Bier Market Esplanade Reviews

Never again!

My server kept hitting on my date who is a beautiful Japanese woman, he ignored me and kept trying to speak Japanese to her he kept coming back to talk and flirt with my lady, it was very uncomfortable because it was our first date. The food wasn't bad but the meat on thr classic burger was way to dry it felt like I was eating sand. They didn't even have half the beers on their menu, I could get a better selection of beer at Jack Astros. After me and my lady finished we paid our bill and gave the waiter 20% he came running after us asking for more money like some sort of street begger, I told him I already gave him a decent tip but he proceeded to almost yell at me, and my lady was getting agitated so I gave him an extra 10 and we both left. The only thing positive that happened that night is I got laid. So much for your cock blocking beir market waiter, I'll never come here again. I'm not goin to say the servers name because he obviously needs a job.


We rarely have a bad experience here with anything in particular but on this specific visit we were very disappointed. We were seated quickly which was great for the hour between 5-6pm but the ordering took time and the follow up was just not there. Our appetizers... amazing and we had the Oka cheese fondue, the Vin Blanc muscles, and the mixed beet salad they are very simple yet the flavors and textures were dead on. We would like to say though that the mains had much to be desired. We ordered the Arctic Char and the Veal Schnitzel. Both were over cooked and inedible, yes very dry and very chewy. The hour of our visit was not one to consider wait times or the overflow of large tables yet this could have just been an oversight in QC. We did bring it to the servers attention and the response and quick service that took place to fix the situation was impeccable and from start to finish they made sure the rest of our visit went smoothly. Thank you to the staff and the manager Jeremy Debusk. I will continue to recommend The Bier Market just be cautious of the fish and the Schnitzel.

Good times, imaginative menu

Say what you want about Bier Markt but it consistently delivers a good time. Fun menu, wide selection of imported beers and good people all around - staff and patrons, its a good crowd.

Never again

I always heard good things about this place and decided to go and enjoy the patio. However after waiting 15 mins for a table on the patio and having the people who walked in behind us get seated before us I will never return.
Talk about bad customer service, when asked why this happened they couldn't even provide an answer.

Worst experience and service

Overall one of the worst experiences ever. When we approached the manager with our concerns he said there was nothing he could do. What is the pint of even having a manager on site if they can't do anything. Very frustrating and disappointing. Several hours of my life I will not get back.

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