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Crown Lounge is a space with plush fabrics, comfortable wide lounge seating, decorative pendant lights, and dark luxurious tones which help create an atmosphere of elegant distinction. From exclusive VIP areas to a larger, more extravagant event room, Crown Lounge has all the amenities to create a memorable evening. Boasting a unique layout that can be customized according to the needs of our ...

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Venue Type
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B
2 Rooms + With Patio

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There is currently no events posted for Crown Lounge.

Crown Lounge Reviews

Best place in Torontoooo!!!

From Ottawa and went to crown with friends and we all had an amazing crazy time! great music! great staff! great place! just a whole lotta great! A must in Toronto ;)

Great vibe and awesome Music!

Always take my girls out here whenever they come down from Ottawa. Security is always helpful and friendly, bottle service staff are sweet and are quick to fill up stuff that you need.

Music is sick and venue is well kept and clean! Def one of the BUSIEST clubs on King Street as there is always lineup. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a new hot spot.

Best Club in the City!

If you want glamour, class, and the hottest crowd of people in the city of Toronto - you definitely have to come to this club. Crown boasts service that is always treating its guests like a celebrity. Even when I don't get a VIP booth, I am treated as if I am VIP. Best place by far to bring out of town guests to if you want them to be impressed and have an all around fun night out on the town! :)

Great night

We had booked our table weeks in advance and we were scared that with the big line up at the front we would be one of the horror stories you hear about at clubs - can't find the reservation, can't find the table etc.
The bouncers sent me to a girl with the guestlist and after a few seconds she brought us in and right to our tabel. The night was a lot of fun, nice easy vibe and me and me group left happy. would go back.


- service = decent - server was nice but had to keep running to manager for answers and he didn't seem to know what he was doing either

- dj = lame - music hiccuped, mixing was choppy, think his name was mixncrap

- crowd = urban - i was told on the phone by the promoter this was a european crowd, lies it was all brown and urban

- do not do bottle service packages they are a scam = got promised a package with champagne and platters then manager tells us if we want that we can buy more bottles but it was confirmed to get us to go there to begin with

- manager = tall, brown, pudgy manager says he owns the place and thinks that gives him the right to be a d*ck to the customers - news flash if you own this place you should be ashamed - your place belongs next to faces on richmond st not next to classy establishments on king

- venue = small, one dimensional, looks like gino heaven for brown people

Simply put..... Do not go here!!


Went to this club last night, the coat check girl lied and said she refunded my money. I guess she really needs the $2.50 The club is very small and cold, not sure they pay for heating because I needed my jacket all night.
This is the worst club ever. It's empty because it sucks! I would advise anyone to go elsewhere. Went for birthday party and left upset and angry. Not to mention the whole night was an absolute bore, I almost feel asleep there. Not worth the $360 for the booth, wish I could get my money back! The bouncers are ignorant! This club lacks the class for King West. A complete disappointment, don't waste your time at Crown. Go somewhere else! I'm guessing it won't be open for much longer, they need to close it down!



Poor hospitality. Rude staff/security. Horrible service when booking a booth. Empty club on a Saturday night. Whack music.


- If you drink here, you'll just be accused of being too drunk and you'll get kicked out (read more reviews - I'm not the first person to say it)
- Terrible service when booking a booth.
- Ice cold appetizers and desserts
- Below average music
- Empty club (less than half capacity on a Saturday)

LONG VERSION: Where do I even begin? Booking a VIP section at this club took more than a week. We emailed with questions and were asked in an email response to call the club and ask these same questions over the phone *blank stare*. So we did, left a voicemail...never got a call back. Called back a few days later and finally got a call back 1-2 days afterwards.

The evening of, we got to the club and were handled by a friendly waitress. She was great all night. Attentive & prompt. She's the reason I'm giving this whack club 1 star (but then again, I have no other choice). Appetizers/desserts were tasty, but ice cold.

THE CLUB WAS EMPTY ALL NIGHT. If that's not a good enough reason for you not to go, I'm not sure what is. Who wants to go to a club that's less than half capacity for the entire night ON A SATURDAY? The music was average, at best. The crowd was alright.

