Cocktail House Bar & Lounge Reviews

Place is gone!

Expensive entry, expensive food, dead crowd. Other than that, great!

Staff was incredibly rude

I went there this past weekend with 4 other girls from school. It was 2 of the girls very first time ever going to a club which is why we decided to keep it more local in the gta. Got in just fine and we were all having a good time dancing in a group. One of my friends slipped and fell because there was some spilled drink on the floor. Another friend and i both went to help her up and then we continued dancing. A bouncer came over and said something to the friend that fell, and my other friend that helped her up and told them both to come with him. He took them outside and the rest of us had no idea what was going on. I eventually went outside to see what was going on and apparently my friend that had helped me pick up our friend that fell was "too drunk" and was taken outside to sober up and wasn't allowed back in. My friend that fell was allowed back in though so it made absolutely no sense because she wasn't doing anything other than dancing like everyone else. She wasn't allowed back inside to get her coat either, you would think if a bouncer can escort someone outside when kicking them out that they could also be decent enough to escort her to the coat check so she isn't freezing outside by herself when the rest of her friends have no idea where she was taken. This was also around midnight so we had only been there about an hour and had hardly drank anything at the club. I was also disappointed in the music that night, i didn't recognize most of the songs. I'm used to 93.5 playing more recognizable older stuff from several years ago, the kind of music that comes on and it brings back memories. It was mostly just current reggae and hip hop that i'm not familiar with. Was really disappointed that my friend's first time at a club ended that way.

Bad Staff! AVOID.

The door men at this club are really mean and aggressive. The way they act towards their customers is uncalled for and abusive. Just a warning.....


I visited this sorry excuse for a night club and was very disappointed. I witnessed the bouncers being abusive to various patrons... (seems to be a reoccurring issue as i've read many reviews stating the same problem) they are on some sort of power trip and get off on bullying paying customers. They denied my buddy entry for wearing a hat and didn't give him the option to take it off. The drinks are watered down and overpriced the venue smells nasty... I wouldn't recomend this place. Terrible.

Horrible Staff (Security)

Friend got kicked out "for being intoxicated" (it's a club, almost everyone is intoxicated).
Perhaps it was their judgement that she was too drunk, whatever that's their call.
But they didn't tell us she was being kicked out, just that they needed to talk to us.They took us outside and said we weren't allowed back in. When we asked to go in to at least get our coats they refused, the main security at the door even pushed the gas heater keeping them warm further away from us so that we wouldn't get the warmth from it.
Waiting shivering in the cold for a good 10-15 minutes before people we knew came out and got our coats for us.

This club has no class

I went to cocktail lounge first time ever on a friday night for a friends birthday party. They have a dcbank machine available to customer to withdraw cash. I use the machine and withdraw $40. The machine only dispense $20 with a receipt showing me a withdrawal of $40. I did not receive $40 only $20. I inform security and they told me there is no manager available to look into the issue or reimburse me the $20 that was stoled from me. They told me to call the machine company, they should no customer service at all. This is the worst club ever they have no class.


Rudest and the most sexist bar tender kniwn to man kind. I am a woman, your bartender kept skipping me and my girfriends and kept serving the guys. Then our total was around 30$ gave her two 20s and she didnt give us our change back. What rude disgusting bartender. Never evetr again.


Club is horrible. Went on a saturday night. So dirty. Alcohol spilling everywhere and broken glass all over the floor. Club was half empty. Bartender was the rudest woman ive ever come across. Splashed alcohol on us and forced us to tip her by not giving change back. And skipped us many times. Parking was impossible. Had to park on thte grass. This olace needs to go out business. Why the hell was cover 25$? The music was the only decent thing that allowed me to stay for an hour or so. Horrible, borrible place i would never go again. Save your money and time.

What an amazing place

Everyone needs to get down to cocktail house on a saturday night! Stop listening to the bad reviews, those people are just boring!! First time trying this place and it was absolutely amazing! I will definitely be back!!!


We are planning a trip and was looking for a night out. Just wanted to thank the people for the heads up . We wont be visiting this club.


