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Make the choice of Yorkville's Club V for your hotspot destination. Impeccable design, quality clientele and indulgent service merge amidst Toronto's most prestigious locales. This versatile setting gracefully commands all occasions - intimate gatherings or big splashy celebrations! Join us for the night and create memories never to be forgotten. Inspired by the clubs counterparts in New York, ...

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Venue Type
Friday & Saturday (10pm-3am)
Toronto, Yorkville
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae
6,000 sq ft, 800 person capacity, 1 room + patio

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Due to a fire couple months back they have been.Shut down for construction, they will be reopening very soon within a month or so.


I emailed yesterday about being on the guestlist with a couple of my friends, and there was no problem with putting us on the list. We showed up at around 10:30 (three girls) to 88 yorkville ave, with the club v entrance, but it seemed to be closed. We called several time to the number, with it going straight to voicemail, and even calling the bottle service number with no luck. Completely wasted our time, so we went elsewhere.

Saturday Night vs other nights at Club V

Hello all, just reading the comments below and just wanted to let you know that those negative comments are in regards to the friday nights and not saturday. The saturday night is completely different, so come and try it out!

Amazing Birthday !

Went to club v for my 20th birthday , had the best time ever! We got a booth and when we arrived it was packed with people who weren't with my party and my server quickly moved them out of my booth, she was very attentive, music was great had a really great time the apps could have been better though.


I was at the below mentioned birthday party and wanted to give my two cents as well. The club owner was extremely difficult to the point that it took 30 minutes to arrange the bottles/booth that were already arranged for in advance (clearly very unprofessional to not have a decent level of organization for your event).

The crowd was mostly in their mid twenties and for the most part, russian. This probably ties in to the fact that the dj was a rude asshole who would only entertain the conversations of those who were russian like him. The first time we walked up to him, he put out his hand to our faces to ignore us. Minutes later i saw a group of russian girls approach him and he was more than happy to listen to their requests. To the owner: i would recommend firing your dj or if you want to target a certain demographic, then please advertise this in your flyers so other ethnic groups don't have to feel like shit in your club.

In addition, the details of the event said that it was 90s night with some top 40. I think we heard maybe 2 songs from the 90s, one song from top 40, and the rest was techno and music that was in some other language.

It's sad because this club used to be so fun, with amazing music... But perhaps management changed and now it's absolute garbage. Don't waste your money going here. Trust me.

I will not be returning to this hellhole in this lifetime.

Horrible Service and Rude DJ!

Worst experience ever at club v. Went there on a friday night, had booked bottle service for my birthday but told us we hadn't so we had to wait around until they finally figured it out. Then they told us we had to pay to get in even though it was included with the bottles. Dj was the ultimate douchebag and played shitty music all night! Would not even let us request one song!!! Told us to get the f*** out if we didnt like the music. Probably because we were not russian like the rest of the douchebags there. Never going back!

Great Saturday Night out

Went there this past saturday for a random outting and our group had a blast. Good job Club V

Great night.. start to finish

Went here for a group outting and had an amazing time. Nice crowd, nice venue and no downtown headaches. Bottle service packages were great aswell.

Overall.. a great night out

Celebrated a Friends birthday here and overall, our group had a great time. Music was great and the crowd too! Def recommend this place!

Great Party

Went by here for a friends birthday and had a great time. Music and crowd was amazing!

Had a blast!

Had a blast with my friends. Great crowd and the ladies drink free perk is amazing! Good job club v!

Great Birthday place and packages

went here to celebrate my birthday and had a great time. Music was awesome and the bottle service packages were perfect!

Great Night out

Went here for a birthday party and had such an amazing night! The music and crowd were great and had no really big problems. Good job Club V

Great Saturday Night out

Went with a couple of girlfriends to celebrate my birthday and had a great night out. The bottle service packages are great and the crowd and music was amazing! I'll be back here again soon!