Okay, now on to the REAL reason I'm never going back to this hell hole: We came here for a birthday. The birthday girl, admittedly, had too much to drink. I went with her to the washroom twice for her to throw up, came back to our booth and sat her down. My cousin also had too much to drink and asked me (I'm a female) to walk him to the men's washroom so he could throw up. He never stumbled and didn't throw up til he got in the stall. He was in there for no more than 5 minutes. Apparently, security peeked under the bathroom door to see if he was throwing up and once they saw he was, they FORCEFULLY escorted him out. He NEVER resisted them, so why force was needed, I'll never know. When I asked why he was being escorted out, the security (older white guy, receding hairline & a ponytail) said he was too intoxicated and needed to go immediately. He even went as far as to say, "Look at him, he's stumbling!" I was the designated driver, thus 100% sober and I know my cousin was NOT stumbling. This was lie number one. The situation escalated quickly from here onwards. Not only was the security talking down to me like I was a dog (which warranted a few choice words from me), but they THEN lied and said my cousin was smoking weed. Lie number two. NO ONE we were with was smoking weed, but booths around us STUNK of the substance. But of course, they weren't kicked out. Now, because of this new weed accusation, we ALL got kicked out. The club literally waited til 2am, when the bar closed and they knew the money would stop flowing out of us to kick us out. lol Disgusting and completely unprofessional. They ended up saying liquor laws state, once you throw up, you are too intoxicated to be in the club - regardless of how you're conducting yourself. You could walk a perfect straight line, be 100% sober and have the stomach flu then go to the bathroom to throw up and you'd be thrown out. Lol. I've NEVER seen these laws enforced like this at ANY other club in Toronto. Ever. To the point where someone's sneaking peeks at you from under the washroom stall? The club's so empty, they have LITERALLY nothing better to do but peek at people.

I would never go back here. Ever. It's literally the WORST club I've been to, and that's saying a LOT.

Surprisingly Impressed

I was very reluctant to go back to this place since my last outing was not so great (I won't get into the details) but my gf convinced me it's changed and under new management. I decided to go, mostly because I had no choice since it was her bday, but I have to say I was very impressed and really enjoyed my night. It used to be dark and grimey but they've renovated since then.. now it's clean and elegant. I liked the set-up and how our VIP table was overlooking but still integrated into the crowd. Service was good. Crowd was attractive. Place was full but not uncomfortable. Music was the best part- I couldn't stop dancing. I had friends meet up with me and they didn't have to wait in a uselessly long line. I met the owner... he was really nice and very friendly and even gave us some extra comps. Overall I had such a great night that I've decided to celebrate my own birthday there next wknd.

amazing time!!!

I had such a great time there !!!!!!!! amazing service n good crowd and good music! have to say one of the few places i've been to without seeing any hooligans causing trouble!!!! will definitely be back to party !!

Crown is The King of Lounges

I recently celebrated my birthday at Crown Lounge. I wasn't sure what to expect but what I got was an amazing night, and likely the best birthday I've had in years. The drinks and admission were reasonably priced, the women were plentiful and the vibe was friendly and welcoming. The crowd was blended and everyone seemed interested in having a good time and enjoying the wonderful music. What I enjoyed most about the venue was the fact that it didn't have the uppity holier-than-thou vibe that many places in Downtown Toronto seem to have. If you want to have a good time with down to earth people without spending an arm and a leg then check out Crown Lounge.

Best place in Torontoooo!!!

From Ottawa and went to crown with friends and we all had an amazing crazy time! great music! great staff! great place! just a whole lotta great! A must in Toronto ;)

Best Club in the City!

If you want glamour, class, and the hottest crowd of people in the city of Toronto - you definitely have to come to this club. Crown boasts service that is always treating its guests like a celebrity. Even when I don't get a VIP booth, I am treated as if I am VIP. Best place by far to bring out of town guests to if you want them to be impressed and have an all around fun night out on the town! :)

Crown- amazing venue

Amazing spot to party. Mature and classy crowd. The staff at the bar and at our bottle service table were impeccable and very friendly. Dj's played awesome music. My girls and I had a great time and will definately be returning ! !

Crown Lounge

I've been to Crown Lounge several times and I'm definitley satisfied each and everytime. The staff is amazing and friendly, the Venue is upscale and classy, and the music is fantastic. They never cease to amaze me. 5 stars for every event/theme as they are very creative and orginal. Looking for a fun and classy night Crown is a highley recommended spot, great place to party!!!!!

Great vibe and awesome Music!