Terrible experiences. I've been twice. First time a couple years ago and my husband got "escorted out" because he was apparently "struggling to do up his zipper in the men's restroom"
1- why are they watching him in the men's room
2- it's a bloody bar!!! People drink have fun and need to pee!!
Needless to say we all left right after that. . After booking a vip and had ordered a few bottles!

Went back for the halloween party last saturday (2 years later) and once again didn't seem to impress.
My cousin booked a vip booth ordered 2 bottles and finished the mixers. The waitress was not friendly at all and made us feel like we were "bothering" her. ( fyi that's your job! You're suppose to be friendly with people, nevermind just genuinely being a nice person!!!)
When we asked the waitress for mixers she went on to say it's an extra $5 (we had 3-4 bottles and mixers were extra???) never heard of that before.
Be careful tho slightly tipsy and they'll escort you out!!!
Stop charging for mixers!!!

Hassle getting in! We all wore costumes and weren't allow a hat or sunglasses which were clearly part of costumes. Yet to see others wearing no shirt, a guy in a full body suit covering his entire face (don't know what he looks like even for "security"reasons) ??
Yet sunglasses and hats weren't allowed?? It's halloween!!!!! Hello?
Did i mention there were others that were the place that had sunglasses and hats on!???
Overall, the bouncers were ok. They're suppose to be intimidating but being said that they have obvious issues in management. The inconsistency in security and control is not acceptable. I will agree with a past comment saying that they make up the "rules" as they feel which is definitely bad business.
They are definitely out to make as much money out of people as they feel they can.
Our vip was suppose to be ladies free before 10:30 and then got there and they charged us $10 for everyone. To make matters worse when we tried to explain that we were told ladies free before $10 we got abruptly interrupted with "$10 dollars for everyone"
This left us quite perplexed at how a business establishment like this could every have survived as long as it has with that kind of terrible management and integrity on contracts.
The music was ok. But needed to mix it up a little bit. Too much of the same genre which made it boring after awhile, even with those straight up drinks without any mixers ;))

worst club ever

On the website it says 19+ and i'm 23 and i went to the club tonight and the bouncer denied me entry and said tonight it's 25+ to get in for males.. I don't get it this place needs to be shut down seriously never again am i going back

Worst bouncers

You don't need to even get into the club to want to leave. The bouncers are being rude, racist, judgemental and ignorant. They make up rules for the club as they wish, pick and chose who can enter based on facial appearance and race, use vulgar language for no reason, use threats when unnecessary and so much more. I have never seen bouncers like their before and hope to never again.

Agreed - Worst Club

Ya i read these comments and that bald old bouncer at the front is going to get this club sued and the owner in a lot of trouble. That guy is nothing but a vulgar hot headed sad excuse for a bouncer. Made all my friends never ever want to come back. Pathetic


I actually witnessed with my own eyes a bald bouncer who looks like he's 40 harassing some young kids telling them "ill knock you out right here" and being beyond abusive. I would have called the cops but i didn't want to cause a scene. This is ridiculous. I will never go back here for birthday parties or anything because of these horrible bouncers. This bouncer needs to be fired before somebody takes legal action against this club. What a horribly managed club.


Worst club in town! Even if your slightly drunk they kick you out of the club. Especially if you are brown. They follow you to the washroom and escort you out from there!! My first and last time at this club. Disgusting!

Bday kid

Went here a couple times. had my bday here last year and it was amazing. Having my bday here again this week saturday. Hope it's just as awesome as last years.


This was one of the worst clubs i have visited. Outside staff was very rude, the club is very small and trying to get a drink was almost impossible. not to mention they would not allow my ecig in. they couldnt give me a reason for it but would allow real cigarettes in. I wonder if they take peoples car keys and give them back to them at the end of the night. Very irresponsible. Will not return.

Wanna go so bad!

I love how the dj plays a mix of old school hip hop, r&b and reggae, also the new ones frm couple yrs back till now. I personally haven't gone but every time i turn my radio gives me that good vibe at home nd makes me want to go clubbing.