Club Nepotism

I danced with the wrong guy's girl, and apparently he didn't like it. He had connections and I was out. The bouncer outside was cool though, I had a convo with him outside after I got booted. We had gotten bottle service, and my buddy whose birthday it was also got kicked out. Seems to be a common theme with this place. I also place limited value on those glowing reviews, they are pretty vague and strangely formulaic. Who comes on here to read positive reviews anyway right! I just look for negative patterns. Professionalism and proper treatment of patrons might be a wise business direction for this place, and more reasonable prices.

Awesome Night Out :)

Had my birthday at Club V this Saturday and got bottle service for my party. Everyone in my group had a really fun time. The DJ was just amazing!!! It was hard to leave the dance floor even for a minute! Loved the booth we were in. The bouncer was super friendly and the service was great. Will definitely be back soon! Thanks for a great birthday!

A Response for Tayna - From Andrew

We are glad to hear that you had a great time for your birthday at Club V on Saturdays. To comment on your criticisms for clarification purposes:
1) I understand the venue is smaller than usually clubs as we are not a 1000+ club but a 400 capacity venue, however a more friendly and inviting atmosphere
2) I understand you got a smaller booth. We do have booths that are bigger, however those get booked up quickly and seems that you got the smaller one based on your booking time. If you decided to come out again, contact me and I will ensure you get a bigger one!
3) You only get 2 bottles of one type because that was the package you picked at the special pricing. If you wanted to choose your bottles in the non premium or premium category, you would of paid a different price. For Example, $500 for any 2 non premiums or $600 of any 2 premium instead of the $400 package you initial picked!
Overall, thanks for you comments and appreciate the feed back!

Great Party Package!

I recently had my 21st birthday party at Club V and everything went really smoothly! I booked a 15 person party package which allowed me to bring 15 friends, have 2 bottles of Smirnoff, a bottle of champagne, cupcakes, and a plate of sandwiches. I also got a shout out from the DJ!

My only criticisms are:
1. The club is very small so there is little room to dance, especially if you come with a big group.
2. The 15 person booth can only fit 7 people comfortably, which luckily I only had 7 people with me
3. You only get two bottles of one TYPE of alcohol, so I wasn't even able to choose rum, I was only allowed vodka

Otherwise great and friendly staff and awesome DJ! The vibe was great and we all had a good time!

Awesome time

I went to club V for my 21st birthday (Bottle service) and I have never been there before. Everyone was extremely nice. Bouncers were amazing. My hostess was amazing. Very sweet.

Music was great. R&b, Hip-hop, reggae, House, top 40.

Overall I had an amazing time and definitely would go back in a heart beat!

Club V Sats - Best ever

Been there the past couple of Saturday and had a blast! The music and crowd is amazing. Not sure about the others night, however the saturday night is the night to be there!

Club V stands for vorst club

What a shithole. The entire crowd are Russian trashbags. Even the Asians there speak Russian. If you like cheap people whearing tacky clothing thinking they're classy because they are hanging out in Yorkville, then this place is for you. DJ Simon Sezz is really cool......hmmmm

Nice Yorkville Spot

Went there this past saturday and my friends and I had a great time...Venue and crowd was nice and the patio added a great touch...

I think the girl to guy ratio is higher, which is always good..

I will be coming back for sure!

Great Venue and Crowd

Went there to celebrate a friends birthday and had a great time, From bottle service to music and crowd.. It is a 5 star all the way! i recommend all to check out Instyle Saturday at Club V!

Great Night

Had my birthday here this past Saturday and i had a great time. The crowd, venue and staff were super nice!

Great venue in Yorkville

Went there this past Saturday with Friends and had a blast! Music and crowd was great + staff is friendly


It was alright, I went there with some friends, we showed up around 11:20, we weren't on the guest list so we all had to pay $20. I didn't know that so the bouncer let all of us in for free which was really nice. Not many clubs would do that. The only thing I didn't like was the music. They played Miley Cyrus/Disney songs almost the whole time we were there.

