Devil's Martini Is Now Closed

Devil's Martini

473 Adelaide St. West, Toronto, ON

Devil's Martini Info

Devil's Martini Nightclub is a mature venue where professionals, singles and upscale partiers meet on the weekend. With an extensive martini list, Devil's Martini is the perfect place to enjoy your cocktail and mingle with the trendy and sophisticated clientele. This venue is the ultimate ladies weekend spot to get together and have a good time. Devil's Martini is open on Friday and Saturday ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Friday & Saturday (9pm-2am)
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
2500 person capacity

Devil's Martini Events

There is currently no events posted for Devil's Martini.

Devil's Martini Reviews

Gay bashed

I went with a group of straight friends from school and I decided to kiss my boyfriend there, bad mistake. I was gay-bashed in this place, first for some agresive guys that spilled beer on my face and then for the bouncers that asked me to leave "for my safety". Yes people, this is Canada.


I've been partying here since I was 19 (2004) and I love this place. I've seen bouncers, DJs and managers come and go but the vibe is always the same. Danny is the best bartender, and whoever is DJing now (my spanish homie - lol) is the best they've had. Everyone is there to just let loose and have fun. I will party at this place until I can no longer dance, or they shut their doors for good (which I hope never happens.)


lack of a c is the only down side


What in the world were they thinking....This place really sucked...big time.

Decent Club

Went last night, had a good time. A few disappointments thought. The club was not that full as there were alot of empty spaces, especially the lower level. The bartender did NOT give my friend any change after buying 1 drink.. she gave her a 20 and the bartender kept it all. She claimed a huge tip, and has the nerve to say "would you like anything else?" right after.. ha! Overall, good time, might of been cause I was trashed though.

cool spot

random outing with my boys. very relaxed atmosphere. everyone who works there is really cool and down to earth. and i picked up! good times

good times

i went for my girls bachelorette party this Saturday and I had a blast everyones so nice and easy going @ that club its a pleasant change from alot of other spots in T.

great place to dance

this place is very spacious and amazing to dance in. The whole club becomes on e giant dance floord good tunes cant complain


I came for a buddies birthday party to this club and I have to say...AMAZING!!! I had a blast. Awesome service great staff the security outside was really friendly. Ive partied at other clubs and this exceeded my expectations. The vibe in the club was great! Most importantly no one was arguing or fighting. Everyone was there to have a good time. Definitely going back again!

its okay

i've checked out this club on a friday and a saturday night and i can say that friday nights SUCK. the club doesnt get very full and the atmosphere just sucks. saturdays are better, there is more of a crowd and it feels like a club. one thing that is absolutely horrible is the music!!! IT SUCKS!!!! the DJ bounces all over the place and doesnt know how to mix properly. some songs he plays are old and he doesnt know what the crowd wants. his sets constantly were the same each time i went and if you stay long enough, you'll hear the same song twice!!!!!! bar tenders are very nice and so are the security staff. other than that, its not really worth it.


great club! amazing service.. great music! security staff were really friendly! washrooms were little eeehh but overall great experience def. going back!

will NEVER go there again

(I'm in late 20s)
The place is ok ... but the crowd is a big disappointment (STOLE my purse!!!!!!) - they are elbowing you left and right, pushing, kicking etc...drooling over women as if they have never seen a girl.
Music is nothing special...DJ has to work more on "atmosphere/mood elevating' songs...

I will definitely NEVER go there again and will never recommend it to any of my friends!


Awesome dance club! Great music (top 40 and r@b), fun vibe, non-pretentious people, and the best bartender in YYZ....Hilary! Can't wait to visit again.

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