It was my stag this past weekend & we had a amazing time. The bar staff were great. They all treated us boys truly like a rockstar. We had a unreal time. It was great. From all of us that attend we truly recommend this place. Will be back again for sure.

Stagget Evening

It was my stagget evening with a bunch of mt closets ladies. We had a blast! The front door service was great. They treated us like true VIP's! The staff was fun. The music was great & the DJ was excellent. We were live on the radio. Thanks Cocktail House see you again.

Not worth it

My sister and I attended on Saturday, the club is very small. The music was good, but the DJ did not know how to mix. I will not be going back. The club got full fast. The only issue is, I wish there were more guys. VIP is very small. The security outside was kinda rude as well. I had an okay time.


A few buddy's & I attend on Friday. We were treated very nice. The host person walked us to our booth & the waitress had treated us like gold. Had a great time. The place is a good looking venue. I recommend to visit. Cheers.

First Time

My wife & I attended this past weekend. We both had a excellent time. The hostess & bartenders had treated us like a true VIP. We just moved into the area & will come again & again. Thank you.


My boyfriend & I were at the bar this past Saturday. Got there early. Was very busy. The hostess was very nice. Greeted us at the front door & walked us to our table. The wait staff very such sweethearts. Had a good time. Good people. We will be back again next week.

Back In The Day Fridays

Went this past Friday with a group of couples to a Friday night. The vibe was nice. The DJ was great. Heard all the best music I haven't heard in a while. The place was busy. Good people.

Birthday Night

My friends & I had a VIP booth this past Saturday night & what a great time we had! The music was hot! The crowd was good looking! Got there early & now we know why. It got busy fast. Looks like everyone enjoyed the evening. Will be back for sure.

Rude Workers, awful club

This is an AWFUL club.

1. Place is very SMALL, no where to sit, basically a box.
2. Security is rude!
3. I got there at 10:25pm, ladies free until 10:30pm. They had me waiting in a "bogus" line, while the club was empty. When I got in they said $10.00, I said, I was here before 10:30pm. They would not budge, they said $10.00 FIRM!!! MONEY MAKING ONLY - BIG LIARS!
4. Coat check is a joke! $2.00 and only 1 coat hanger, strictly enforced, wow.
5. DJ is horrible, does not transition music well. Goes from reggae to dance without mixing music, so odd.
6. DJ (flow) on radio promising, if you mention his tweet, you get a free drink. We mentioned his tweet and were told, there was no such thing!
7. I'm a woman, this club was PACKED with WOMEN! Where are the GUYS????

If you want a ladies ONLY club, horrible music, overly rude security, lies on free admission...then this club is for you!

Save your money and your time!

Hot Ladies

Attended on Sat. March 23, 2013 with some friends. The ratio was 5 Ladies to 1 guy. A lot of sexy ladies. We dressed, hot women. Music was amazing. Going back next week again.

Long weekend

We celebrated our long weekend at Cocktail House. It was a super amazing night. The music was perfect! All white event was a perfect theme event. It was busy & the people & our group had a blast!

Easter Thursday

A group of us ladies had attended the All White Affair event on Easter Thursday. We had one of the best times ever. The staff was very nice. The DJ was amazing & the crowd was nice. We will be back again.

all I have to say is of the worst "club/lounges'" in the history of mankind....I would rather be stranded on 2 meter iceberg in the middle of the arctic.

reason#1 the place is the size of a shoe box
reason#2 the drinks are watered down
reason#3 the security there pretend to be ex military
reason#4 the place smells like rotten ass
reason#5 its in Pickering.....
reason#6 its located in a shopping plaza...
reason#7 sound system is equivalent to my 1939 record player

basically I will never go back to this place, I don't recommend it either....


Just one word AMAZING!!! Was there on Friday March 15th for Back In The Day Fridays & had the time of my life. See you next Friday night. Very nice people.

Great Spot

Simply beautiful. I was at Cocktail House on Sat. March 2nd with a few girlfriends. We were having such a great time. The crowd was well dressed, well mannered & just enjoying themselves. Coming back next week.

