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Cheval Nightclub allows you to experience an intimate and inviting haven that seduces patrons with an elegant, yet playful demeanor. Cheval Nightclub's urbane decors, striking architectural design and 'party at every table attitude' provide a fun and unpretentious ambience with renowned DJ's spinning nightly. Inspired by the impulsive and playful parties of Barcelona, Rome, Paris and Athens, ...

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Venue Type
Mature, Young Professionals
Thursday - Sunday (10pm - 3am)
Toronto, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no baggy jeans, athletic shoes, timberlands and sportswear)
Top 40, R&B
3000 sq ft, 600 person capacity, 2 floors + rooftop patio

Cheval Nightclub Events

There is currently no events posted for Cheval Nightclub.

Cheval Nightclub Reviews

Thief of a bartender

The skinny blonde bartender overcharged me for a rye and coke and bottle of canadian -- 18$! When my girl ordered, it was 14. Good going. Avoid this venue.


Quite the interesting set of comments. I've established myself as a regular at cheval and can honestly say its the best experience at a club I've ever had and I've had my fair share of nightlife exposure in Toronto. The bouncers have always been kind to me and all my friends (even new comers), the racial diversity there is very evident (african american promoters and bouncers, asian bartenders, middle eastern clients - myself) so these comments about racism seem far unwarranted. The drinks are reasonably placed, it is an upscale classy environment with great music and a great vibe. The place is always packed on saturdays when I attend and frankly can't see myself going anywhere else. These other reviews seem to have strong accusations with very little evidence. Go and find out for yourself, and if you don't trust it, always have a back up plan!

Ghetto and underage

Thursday night the whole night dj spinner rap and of course it attracts certain crowd. Club was filled with people that looked like they were 15-16 at most. Would not go back.


this place rocks

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All this place is missing is a Horse dump in the middle of the floor, because its a dump.

What a night

we had a Great night. Very nice place. We did bottle service and had an amazing time. The Dj was great and the staff were nice

Concerned citizen

This place should shut down immediately.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Rip off, and rude staff. Music was horrible, nobody was there, and it smelled like urine everywhere. Gross, sick place. Very dirty.

Uhh.. Discrimination

Tried to get in. Couldn't Fucking bouncers said, "no fags allowed in here". Fuck them. 4 girls, and one of our male friends is gay. Fucked up people. We ended up going to a REAL bar.


Who are these people think they are? Bartenders are rude and and don't pay attention. Place was dead, music sucked, and nobody was there!!! This was on a Saturday night!! More workers than customers. We walked in, and walked out after 15min...and that was at midnight. Never, ever, ever again.


We went there for a friends bridal shower just the other night and thought we were going to have a good time. We were taken advantage of by I think who was the manager. This asswipe made some advances to my friends and I, hinting there was a back room where stuff goes down and we would get free drinks. We're not whores, and will NEVER EVER go here again. DO NOT GO! Also placed smelled like crap. Dirty, and disgusting.


Do NOT go here. Bouncers at door are racist, and called me slant eye. I then asked for the manager, he came out and then asked me to get off the sidewalk (which is city property) The manager came out and actually shoved me. I'm considering calling my lawyer. Place is on a downslide to doom.

Rather Awkward

I celebrated my friends 30th birthday with 15 of our friends. To our dismay, we were all kicked out. We had bottle service, paid in full, then they demanded that we owed them another $1600 for a few extra people that came. I will never go to this place again. Manager called me a stupid whore, then kicked us all out. Managed my idiots and run by morons. I would get better service at mcdonalds.


What a joke. Place sucks, music sucks, bartenders rude as crap. I left a $2 tip for two drinks and bartender called me cheap. That was after I spent $100 in on hour. never again.


I was there with my 3 of my friends dressed to the nines. We are pretty ladies, and hot, the bouncer said to us we couldn't get in. I heard another bouncer chuckle behind him saying, "we're not letting those fucking chinks in". I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! Unbelievable racist club. DO NOT GO!!


We went to Cheval last night just to check out their patio but it was only for bottle service guests. You'd think they'd indicate that somewhere on their website. The music was alright but I doubt I'll go again.


This is the worst place on earth. I'd rather drink in the eye of an active volcano. The music was more tragic that infant club death and the DJ should have been treated like Gaddafi. The patrons were a near-perfect collection of earth's most vapid idiots. If I would have bombed this place it would have been a benefit to planet earth. Fuck this club.


This fucking bitch pushed me and the sercurity kicks me out cause after that she throws a drink in my face and the sercurity is sleeping with the bitch so they didnt say anything bc i wasnt white thats bullshit i hate this club i hope it closes downi wanna see everyone involved in this so j can eff them up eugee

Worst Spot on King West

WORST spot on King West! If you are looking for a sophisticated place to party, stay away from Cheval. They are at risk of becoming the next brunswick house. First off security are hollow heading pylons but given the nature of the job, I guess that is to be expected. The crowd is very young, drinks over priced, watered down and EXPENSIVE. These guys are bringing down the property value. Shame on you!

Mr. President

The staff did not let me in. I suspect this is the headquarters of KKK

Just ok

We went on a Sunday, 7 girls and 2 guys. We had definite confirmation for guestlist but when we got there, before 11:30 pm, they did not honor it and made us pay cover. Inside lower floor was small and very tight. There were way too many guys. Upper floor closed off. Music was good half of the night. Crowd was mature, so hat was good but not too pleasing to the eyes. Standing table too small, not worth it for bottle service. Go with full booth, much better. Will we return? Maybe after we check out other venues.

Great place to go to...

...if you are white. Any other color or shade and rest assured you will stand in the lineup while white guys and girls simply walk in


This is the MOST PRETENTIOUS place I've ever been to in my life - staff was pathetic - get a real job and see how you function in the REAL WORLD!

Never Again

I didn't have a problem with the door guys but when I went there for Halloween there were WAY too many people. I'm sure they were beyond their full capacity. And the club is too small. They charged $20 per person. My friends and I had to push our way through. Also, the Asian bartender had way to much attitude! I will never go there again!

love ti

ITs the best place ever! Very relaxing , amazing music and stuff ! I love Thursdays there it doesn't get to packed just about enough people!


If you know the doormen you get in if you don't they'll tell you they are capacity (even if they aren't)

Horrible experience!

CHEVAL TORONTO, This place sucks they didn't even let us go inside, and e were a big group from Cirque du Soleil it was my birthday and I wanted to do it there. anyways we called to reserve and the Girl on the phone sayd that we didn't need a reservation and neither to put a guest list as it was sunday night, however we arrived and the security guy sayd that they don't even know about our group and we couldn't get in because of our cloths. This is my experience just to let you know... people, this place and the doormen (security) sucks.

Racist Staff

Door guys are racist. If you're not white they give you a hard time at the door. Sometimes they make up lame excuses why you can't get in, and let any white people in hassle free.
That's probably why Akon didn't show up.

bouncer twisted my wrist

this place is a joke, the black fag bouncer twisted my wrist when I was trying to stop him from punching my husband, ASSAULT, ASSAULT, ASSAULT. Beware of this place, they be shut down!

gr8 place

gr8 staff, from the door to the bar. perfect vibe for a saturday night . cool crowd.

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