Always take my girls out here whenever they come down from Ottawa. Security is always helpful and friendly, bottle service staff are sweet and are quick to fill up stuff that you need.

Music is sick and venue is well kept and clean! Def one of the BUSIEST clubs on King Street as there is always lineup. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a new hot spot.

Crown Lounge

Beautiful Venue. you need to go inside to admire the beauty. great friendly Staff. Upscale and Classy!

Great Time

A great night at a beautiful venue. The staff were amazing and the night was incredible

to Paloma



my friend had her birthday at CROWN and got bottle service. i met her there and the hostess was really sweet and helpful.
the club was really pretty and the booth was clean and cumfie
we all had a good time dancing ( especially the b-day girl!)
they had a guy bartender who was super cute and our server was nice.
we had a hard time getting a cab after we left but thats expected.
I dont go to many clubs anymore because im not 20 anymore lol but it was nice to go out and have fun!

Rude staff

I went to this club with a group of friends for bottle service using a groupon voucher. The night started off great. The venue looks impressive, we were seated immediately and had service was great. About an hour after we got there service started to decline and we only received 1 of 2 appetizers. Around 1:30 my friend and I went to the bathroom where the security guard was looking under the stalls to see if patrons were turned towards the toilette. She insisted to me that my friend was throwing up and we had to leave. I was surprised since no one in our group was drunk. A group of ten, we hadn't even finished one bottle. I told her I would let the rest of my friends know and we would go, but I wanted to wait for my friend if she was infact throwing up. When leaving the bathroom the female security guard followed us out, and 2 more bouncers joined in following us back to the table and kicking our entire group out. 3 bouncers to throw out a group because they insist that one member was throwing up. Nobody in the group was drunk, we were not causing any problems or bothering anybody around us. As a patron is is deplorable that security is looking under the stall door while I am going to the bathroom, and the complete over reaction of the staff have left me with a horrible impression of the lounge. I will not be returning, nor will I recommend this venue to any of my friends.

Amazing Night

I went to Crown a couple of weeks ago for a friend's birthday party and it was amazing! They had a Polaroid camera where you can take pics as keepsakes. The drinks were good and reasonably priced and I was surprised at how big the place was. Service was good and the music was live. definitely going there again!

Terrible Customer Service

* While trying to book the bottle service event no one responded to two emails, and two voicemails. It took a third call to actually have someone respond to my booking.
* Used a Groupon voucher for bottle service deal and was told I needed to pay an extra $30 without an explanation why
* The deal was supposed to include a selection of appetizers but at 1:30am when I asked where this was, I was told they already gave them all out and our server should have brought them (but she did not)
* Forgot my sweater in the club and after repeated attempts to contact them to retrieve I finally got to go back and they said it wasn't there
* I would not recommend this club to anyone who wants to have a fully satisfying night out

mixed review

My friends and I (20+ guests) booked bottle service for this past Friday at Crown a couple days beforehand. We're all regular club goers and we recognized that Crown had gotten mixed reviews from past patrons. However, as most readers will back me up, it's nice to try a different venue every now and then.

Anyway, I do digress. We arrived very early at the club, just before 11pm. Upon entering the club we were greeted by our hostess who promptly brought us to our neon lit, cushion padded table and introduced us to our server. Bottles were brought, server left, we began our night.

10 minutes in, we all noticed something a bit odd. No one was in the club. All the tables had people seated but there was no one at the bar and on the floor where servers outnumbered patrons. Although we did arrive unfashionably early, this to me was still a bit of a surprise. Fast forward to 2am, still empty.

Music, ah the music. The only way to put it is eclectic. Don't get me wrong, none of the tunes were bad (individually), however, when mixed together in a hodgepodge play list, they seem to come together in a way that reminds me of a drink called "Purple Jesus" or "Jungle Juice" (from back in my university days). Here is a list of songs that were played in close succession, which I can recall.

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight
Psy - Gungam Style
Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer
Deadmaus - Ghost and Ghouls

Long story short, here is my list of Pros and Cons:

- Cheap drinks (approx. $1000 for 6 bottles of Grey Goose)
- Great seating area (comfortably sat 15-18)
- Unique ambiance (paper cranes, neon lighting, silver cushions)
- Free h'orderves (everyone likes to have someone to eat while they drink)

- Waitress was polite but did not really provide full service (did not pour a single drink)
- music was weird (however, it was fun to play "name that tune" with my friends)
- club was empty (this is what kills a club)

All in all, we had an enjoyable night but mainly because of the size of our group. I can say confidently that the venue did enhance our evening but if I were to chose a place to go with a small group, Crown would unfortunately not make the to 10 in my list.