Ladies Night Saturdays

A few friends and I were at the bar this past Saturday for Ladies Night. It was amazing. The Ladies were looking great. Well dressed crowd. Good people. Good Tunes. The bartenders were great hosts. I am coming back this week.

Long weekend Evening

My name is Joanna. A group of us ladies had such a great time on Friday we decided to go back on Saturday. All my friends & family loved the service. The staff was outstanding. The people was enjoying themselves. For sure this is a place to be at. See you soon.

Family Day Sunday Event

Last night was a blast from the past! My Ladies & boyfriends reunited with good old friends we haven't seen in a long time. Had a few drinks & danced the night away. The bar staff was great. The hospitality from the manager was also great. Thanks, guys for a fun evening.

Valentines Day Event

Hello, my name is Carlo. I was at Cocktail House last night with my wife & her girlfriend. We had a blast!! The staff was great. The music was good too. Had a beautiful evening out with my lady & will be going again soon.

Excellent Staff & Service

A couple of buddys & I attended 2 weeks ago & had such a excellent time. The staff & service was excellent. The hospitality we got was amazing. I will for sure be back again soon! The music & people were very nice & having a great time.

Good Time

We celebrated my husbands 34th Birthday this past Saturday and had a good time. The service was great, the music was great and the crowd was also great. A lot of dressed up people dancing to the best DJ we have heard in a long time. We will be back again and will recommend to friends. Good Job!


I am disgusted to even be taking the time to be writing a review but it has to be said & done.
If you enjoy hanging out with a bunch of underage, trashy girls and little boys who act like big shots this is the spot for you. Given the location is pickering, you shouldnt expect much but HORRIBLE place. Dont waste your time or $10.
The owner should def also be locked up, hitting on girls who could be his daughters. Fathers - dont let your girls go here! The owner (Mik) and son pick up the same girls (ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!!)
This place should be closed down IMMEDIATELY!!!

Ladies Night Saturdays

A group of us ladies were are Cocktail House on Sat.Feb.9, 2013 & had a amazing time. The crowd was well dressed, mature mix & were all have a great time. The DJ was outstanding a mix of all genres of music.The staff was great, the service was excellent!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend Saturday nights. We will all be back again for sure.

Once you go you know!

I didn't know what to expect but was pleasently surprised. Line up was a little long but once I got inside I could see why, lots of people - very mixed crowed. Didn't have to wait long for a drink, music was amazing!!!! I had a great time and so did my friends. We will be back next week.

Food Junkie

This is hands down the worst bar or lounge I have ever went to. Their sound system is the equivalent to that of a mini stereo system and security is a joke at best.

Your better off finding an abandoned basement and setting up a laptop with a mini bar than coming here....

Food Junkie

This is hands down the worst bar or lounge I have ever went to. Their sound system is the equivalent to that of a mini stereo system and security is a joke at best.

Your better off finding an abandoned basement and setting up a laptop with a mini bar than coming here....

Horrible service, so packed you cant move, and lots of fights..

I recently attended a Saturday night event at Cocktail House. This was my third time at the venue. While the place is decorated nicely, the service is absolutely horrendous and the atmosphere is outright dangerous to say the least. One my last visit there, the waitress got my tab wrong and when I attempted to speak to the manager asking for a detailed receipt of the costs, I was told that I "could not do that." She then called over security to intimidate me so that I could not query my bar bill any further.

Each time I have been there the place has gotten packed to the point where you cannot move and there is a line for the washroom (in which the condition is disgusting). Want to get a drink? Try a 30 minute wait if you are even able to get to the bar without getting into a fight or having to push people out of your way. Throughout the night I saw 4 all-out brawls that included flying glases, bottles, fists, etc. The mix of people in the venue quite young, hip-hop type individuals with no respect for others.

If you are a professional, or just a person who wants to enjoy some music and drinks, I do not suggest Cocktail House. In my opinion, this place has only a few more months to go before it is shut down for some kind of serious altercation like a murder, a stabbing, or serious beating. I will not be going back to the venue, because quite honestly I think it is too dangerous and not enjoyable at all.

Gianni A.

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