after telling the manager that there were 2 girls about to pass out did they give him water. I'm pretty sure all bars/clubs HAVE TO BY LAW provide tap water free of charge to their customers.

4. As we were leaving and getting our coats, a girl who was extremely intoxicated and could barely stand on her own was running her mouth at us, calling my sisters and I "bitches". We were leaving when she shoved my sister from behind who shoved back to keep her balance. This girl then shoved my sister away with her hand slapping my sister's. I grabbed her arms to restrain her and yelled "don't touch my sister". My boyfriend separated us, held her back and told us to just leave. The bouncer, who was down there the whole time, proceeded to grab my boyfriend by the throat and pin him against the wall.

Jonny Dux

Went to this club back on december 22, 2010. On the guest list but the guest list line was longer than the regular lineup. Even though we were in the line, other people would be let into the club. The cover was 20 dollars, and not worth it what so ever. The drinks are expensive at 7 bucks a beer and 9 bucks for mixed drinks. The worse part was my girlfriend got her foot cut on broken glass on the floor and there were no toilet seats in the bathrooms so women had a rough time. Music WAY too loud to the point where the speakers where cracking. Smoking bylaw violated as everyone lit up cigarettes and bouncers or bartenders didn't stop them. What a whack night. Will not return. It's too bad there aren't any other wednesday parties left in the city anymore :-(

Whats your Flavour?

This club features every colour of the rainbow, race wise, which is a great thing (don’t believe me look at the club photos)
- University/College crowd
- Best on a Saturday night unless Friday is a holiday
- Friday is pretty empty on a regular night
- 3 Rooms Different sounds, lots of space (Saturday)
- Girls are attractive and come in groups so at least one of them is single and ready to have fun
- One room Music is top 40 style and trance style. This is the room with the most attractive people are that also cant dance. They just throw their hands up every 20 seconds and never grind.
- Then you got kinda a mix and old school vibe in the next. This room has a lot of people standing by the bar because they know they can’t dance and aren’t drunk enough so they don’t want to be in the other rooms. After 1:00 p.m they start moving cause they had a few drinks
- Then upstairs are is the reggae vibes room where people go to grind and enjoy the whole night

Club is fun, drinks are cheep, bartenders are hot as hell,
However, Entrance prices depend on how busy the place is max paid was $25. Consider getting bottle service(no booth) if you are with a group of 5 or more to get line bypass and entrance and one bottle for about $20 each
Good vibes, good time

False Advertising!

This club is ridiculous. After lining up for 20 min and paid $25 bucks to get into this crap place. I found out that a friend of mine only had to pay $15. He didnt tell me till he got home but come on! really! It's bull.. I guess girls if you are coming to this club.. put on a penis and you will probably pay less to get in!


Loved every moment!!!

Horrible service

I have tried to contact them several time's too book a reservations for 22 people! I have been calling for 2 weeks now and was going to go there but since we have yet to get a response I guess we will take our business else where! Never been but first impression at this point is not so great!

Waited 30 min in line

Waited in line at Frequency for 30 min. or more and we were at the front of the line. They kept letting others in ahead of us even though we should've been next. Didn't stick around to see how much longer we'd wait

It says its stylish dress but people going in had jeans and sweaters my friend and I were the only ones dressed for a club.

Will never go back

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