Since the place is only a 5 minute walk from my home, I would love to see it thrive but they need to do a better job at promoting the place so that the next time we go, we aren't the only people on the dance floor.

Birthday at Crown

i read these bad reviews and I can't help but think that some people are trying to give a bad review just to do it. i came with my grp of 15 and we got in and took to our table right away. The club was busy and the server was very attentive - curly hair I think she worked at Guv before . So I had a great time and so did my group. Sorry you other guys!

worst club ever

Worst customer service ever. Worst promotion. Tell you one thing, you get another. Bottle Service SUCKS. Do not go here.


And I was thinking of looking for somewhere to go for my good buddy's 30th. Sure I saw the Groupon, but this is a big bday celebration and it's imperative to go all out if necessary for such an event. With these reviews I am definitely hesitant to mention this around my other friends because we're all too old for amateur service and if this is the case, then some other place downtown or somewhere different will get out business.


Wow, I was planning to have my birthday party at Crown Lounge w/ over 20 people, but reading through all the reviews, I definitely will not be having it there. Looks like C-Lounge it is.


that is embarassing to have people like that representing your venue. a couple clubs that i will never return to include of those with BITCH BARTENDERS. club owners need to start monitering the staff. you will notice that many of the top venues, the owners or managers actually STAND BEHIND THE BAR monitering everything. the below interaction sadly made me reconsider spending my bday here. it looks like a cool venue but id rather not get disrespected on my birthday

Get OFF your high horse

ps to the staff and the douchebag club owners, grab a dictionary and look up the meaning of HOSPITALITY, because that's the business your in. Don't expect a tip if your a disrespectful BITCH (male or female). I would be ashamed if I were a club owner and had these types of reviews. No one should have a birthday ruined or a meaningful day ruined because of someone's terrible service while working in a hospitality industry.

Get OFF your high horse

The douchebag bottle service girls and bartenders and bouncers that work there need to remember that their asses are making money off of US the consumers that choose to go to their unprofessional run clubs. So they need to get their SHIT together if they wanna stay in business and treat people with more respect. Not everyone that steps foot into your club is drunk disrespectful and beligerantly intoxicated you ridiculous idiots. Get off your high horses!

reply to Cristalyne Seegobin

Hi Cristalyne, My name is Bobbie I am the blond girl you mentioned. I am very sorry that you had a bad experience at CROWN on Saturday. I do remember you from the end of the night, but you had left before I was able to find out what was going on from you. I am glad you are letting us know about your experience because thats the only way we can know how our staff are treating our guests. I just want to let you know that the bartender you are talking about is no longer with us and we are very sorry that you didnt have a good experience at CROWN because of her. Please send me an e-mail if you would like to come back and I will take care of your group.

Would not even giving them a 1 star!

