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go away

This place has lost all its lustre! its actually an eye sore and problem child of king west now


Went to Century Room for my boyfriends birthday. Was told bottle service I had include line bypass, and because it was his birthday we would receive a free bottle of champagne and cupcakes. Well after eating in line for about 15 mins, and being taken to our very tiny booth which was supposed to be for 10-15 people had about 3 places to sit around a tiny table, we waited for about 20 minutes before being served which is only because I complained twice. Also I received the free bottle of champagne but did not get any cupcakes. Overall I would not recommend this club, two thumbs down!

Century Room Saturdays- Packages

Century Room Saturdays exclusive VIP Booth packages:

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Package 1: $300 | two reg btls | 6 comps.
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Not complaining

First off - Music is awesome! If you're an 80's baby and appreciate oldschool hip hop, gino beats with a mixture of modern day music, you'll love this place.
It get's pretty crowded though so I would suggest getting a booth. Otherwise you'll be crammed and have people constantly bumping into you. Which makes it impossible to get a drink from the bar without waiting forever.
Been there twice, both times had bottle service - If you can afford it - get the booths by the DJ.
Oh, & if whoever you talk to to make reservations says 10 people in free with your bottle service - they really mean 4-6. So be prepared to pay door price.

Besides for that it's a sick club. Younger crowd (21-26) with random old people making out in the corner lol

great night out

had a great night here for my 26th birthday. crowd was decent good looking crowd, music was good played great tunes. we had a booth so we enjoyed ourselves overall century room is worth to check out


This club isn't even a one star rating it's a 0!!!!!

Horrible and rude bouncers
Rude employees, lack customer service
Super crowded, and dirty bathrooms

There are WAY better clubs in Toronto!!! And this is NOT one of them!!!!

Ruined my birthday

I don't even know where to begin, I had the worst birthday, and worst experience at this club. I have been going to clubs for the past 4 years and I have never had such a horrible experience like I did last night. First of all we got to the club at 11:30p, because myself and
my 35 guests were on guest list. When we arrived they did not allow anyone in until 12:01 so they can start charging FULL price to everyone. Then I finally got in but half of my group was still in line (next in line). At this point they had waited from
11:30-1am and the bouncers were constantly lying saying that the club was 21+ when on the website it clearly states 19+ (so two of my guests were almost not going to get it in). Then they started saying the club was full, BUT then they allowed people in when they paid them. They let in 20 people, when they told my 8 people that it was FULL! So all in all the bouncers are complete money grabbing douche bags, and the people who work there are RUDE and do nothing to help out these situations. Not to mention they lack customer service! I hate this club, I will never be back and neither will 40 of my friends I brought to the club last night for my birthday! Thanks for ruining my 22nd birthday you idiots!

HORRIBLE •continued•

Century Room is the notorious night spot where great music, beautiful people and an amazing vibe can always be enjoyed. From private events, international DJ's


I recently went to Century Room on Sat Aug 25 2012 for birthday party and it was HORRIBLE!!! The staff are clueless and launched never once asked if everything was fine if we wanted anything else obviously they don't know what's going on ! I was told while booking a booth you would get complimentary bottle of champainge and cupcakes and WILL comp 10 guests , only compt 4 of us, and before you get your bottles ( even if you have the money ready for ur hostess , which might I add we had ready ) you have to give them ur I.D and a credit card for them to have the whole time ur there and you only get it back when you decided to leave , I guess we had to get the most stupidest/ rude hostess ever and decided to not give us our champainge and cupcakes , while she involved I'm assuming the manager and personale ( who were also rude and pieces of shits ) regarding the booths insisted that we were " missed informed , and the promoters often dont relay the information they tell guests
to us " and wouldn't get our champgaine and cupcakes and gave us a voucher for the next time we go their which we refused as this club is a JOKE and would NEVER RETURN!!!! If gou cant even get your information right from people who are HELPING your club and getting you business there is a big problem. Worst experience at a club by far for not only myself but our whole party !!!

Century Room is the notorious night spot where great music, beautiful people and an amazing vibe can always be enjoyed. From private events, international DJ's

Excellent staff, poor company

The staff and management were absolutely excellent, they were both professional and friendly. I cannot say enough about how well I felt we were treated. I was there for part of a bachlorette party (who did not purchase bottle service)

The crowd was horrible. The men were perverted and disgusting at no time in any club is it ok to show off your twig and berries. Not just one guy but more than one attempted to pull off some sort of aggressive and perverted act as they must have thought that a bachlorette was a free for all. I was expecting a classy crowd who likes to drink, dance and have fun? More than one girl in our group has this same issue with different men and in no way were we provocative or inappropriate.

The d.j was ok great songs but very bad transitions from one to the next - we like to keep moving not stand still in between songs.