My two cents

Honestly, no matter how much money you spend you simply can't wear Nike running shoes in a venue like Club V. I applaud Club V for keeping their standards (unlike some clubs that'll do anything for a dollar). I can't comment on how you were treated and your experience but running shoes is an obvious no no.

THE WORST CLUB EVER-Keep away of the Spanish manager and his friends

We've ordered a booth, we've spent about 600 bucks and we've ended up by being kickec out of tge ckub because the friends of the Mr Spanish Manager have decided to punch the Russian guys dancing on the floor for NO reason!!!!!

Dear John...

Regarding our crying because we couldnt get in...when a buisness takes your money and says that they will provide you with a service for a friends BIRTHDAY PARTY that we BOOKED A MONTH AGO then there should be no problem because one person decided to wear BRAND NEW BLACK NIKE SHOES with a dress shirt and jeans...perhaps if you owned a pair of nikes you wouldnt need to scope out girls at clubs like a predator. Sounds like you and Club V are a good pair.

Amazing Sat

Hey... Went there for a friends birthday and had a great time! 5 stars for me!

Great Time at V

Hello, Not sure what all the fuss is about, I had such an amazing time last week. Great staff, music, atmosphere and Women!! To all the haters out there crying that they couldnt get in, maybe next time you should dress the part people. Nike's dont belong in Yorkville! Thanks again

will never go back

I have never been to a club with such disgusting staff. I've now made it my personal mission to derail anyone from going to the "prestigious" Club V. Seriously though....for a good night in Toronto, dont waste your time or money with this trash bin.


one word to say......AWFUL.


Have never been so disgusted by a bouncer or club manager in my life. Paid 500 dollars for bottle service for my best friends birthday which included line bypass. When we arrived we were greeted by a large man in a top hap and girl with a clipboard. After assessing whether our dress was up to par or not (remember weve paid these people 500$) the bouncer then proceeded to get the manager after rudely telling us that we would not be allowed in to "Club V" in "yorkville" because one in our party was wearing nikes. Another bouncer then came outside and stared us down while jeering our party. The birthday girl ended up calling Andrew who made our reservation for us who told us that first that help was on the way, we waited in our limo for 20 mins then had to call him back in order for him to tell us that there was nothing he could do for us. For a club thart only lets certain "dressed" people in, it would have been nice if their manners and professionalism matched their rules. The manager actually said "No, I dont want them in here". Club V is a joke, their management is a bunch of undertrained pigs and I'm now left with the assumption that the "V" merely stands for VILE. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!

Awesome BDAY Place

Celebrated my Bday a few weeks ago and really had an awesome time. Packages are really affordable, parking was CHEAPPPP and it is Yorkville. Good Djs and ambiance. I would go back

Great times - CLUB V

Was there on sat great atmosphere, stunning decor, good service. Will definately return!!!


capacity is not 800 people. music is amazing tho.


its $20 .. not 10 - 15

Good times

True it is downstairs but we didn't have to line up and the music was good. Good place for last minute plans on a Saturday. Will return.


wouldnt go here ever again, we had a booth and bottle service and paid 500 dollars for the people in the booth next to use that came after us to get there bottles first, I felt like I was in a basement, it is soooo small and not even worth your time, you won't have fun.

Amazing Venue

Celebrated By Birthday here and all had a great time! Good job!

Club V? More like Club S for SHIT

Worst club in Toronto hands down. Everything is so expensive and the staff literally has no idea what they're doing. A group of friends and I ordered a booth for 10 people, and the booth could probably sit maybe 4 or 5 of us comfortably... Cover is stupid expensive, the only decent thing about this place is the music, and even that could still be improved. Go elsewhere if you're thinking of spending a night at V.

One of Best Clubs in Town

Cool Place!
I think those sexy chics all got their spike heels from Kleen Air Dance Shoes at downtown Toronto.

birthday parking places

great place to do your birthday. with the bottle service packages, music and crowd.. i had a blast for by 21st birthday

Great Saturday Night Party

went there for the last 2 weeks straight and had a blast each time! Crowd, music and venue is amazing!