I attended a birthday party this past Saturday at your Lounge and just wanted to let you know I was very disappointed by your bartenders service. Not only did we have bottle service that was very slow and terrible at checking if we needed anything but we also got some drinks from the female bartender that night who was extremely rude and completely out of place! We ordered from her all night long and each time we left a tip either by card or cash. By the end of the night we decided to do shots for the birthday boy and ordered a few shots which we paid for by card. I didn't pay myself but I stood right next to my Fiancee who did and asked me if $15.00 tip was good on a $75.00 bill. I said yes and he put it into the machine. Now, I don't know exactly what happened but the tip amount didn't go through. We ordered from this bartender all night long and left tips and generous ones at that but this time the tip didn't go through and instead of saying anything to us or even asking for a tip (which you shouldn't be doing anyways especially if you have given terrible service with so much attitude) she screamed at our group telling us "do not waste my time for 20 mins and not even leave a fucking tip." Her language was inappropriate for the situation and to make things better she ignored the group of gentlemen right after not even giving them a chance to tip her! They ended up giving me a $20 bill to give to her and when I tried getting her attention she turned around and yelled at me the same thing "don't waste my fucking time and not leave a tip." When I tried explaining to her that it may not have gone through the machine but here's your tip she refused to take the $20 bill from me! How can someone be so moody and impatient as a bartender in a lounge! Yes I understand all night long she must have had to deal with a few drunks and jerks but my group ordered a lot from her throughout the night and each time left a tip. They were not trying to be rude or cheap by not giving her a tip this time around, it was a genuine misunderstanding that occurred and they tried fixing but she refused to take the tip! My Fiancee and I own a European Luxury Car Dealership and we drive around a Maserati so an extra $20 for us is really nothing! There was another blonde woman who was also there behind the bar who saw this female bartender yell at me and all because I was trying to tip her! She refused so much to take the tip but insisted on us wasting her time for no tip? It makes absolutely no sense! I have never been so disappointment in service in my entire life and so insulted at the same time. I had to end up throwing the bill over the counter for her to take the tip! Is that the sort of image a lounge like yours should portray? People refusing to be tipped unless money is thrown at them? Her behaviour was disgusting and inexcusable! Because of her lack of service and quite frankly a filter for her mouth I will never recommend your lounge to anyone. It's sad because at the beginning of the night I was mesmerized by your ceiling, lights and overall layout of the lounge but by the end I couldn't believe what a terrible experience the whole thing turned into. She got numerous tips from our group of over 30 people that night and quite frankly she is being paid hourly and tips are a bonus based on service which is something she terribly lacks! Just thought I'd let the Management Team know that this bartender of yours is seriously going to cost you in the long run because service really is everything and she handled herself very inappropriately that night.

Needs some work

Unorganized and disappointment.. Go some where else as they can't even keep a booking

Needs some work

Unorganized and disappointment.. Go some where else as they can't even keep a booking

Crown Lounge

I have been to Crown 2 times. The first experience was not pleasant but this past saturday i was there it was pretty busy inside and was filled with good people and good music and there was an gentlemen i believe the promoter giving out drinks and asking for our feedback and making the experience that much more better.Mature and pleasant place to be on a Saturday night!

group nite out

I strongly recommend to friends. We had fun and the service was fantastic...

Fun Night

Saturday night at crown. Didnt disappoint!

Worst Bday ever

Booked a booth 2 weeks in advance and lost my reservation. They didnt even try to fix it when myself and 20 friends were outside.

Fun times


long weekend

the club on queens (no names mentioned) was dead so we went to crown. its pretty good, sat night, beautiful ppl, goood music to dance to...i had a good time .im a local n glad i went, not gona let one or two reviews ruin my exp.


Went to crown Fri, Aug 31, and the club was dead. A total of 7 people including me. Decor was nice, music was fantastic but an empty venue to say the least. Nice weather, long weekend, good music, but where were all the people? I'm starting to think the negative reviews from the americans hurt this club. I won't be trying this place out again. They even turned the lights on at 12:30am. At that point I left.


it was my first time there. heard good things from friends so i have decided to give it a try. didnt have to wait in line and when i got in. there were only 4,5 groups at their booths, wasn't too packed. then later on the place started to fill. it was a mixed crowd so i have no complaints. the couches were clean and comfortable. it is a classy venue, definitely lives up the name of king st, but i recommend getting bottle service

Respond to Crown

"To the 'Americans' who are complaining about their treatment at Crown I have only one thing to say; throwing out racial epithets usually makes the people who the insult is directed at very unhappy. You were thrown out because we do not tolerate that kind of behavior at Crown."???

1) they were Indians, i didnt say anything racial. just stated the facts!

2)You were thrown out because we do not tolerate that kind of behavior at Crown."???
You got to be kiddin!!!! We came to Toronto at 8pm, we checked into the hotel and we came to your club around 10, people were causing problems for us, we didnt get a chance to drink. Those people knew your bouncers and that is a fact! We had very important business to do in toronto in the morning and i will tell all my fellow friends, and business partners in toronto about your club. i will like to thank you about such birthday treatment.
Learn to Manager your security!
and people, there is a lot of better clubs down the road with better people.

girls night out !

I just got a condo on king and wanted to check out the clubs for a girls night out to celebrate. It was so much fun! we got bottle service so we could have a booth to sit down. they had a really good deal - we got 2 grey goose and champagne for 400 all in i think.
the booth was super nice and everything was colorful and sparkling- it made me feel so glamorous ;) there was a super cute guy bartender and some cute guys in the booth next to us ( i think some numbers where exchanged lol )


i reserved a booth on saturday for my girlfriends & i last saturday and we had so much fun!! the club was packed and it was a beach party or sth. the music is great but the servers were kinda slow when we ask for more mixers..other than that it was a great night and will definitely recommend that to all my friends

Sat night is bumping at Crown!