It is a small club but laid out really well. The guest list was definitely the way to go if you do not receive bottle service. I would maybe go again? But not ever with a bachlorette or any sort of event.

worst club ever

where the hell do I start. The chicks that scan you down were the biggest fucking bitches in the history of bitchism. Beyond rude. The bouncers sucked ass and were also rude. The acual place sucked. So small and garbage looking. I will never go back.

New Years

NYE. Paid $50.00 plus $6.00 svc fee online for advance ticket. Ticket would include Party favor and champagne at midnight. Got there at 11pm and there was a huge line up of people who bought tickets and line was not moving. (The bottle service line was not moving any faster). We moved up by people either leaving or paying the bouncers extra cash to jump the line. Got in after 40 mins. Once at the door they did not have my friends name on the list for 2 tickets even though she was showing a receipt as proof. My friend understandably became upset and the staff member checking the list started arguing with them. They are not to blame for the mix up but if you have a customer in front of you frustrated, arguing with them is probably not the best way to go. Another staff at the door stepped in to diffuse the issue and they let my friends in. The place appeared over packed and I overheard one of the staff say they are beyond capacity. After coat check and moving through the crowd we found a spot to settle about 5 mins to midnight. The champagne had run out before it got to us and there were no party favors given. With no space to dance or move around we left by 1215am as did not pay $56.00 bucks to stand still. There was no line up outside at this time so not sure what happened to all the people behind us. Went to another bar downtown paid $15.00 cover and had a great rest of night. Other than the issue at the door all the staff we dealt with were very friendly. From this experience would not go back though. Maybe it’s better on non event nights but not taking the chance.

Amazing club!

I went to Century Room last Saturday for a bachelorette party and my experience was nothing short of extraordinary. They had a private place to put our things in the booth, the music was great and the energy in the club was awesome. But the best part of the whole experience was the absolute professionalism and respect shown by the bouncers staff and management. It is rare to find an establishment that genuinely appreciates and treats their patrons properly. Thank you Century Room for restoring my faith in humanity!

Grow up children

Love Century and thank you bouncers for keeping out the drunk young kids that already ruined peter and richmond. Centruy Room plays great music and the crowd is mature and hot. Why would the club let the young kids invade ans ruin the establishment. Thank you bouncers for doing your job right!

What a Waste of Time!!

Would give this place minus four stars. Signed up for the guestlist on this website. Waited over an hour to get to the front of the line only to find out they weren't letting any more people into this club. And they don't take guestlists from clubcrawlers on Saturdays. Who the Eff knew! What a waste of time! Never going back here again!

This club wrecked my 21st birthday

I tried to go to century room for my 21st birthday with about 6 friends all of age. We get to the front and the bouncers decide randomly to tell us the guy including me on my birthday even though the webside said 21 which i and my party was the bouncers went on to tell me that the guys and myself couldnt come in but the girls i brought can come it cause its 23 for guys 21 for girls. Liars wasting my time i hope the amount of negative feedback shuts down this terrible establishment. U think u can talk like that to me i guess your 1 star rating by customers shows how the bouncers needs to be fired asap


THE WORST CLUB EXPERIENCE. $1000 was spent on bottle service at this club. Bouncers punched and kicked 2 men that didn't even come into the club and stole my phone because they were being videotaped beating up men and women!! THIS CLUB NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN DUE TO POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BOUNCERS WHO HURT PEOPLE NOT PROTECT PEOPLE.



sick place



This place is the worst place to ever go. THe bouncers are pathetic middle aged men with nothing else to do on a friday night. I got kicked out because I LOOKED like another girl who had gotten in a fight. i had NO IDEA what was going on and without taking a minute out of their time to ask me a single question me and TWENTY of my girlfriends who had just entered 10minutes prior were PUSHED out of the club. i will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN

The wost place in the world!!!

This is the worst club I've ever been to in my entire life and believe me I ve been to some nasty placeS!
The staff at the front door is extremely rule, and need to learn how to treat ladies! Seriosly me and my friendS were waiting in "VIP" line up (it was her Bday by the way!) for almost an hour and they were passing all the ugly people before us from all the sides, and bouncers taking bribes to passby line. We got pissed off and took off, we never wait so freaking long in VIP not even in Muzik where we get in right away. I would not even want to go there since I only saw ugly people go in!
BY THE WAY!!! THE GUESTLIST LINE DOES NOT WORK TOO-YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE AND YOU ARE NOT EVEN ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the place is a freak show!!!!!!

(I WOULD NOT EVEN GIVE IT 1 STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!)I never knew i could see so many ugly, rude people with no sense of style in one place. i mean my god where do you people come from? we were standing in line for half hour if not more-5 hot girls. the bouncers are really rude and ignorant as all the staff in the club. i don't recommend you to go there unless you belong to the circus as i was watching people get in, and let me tell you there is no order in that place. they let ppl in from all the different sides and the uglier you are the faster you get in. i will never recommend this place to my worst enemy. word of advice change your staff and get some goodlooking ppl in there. your scaring our goodlooking clientelle.

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