I had reserved a booth for 16 people for my birthday. Upon arriving at the door I felt the VIP staff members had little to no organizational skills. They set us up in a booth that could only sit 6 people comfortably. I don't think they really took into consideration about the 10 other people that were showing up. As if the night couldn't get any worse, the booth beside us had 8 people in it but looked like it could fit 16. Some washroom doors didn't have working locks. Bouncers, and our waitresses were rude. I would never go back, I nominate this club's VIP service the worst in Toronto. Save the hassles and take your money somewhere else.

its funny..

its funny that a whole bunch of people made 5 star comments, all on the same day.. oh the irony! i went ot this club and it was OK at most! drinks are overpriced, club feels a bit dingy, and the cover is just too damn expensive for a place like this. its ok if you have a pocket full of cash to buy drinks all night to make you forget about who's basement you're in lol.

So much fun!!!

i along with my friends went to this club v. i have heard a lot about it. Music and atmosphere was amazing. go check it out urself. The staff is also very nice and friendly.


Its extremely a place to have a couple friends go out and enjoy and meet interesting people... if you want to go listen to some amazing music and relax and meet interesting people go to CLub V.

Club V Rocks

ive been here few times...and it's my grrrrrrrrreat. My favourite club in Toronto! Great music, staff and vibe. Looking forward to the free drinks for ladies


Club V has awesome music, both on the main room and their patio. The crowd is amazing.

Bouncers are always great though never have to wait in line and got tickets for free booze :)

My Birthday

You want an upscale nightclub with beautiful people? Come by Club Vin Toronto. Great music and clubbing here. If you have a big party then you should get a VIP table and get the cover taken care of. Heard the summer is hot for these clubs, with patio drinking and music. Bring your sexy self here to Club V and have a good time.

Great Time!!!!

So I went to Club V last weekend and I had so much fun on Saturday. Its definitely my new fave club... I'll be there this weekend partying it up! Would def recommend it to anyone who wants to have an awesome time at a nice club!


Went there on Saturday for a friends birthday and had a blast!

Staff, bouncers and promoters were super nice and help full!

Will come back for sure!

what a night

Went there on Saturday May 28th and had a great time. Went for my girl friends and buddies birthday and we all had a blast.

There bottle service packages rock!

Great Place in Yorkville

Went there this past Saturday and had a blast! Music, crowd and patio was amazing. Service was great and will go back for sure!

Whose basement is this??

So Club V is a dump. I felt like I was in high school and attending a party with 20 of my closest friends in someone's basement that was in the midst of renovations. Not sure how they charge cover at this place and $8 for a vodka and soda - perhaps to redo the patio that is falling apart and the wrecked flooring inside? Seriously, why are people rating this club ANYTHING over 1 star? Surely those reviews were written by drunk blind people. The pictures are terribly deceiving. Good luck to Mr. ClubMaker that thinks people will pay 2K to belong to this prestigious club in Yorkville. I would rather pay my Granny the money to hang out with her and knit on a Saturday night. There is guaranteed to be more people at her house and cheaper booze. Again, do not come here. Yorkville is a lovely area and this club has snuck its way in under some overpriced store that obv needed help paying rent for the basement. Oh yeah, and that patio? Um more like a covered shed. B-r-u-t-a-l. Seriously, I want my money and my Saturday night back. Worst ever.

Very upset

The security are bullies . In the most bizarre way possible.
You pass by them , they call you names and if you turn around to stand up for yourself they cause a seine as if it was your fault…. very strange and stupid for a man to bully a woman.
They need new staff

Love IT

Its extremely a place to have a couple friends go out and enjoy and meet interesting people... if you want to go listen to some amazing music and relax and meet interesting people go to CLub V.


Only thing going for that place is the music.

Will Not Go Back

I was at V for my first time last week, and did not like it one bit. Cover was $20 and felt like I was in a Basement Hall. Not a Very attractived crowd. I would not go back. The music was the only good thing.

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