I read some of those reviews below and I can't believe we were at the same club on the same night. If you want a half empty sleepy club, maybe you should go to a pub or something.

The vibe was fire on Sat. Def I will go back

Dear Americans

To the 'Americans' who are complaining about their treatment at Crown I have only one thing to say; throwing out racial epithets usually makes the people who the insult is directed at very unhappy. You were thrown out because we do not tolerate that kind of behavior at Crown.

Dont Bother going there

Worst 25th Birthday Party Ever, we came from United States at the night and we came to Toronto and few of my fellow business partners in Toronto recommend me this place, Since it was my birthday, we got VIP. we got treated like shit and got threw out of the club because of drunk people that had booth next to us took our grey goose bottle and took away our drinks, the security is PISS POOR. we complainted sooo many times about the booth next to us because invaded our booth because it was overcrowed. We gor drinks spilled on us because we were Americans and another person ripped my shirt because of his drunk anger looking for fights with my 6 friends. We dont want to cause problems in Canada and we had to work the next day in Toronto in the morning, no body in our group was drunk. Thanks you very much for ruining my Birthday Party in Toronto which should be very special. and thanks to the Bouncers for not protecting us and decide to throw us out of the club. Thank You for very Speical Evening.

No American

Not American Friendly club even we had VIP. it was a joke. my friend had worst birthday in toronto and this Escaping for our Busy work life, and coming from NEW YORK city, my friends and i had reserved a booth at this club. the booth next to us (all Indian) was coming was flooding into our booh, few girls sat in our booth, and we didnt mind their company. we were having friendly conversation and all of the sudden the indian guys were spilling drinks on us because i was having a conversation with alone girls that we sitting in our booth. These guys were pushing, shoving, yelling, and we didnt want to cause any problems. we got up and walked away from indian flooding into our booth, at one point, they had 30 friends and only 6 of us. We talked to the bouncers several times but didnt anything. few inutes later, few guys came to us again at the bar and insutling, and assulting us because his girlfriend told us we were American. i stood my ground by not walking away this time because i had enough of this crap. we paid nearly 350 for a booth that we reserved, but which was got flooded with Indian people.took our drink by mistake and insulting and assulting us. the bouncers threw us out at the club because they compainted once and we complainted several times. the bouncers were Bias. the bouncer handled us and i nearly lost my glasses and we tried to be logical and reasonable with them. I wish i can get my money back, it was big disapointed and its the worst club i ever been to If your an American, beware on the this club, people want to start fight with you and the club would gave our booth and our bottle service to them, that we paid for. I dont care about the money but the security prefered them to stay and threw us the club. NO Americans should ever go this club is a JOKE!!!.

Horrible place

This place doesn't even deserve the 1 star I'm giving them but I want to make it clear that me and my party of 10+ people really dislike this place and will make sure that everyone we know will avoid this place in the future! How is this place even in business???? My boyfriend bought a groupon for his birthday and get this...because he was a "coupon" he and everyone associated with him got treated like a piece of garbage. We had originally booked a booth but because we had the coupon it was given away to people who weren't a coupon. The little table they gave us looked like something that was there for everyone to just throw their garbage on. I had people putting there nasty dirty hands in my ice bucket and actually witnessed a guy steal my boyfriends drink off my "VIP" table!!! When asked to speak to a manager 4 times this lady avoided us like the plague thinking that maybe we will just go away? So 160$ we paid was for what? To be treated like shit? I was pushed and shoved got drinks spilled on me because my table was located right by the bar....the busiest place in the whole club!!! We never got the appetizers that were included or the second bottle that I payed for...we got nothing out of this experience but a spit in the face for being a coupon customer. Well I'm sorry my coupon money isn't good enough for your club. Maybe you shouldn't have Deals through these websites if your going to treat your customers like garbage. Big warning don't go here these people are scammers and false advertisers. Save your money!!!


I went to Crown last Saturday and I got on the guest list using and they treated me amazing! I didn't have to wait in line they got us in right away! the party was awesome!

Amazing service

I just had my bestfriends birthday at Crown last night and the service was amazing! Our hostess was wonderful and polite and we always had our drinks full! the only down side was the lack of communication between guestlist they charged and extra $5 per person && heard bickering between what was said and what wasn't...not very professional


All the broads that work there are mad bitches!! Hire new people!!!!!! Pffft

Good spot to go on Saturday nights!

I've been twice to Crown on a Saturday night. I haven't been on a Friday though. Club is beautiful inside and it's nice to be away from all the craziness of King Street, west of Spadina. We didn't order bottle service but may next time, the booths look cozy! Plus you can actually catch a cab home from being on the east side of King Street!

Great night

We had booked our table weeks in advance and we were scared that with the big line up at the front we would be one of the horror stories you hear about at clubs - can't find the reservation, can't find the table etc.
The bouncers sent me to a girl with the guestlist and after a few seconds she brought us in and right to our tabel. The night was a lot of fun, nice easy vibe and me and me group left happy. would go back.

Frightening experience

Crown is a terrible night club if you even want to call it that.
We were so excited and heard all this buzz then we get there and it's not that busy, fine we didn't really mind but for a club that says mature crowd they are far off!
First the bartender says she's out if beer when I could see it in the fridge so I tell her and she tells I gotta ask another girl because that fridge is too far for her. Are kidding?
Then as the night progresses they let a party in beside us late and they're drunk and starting problems to the point where we're about to leave and 1 smashed a bottle on someone from our booth.
Of course ambulance comes stuff is left at club and never recovered.

Dead club ever

The club is dead... Do not! Do not! Do bottle servicewith thwm. We agreed to two bottles and booth for 300$ and they were loke yea.. We will get u to pau later.. Then out of no where they put three an extra bottle down aftee we started drinking.. And then the the bill came to 600$.. My friend was feeling sick after a few drinks- the bouncers FREaKED out.. Theyre like u have to leave now. Now. Now.. My friend was sitting down.. He wasnt even doing anything. The club was dead all night- boring music...and whn we were leaving there ws a line up to go inside... Stupid thing is- there is no one inside. Very sketchy place and they tricked us to getting the extra bottle. Never going back again

Horrible experience

Heard great reviews about this place but when I got there it was empty. The bouncers were rude it was unnecessary especially when it wasn't even a busy night

Worst club ever

So a few girls and I decided to host a bachelorette party at Crown. None of us had ever gone here before and heard good things so we thought we would give it a shot. Two of the girls and I were waiting at the bar for drinks with our money out.... we ordered two shots each. The chick who was giving us the drinks stood there and was like "oh btw.... i don't wanna sound like a bitch but on a $48 dollar bill i don't want a $1 dollar tip"..... all of us were shocked at her rudeness and attitude. First of all tips are base on service not mandatory... so its not something you demand. Secondly we were not done and she stood there waiting to see how much we would give her. By far the worst bartender and service we have ever gotten. Because of this I for one will never go to Crown again.


I found this place on the site and knowing it's a new one, decided to give it a shot. The music was great, BUT , the DJ? 2/5 due to each song playing for a minute, then changing-GRRRRRR!!! SO ANNOYING! We left early due to that fact. The bartenders were on the ball, so that made the night run smoothly. The Go-Go dancers were unnecessary (a little "embarrassing" in MY opinion) because the club is too small for that sort of thing. Overall, awesome new place and definitely worth checking out! Summer time will be poppin' so I'm excited to go back! : D


No complaints what so ever!!! Amazing DJ, GReat workers!!! Such a classy place! Awesome place

Pretty good, dj could have been better

Went for NYE with 4 people, when we walked in the door it was a little dead and the DJ was playing some horrible house/techno which eventually made it's way to top 40 for about an hour or two.. and the place filled up nicely bartenders were super attentive but they have a pretty limited selection of beer, no corona! I would defo go back but I'll double check the DJ next time

Fun Night at Crown with the girls

Attended a bachelorette party on Aug. 13, 11 with 15 other ladies. Glad we chose this place as everyone had a blast. The music just made you want to get up and do your thing even if you are not much of a dancer.

A cute lounge to be at on a Saturday night that played top 40, some house, R&B and even a couple of reggae songs. We enjoyed the variety of music that played, especially if you truly enjoy dancing. I particularly liked that it was more for a mature crowd who likes to dress up a bit. Would go back again.

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